Are those hot flashes I’m feeling, or this new insulation really working?

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For the first time since 1919, this house has insulated walls.

{cue choir of angelic voices here…ahhhhhhh.}

I swear to you, last night I kicked off my big down comforter because I was either a) having a hot flash, or b) enjoying a far less drafty bedroom, courtesy of our new insulation.

Maybe it was a little of both?


The project is coming along nicely. We aren't adding any livable space techncially, but we are insulating, re-siding, re-porching, and changing the entry to the back of our house.

Dan (who I celebrated 19 years of marital bliss with yesterday, on the 19th, which made it our golden anniversary, or something like that) is keeping tabs on the project every step of the way. She didn't throw away any more of my good shoes, did she?


And for the time being, my scrap "room" is hermetically sealed.


Thank God for my digital scrapbooking skillz.

P.S. Happy birthday today to my bestie, Molly. I know you don't read my blog, and I sort of hate you for it, but this year, I'm covering ALL my bases. I love you like french fries.

Cathy ZielskeAre those hot flashes I’m feeling, or this new insulation really working?

41 Comments on “Are those hot flashes I’m feeling, or this new insulation really working?”

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    Love the photo of Dan looking in the dumpster!! Happy Anniversary and yes it should be golden or something. Glad you will have a warmer winter this year, I can hear the angels singing for you,lol

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    Happy anniversary! And I totally heard you singing out ‘ahhhhhhh’…. (We call them hot flushes in the UK. Or maybe it’s just my family that does that?!)

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    If you are awake throughout the night, for hours at a time, then I would lean towards the hot flashes. Take it from a pro who has been having these beauties for SIX LONG YEARS!

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    Happy Anniversary Cathy and Dan!! Woohoo – awesome. Also, Happy Birthday Molly….you should really read Cathy’s blog – you are missing out on some good stuff!

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    Sara Next Door

    I think its the insultion, either that or both of us are having hot flashes. When we put a real door on our attic (the old one was more leak than door) and added insulation, our bedroom got much warmer!

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    Michelle in Texas

    Cathy, congrats on another wonderful year of marriage, and on surviving a remodel! Both of those events are hard work!

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    The old shoes shot is classic Dan and Cathy.
    Can’t wait to feel that new insulation – I will come soon, I promise! I need some Cathy Margie love triangle time.

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    Our house is a 1924 Farmhouse, without insulation in outer walls. . .I hear your angels singing! Can’t wait to hear what this does for your heating bills!

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    We’re having insulation blown in in two weeks! I am beyond excited! The difference though, is ours is going right through the existing siding, oh wont those plugs be oh so pretty! For a hot flash or two in this 100 year old house, we will happily endure an unsightly exterior for a while!

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    Happy Anniversary! The photo of Dan reminds me of getting my dad’s house ready to sell after he passed away. I would come by after work and pull out stuff my brothers had tossed saying “we are NOT getting rid of this!” And yes, some 15 years later, most of that stuff is in my storage unit!!

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    Sherry Coleman

    Happy Anniversary! Also thank you for the saying. French Fries are my favorite food, and I can’t wait to use the expression!

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    Happy 19th Anniversary!! – we’ll be celebrating our 30th next May, on the 30th – so guess it’s our “golden” one too!! (thought we had to wait ’til our 50th!) We too have a semi-uninsulated house – joys of a 1923 bungalow… After replacing all the plumbing last week (yes, we have water on again!) we’ll be ready when they insulate the floors next week. As we’ve slowly (over 20+ years) remodeled one room at a time, we’ve also put in insulation. I’m going to be curious how much the floor insulation will help this winter – I know the water pressure is quite impressive already, with the new pipes, so hopefully the heat will be noticeable too! Not looking forward to more hot flashes though…!

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    kerri Macdonald

    Remodel looks like it’s coming along great. Happy belated anniversary, we have the same one:) Only 8 years for us though! And the 19th is also Sweetest Day!
    Love the shoe story!

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    OK CZ, I cant let this one go. You celebrated 19 years of marital bliss with your husband yesterday and last night you were kicking off the down comforter because you were hot. I dont think this has anything to do with hot flashes OR new insulation. I think it might be sleeping next to a hot husband! : )

    Seriously, congrats and happy anniversary. And, way to go on your 5 mile run today! Woooo HOOOOO


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    I learned when I was little that it is a “Champagne” Anniversary or Birthday when you are celebrating that number on that date. So if you turn 18 on the 18th that is your champagne birthday. Hope you clinked some glasses and celebrated your champagne anniversary!!!

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Happy Anniv!!!!!! and yea! for insulation:) My ancient apt. can be pretty drafty or hot as a native american sweat lodge once those radiators kick in too. It is never a middle ground. So, go you guys for heat/cold control!!!

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    Wow! We recently lived through a major renovation at my house. I can relate to the rooms being sealed in plastic! However, don’t be fooled into thinking the plastic will keep the dust out of the rest of the house…I learned that lesson the hard way.

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    Kendra B

    Happy Anniversary!! Looks and sounds like the house is coming along . . . yeah!! I’ll be using the french fries saying a couple times today I think 🙂

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    Jennifer Carreiro

    Look on the bright side of renovations…I figure cleaning esp. dusting is a waste time since it will just be covered in dust again tomorrow 🙂 Here in New England I keep my window cracked a teeny bit beside my bed. Hubby thinks the window is just drafty under those blinds.

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    cindy b.

    LOL…I tell you that Dan and my husband must be related. That photo of him by the trash TOTALLY cracked me up because he is the same way. I swear he literally EXAMINES the trash before he throws it away. I have told him a MILLION times that if something is IN the trash can then it IS trash because SOME OF US know what a trash can is for….TRASH!!! 😉

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    Of course. I was imagining a lot of jumping jacks/running on the spot. Your idea sounds WAY better. 😉

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    I love old houses! They have so much charm. And I love all the fabulous pictures you’ve taken during the renovation project. I always mean to take pictures when we’re doing projects like this .. but I forget!

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

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