Dexter fans might appreciate this. Scrapbooking Dexter fans even more so.

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Presently, my house is in a bit of a shambles.

We've decided on some long overdue projects, namely rebuilding our front porch before it rots and sinks into the ground, updating the design of our family room and replacing the ancient asbestos shake siding on our house.

I'm up to my eyeballs in contractors and subs. No more naked dashes from the shower to the bedroom in the morning, lest I come eye to eye with a very shocked, and possibly scarred-for-life worker.

But over the weekend, as I watched another episode of Showtime's Dexter, I had to laugh when I looked at the view from my own kitchen:


Yep. Are you thinking what I"m thinking, Dexter fans?


Great. Now who's going to come visit?

Here's a wider shot. They had to cordon off the family room while they are working. Ergo, a partial Dexter-style kill room.


No, I don't have any photos of victims, but I do have scrapbook pages.


Some would say I killed those pages.



Clearly in possession of too much time


Cathy ZielskeDexter fans might appreciate this. Scrapbooking Dexter fans even more so.

60 Comments on “Dexter fans might appreciate this. Scrapbooking Dexter fans even more so.”

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    It’s only creepy if you cook dinner in the plastic neck to knee apron and face mask…or scrapbook dressed like that LOL

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    Sandi D

    Only a Dexter fan could understand and appreciate the humor. I love the show and found this post very funny! Our family is going to be starting a remodeling project soon. I am going to be without a kitchen for about 5 weeks. Yikes! No dashing to the dryer half dressed looking for something to wear.

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    Kris Van Allen

    Line up pages you’ve made about just one person. Wait for them to come home. Be wearing something all white or medical-looking when they get home.

    Tell them you need to talk to them about some things….they need to pay for some wrongs.

    what a great room for a haunted house!

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    I love it. I laughed, out loud, at work…and got some looks. Just make sure you wear your apron. Things could get messy up in here.

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    We just started watching Dexter and are halfway through season 2 and CAN’T STOP WATCHING. As a Dexter fan and a scrapbook fan I have one piece of advice….don’t dump your bodies in the same place every time at the bottom of the ocean. I’m just saying. What super smart serial killer does that?

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    I’d say you are putting all that excess time to good use! I check out your posts before I crash for the night over here in Melbourne, Australia and a chuckle is just what’s needed to relax. Love it!

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    Ok, this is a little spooky! Just this morning as I was getting ready to watch your sign off video for MeTav, I was thinking to myself, “I wonder how the construction is going. I would love to see pics”…and here they are. Once again, you read my mind. Thanks Cathy…and good luck with the dust…


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    (lol) i love, love, love dexter, am a hugh fan of michael c.hall. who else could make us cheer for a serial killer? but please, please, please do not kill those pages – specially the bee one.

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    Katherine Bolinger

    I don’t watch Dexter, no cable, no interest. But from what you’ve said – I’d be a bit creeped out visiting. I would never say you killed a page but instead they are killer pages.

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    Abby P

    Love that even Dan left a comment…

    I’m feeling your construction-pain. We did a serious remodel/room addition on our house and decided to live in our motor home on sight for a year and a half. It was our family of 4 (including 2 teenage boys) + 1 three-yr. old dog and 2 new puppies. What an adventure! It will be SO worth the pain!

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    Totally off topic, but…cordon????

    I’ve never even read/seen/heard the word in that way before. Somehow I only relate to chicken cordon blue (can you tell I’m a chubby girl πŸ™‚

    Thanks for teaching me something new.

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    How exciting! Hope you’re planning to post pictures after the renovation is completed. As far as the Dexter thing goes – no idea what you’re talking about. Very little TV watching is done at my house. Sorry.

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    I tune in to your show (blog) everyday – you are my therapy. Guess I’m going to have to Netflix Dexter. My husband is in construction so any projects around here involved all of us lending a hand. It would be nice to turn over a project or two to someone else and just sit back and watch an area transform. Keep the pics coming….

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    Hellooo Cathy Zielske. Haha…you’ve nailed the Kill Room! I might have to show your post to my 16 year old son…he’s a Dexter fanatic. Maybe he’ll become a Cathy fanatic. heh heh…

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    Love your Dexter/plastic reference!! Just shot a pic of my husband under a tent of plastic in the kitchen yesterday… we’re in the midst of a total plumbing pipe replacement. Sadly, it’s a going on day 4 of NO WATER or plumbing anywhere here!! Problem is it’s a do-it-yourself project, my husband is slooooowwwwlllly doing it all by himself, except for the occasional holler for me to bring him something… He was cutting holes in our kitchen wall under the plastic tent – thinking he was keeping things clean by using the tent, but I walked out & saw the escaping dust & smoke… Photo op. I’m just gritting my teeth through this latest home remodel… trying to be patient, but hello? The neighbors are only going to tolerate so much water borrowing!! Here’s wishing you speedy changes with your remodel!

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    Lessons learned…when they start the sheet rock….put towels in the heater vents …. otherwise you have fine dust everywhere!!!! It is terrible! Q

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    Bea Medwecky

    Hilarious! Your photo of the kill room is dead on! Thanks for the good laugh. I will have to show this to my husband, another Dexter fan.

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    lee i.

    this is just too funny, and i had to read it while drinking water. you can imagine what happened next. i’m sharing this with my husband. he’ll love it, too. πŸ™‚

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    Too funny! Just caught Dexter on TV the other night. It hasn’t aired in my part of the world (BC, Canada) for over a year but has lately turned up again. (OR maybe I just missed it which is definitely possible) Anyhoo, you are SO right that your view looks like THE KILL ROOM! Good luck on the renos. We are about to embark on an addition, an ensuite!!! So perhaps I too will have a ‘KILL ROOM”. I may have to start a blog:)

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    Too funny! A guy I went to school with (Shawn Hatosy) was Dexter’s most recent victim. And…Dan’s post…made it even more fun!

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    Gabrielle Jeromy

    Hahaha, good thing your house is not as scary as Dexter’s. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I guess your asbestos siding has been replaced so just maintain it well. Here’s a friendly reminder: don’t inhaled the dust if it gets broken again.

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