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Disclaimer: I am by no means a sports and fitness expert, nor do I play one on television. That said, I have gotten my sad little booty into much, much happier shape by grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns this  year, and Moving More and Eating Less. And running.


I've been asked to share some of my favorites in the realm of running. Shall we begin?



I'm a big fan of Newton Running. I wear these shoes. I am striving for the midfoot strike, also known as natural running, or Chi Running, if you will. These shoes are pricey, and are light as a feather. They may not be for everyone, but for now, they are most definitely for me.



I've been slowly amassing more and more running duds. Here are some of my faves.

New Balance Bonita 2.0 Running Skirt.

I can't say enough about this skirt. When I'm in it, I feel adorable. Plain and simple. End of story. Plus, it skims my butt in a more flattering way than any compression short ever could.


Nike Fund Filament Women's Running Shorts

I have a few pairs of these basic compression type of short.


Nike Distance Tech Women's Running Capri

I just picked up a pair of these for the cooler fall weather.


New Balance Tempo Long Sleeve 2.0

I just picked up a few of these for fall. I love the flattering fit. Not too tight, and skims just over the muffin.


New Balance Competitor Long Sleeve

This is perfect for mornings below 50 degrees. It has great little thumb holes in the sleeves, too.


Brooks jacket

Brooks Nightlight Jacket

Love this jacket. It will keep me dry in the rain, and help keep the wind out, too.


Headsweats Race Day Hat

I adore this hat. I have a few others by Nike, but this is my go-to hat. It has a great sweat band inside the hat. Helps keep that sweat at bay. It also hides any second day black hair dye, if you get my drift. I ruined my white Nike hat after washing that grey right outta my hair… lesson learned!

Moving Comfort Maia Bra

Gotta keep the girls in line, people. I have two of these and my 36Cs don't move an inch. Well, mostly.


Body Glide

Buh-bye boob chafe or chub rub. Anything that's rubbing, this stuff is a miracle potion. I don't run without it.


I have a 5th Generation Nano, which of course you can't buy on But man, I'm thinking of upgrading to the this one:


Oh, mama. Come to…mama.


Nike+iPod Sport Kit

Although this is not the most accurate of systems, I love Nike+. It has been the key driver to my running. Keeping track of my time, distance and pace, and helping me to at least challenge myself to continue adding to my growing number of miles.


The Original Shoe Pouch

Because I don't wear Nike brand shoes, I need a shoe pouch to place my sensor into. This one is not only cute, but works like a charm. Mine is hot pink, to match my shoes.


I don't know about you, but I like to soak up inspiration where ever I can find it. Here are a few great reads for runners.

Run Like a Mother
by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell

I swear to you, this is the book that made it all click for me. It made me realize: I am a runner. I am part of a community—a tribe of women—out there, making it happen. Plus, I heart the authors. They are both amazing, strong, inspiring and wickedly smart, funny women.

Chi Running
by Danny Dreyer

This book came highly recommend by many blog readers, and it didn't disappoint. It helps me to focus on my form, and to be out there, running pain free. In short, it saved my knees.

No Need for Speed
by John Bingham

I think anyone interested in running should read this friendly, informative guide by John "The Penguin" Bingham. He could be your new best support system. In fact, check out all his titles. They're all worth their price.

And that blog friends, is the list…for now. I'm sure it will continue to grow. Dan has to laugh at me, because for him? He needs shoes, a cotton t-shirt, ratty shorts and an iPod Shuffle and off he goes.

But let's be honest here. He won't look nearly as cute.

Cathy ZielskeSporty Run Faves

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    Oooooo . . . thanks so much for sharing. I’m thinking I see a few things that need to be added to my Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday list. 😉

  2. #3

    Well, that is quite the list, my friend!
    As for Dan’s running gear (or lack thereof), I’ll point this out… the less he buys, the more money there is for YOU to shop. 😉

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    Thank you for this great list!! I too am needing a jacket and longer sleeves for some of our chilly mornings. You always pick the cutest attire. That’s a great tip about the hat too did not know they made them with a sweat band. I’m almost done reading The Need For Speed and can say it’s the perfect book for someone just starting it’s real and has tips from other runners in it. I have the other books on reserve at library and I’m sure they will be terriffic. Thanks again for these great tips they are a big help.

    I agree Dan probably doesn’t look as cute as you when he goes running, lol

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    Kathy Jo Camacho

    Hey Cathy – congratulations on your transformation. You have done some fantastic work. Coming from a person who in ’09 had never run more then 3 miles, I finished my first marathon that year. Chi Running and “the Pengiun” make all the difference in the world. You’ll be running a Rock n Roll half marathon in no time! 🙂

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    Kathy in MN

    I’m with you on the ipod + nike. That little thing was the key to getting my running mojo back this year. I recommend that little guy to everyone.

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    OMG! You are buying clothing because you plan to run in the rain! On Purpose! lol What a transformation you have made this year – in body and mind! You are such an inspiration for me – another 40 something who likes the coach potato life and struggles to find motivation to excercise and eat right daily! Keep it up!!!

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    Jennifer Larson

    You know, I just started running on the days I don’t go to the gym, and I have to admit, it sounds like I look like Dan when I run. I will have to start with cuter shoes…

  8. #9

    Oh great, as if I need a reason to buy more clothes… I think now I will be looking for some of these! thanks for the continued inspiration!

  9. #12

    I bought the Road ID after seeing yours. My son had a coupon on his race number last weekend. Also thought you might be interested in this Savannah event. An awesome challenge and cause if I do say so. (P.S. so psyched to get new shoes for my bday next month – I am wearing holes through mine)

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    Vanessa M

    I didn’t know they made a little pouch for the Nike + sensor!? I really like Nike +… I know it’s not accurate but it motivates me. I’m glad that I can get different shoes and still use it. I started running 2 months ago but I guess I went from Couch to running a bit too fast as I got tendonitis, not once but twice. I blame the shoes too… So I had to put a stop to running for a week or 2 but I’ll be back. For now I’m swimming instead :-). I love your picture with the Bull, you are so funny.

  11. #19
    Stacey aka sleepyhead

    Kinda makes me want to start running! I tried training for 5k a few months ago. I was doing great while doing all my training on a treadmill but then I ran one day on the pavement and my poor knees were NOT happy. I was in so much pain and couldn’t even walk right for over a week. I would love to run but don’t know if my body is made for it – any suggestions would be appreciated (besides my R tag is looking rather pathetic for MeTAV – LOL).

  12. #20

    Everything is so cute and just looking at it inspires me! By the way, they are out of the pink running skirt! (in most sizes)

  13. #21

    I just walked in and out of the fitness clothing section (HUGE mind you) at Fred Meyer in Everett, thinking, “do I really need that for exercising? I’m not going to look as cute as CZ in those clothes.” So out of there I hurried.

    So maybe I’d better get off my butt and start exercises to be able to fit in those clothes.

  14. #22

    Whenever I am feeling sort of “ehhh” about running…I buy some new running stuff, and then I am excited again! I found a few Under Armor tanks on sale last week and embarrassed my 12-year-old by happy dancing right there in the sporting goods store!

    What kind of socks do you run in? Are you particular about your socks? I used to only run in the very thin Asics socks, the ones that have a left and a right sock and a lovely tight arch support, but I’ve recently discovered that Smart Wool are also awesome socks. Even in the summer they keep my feet happy!

  15. #25

    I would read Chi Running. Seriously.

    When i first started, i was so worried about my knees. Then i read the book and put it into action. I actually do better now running outside than I do on a treadmill. Chi Running makes a lot of sense. Worth looking into! : )

  16. #26

    I have three pairs of Asics socks that i like the best, but i never though about the Smart Wool. Oh, you know ill check them out!

  17. #27

    Sigh. I used to shop at Fred Meyer in Everett with my Mom. Now youve made me all homesick. : )

    I will tell you this: back when I was in the 180s, I bought really cute stuff from Lucy to start exercising it. I looked at it as a way of keeping me honest on my investment. I bought good, sweat wicking workout clothes, and I used the heck out of em. Got my moneys worth and it motivated me too!

  18. #28

    wow, you definitely got me curious about the shoes – i’ll check them out! – after using my “vintage” nano forever, my gang just got me the newest 16gb for my birthday — lovelovelove it! first run with it tomorrow!!

  19. #29

    I just recently got a Nike+iPod kit as a gift and it’s been very motivating to get me out to run. I am a little frustrated with the inaccuracy, but I’m so glad you posted the pouch you use. I’ve been tucking it under my NB laces, but that won’t work in the rain. Yes! I’m going to run in the rain (and snow…)

    Thanks for being such an inspiration. I think I’m where you were about 8 months ago and I hope I’m where you are today 8 months from now.

  20. #31

    soooo nice! this is inspirational; i ran two 1/2 marathons for the first time this spring; and pretented to run a bit throughout the summer; and now can fully admit that i haven’t been running. sigh. i think about starting again every week…
    thanks for the inspiration. now to convince myself to apply it.
    plus i sooooo love those shoes! seriously!

  21. #32
    cindy b.

    Hi Cathy! I was just looking at that ipod yesterday…my current ipod is full (it’s an oldie..only 450 songs?). I must get this new ipod..clip on my clothes, touch screen, cute colors..what’s not to love?? By the way, since you were talking all things running where is the MUSIC information?? I’m all about music when exercising and I’m sure you’ll need a separate post just to talk about the music again. 😉 And speaking of…check out THE BLACK KEYS..the album is called BROTHERS. I think you’ll like it. Bluesy/Rock album. Check it out! Just got it on Saturday and love it. Keep playing the song..HOWLIN’ FOR YOU in my mind. 😉

  22. #33

    Thanks for sharing your faves. I’ve been enjoying my running more this year and loved my Lucy gear- thanks for turning me on to them- having more coverage and good wicking got me through summer.

    Now it’s fall and I’m planning to run outside in Michigan through the winter for the first time. Have you picked up any good products for that? I’m still trying to figure out what layers and what fabrics are going to work to keep me warm and dry in that endeavor, in addition to shoe spikes.

    By the way, “No Need for Speed” has been great support as I look to increase mileage and decrease pace per mile- so great I’m planning to quote from it and recommend it to other newbies.

    So glad you’re sharing your journey- it’s been a great match to where I am and so nice to hear the perspective of someone else.

  23. #34

    Deonne, that black shirt on my blog today? VERY warm. I wore than on a mid 40 degree run on Saturday. Kept me warm enough, but not too warm.

    I just picked up a tight base layer shirt from Asics, and I will layer it under that black shirt on really cold days. I also picked up a pair of Moving Comfort pants… not really full on running pants, but…. im going to try those out this winter.

  24. #35

    I have a couple of long sleeved technical running shirts that I wear in the fall, without a jacket, and I love them. As long as I can push up the sleeves if I get too hot, they are good. I also have a couple with a 3/4 zip front. I find that when I have a base layer underneath and start to warm up, if the shirt doesn’t have a zip, I melt. I also love my Sugoi running tights and wind pants for winter runs. I actually prefer to run in the winter as long as the footing and visibility are good. Looking good. Keep up the good work.

  25. #36

    i have to laugh. i am sure you are sick of people asking you about running….. i.e., stupid questions about things, oh, like the nike+ and whether you haave nike shoes for it to work. 😉 fyi, purchased it today. i’m very interested in knowing how far i am running. it’s not far, i know that. i mean, at a stretch. so i’m excited for my little purchases to get here.

  26. #37

    and to think I knew you way back when you wouldn’t even leave your treadmill. so proud of you CZ, and for the inspiration you have been doling out by the pounds. xo. 🙂

  27. #38

    I just worked up the courage to leave the treadmill about 90 days ago so I’m glad to know I’m not alone. I have also spent the last two weeks wandering aimlessly through any store that sells running clothes totally clueless as to what to buy so this list was PERFECT!!Thank you!

  28. #39

    i love it actually. Im just so geeked out about running, that its pretty fun to chat about!

    The Nike+ IS motivating!

    Youll have to join and join my 50 mile run challenges! Theyre kind of fun to shoot for!

  29. #40

    Thats so weird, Dimity, huh? Now Im all gearing up for winter so I can avoid that machine at all costs. : )

    Im telling you: RLAM is part of my equation!

  30. #41

    Cathy – I’ll have to check out the newtons. Those are sweet looking. I always swear I’m only as fast as my shoes 😉 And agree about the bodyglide. John Bingham is always a great read. Keep trucking! Heidi

  31. #44

    Gosh, it almost seems like the best apparel you have listed here and I need to start running NOW! I guess, I better get my bum in gear, eh?

  32. #47

    Thanks for the great list. But I must comment on that wonderful picture of you with the bull. It makes me laugh so hard because it reminds me of the scene in Dodgeball where Ben Stiller is in his office and they show him with a picture very similar to that. Too funny.

  33. #49

    Oh, Cathy!!!

    I just ordered the (blue and lime green) trail guidance runners from Newton! I am SO exited. They look so cool. I don’t have a store near me, so I’m chancing just going ahead and ordering them. If they don’t fit…ah well…they look cool! And that is all that really matters!! 🙂
    {just kidding}

    Thanks for being my inspiration. I’m up to 90 seconds of running on the “Couch to 5k” app., now (almost done week two) and I think I am a total athlete! ha ha.

    And thanks for this post. So much shopping inspiration! 😉

  34. #51

    If you have an iphone, nike has an new app just like the nike plus. you don’t need the thing in the shoe. It is very accurate. Loving it!!!

    Thanks for the winter wear. I prefer to run in the winter. It is something about the cold weather. Weird I know.

    I have been running since June. I would love to start a running journal. But I didn’t take any pictures or measurements when I started. I just weigh everyday.

    Keep on running!!

  35. #56

    Cathy – if you are into running gear you HAVE to check out the gear at it’s absolutely fabulous and sooooooo comfortable. Not that I run mind you…..I use mine for yoga, and when I’m out walking the dogs every day!!

  36. #58

    it’s been so fun watching you get bitten by the running bug. he (she?) has gotten to me, too. i’m a 45yo former non-runner, now training for a 1/2 marathon in november. (go me!) one book i strongly recommend to you (whether a marathon or 1/2 is in your future or not) is “marathoning for mortals” by john bingham. (dont’cha just love that title?) great resource for how to boost miles WITHOUT GETTING INJURED. plus, he’s just so damn funny! keep up the great work. you’re inspiring so many women to change their lives. me, included.

  37. #59

    GET OUT! i have that book and i LOVE it. he is one of my faves in running writers!
    : )

    Good for you on the half! GOOD LUCK!

  38. #60

    Time for me to get into gear too. Thanks for the boost and recommending products to get started. Can’t wait to change my life.

  39. #62

    thank you so much for posting the sports bra. i ordered it that night and at last….a bra that fits!!! i completed a 5 mi run walk tonight and everything stayed in place. i am so happy!!! kellie

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