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This template is from my Design Your Life workshop and it's one I'll make a handful of times for each of my children, as so much in their daily lives changes with each year. I first made this page when Aidan was a 1st grader. Man, time has a way of flying though, doesn't it?

Everyday you

In retrospect, the above layout was a titch schmaltzy and not very specific. There's nothing wrong with waxing lovingly on your subjects, but I prefer the specifics to the sweeping.

Something more like this:


More detail. More likey.


Template: Design Your Life No. 11(Cathy Zielske)
custom scan by Cathy of a regular piece of kraft cardstock
Patterned paper: For the Love of Polka Dots (Ali Edwards)—modified
Word strip: Story Strips (Ali Edwards)
Font: Avenir

Template: Design Your Life No. 11(Cathy Zielske)
Siri Solids (Michelle Martin)
Patterned paper: Siri Paper Pack (Michelle Martin)
Stitching: Stitched by Anna No. 5


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21 Comments on “Details”

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    Tammy B

    Love the layouts Cathy! And the throat clearing – my oldest son used to do that all the time. We even took him to an ENT doctor to check him out. After having a small camera inserted into his nasal cavity, there was nothing wrong. It turned out to be a tic and a little bit of allergies. The tic has gone away – still stuck with the allergies!

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    Sandra @ The Memory Workshop Scrapbook Kits

    I’m a big fan of reusing the ‘tried and true’ layout ideas. If it saves you time, and it’s pleasing to YOUR eye, why not??? Nobody’s keeping track. In fact, if the color and mood changes every time, and the pages aren’t consecutive in an ablum, who will ever know? (Unless you blog about it :D)

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    Tasia M

    Hold the phone. Are you telling me that you scanned an actual piece of kraft cardstock for use in a digital page? Do you do that a lot? I always wondered if that would work and have been meaning to try it but I didn’t have much confidence that it would turn out very well. Did you have to do a lot of editing to your scanned image before it looked ok? My scanner is probably not going to give the best results, but it’s worth a shot. It probably works better on some patterns/textures than others. Interesting.

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    cathy, i love these!! you and the kiddos will adore them in a few years while us “other” folks will try hard – and often in vain – to remember what the special things were….
    you are inspiring!!!

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    Marion W

    I especially like that you differentiate between “Every day” (adjective/noun) and “Everyday” (adjective). I’ve noticed a trend where everybody seems to spell two words as one (everyday, anymore,backup as a verb – should be two words – not just a noun). I guess I need to add a tag for “G” for “Grammar fanatic”…

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    Tammy, we TOTALLY believe this to be a tic he’s developed. Seriously. It’s really gotten quite bad. Sigh. But, i never thought of allergies! Good to know.

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    I did do that. And actually, i’ve only done it once. I really wanted to get the right color. I did tweak it a bit. But i was so happy with the final outcome!

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    Yes. But did you notice the difference on the older aidan layout? See, it bugs me that it was Everyday you, but… i really meant it as an adjective. However, on the newer digi ones, I really wanted Every Day You to stand alone.

    Right? Yes? GRAMMAR! Sometimes i love it, and sometimes it can be my great downfall!

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    I love these layouts. The colors on both are perfect for them and so clean and simple. You are amazing!! On Cole’s he eats the same as my Sam and that’s what we call it snacky snack he can’t stand to sit down to a meal and it shows because he’s so scrawny. Funny that you mentioned loud too because that’s how Sam described himself on a school everyday paper and he said I have to be LOUD EVERYDAY!! I am hoping to be at the chat tomorrow never have done one before I don’t need anything special on the computer to do it do I??? Thanks for sharing and inspiring me again.

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    Marion W

    Now that you mention it, “Everyday you” is correct, but you start the journalling with “Every day” which is also correct. But I’ve only had my first cup of coffee, and it’s too much to think about at this point.

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    Throating clearing & allergies – yes, that’s our daughter. The throat clearing comes/goes – worse during allergy season or when she has a cold (like NOW) but we gently (constantly?) point it out to her and she tries to be more conscious of it.
    Loved your layouts (as always). I do have a question, though. I’m not ready to go all digital – too much paper supplies (besides I love playing with the paper) but I would like to try the photos & journaling (more) via computer. Would you suggest the hybrid or digital version of your monthly kit? I keep reading the section on your website which explains the details of them both (I’m more interested in 8.5 x 11 size) but I still can’t decide which one would be best for me? Any ideas – anyone?

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    My 9-yr old daughter also clears her throat a lot, and though she hasn’t been tested, we’re quite certain she has allergies (like her dad).

    P.S. I love this layout from DYL! I should definitely do more of them.

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    Cheryl, you might want to try the digital kit for the 8.5 x 11 pages, and then just buy the Journal Card pack. That way, you can easily print the journaling cards for divided page protectors, but also dabble in doing digital pages for big photo collage sections. Make sense?
    : )

    I have been doing both, but the past two months, all digital and not using the cards. Only in the interest of time, really!

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    These look Great Cathy, ive jotted down the general sketch and im planning to do some for my two although at nearly 15 and 17 i would have a lot to catch up on….thats why im not going to… going start from recent…..seeings as my scrapping mojo has deserted me for a while but these are quick and easy to do…thankyou for the inspiration

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    Love these layouts so much I went and bought the digital layered template. This is my first time doing a layered template and I’m trying to figure out how to change the title to one like you have where the letters are outlined and you see the patterned paper through. Is this something I can do in PSE?

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    Deanna, im not sure how to achieve that effect in PSE. Ive been playing around with it. In PS, you simply double click the layer and it brings up layer styles and you add a stroke and change the fill of the word to zero.

    Hmmm. You can add a stroke (outline) to the words in PSE via Layer Layer Style Style Settings, as there is a Stroke option.

    But I cant figure out how to delete the background from the word.

    If anyone else reads this and knows, feel free to jump in!
    : )

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