This post sponsored by cute kid and bad Photoshop

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Hey kid. Yeah, kid with the fresh haircut.


Oh, you are just adorable kid. I mean, we can see your eyes now. Seriously. Adorable.


Okay, okay. I know. It's just too easy, isn't it, to move from adorable to crazy?

Well if crazy is what you want, take a look at this one, brother:


That's what happens when you hit the old eyes with the Pioneer Woman's "Bring on the Eyes Action"…like 5 times in a row. Then, you further enhance the crazy with mad Photoshop skillz:


Maybe this will help you forget the haircut?

Sweet dreams, you adorable little cyclops you.

Coming soon: blog posts that make sense!

Cathy ZielskeThis post sponsored by cute kid and bad Photoshop

16 Comments on “This post sponsored by cute kid and bad Photoshop”

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    Five times in a row?! There oughta be a law against overuse of PS actions. Seriously.

    Poor Coley. The abuse he has to put up with… : P

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    Kristen Stewart (no, not that one!)

    Ok…totally not on the subject of crazy eyes, but honestly, how is it that both your kids had braces less than a year and now have beautiful straight teeth? Is it a conspiracy here in the Northeast that we pay through the nose to ensure our kids have straight teeth and they suffer through years of closed mouth smiles until the deed is done. We are going on 2 years (& 10k for 2 at the same time). It might be cheaper for me to fly both of my kids to MN to see your ortho!

    And Cole looks darn cute! And what beautiful straight teeth!

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    Well, he is in a holding pattern until the ortho decides when Round 2 of braces begin (lower teeth). The weird thing is, they keep refunding me small amounts (50-90 bucks) that we overpaid. Just got another braces refund yesterday. Ill take it!

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    Keep that money to pay for his therapy sessions… 😉

    Seriously, that boy’s genes are showing. They seem remarkably like CZ’s. I’m glad he still is willing to play around with you.

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    AHHHHHHHHHH! DUDE! You have to worn me before you do that. I’m going to have nightmares about children with fresh haircuts and freaky glowing eyes!

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    Your photoshop “bring on the eyes” looks better than the “gold” eyes in Twilight. Maybe they should contract out! LOL… I bet Aiden loved the photoshop play. Enjoy the day!

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    Christy Boron

    LOL…you never cease to amaze! Someday, I’m gonna shake your hand Cathy…some day. Thanks for the laughs~~

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