Fourth Grade Scrapped (As in scrapbooked. He didn’t just up and ditch midyear.)

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I'm thinking a haircut might have come in handy.

Is it me? Or is he starting to look just a bit too much like high school Dan?

Maybe a bit less orange though, yes?

Anyhoo…it's that time again. Time to scrapbook another year of school for my boy. I'd like to say I have a really timely approach to this project. I'd like to say, "Every September in the same week I scrapbook the previous year of school."

It's mostly that I just do it when I think of it. And when I think of it, I am loving the fact that I'm doing it mostly digital. Here are the rest of the pages.




And then, there is a pocket page that looks like this:


This is the only hybrid part of this project and it's not meant to hold insane amounts of school memorabilia, but it works for report cards and a few more bits of this and that. See how I print and trim this page out by clicking here.

I also choose photos from all aspects of Cole's life. I don't have tons of shots of him at school or doing school activities so I sprinkle in other shots that fill in the year. I think it's a nice way to give him a fuller snapshot of his 4th grade year.

Now if he would only slow down on the growing up part, everything would be perfect.

SUPPLIES:  School Album Set (Cathy Zielske) • Just Linens No. 4 (Michelle Martin) • Krafty No. 7 Paper Pack, Notebook Paper Pack (Katie Pertiet) • Avenir font • brads (American Crafts)


The school album set is also available in 12 x 12, and there are add-on word packs for Grades 7 through 12 and school terminology specific to overseas scrapbookers as well.


Cathy ZielskeFourth Grade Scrapped (As in scrapbooked. He didn’t just up and ditch midyear.)

30 Comments on “Fourth Grade Scrapped (As in scrapbooked. He didn’t just up and ditch midyear.)”

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    Hey Cath, Do you buy the digital CD from their school photos or is the school photo a real photo?

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    Impressive – is he in fifth grade now, as in you’re totally current with this project? Wow, your kids are growing up fast!

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    Lovely as usual! I was worried for you when you didn’t post in “this morning” for me. I was so pleased to see a page up! Thanks for brightening up my night!

    As for Cole looking like Dan, he is a total mini-me. Just like Aiden is with you!!

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    I so wish to go digital after seeing your awesome pages. Hoping next year to buy new computer/printer so I can join in on this. Love it all Cathy.

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    I bought the 12×12 set a while back and have finished Kindergarten for one daughter (now in grade 7). I really like how easy it is to get a whole year done. If only it didn’t take me so long to choose which photos to use – lol.

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    Nice! Nice! Nice!.

    Quick question–when you scan the school photos do you scan at 300 dpi or higher. I was scanning at 600 and then changing to 300, but now I’m not sure why. Advice?

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    I scan at 600 too. Sometimes, even higher. Then I switch to 300, but uncheck the Resample Image box, so the image gets much bigger. Then, I change the actual size of the image down. Not sure if that makes sense. But youre scanning and getting more detail at 600, then sizing it down. The idea being, it will be a very crisp image.

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    What font do you use for the journaling/information bits at the bottom? LOVE it and the layouts!

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    I am SO GLAD that I have a child and that I have been inspired by this project. Granted, he’s only ONE right now, but someday (sniff, sniff) he will be old enough for school. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Recently found out that I am pregnant with baby #2… makes me think that I had better get working on my scrapbook for baby #1 before I find that I am too busy for it. (Or should at least archive all of my photos onto a disk in case my computer ever crashes so that I don’t lose everything; THAT would be heart-breaking.)

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    This I’m lovin’. I think I love the digital version even more than the hybrid/traditional you have in your book. (Aren’t you glad you went digi? So much fun, and much less clutter, right? And faster. :D)

    Beautiful, Cathy.

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    Ok, so I am doing it for a reason. Yeah! I sometimes forget about unchecking the resample box. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Abby P

    Thanks for sharing…you reminded me that I have 2 kids to do school books for (one just graduated from high school *sheesh*; one just entered high school). Luckily for me I have your kit and everything else you make reference to – I have no excuse. Oh wait! Yes I do, I’m still working on, “Me – The Abridged Version”! Love your style, as always! Keep it comin!

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    This is so great! I have been toying with switching over to digital, but haven’t done so yet. This has totally inspired me, I love the way it looks!

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    i love when boys let their hair a bit longer – the first shot of coleman is awesome!!! and i’ve always tought that coleman looks a lot like dan.
    thanks for sharing theses pages with us, cathy! my lil’ sister just gave me lots of my nephew’s school stuff to scrapbook, this products are awesome – love the pocket!!!

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    Great project – only sorry mine are way too old for this now. Like Dan? Yep, in many ways, though I also think he looks a lot like you.

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    Tamie Spears

    Cathy – Can you explain your “digital process”? I still like all the cool papers that are available, but I’m a graphic designer using InDesign and Photoshop so I keep thinking if I approached this whole scrapbooking thing like a full color brochure project, I’d get it done a whole lot faster. But then I really like all the cool papers and I have a huge closet full. So what do I do? And when you do a digital page, do you print the complete finished page? or just the elements and then put them together on cool paper?

  17. #26

    InDesign is so different for the whole digital scrap thing. I mean, on something like this, its kind of six of one, meaning, PS or ID can get the job done.

    If you notice, I dont use a ton of digi product. Just a few papers, and boom, done. I am truthfully overwhelmed at all the cool digital stuff. I dont know how Im supposed to use it, so I usually do not. Ergo, simple, simple stuff!

    On a digital page, i do print the whole page. But Im having my pages printed at Cheaper than blowing all my ink on my Photosmart 8750. : )

    But for hybrid stuff, I piece it all together. Real life papers and cardstock, and maybe an embellishment, with a type set in ID usually, to create journaling, trimmable photos and titles. : )

    Hope this helps explain the process.

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    Cathy – Your style is my FAVORITE! Will you be designing any Chistmas card templates this year and putting them up for sale at Designer Digitals? I hope so!!

    Those of us who are chronically behind on preparing for Christmas every year but try oh so hard, start strong and then mail cards by February are anxious to know.

    Thanks! Carol

    P.S. In case you’re curious, 5×7 templates would be awesome!!

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    Kasandra from Canada

    Love this page…..wondering if your son is into the Justin Bieber look! My 11 year old has the hair swing and I was hoping to hold it off for a few more years!! Love your templates…..I keep looking for them and add then to my collection.

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