The Monthly for August 2010

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Quick—what is six pages long and finished in roughly one hour?

Answer: my Monthly pages for August.

Another month of digital pages to document some slices of our lives. Wanna see? Okay, since you asked so nicely and all…


(Note: Coleman took the shot of the ominous sky from the grounds at Target Field. The kid's got an eye!)


(All shots from one of the performances of Willy Wonka Jr., Aidan's—or rather, Mrs. Gloop's—summer play.)





I will admit I'm behind in the printing of my Monthly pages. I have a folder on my desktop with June, July and August. I am using for printing my digital pages, and have been very happy both with the quality as well as the price.

This month, in the name of saving time, I'm skipping making printable cards for divided page protectors (plus, I ran out of divided page protectors and maybe this is my kick in the tushka to order more!)

I'm also getting better at making cuts, you know—this photo can stay, this one can go—that sort of thing. I really don't need every single lovin' photo I take to be accounted for in my memory keeping process. It's a very liberating mind set.


The Designer Digitals 3rd quarter sale is coming this weekend. Save30% on everything in the store. If you're thinking about stocking up on any word art, templates or album sets, now is a great time to save.



Digital Templates: The Monthly 

Digital Papers: Annino Solids Paper Pack (yellow cardstock), Annino Paper Pack, Siri Solids Paper Pack all by Michelle Martin, Classic Cardstock: Hoops (Katie Pertiet) (white cardstock background)

Album: American Crafts 8.5 x 11 in brown courdory

Page Protectors: We R Memory Keepers divided and regular 8.5 x 11


WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MONTHLY SETS?  I've created a new blog page that highlights each digital set, who it's for, and what's inside. Click here to learn more.


Cathy ZielskeThe Monthly for August 2010

53 Comments on “The Monthly for August 2010”

  1. #1

    I love the summer photos for this month. Looks like a busy and fun summer. It’s great to see photos of you and your husband in there too. Great Job!!

  2. #3

    Love all your August photos. Love ’em! I did a double-take with that photo of Aidan as Mrs. Gloop… at first glance, I thought that was YOU in the red dress. That girl looks a LOT like her Mama. 🙂

    (And yes, I will be there for your chat… the US Open men’s semifinals don’t start until 12:00 Eastern so I’m willing to miss the pre-game babble for some inspiration and laughs and a freebie.)

  3. #4

    I really love your monthly pages Cathy – I especially love the photo at the bottom of page 4, is that Dan’s parents? That is such a happy-making photo, love it 🙂

  4. #5

    I did that same thing w/ the play. “I don’t remember Cathy mentioning that she was acting??” Guess there’s not much doubt who she belongs to!

  5. #11

    What I love most about this is how quickly it comes together. Amazing.

    I’ve been resisting digital, but Cathy, you’re winning me over! I love how organized you are too. (I need to work on that.) Thanks for all the sharing you do. I’m a long-time reader and really appreciate you.

  6. #12

    oh my goodness, Cathy, I thought Aidan on stage was YOU! Which must mean that you look ridiculously young for your age! 🙂 I so need to dig these templates out and play along with my own monthly photos. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  7. #15

    lovely photos, cathy! your kids are growing up so fast! i’m also amazed by their photography skills – cole’s shot is awesome! and aidan looks so tall… i think she’ll look down at you and dan soon – in a good way!

  8. #17
    julie S.

    Love seeing your monthly pages… I was a ‘365-er’ for the past two years and have really missed it. I picked up The Monthly in June and over the weekend decided to back track to January! The best part? It only took about 2.5 hours or so to record my entire year! Love it!

  9. #18

    I see in your journaling that at one point you refer to yourself as ‘mom’ and then as ‘me’. I find it tricky to know what to call people when I’m journaling. My mom is mom to me, but grandma to the kids. I am mom but also me or I. Do you just do whatever spills out and figure that people will be smart enough to know what you mean.

    I think that these monthly pages would be great in a Shutterfly book. A nice year in review all together.

  10. #21

    When I saw that lovely lady in the play…I thought it was YOU!! Wow, you two have a similar look goin’ on (hopefully Aidan won’t shoot me for saying that LOL – it’s a *compliment* to both of you!! :D)

    I’ve been doing P365 for 2009 and 2010 too, but am really leaning toward a more weekly/monthly approach after this year. Or (am I crazy??) in addition. 😛 Looking forward to the sale! As if I need more digital products – ack!!! 😀

  11. #23

    I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying this project. I’m doing it 100% digital and was able to “catch up” my summer pages in one evening. I agree with TracyBzz that this would make a great Shutterfly book. I have already been printing mine for this year’s album, but next year they’re going into a photo book.

    I still do traditional pages and mini books when the mood strikes me, but I love having a quick, flexible way to document our lives too. Thanks, Cathy for the great templates.

  12. #24

    One more thing. It just ocurred to me that these templates could be adapted very nicely to document a baby’s year. Not an idea I can utilize since I don’t have babies or even really young grand babies around. Just throwing it out there as an idea.

  13. #25

    Thats just a circle shape with an outline. I just made it on the fly. The words inside the circle (the months) come with the digital set so you can copy whatever month you like into a shape!

  14. #26

    I think it would make a great SF book too, but…. they dont offer 8.5 x 11 in portrait orientation. Sigh. I wish they did, but they dont!

  15. #29

    ok, ok!!! I give… I’m gonna buy them! 🙂 Thanks for the great inspiration and amazing work that you continuously share! I wanna be you when I grow up…

  16. #31

    Hi Cathy
    Posting from Christchurch, NZ, where we are recovering from our big earthquake. My family has been very fortunate and suffered minimal damage, others are not so lucky and I am thinking of them. Yesterday I had a hair appointment booked and just before I left I caught up on a week of our blog posts. On a whim, and seriously with no premeditation, I looked at Aidan’s hair and decided that was what I needed – a change from my long straight Ali Edwards (but burnette) cut! So here I am, 24 hours later and really loving the new cut!! It’s just what I needed and in some ways feels like I have thrown off the tension of the past week as well as shedding a good 6″ of hair! Thanks Aidan and Cathy!! So, I have a question – what products does Aidan use to get it a bit choppy and give definition? Thanks, Ali

  17. #32

    OH, sending many positive vibes down to Christchurch. I saw Crowded House in concert over the weekend, and the opening act, Lawrence Arabia… their lead singer is from Christchurch, I believe he said.

    You know what she uses? NOTHING. Lack of washing. Seriously. Like, shell sleep on it, then it just looks like that.

    But Im a big fan of Aveda products myself. She rarely uses them!
    : )

    glad you have a cute new do!

  18. #33
    Lorraine Reynolds

    Oh darn it! 11.00am Saturday is like 2am Sunday here (being Victoria Australia). So I may have to pass up this chat (bummer). But the sale i will try and catch this time.

  19. #34

    I am just starting to try digital scrapping and love your monthly kit. Was wondering if you will be doing a yearly. I have so many photos, from so many years and would love to do the 5-6 pages for a year. I scrap vacations and special events separately and have been trying to scrap pictures and stories that mean a lot to me, but am still hung up on at least getting an overview of our years. Any suggestions would be appreciated:)

  20. #35

    I love the “monthly” name & concept. Makes me giggle each time. My question – do you keep notes on what you’re going to journal about or just write whatever you happen to remember? … I took a picture a day for a year & have a lot of backtracking to do.

  21. #36

    I hadnt thought of a yearly, but… i like the idea! You know, you could simply add your own year dates to the title pages of The Monthly sets, swap out the Month for the Year.

    : )

  22. #37

    It makes me giggle too!

    I dont keep notes, but… i realize that i should! Mostly because i use the photos to trigger the words, and i realize theres stuff i am probably missing that i didnt take shots of!
    : )

  23. #39

    oh I see these posts every month and you make me think it’s easy enough to do myself (thank you for the inspiration!)

    and this month I noticed that you refer to yourself as “mom” in the journaling. apologies that I’m just now picking up on this…but curious why you don’t say “I”?

  24. #40

    you have so many comments you probably dont need another…but i just have to tell you this! i remember how much you like fonts (from the design your life class) and i am totally in love with one. it is called “reklame script.” i think you would totally like it too.
    thanks for the posts on running. i have been running about 2.5 miles as many days a week as i can pushing the ‘ole jogging stroller. your inspiration is a good motivator. keep it coming!

  25. #41

    What a small world! That’s my step-daughter next to Aidan in the top photo from her Willy Wonka production! She played Violet and loved it! We didn’t get to see it in person, as we live in MI, but it sure made me smile to see more photos when I wasn’t expecting it! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  26. #42

    Am enjoying seeing how your album builds up over the year, and am a fan of simplicity in design! Letting things go is always satisfying, deep down 🙂

  27. #43

    Cathy, I’ve been wanting to try your monthly kit since you brought it out but haven’t feel proficient enough in PSE to do it. I’m now in the middle of Jessica Sprague’s intermediate class for PSE for digi scrapping and I finally feel like I can some digi scrapping. So, I just picked up your kit yesterday at Designer Digital’s big sale (along with LOTS of other goodies). I’m excited to get started on my “monthlys” working backwards to January. Thank you!

  28. #44

    So glad I bought “The Monthly” digital set. Although I haven’t used it yet, I’m planning on using it for my project life in 2011. Gives me plenty of time to brush up on my digital skills. Thanks Cathy – great product!

  29. #46

    I flip flop. And this month, I have no idea why! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only voice of this family, and then i think: should i be? Should i try to report more.

    Still not sure!

  30. #48

    Really? Oh my gosh, we LOVED her. She was so, so good as Violet. She did this dead on Southern accent. So fun! I’ll have to tell Aidan!

  31. #51

    Cathy, I just want to say “thank you”!!! I bought your monthly 12×12 set this weekend and yesterday, I sat down to get started. Wow! What a fantastically easy and fun way to document your family’s life! I’m almost done August, apart from the journalling, and I’m excited to get started on July! At the rate I’m going, I’ll get caught up in no time. I love how liberating it is. I can get life documented so easily and then have time to do my creative, fussy, take-forever pages on my favourite photos. So, again, thank you!

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