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The view outside my bedroom window as leaves begin to change.

Here in Minnesota, fall is in the air.

I know for many of you who reside South of the Mason Dixon line, thinking 'fall' in September is a bit of cruel tease. Normally, fall takes a little more time in getting to my neck of the woods as well, but this year it showed up the day after Labor Day and has shown little if any signs that it's giving up its hold.

I can't complain.

Running and biking in the fall is like heaven. Other than trying to second guess if you really do need that extra layer when you set out, it feels like you're almost doing different sports altogether. A run at 45 degrees is a whole different ballgame than a run at 80 with 75% humidity.

I get ansty for fall. Around about mid-August, I'm done with summer. I realize that's almost sacreligious to some Minnesotans who struggle with our extended winters, but the way I look at it, you can always add a sweater.

Part of being antsy is wanting to shake up my eating plan a bit. I've been doing Weight Watchers online pretty religiously since January 7th, and for some reason, I have decided to try a different online program which simply trades the idea of points for good old fashioned calories.

Six of one, half dozen of the other, right?

But this new plan only costs $9.99 a month as opposed to the Weight Watchers monthly fee of $17.95.

MFDgraphic is a lot like Weight Watchers online, but the part I am really liking? Their food database seems way more extensive. They have the same recipe builder tools as Weight Watchers, and forums for those who like to get more involved.

But the bottom line? I get the same tools for less money, and so I made the switch.

Because I'm nearing my goal weight and will be moving into maintenance, I figured why not still track food from a caloric standpoint, but save a little coin.

This is my second full week using their plan. At first, I freaked out a bit. My points! What about my points? But then I realized, points is points, calories is calories. It's still boils down to one thing: move more, eat less.

If I can do this using other methods, then so be it.

I will say that taking charge of my diet and exercise has been the single best decision I've made in years.

(Aside from buying this vest, this skirt and these boots.)


Is it weird that I just wore this around the house to do laundry? I'm just sayin', I haven't felt this cute in years. Here's to moving more and eating less.


Are any of you already using If so, I'd love to hear your opinions!


Cathy ZielskeTrying something new

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    You look so cute in that outfit and so tiny. I would wear it to do laundry in or the dishes anything if I could look that cute. Good luck on changing your food plans anything to save money is good and you can spend the savings on MORE cute clothes.

    I love love fall too and am enjoying my morning walks/runs so much better in this weather. At the track I go to is surrounded by trees and I am enjoying watching them turn all fallish and pretty day by day.

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    You look so great! Thanks for the heads up on the website, I’m going to check it out (although I do love my WW online….)

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    You’ve inspired me to move more and eat less! I’ve been running this fall with my daughter’s cross country team. And I just signed onto to track what I’m eating — have you tried it? It’s free (which is great for me because I’m incredibly cheap! πŸ™‚ and I think it’s just what I need.

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    Jan Hicks

    And yet another suggestion – Another free calorie tracker with a HUGE food database and to which you can add things.

    I’m ready for fall, too. Love running both the spring and the fall. About to go out and hit the road right now, in fact. Of course, here in Maryland, I’m still running in shorts and a T, even if it is 59 out there. πŸ™‚

    Have a great day, Cathy!

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    Jennifer Larson

    Love your outfit! You’re looking great.

    I’m with you on getting tired of summer in August–this is when my garden starts to look ratty, and I’m ready to cut it down.

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    A sign of your newly found confidence (re-found?) that you have moved to taking your picture in a mirror other than the bathroom? Looking good!

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    Kendra B

    LOVE the outfit!!

    LOVE fall . . . altho I live in Arizona so we don’t have fall. Its summer until one day you wake up and its winter . . . but to you our winter probably feels like fall LOL

    LIKE sparkpeople . . . altho I’ve not been good about getting on there and logging anything lately. Hmmmm which could be my problem of not losing any weight in a while ? ? ? LOL

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    Barb M.

    Too stinkin’ cute! Love the skirt but the whole look together is amazing. You look so fresh!

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    I use for the same reason you are using myfooddiary. Except their desktop application doesn’t have a monthly charge-just a one time fee. Easy to add foods, meals, etc (I have some standard recipes in there with the calories figured out-its pretty easy to do). Available for Mac or Windows too. And it still holds true to what WW teaches-count what you put in your mouth, move your butt. Surprise, surprise…the weight does come off!

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    Your new outfit is enough to make me want to get up and run so I can justify buying a cute new skirt!!

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    Dorothy F

    If I looked that hot in that outfit, I would never take it off either! You look great. Thanks for the new diet site, I am in the same place and in need of a change from weight watchers. I have plateaued and I am afraid bored with it. Thanks for sharing, Cathy.

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    Wow, you look fantastic Cathy, what a great outfit – and your legs look like they’re about as long as I am tall! Well done x

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    I really like It sounds similar to but it’s free. Probably has fewer features but it does the trick.

    And, yep, you’re looking great in your skirt, boots and vest. πŸ™‚

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    You do look fantastic in that outfit! I’ve started my own journey with ‘eat less,move more’ and I’ve been using It is free! Got to love that and it allows you to track your food calorie intake, and offset it with exercise. Enjoy the new rockin’ hot outfit!

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    minnesota:madre | Sarah Jane

    Good to know! I’ve been doing WW for since about March. I like it, but don’t wait to be on the point system forever.
    BTW, so glad I found your blog. I have been dealing with some running injuries and loved learning about the Newton shoes. The concept is just what I was looking for.
    You look great!
    Take care,

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    Beth Sutton

    I just checked it out and I like it already. And since C is for cheap (I’m taking the MeTAV class) I love it!!!! Thanks, trying to wean off of Weight Watcher’s website myself!

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    I can not believe how little you are! I am betting my life that Dan is diggin the new you VERY MUCH!

    Way to go. I have fully enjoyed tagging along on your journey. You find a way to humor me every day..

    Keep up the good work.

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    SparkPeople is great too! Ive heard many many things! Part of my thing is when i have to pay at least something, i want to get my moneys worth! LOL!

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    Carolynn F

    I use the Nutrition Menu iPhone app. I was an avid weight watchers online user but this app as 99 cents so I had to try it. It has the same food and functionality and lets you track by either calories or points. I love my points…small numbers are always easier than bigger numbers. lol. PS –> I’m also loving the ME TAV class.

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    You are looking so incredibly good! All I can say is “WOW”!

    Love you for being such an inspiration (being in front of the computer as a digiscrapper really adds to the part of your computer that one is sitting on. Maybe that’s a part of evolution – it’s building up something soft to sit on?)

    I’m not losing very much weight now, but I’m exercising a lot, and I’m seeing my clothes fitting better and better. That’s a way of losing something too, right?

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    Borrowing from Sammy Davis Jr. . .. “You look mahvelous!” I have enjoyed following you on your journey/battle – congratulations!! You are also inspiring and motivating for me to “move it, move it.”

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    Amber B

    Haven’t read through everyone’s comments but I am a big fan of sparkpeople – they are FREE! (I am cheap!!)
    I never get around to tracking my meals but they also have some fun exercise videos!

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    Elizabeth Carls

    Cathy I used My Food Diary for years. (I tried WW once also, but that only lasted a few months)

    Here’s what I loved about My Food Diary: The cost. The “realness” of calories vs the abstraction of points. As a person who exercises more than most I thought it important to track my protein intake. I was also always curious about my other nutrients. I loved earning the little smiley faces.

    The one caveat I have is it gives you a one for one credit on calories burned vs calories consumed, for example, I go for a 10 mile run, it tells me I need to consume 3 burgers and a bag of chips that day. Clearly, this won’t work. And I hated when it scolded me with a frowny face for not consuming “enough” calories.

    Good luck. I’ll be curious to see how you feel they compare.

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    You are so super cute in that outfit! I can’t even wear long sleeves here yet (Northern Virginia), but I’m anxious to break out the sweaters and boots!

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    Kelly in Canada

    think of how many more cute outfits you will be able to buy with all of the coin saved. just sayin’. and, i think it does a girl good to dress herself up just to stay home. it is all about the self esteem sister. you look fabulous.

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    Cathy, you do look way cute in that outfit! And thanks for the tip about the new website. My husband has been doing WW Online and since I don’t think he actually uses it to its full potential, it may be time to make the switch. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I actually do have a question for you. I started walk/running 6 weeks ago using a C25K program. Even now in week 6 I feel like I am going to die by the end of each run. How long did it take for you to feel “good” when running? I figure there must be a breaking point…right??? Thanks for documenting your journey and inspiring so many (including me).

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    I like points because I eat the same things all the time and have memorized the points. So I just can do a quick 2+3+1+1+0=7 points, in my head. 67+123+245= ??

    But your right calories, points same thing. Just do whatever works for you.

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    you look amazing…totally cute outfit! And I have to tell you that you have definitely inspired me!! πŸ™‚ I’ll have to check that website out!

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    Deanne Schermerhorn

    Hi Cathy! I’m a big time lurker on your site. Been following since my scrappin’ days. I have to say you totally inspired me with your whole “move more eat less movement! Ive lost 26lbs and I just ran in my first 5k this past sunday and I LOVED IT! anyway..a while back you had a link to some fitness inspired jewelry. Do you happen to still have that link? thanks for that and for all your inspiration!!!

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    I haven’t heard of my food diary..but I do use and it is the same idea, food diary, extensive food database, you can build recipes, track your weight, measurement, exercise, how much you burn etc..oh and there are forums too..and it is FREE!

    Your looking great..your posts have been a inspiration to me..I am following your motto of eat less/move more!

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    Mary B

    Way to go on working out! A website I’ve been using for quite a while now is DAILYBURN.COM, and you can track your caloric intake, as well as your weight and all of your workouts. When you add a workout, it tells you how many calories you burned, and it helps you with knowing what you should and should be eating, IE- how many calories, grams of protein, grams of fat… etc. Its an awesome website. My brother in law and sister in law have used this and have both accomplished stunning weight loss- 60 lbs each in 1 year. They love the website too. Here’s the link—

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    You look amazing!

    I’d love to hear a little about any pains/injuries you’ve had as you’ve gone through this journey to becoming a runner. I’m having some struggles right now in my own journey….sometimes it just feels a little better to “compare notes”! Maybe you’ve already talked about this and I’ve missed it??

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    Well, hello there little hottie! You look amazing! I too am enjoying the great fall weather, the cooler temps are very motivating to get outside and get moving.

  34. #63

    Hey Beth! Yeah, i like the idea of nutrient info, and Im also rounding down on some of the exercise points. For example, I ran for an hour today, averaging around 10:50 minute miles, but I really dont think its quite the calorie burn it told me I was having.

    Still, this does seem a bit more literal, and I cancelled my WW online sub yesterday, so now, im committed. Im very close to my goal weight (man has THIS been a long time coming). I havent weighed this much since I was smoking a pack a day. Sigh.

    But its ALL good.

    I think too, the running/cross training Im doing is pretty significant in terms of a focused exercise plan.

    Hey, you going to watch any of the marathon this weekend? I am thinking of going to watch my friend, Angela, run the 10K, and of course, Jack and Alex!

  35. #64

    chrystal, there is a point when you suddenly will feel your lung capacity changing; your muscles responding. It wasnt after 6 weeks though, for me.

    I started out in January, and it was in April when I got my Nike set up and started running outside, and THAT is when I was out there for 30 minutes and was amazed that I was fine. Perfectly fine. Exerting myself enough to work up a sweat, but not dying.

    Be gentle on yourself. Read The Courage to Start by John Bingham, or No Need for Speed (same author!) VERY inspiring for new runners!

    good luck!

  36. #70

    I havent talked too much about it. The main issue: plantar fasciitis in my left foot.

    I dont really feel it when I run. Mostly when I get up in the morning, and then from time to time throughout the day. I pretty much have to wear my Dankso clogs and then I dont feel a thing. But it IS an issue. Im sleeping every night in a Strassburg Sock (a splint to hold your foot at a 90 degree angle, to gently stretch the plantar fascia tendon.) It is making a big difference when I step down on my hard wood floors in the am.

    Otherwise, I have a tight hip that I mostly feel post run. And right now, tight glutes.

    Ive been stretching in earnest after each run, at least 10 minutes or more, and Ive been foam rolling the crap out of my butt muscles which feels really good.

    I should write about this. I wish i had no pain issues at all, but i guess starting at 44, and being as inactive as i have been, i couldnt really expect that, you know?

    What issues are you having? (I sound like a freaking doctor! HA!)

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    thanks, Cathy! I did read No Need for Speed (on your recommendation) before I started. You’re right- it’s awesome. Just the little thought that it doesn’t matter how slow I am, just keep going. I often think that to myself now as I plod along. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’ll keep at it and I know one day I will have the ‘ahhh’ moment!!

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    You look fantastic! You are an inspiration. After reading your blog about a month ago I started my own – moving more and eating less routine. I’ve lost 5lbs in two weeks just by doing that. I feel better after going to the gym and can’t hardly wait to get back into my nice size 8 clothes hanging in my closet (currently wearing size 12!)

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    I started exercising last September intending to lose 40 pounds, and in June I got to my weight loss goal (my inner secret, “I would love to be THAT WEIGHT again” goal). I started exercising, eating better, and my pre-kids metabolism kicked back in somehow, although with Crohn’s it’s not necessarily good metabolism since I don’t absorb as much as most others. I still need to tone more though. I started having hip pain in May when I did the Vancouver Sun Run (10K – my first time and first race) and it’s prevented me from running probably because I haven’t been in the right mindset to work through it. I just started running again with my husband and I’m so glad I’m doing it again. Thanks for the inspiration and the injury comments ;D

  40. #79

    Free sucks me in everytime πŸ˜›
    Somehow it is working for me..I have lost 13 pounds since starting there this summer..first time I have lost in ages!!

    ps. Love the outfit!

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    Kim B

    You are looking great Cathy!! I love that outfit. You have been such an inspiration to me this year. I’ve lost 30 lbs and only have about 5 more to go.

  42. #83

    I use and love MFD – it’s a bargain at $9 a month, and the forums are great. So is the weight chart. Good for you! Looking good! MFD helped me lose over 30 lbs.

  43. #84

    OK OK I’m in. that is. I said for TOO FREAKING LONG NOW that I would do WW for that extra 10 lbs that seemed to lodge itself on my “old self” post babies. NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT! And I scrolled thru the comments w/ thanks to Beth for her warning above about the MFD site. Let the counting and documenting begin.
    P.S. Do I even need to add “Love the outfit” to the compliments pile over there in the corner? awww..what the heck. Love it. It’s hot.

  44. #85
    Jane Toft

    Cathy I should hate you for looking so good, but of course I don’t, you’ve earned it! Here’s a suggestion from a pragmatic Brit – how about flying solo and not being part of any diet website now?! A bridge too far? More pennies to spend on cute boots though πŸ˜‰

  45. #86

    I’m back again, thinking I canNOT get over how GOOD you look. I ran today, and now I’m thinking I need to go shopping so I can look cute like you. πŸ™‚

  46. #88

    Hey where’s the toilet? LOL You look great. I just started my plan on Sept 13th down 6 pounds – now need to work on the move more part. Thanks for the cute pic.

  47. #94

    Cathy: Here’s a point to ponder: The ‘old’ Cathy needed the motivation of a pricetag to stick with a food journal, but are you giving the ‘new’ Cathy enough credit? methinks she would do REALLY well on any of the freebie sites…especially if she funneled that 9 bucks a month or whatever it is into a clothing allowance. πŸ™‚ (and good decision to break away from ‘points’…they seem less ‘real life’ somehow, as you close in on maintenance phase…)
    I love my…#1 thing I love:that it is so easy to work with from my iPod touch. It also has forums, huge food lists (that you can REQUEST!) (read: Good customer service.)reports, etc. But at the end of the day, you do look smashing! Good work, lady; Good work.

  48. #95

    Lovin’ the new you, Cathy. Congrats! Those boots are great! Thanks for the link and good luck with your goals heading into fall (that’s when I tend to want to hibernate and not move as much!)

  49. #97

    Have you tried It’s FREE!! And has so many great tracking tools, a database that you can add too, and a recipe calculator.

  50. #98

    Cathy, your blogs about your new fitness/eating regime have been inspirational. It’s been great following your progress. And you look amazing in that outfit! Thanks for sharing with us πŸ™‚

  51. #99

    Hi Cathy I just had to post another link you might like for keeping track of your calories and it is free, I have been using it since January and haven’t missed weight watchers one bit, plus it has an iphone applications so you can keep track of your food easily on the go… weight watchers didn’t have that for us canadian so I was looking for other options and found this. Anyway just thought you’d like a FREE option.

  52. #100

    P.s. you look cute in your new outfit and sorry i didn’t realize people have already suggested you look at myfitnesspal…. it really is great though.

  53. #101

    I love the new outfit! It is so fun- and flattering. I have been working on my own move more eat less initiative. Just looking at you in your rockin’ outfit makes me think that that could be me if I stay the course.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  54. #107
    Lisa Browning

    I have to put my 2 cents in for SparkPeople, too. It’s free, and their nutrition and fitness trackers (and so much more!) are just awesome.

  55. #108

    You look so good! I love the outfit too. That kind of thing will be months away here. Our high temp was close to 100 today. Ugh!

  56. #110

    Looking good!
    I use The website is free and I really liked it. I payed three bucks for the iPhone app though, and hate it. πŸ˜€

  57. #111
    Kerry Lively

    I went through the plantar fasciitis situation a few years ago (when I was 44ish) and kept running on it until I also bruised my heel bone which, the podiatrist told me, was the last step before a broken heel bone. At that point I finally agreed to stop running for awhile and luckily my foot got better after a few weeks. They were long, agonizing weeks, full of angst and a brain that wouldn’t stop telling me that I was a loser. The good new is (this is the part I really wanted to tell you about) it was at this time I found the elliptical trainer at the gym. For some reason that thing helped heal my foot! I swear it did! It seems to stretch the bottoms of my feet in just the right way. I still use it every other day for “maintenance” and as an extra bonus it seems to strengthen my bad knee and keep it happy as well. So now I run every other day and on the off days I go to the gym for weights & finish up with the elliptical. If I don’t, I can feel the twinge in my right foot start to whine a little and I don’t EVER want to hear it scream again!

  58. #112

    I have followed your blog for years on and off, but have been religiously reading your posts since you started to really get into this fitness thing. You are such an inspiration. You look fabulous, I just had to leave a comment and tell you that πŸ™‚ Keep it up! And after reading through the other comments, I am another one who would love to read more about the downside of running, ie. the injuries or pain you have experienced, because it would be interesting to read how you balance it all out.

    You look GREAT!!!

  59. #114

    wow. I never thought of an elliptical. Ive never used one. Hmmm. Maybe this is my sign that i SHOULD join a gym. I really want to to have regular access to a pool. Didnt even think of this.

    This might be the best comment tip ever! Thank you!

  60. #115

    I posted earlier in some comments about my issues, but i think ill do a post next week about it. Because its definitely part of the overall experience.

  61. #116

    Love the outfit – you are looking GOOD!!
    You inspired me to do WW again – I started off with online but that wasn’t working for me so I went back to meetings. I’ve lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks and feeling so much better – still a long way to go though! Thanks for sharing your journey and inspiring so many of us πŸ™‚

  62. #117

    You look awesome girl! Where oh where did your thighs go? Your legs look super skinny in that skirt…you should buy another one in another color!

  63. #120
    Heather B

    I just recently started following you & thought – wow she’s awesome…. too bad I can’t do that! This post made me realize you just started in January – so I went back & dug up your January post….. AWESOME Strides & AWESOME inspiration for me! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! BTW – you DO indeed look alot like Jenn Bertsch now. πŸ™‚ In case you didn’t realize it yet!

    One question – any advice for a SAHM mom to get outside & run with a great napper of a child? Our treadmill is broken (my husband is an exercise-aholic in the evenings). My booger sleeps ALOT of the time – I feel bad sticking a nearly 2 yr old in his stroller for a long walk/jog when he naps 3 hrs & sleeps 14 at night. Thoughts or just DO IT (husband’s advice)?


  64. #122
    Dawn Morgan

    Holy Hanna girl! You look dang cute in that outfit! I’d be sportin’ it just to wear around the house with no plans of cleaning AT ALL! πŸ™‚

    You are truly an inspiration and I love reading your updates to your lifestyle change. Way to go Cath! You rock!

  65. #123
    Stacy P

    I have the app on my iphone. It counts calories and it’s free!! It works very similar to the WW app execpt for calories instead of points!! It has a huge database of foods. It even has found very specific things such as Trader Joes (insert food). You can keep track of exercise, water etc. too like on WW.

  66. #124
    cindy b.

    Check you out you sexy thang!! Super cute outfit! Way to work the household chores by wearing that outfit – LOVE it!!

  67. #125
    Rebecca (Mamabee)

    I’ve used MFD and it is awesome!! I went away from it to WW thinking that if I had to pay more, I’d use it more… yeah, no. Still only use the food dairy part. So I’m going to be switching back to MFD. What I love the most about MFD are the happy/frownie faces… I’m such a competitive person that helps motivate me to get no frownie faces. LOL! Good luck with your journey… you are looking awesome!!

  68. #127
    Kerry Lively

    Thanks for saying that Cathy! You just made my whole day! Also, thanks for turning me on to RLAM. I just got the book for my birthday last week and I really enjoy their blog. I also found Pioneer Woman and Dooce through your blog lots of years ago and have laughed myself into “wetness” because of them. So, thanks for all of that and so much more! See, you never know who’s life you are making brighter just by being you!

  69. #128

    It lets you track exercise too. I really like all the reports and being able to see the progress over time.

  70. #129

    Oh yeah and totally awesome outfit. I am feeling you on this as I just fit into a size of pants that I have NEVER fit in as an adult. I kept saying no this could never fit, but it did!!! Nothing is like that joy!

  71. #132

    Looking good!
    I’m a big fan of MFD. I lost 60 lbs in 7 months- about 2 lbs a week. I’ve kept it off for almost 2 years now (within 5 lbs) and I don’t use MFD anymore, I eat intuitively and I have a few rules about the food that can get me into trouble.
    MFD is a tool. You need to manage it and become aware of what your body needs- especially if you are so active and MFD can help with that.
    It’s a fun program, go for it!

  72. #133

    All that hard work is really paying off – you look fantastic! Over here we have a programme in which the public guess the age of the participants before and after their treatments/makeovers. I’d be giving you a three zero – and a young-looking trendy one at that!

  73. #134

    Love how specific the tools for food and exercise are. JOINED! I will second the comment on elipticals. Keep exploding with PROGRESS!!!!

  74. #135

    Cathy, you look beautiful and HEALTHY! Congrats on starting your journey and keep up the great work. I am heading toward the 40s and have recently started on my own improvement journey; thanks for the inspiration!

  75. #136

    Yep – you don’t understand, I don’t think, how much you are inspiring others. When I told my friend Melanie that i wanted to lose 30 pounds by the time I turned 40 (, she sent me to your blog. You have been my online partner. I have lost 17 pounds since July 13. I have til January 13. I may actually lose more than 30 and that would be just fine too. I have way more to lose than you ever did, but I am losing, in part, because you inspired me to push myself. But thank you, for continually being the inspiration that I need… that, David Sylvian and Crowded House??? Why don’t I know you in real life??? πŸ˜€

  76. #138
    Paula Heutsche

    Cathy – you are just plain HOT! Hoping it rubs off on me some time soon. You have done such a great job sticking with it. I need to do it for my kids (and for myself)! I keep reading your blog for inspiration. Keep it up. You are an inspiration to women everywhere! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  77. #139

    Hi Cathy–long time reader, first time commenter. You look fantastic!!!!! I love this outfit, so cute. I also wanted to thank you for being so generous. How? With your time, sharing links like to the pieces that make up your cute outfit. Sharing your tips, your ideas, your music running lists, your favorite foods. I put that skirt on my wish list–would have never found it without your link. Thank you!

  78. #140

    Wow, thanks for commenting Amy! : ) Blogging is and always has been a very fun and creative release for me. Helps me to process stuff in my life, I swear. The skirt is SO cute. You will love it!

  79. #141
    Heather B

    Thanks – I will check it out tonight – also have the no need for speed book on my buy list – too bad it’s not an ebook or I’d have it on my nook already half read. πŸ™‚

    btw – I joined after reading your post & I LOVE it! I’ve tried a few sites before… ww’s, ediets, jillian michaels (love her, but her site SUCKS & is $$). I have finally read enough books I know what I ‘should’ eat – so is great bc I can see the impact meal by meal & exercise by exercise. I’m struggling with whether to eat up the rest of my daily calories or not though – I feel like it gives me a bit more exercise credit than deserved but I love seeing the lose 2lb vs. maintain difference – most sites don’t show that so you feel like you are gaining if you go over…. which you aren’t.

    Day 6 – 2lbs lost so I’m doing good – only a whole bunch more left…. being an adult has been hard on my body – where did the 130lb college kid go in the last 12 years?

  80. #143

    sparkpeople is FABULOUS and free πŸ™‚ but I am now also loving the lose it ap for iphone, also free! it save what you enter too. and that way it is always with me.

    you, btw, look FAB as well!!!

  81. #144
    Lesley Doran

    You look fab! Congrats on sticking with it, now can ya just let me know how…. Ha! Great job, loving your progress.

  82. #146

    Look at you, Cathy!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    I’m close to goal, too. And, I use SparkPeople. I am watching both points and calories. There are alot of things to like about Spark – but the nutrition tracker is outta sight. I’ve customized mine to track fiber (so I can calculate points), iron, calcium, sodium, and potassium.

    I can meal plan. I can use their recommended meal plan when I don’t feel like thinking. I can track every morsel. I check the “full daily (nutrition) report” if I need to calculate points for something I don’t know yet, and I just keep my points in the little points calculator.

    They calculate my recommended calorie, fat, protein, carbs ranges based on my weight, my weight goal, my desired weight loss rate, and my fitness goals. THAT is the only gottcha – if you aren’t exercising to the fitness goal plan, your ranges will be too high.

    The food database is extensive and customizable. There is a recipe nutritional value calculator. There is a whole Recipe site as part of the network, where you can save, build cookbooks, and share.

    The Fitness Tracker is as good as I’ve seen anywhere. Track running/walking miles/minutes and it calculates pace. Track steps (I use a pedometer, and love this feature). Track aerobics and strength training. You get calories burned calculated for you. There are even a strength training exercises to build a routine from!

    You can track progress in weight or inches.

    There’s the whole social networking aspect – with forums and blogs – all with like-minded, supportive people. It’s tied into FB, so you can share or not share aspect of the site at your choosing.

    There is a Daily Spark blog and a whole slew of fitness, nutrition, and healthy living articles.

    They have FREE apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry – and there’s a fast loading mobile site for other devices.

    I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s a great way to transition from points, or become bilingual lol

  83. #151

    You look fantastic Cathy! I love the vest! Have just found a US store that ships them to the UK, so am very excited. Thanks for the inspiration!

  84. #152

    Are you still using myfooddiary? About to sign up for their week trial. Your resolve to ‘stick it’ has stayed with me and drawn me out of lurkdom..

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