Tales from the Scale: Lights! Camera! Stalemate!

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Dear Month Ten,

Hey-oh. Cathy here. Remember me? The one who has commited to Eat Less and Move More? Well I'm back for another report from the scale and this month has officially been dubbed Even Steven. This is first month in this process that didn't yield a loss of poundage on Ye Olde Digital Scale.

I am still falling ever so shy of the elusive 40-pounds of weight loss mark. .9 pounds if we're counting. We were counting, right?

What? You want to know how that makes me feel?

I guess I feel just okay about it. I mean, on the one hand, I feel amazing thus far. I move better, think better, sleep better, and wear jeans better. I'm making active choices because I want to nearly every day. Sure, I've got some aches and pains here and there, but by and large, I feel like I'm living the lifestyle. Full on.

On the other hand, I just returned from a trip up north for the weekend, where, despite logging a nice 4-mile run, I apparently forgot the concept of calories and foods that generally care for and provide nutritional love for your body.

(Candy corn and peanuts anyone? That was the bulk of my dinner last Saturday night. Thank you.)

I guess I'm writing this from a place of feeling like I threw common sense out the window with about as much thought as I give to tossing a used Kleenex. I don't like that version of me quite as much, because that version of me isn't taking care of the Prime Package.

But tomorrow is a shiny new day. In fact, every tomorrow is another chance to Move More, Eat Less and keep the Prime Package in fine working condition.

Month 10

Here's to tomorrow.


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To read more on my journey of Eating Less and Moving More, all posts on fitness related issues can be found here.



Cathy ZielskeTales from the Scale: Lights! Camera! Stalemate!

126 Comments on “Tales from the Scale: Lights! Camera! Stalemate!”

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    Madeline St Onge

    You look fabulous. It is a given that you go off track every once in a while, don’r=t sweat it, you are doing great Cathy. I am so proud of you and so inspired by all you have done

  2. #2

    You are looking awesome Cathy! I love that little skirt! Gotta get me one if I plan to start running!!!

    The last 10 pounds are always the hardest to get off. That little detail comes from a seasoned personal trainer and fitness instructor! πŸ˜‰ You are doing fabulous!!!!

  3. #4
    Lydia W.

    You inspire me! Tomorrow I will be taking my “now” picture and (once again!!!) begin my move more, eat less mentality. Thank you. I raise my glass to tomorrow! Oh and candy corn and peanuts??? One of my favorite fall snacks!!! Mmmmm…..

  4. #5

    WOW YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! I love that skirt on you, look at those tiny legs, tiny waist. You should be so proud and happy. Those last 10 are always the hardest don’t let it get you down because you are smokin hot and are doing a great job!!! Thanks again for sharing this journey with us.

  5. #6
    Michelle K

    You are looking amazing!! We all have that night (weekend) where we don’t eat right, just get right back on schedule and you will eventually get there.

  6. #7
    Nancy M

    I agree with those above, you look SO GREAT! and have come so far… I don’t think you should beat yourself up over a dinner of candy corn and peanuts, life happens and you have to enjoy it. Just don’t eat candy corn and peanuts every night πŸ˜‰

  7. #9
    Jennifer W

    You look amazing!!! Your journey this year is so inspirational to me. And when I look at the progress you’ve made, Wow! That’s all I can say. Way to go!

  8. #10

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now. It is so inspiring to watch somebody make a goal and change their lives. Its so refreshing that you are not “dieting,” but rather changing the way you live. That scale doesn’t stand a chance! I have never been overweight and I have always been active(gymnastics, horseback riding, soccer, triathlon, marathon), but your story makes me want to do something to make my already fabulous life better, happier, and more productive. I just wanted you to know that you are inspiring people beyond those that are struggling with weight issues. Have a great day and keep up the good work!

  9. #11

    Amazing? Fabulous? How about Strong, Fit and Glowing? Look at those legs! Those tiny hips! Arms with def! Great job Cathy. And as always, thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  10. #12
    Barb M.

    Look at you rockin’ that running gear! You are too stinkin’ cute! Focus on that, not the scale. Embrace how good thin and healthy feel, not what the number is. You look fabulous! (In Billy Crystal voice.)

  11. #13
    Kendra B

    You look amazing! And its been amazing and inspiring to watch you get to this point. Those last pounds are hard ones to get rid of, but you’ll get there. This is a hard season coming up when it comes to food and everyone keeps telling me everything in moderation . . . so you know, just have a slice of pie and not the whole thing (like I would do) LOL

  12. #14
    Lisa Dickinson

    Wow – you do look hot (definitely honk-worthy, my running friend!) regardless of what that scale chooses to day. And the term “Prime Package?” Well I am liking it so much that if I wasn’t worried hubby would take it as an insult to his, um, manhood, I’d be legally changing my name right now. PP for short, of course πŸ™‚

  13. #15
    Mary Jo

    Just have to say you look amazing and so healthy! I think it’s normal for a “stalemate” to happen at some point for various reasons. But it’s also possible to push beyond it!
    I am so inspired by your weight loss journey. Not just because it’s about losing weight. But the whole being healthier ideal. That’s how I feel and that’s what I have started, too!
    But I think I need more documentation which would help me stay on track better!

  14. #16

    Are you joking?! You have done an outstanding job and you look sensational. VERY nearly there! Those last ones are tricky but you can do it!:)

  15. #17
    Sarah B

    Cathy, surely some of that is due to muscle gain too(which is heavier than fat). I don’t need to repeat what has already been said – that smile on your face shows me you must know it, really!

  16. #18
    Amy L

    I say go ahead and round it up to 40. You might as well, since you get it! You have accomplished so much and you look so good! Congrats, Cathy!

  17. #19

    Cathy, you look AMAZING! You are an INSPIRATION! And you should be allowed a candy corn, peanut dinner once in a while…you deserve it for all your hard work! And you’ve got the right attitude…here’s to tomorrow!

  18. #20
    Jan C.

    When you show the before and after pictures side-by-side like that, I am flabbergasted at the change. First of all, I never thought, when I saw photos of you on your blog, that you looked heavy. But there’s no denying that you are far, far more svelte and energetic looking now. The crap part of dieting is that if you think, “it’s going to take me 10 months to do this,” then maybe you’ll also think, “I can’t face it.” But when you take it one week at a time, it seems like “suddenly” you are skinny and feeling fab. It must have been a rough decision to post the before photos, but I think you should pat yourself on the back for being brave enough to share this whole journey, because I’m guessing you are helping a lot of people who are reading along. It’s GOT to be encouraging for them to hear that you actually like being more active now. Hell, it’s encouraging for me to hear that. I don’t need to lose weight, really, but I definitely need to get off my butt and get more active. I just have a hard time believing it’s actually fun to exercise!

  19. #21

    Thanks, Madeline. I know this, but i have a tendency to beat myself up over it, only because of the fear of slipping back into old habits. : ) A new day is here!

  20. #26

    You look fantastic! Congrats on sticking with it for so many months. Just like Jan C said, when you see the pictures side-by-side, the transformation is simply amazing. What a great documentation of all your hard work!!! Thanks for the inspiration you are to so many people to make necessary changes in our lives.

  21. #27

    I do like to sport the running gear. That shirt im wearing? The CUTEST New Balance tee a friend gave me. Love cute run clothes.

  22. #28

    I really am going to focus on the fitness this fall, probably more than trying to resist every sweet treat that comes my way. Still gots to enjoy!

  23. #30

    You know, it really is the one week at a time. I think anyone who does need to lose feels so overwhelmed by the time ahead of them. I just got tired of feeling whiny and sad about my body and figured, Okay, back in the saddle again. Im almost as surprised as anyone that it has been moving along this well!

  24. #31

    And isn’t that the best part? Every morning we get a new start – and we have the tools to do it the right way. (says the one struggling through maintenance at almost +4 {insert explative} pounds in the last 4 weeks) Keep up the great work!

  25. #32
    Amanda M.

    Cathy, what about instead of “Move More, Eat Less”, you changed it to “Move More, Eat Better”. ? Congrats on your progress! You look amazing.

  26. #33

    You look amazing. The before and after pictures really show all your hard work. You are an inspiration. I joined WW a month ago (partly thanks to you!) and am starting to see and feel the difference. I love working out but really struggle with the food part. WW is showing me portion sizes and the impact of my food choices.

  27. #34
    Kim C

    You look and sound amazing,Cathy. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. You have been and continue to be a source of inspiration and hope for someone who has struggled for what seems like forever. But now it is slowly, ever so slowly changing by simply following your example of moving more and eating less. THANK YOU!

  28. #35
    Dena Gresh

    You look AMAZING and your before and after pictures are so inspiring!!! I can not believe the change in 10 months!! You go girl!!!!! Keep it up and thank you for sharing!

  29. #38

    Well I don’t know if this will help, but you have certainly motivated me. You might not have lost any weight this month, but thanks to your inspiration and my motivation, I’ve lost 5.5 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I already feel better. My goal is to sign up for the Women’s Golf Association next April 1st at 30+ pounds lighter. I know I can do it.

    You rock!

  30. #39

    That .9 lbs is a Brutal number. Sorry you didn’t get it this month. And as far as the candy corn goes the good news is you didn’t gain anything. Yes you screwed up, but guess what because you’ve been doing so great it didn’t affect you to much. Just start doing better today. I look at the before and after pic of you and I know you’ve looked at it 100 times and maybe it doesn’t seem quite so shocking anymore, but to me it looks amazing. I mean Holy Smokes can you even believe that is you. I am amazed by it. 39.1 pounds makes a huge difference. I don’t have much advice to give you but I will say this one thing – You have made a lifestyle change and that means that every now and then you are suppose to slip up just to remind yourself how you don’t want to feel ever again. Embrace it and move on. You look Awesome!!!!

  31. #41
    Lori Hudson

    I so understand where you are coming from regarding your eating over the weekend. It is scary that you can slip back into the old ways so easily. You start to doubt that you have really made a lifelong change and you might just fall off and never get back on. It has happened to me and I gained back half of what I had lost – like all of a sudden I lost all control that I had and I couldn’t figure out how to get it back. Last night I ate half a bag of pretzel M&Ms. WTH?? But this time I have a certainty that I don’t feel good physically or mentally when I do something like that. So far I haven’t even looked at that other half of the bag. I’m actually craving one of my veggie smoothies. Life is full of ups and downs and your eating is too. Go easy on yourself and get back on track. And keep that stuff that you just can’t resist (like pretzel M&Ms!) out of the house!
    Wow I wrote a lot. I should start a blog or something.

  32. #42

    Miss Cathy,
    I was stuck at 140 for the longest time…what is it about that number…I hate it and I know it’s JUST a NUMBER…but I never want to see it again!
    I really had to change things up for a few weeks and honestly although I still flucuate a bit I haven’t gone back to 140!

  33. #44

    Cathy you look AMAZING. That comparison photo on your layout says it all. You should be very proud!

  34. #45
    Katherine Bolinger

    I’ve heard that the last .9 pounds are the hardest to lose. I also have a love/weight relationship with certain foods. I need to slog my way out of the soda bog and start moving again. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  35. #46

    Hey Cathy….I’m wondering when you are going to start calling yourself a “MILF”! ;o) You are definately a Prime Package now!

  36. #47

    From the “do as I say” dept. . . You HAVE to fall off the wagon. And you HAVE to give yourself permission to fall off the wagon. (Little miss perfect WWer took a long time, but she fell big time. And is having major issues getting back on.) You are imperfectly perfect because you “mess up” now and then but get right back at it. You are inspiring tons of people who thought they were looking for scrapbooking tips, but stayed on to learn how to live well and take care of themselves. Rock.Star.

  37. #48
    Laura A.

    oh my gosh, CAthy…you look amazing! Love the before and after shot. I’m also on the journey…frustrated by the lose a little, gain it back syndrome & just trying to get over the hump again. You are an inspiration to me girlfriend!

  38. #49
    Stefani M

    That’s the good thing about it. No matter how bad you messed up yesterday, today you can always do it right! Good luck on that. Good luck to me too. Now off for a 4.5 mile run πŸ˜‰

  39. #50

    I hate how quickly we can fall hard off that wagon. Not to say that you aren’t going to get back at it today. To me it means that I’m still ‘dieting’ and haven’t made a lifestyle change. Candy corn and peanuts (or whatever it is) should disgust you (by you I mean me) but instead first chance you (me) get you stuff yourself on that sweet crap.
    Oh well, one day at a time I guess. Congrats again, on continuing on your success.

  40. #52

    YOU LOOK SO DANG GOOD!!! And it pisses me off;)…that I didn’t start with you like I was going to!! I took the before pic and thats about as far as it went. DE-PRESSING! But I’m happy to say, and much inspired by you and those AWESOME before and after side by side shots, that I am on my 2nd week of couch to 5k and am so excited! Thanks so much for all your humorous, glamour free (well, besides those FAB running clothes) no sugar coating journey! Love that. I also just finished reading “Run Like a Mother
    ” also because of you. What a totally awesome book. I had a hard time putting it down. Wish I had lots more running books that interesting to read. It def kept me inspired to keep going out every other day. I want to have something like that to keep me pumped up each week. Thanks again Cathy!!

  41. #55
    Courtney Walsh

    oh, friend, you are doing amazingly well!!I do wonder what it is internally that triggers that “give me junk food” thing we all seem to have, no matter how much we fight it. Giving yourself that little reprieve might do you some good. I am predicting even more great results next month.

    Though if you ask me, you look perfectly perfectly just where you are!!!

    What? You didn’t ask me? So sorry. I have a tendency to insert my opinion everywhere I visit. πŸ™‚

  42. #56
    Kirsten J

    Wow you look amazing! You’ve really inspired me – I’ve walked for years – can’t run, but I walk and walk. And finally last month I let my husband drag me to the gym. I wish I’d taken before pictures, but was too much in denial and a bit ashamed. After just 1 month of playing around with all of those silly machines, I feel so much better. Only a few pounds down, but the other day, my husband said he was amazed at how much better my arms look. Umm…I thought I did a good job of hiding them…
    We go on a cruise next month, and he says I can get into a bathing suit and look fine…I’m not so sure, but I’m keeping it up. Just in case.

  43. #57
    Kim Woods

    Cathy you have to look at the way you feel in clothes and the mirror rather than a number. You look awesome and so much more fit than the before picture. I have to tell myself this all the time and don’t totally believe it when I see the size 2s hanging in my closet and remember them to be kind of big a few years ago. Now I couldn’t get one leg in them. BUT I too have more to lose and need to move more so that is my focus over the number on my tags and scale πŸ™‚ oxoxo

  44. #58

    I feel for you. I went to the doctor today and was weighed. I haven’t weighed myself in months because I haven’t wanted to face the truth (even though I’m faced every day with the truth when I can’t fit in pants that I could wear last year). Yet, when I was weighed, I weigh 10 pounds less than a year ago. I had the nurse weigh me on two different scales; I just couldn’t believe the weight that was registered. Yes, I weigh less but my pants don’t fit! What’s up with that? Okay, I need to face the fact that I turned 50 this year and weight gets redistributed despite my best efforts. This doesn’t mean I should give up, but I have to look at things realistically, I guess.

  45. #60

    You look so amazing! I can’t believe how far you’ve come in such short time. But maybe you can tell me one thing – that “pregnant twice” thing that hangs over the top of my jeans right now – does it go away as you lose all that weight? Or does it stay? See, I’m not sure if it’s fat or just loose skin… I would love it to be fat, and that it’s possible to lose it…

  46. #65

    But it was divine. That little dose of salt and sugar. Seriously.

    Its making me salivate as i sit here drinking my post lunch black tea…

  47. #66

    Janna, you can do eet!

    And if you want more running books, anything by John Bingham. Read The Courage to Start and No Need for Speed. Same kind of friendly fun tone and good, good info! : )

  48. #68

    i appreciate it courtney, and yes, I dont want to get a lot thinner at this point. Id like to firm up and buy myself a little breathing room for a few more calories in my life.

  49. #69

    Yay you! Looking fabulous! Just learn from your weekend that yes, you can indulge some excess, but it’s just for that moment, not a monumental change—you can just stop too, and get back to eating good foods that make you feel good – inside and about yourself too! (it’s soooooo hard though to not constantly be thinking: this is blowing it, isn’t it… should I be eating this? or ok, 2 glasses of wine today = an extra 1/2 hr. exercising tomorrow… *sigh… will we ever be able to eat anything without analyzing it?!)

  50. #70

    See, I love reading stuff like this. A little more moving doesnt mean you have to be out there running marathons! : ) Go you!

  51. #72

    Interesting, huh? You know, things do shift and move. Ill be 50 in less than 6 years. Im hoping to get some serious fitness built up by then!

  52. #76
    cindy b.

    Cathy, I first have to say that you look AMAZING!! Seriously, do you look at the mirror? HOT MAMA for sure. Now, for the millionth time…muscle does NOT weigh more than fat people! A pound is a pound. Muscle is lean and more dense. Have you every seen a picture of fat compared to the same weight in muscle??! COMPLETELY different! So, even though you may not be losing ‘weight’ per se…check out your inches and how your clothes are feeling on you. That is the better measure versus some stupid scale. Why do we feel like we LIVE OR DIE by the numbers on the scale?? I hear ya though..losing the last 10 (hopefully 20) is HARDER than it was in the beginning because NOW you have this smokin’ hard exercise body that you have to work twice as hard to lose weight. LOL!! And really, the weight part comes down to DIET. And you my friend have every right to have those days (hell, I have PMS WEEEEKS) that I might not eat the best! LOL! But you know what? At least I am still going to the gym and working out and maintaining…don’t beat yourself up cause they are tons of us that know EXACTLY where you are coming from! I absolutely love reading your blog…ROCK ON CATHY!!!

  53. #79

    Hi Cathy, you look great but promise us not to overdo!
    Loosing weight is a slippery slope and at some point you just need to stop loosing and start maintaining.

  54. #82
    Katie @ The Journalings of a Julius

    I just wanted to let you know that I saw your post a couple months ago and your weight loss and lifestyle change inspired me to get healthy again.

    I’ve dubbed my journey “Mission: Lose Lotsa Weight” and put it all out there for the entire blogging world to see!

    Thanks for being courageous enough to share your journey and inspire others to do the same!

  55. #83
    Heather B

    Ok – I just bought your page @ DD and braved the photoshoot…. It’s baby nap time so I’m about to brave the treadmill.

    I think you look great – I peaked thru your first 6 months on flickr – awesome job! I appreciated the low-weight loss month 2 but big changes. I’ve been super good food-wise (until Sunday) and have exercised the last 12 days straight & altho I dropped 3lbs right away I’m not sitting down 1 net….. what? I’ve been busting my butt too so I’m frustrated & this is about the time I usually stop. I told my hubby I need a subscription to Runners World for Christmas… your blog & reading a few books are motivating me now – so keep posting good and bad – because you look AWESOME right now regardless of what the scale is telling you.


  56. #84

    Here is a quote I always remind myself of when I over do it calorie-wise: Don’t let a lapse turn into a collapse! I think a WW leader said that at a meeting. And you look great by the way!

  57. #89
    Judy Sanza

    I’ve followed along since day one and all I can say is
    WOW! You look fabulous and you look like you feel fabulous. The difference in your countenance is amazing! I am soooooo proud of you! You are the age of my kids and as a mom and grandma, may I say, “I am proud of you.”

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration scrapbooking wise and also for sharing your road to fitness with us. I am sure you’ve touched a lot of lives.

    Again, the difference in the body is great, but the difference in the countenance is even greater.

  58. #91

    You’re looking great! Celebrate the successes and remember – “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it’s that quiet voice at the end of the day saying – I will try again tomorrow.”

  59. #92

    check out those legs in that running skirt! Check you out Mrs Zielske! Your journey so far has inspired me too.I always get so close to the end, know I am looking up & feeling great and figure its ok to sneak in a bit more and maybe move a bit less – before I know it Im back to where I started.
    THIS time is the last time and I just know it is for you too. Tomorrow is another day and you will go forward.
    KAGS #19 of 48 challengers πŸ™‚

  60. #94

    Gosh, you look so fab now that when I see your before shot, I really can’t believe that was you only a mere 10 months ago. And, I totally get the mental anguish about freaking candy corn, of all things. But, you know what? That is why I love reading your blog, and that is why you (a total stranger who shares a mutual love of Cheez-its and Mac computers) inspire me to run. Something nothing or no one could ever do in all my 43 years. This fitness thing, it ain’t easy. It’s a conscious choice I have to make every day. Some days are great. And some days totally suck. And I thank you for always telling it like it is. Because you keeping it real, equals me keeping on running.

  61. #95

    You look amazing, Cathy! It is awesome to see the before and now. And ditto what everyone else said, tomorrow is another day and don’t stress about the scale, the most important thing is that you look and feel good and that you are changing your life style. Way to go, girl!!! You inspire me, really!

  62. #98

    When I begin to berate myself over slip-ups in life, I try to look at things statistically. I compare the mistake, with all of the times that I have made the right choice. If I am feeling particularly weak, I will go so far as to note for a day or two how many times I was tempted to backslide, and stood my ground. It is such a boost to see in black and white that our mistakes are outnumbered by our successes exponentially. You are the undeniable victor here, not that silly little candy corn!

  63. #99

    Thanks for your continuous motivation. I wouldn’t worry about the occasional dinner of mostly candy corn and peanuts – since 10 months ago, you would have had a regular dinner AND a large snack of candy corn and peanuts. I think the occasional dinner like that is fine – you nicely balanced out some simple carbs with protein, and included some of those colourful orange/yellow ‘veggies’ to boot. I’ve been reading Jillian Michael’s ‘Making the Cut’ book which is great – its about dropping those last stubborn pounds once and for all. It may help you hit your elusive target. You are looking (and sounding) totally amazing as you are.

  64. #101

    I am so inspired by what you’ve done, are doing–you help me get the shoes on and get out the door, and you look awesome!! Sometimes there are plateaus, but we keep going!! and thanks for all the humor–that is so helpful too!

  65. #102
    Dana N

    There’s nothing wrong with Even Steven. If you feel great and look great, that’s all that really matters. πŸ™‚

  66. #103

    You are such an inspiration! I’ve been doing WW and exercising since July and I feel like I’ve hit a motivation wall. Any suggestions what works for you to get back on track? Thank you!!

  67. #104

    This has been wrapped in other commenters’ words already, but I feel strongly about this because I recognize myself in what you say. So how about this:

    Here’s to today. Not tomorrow.

  68. #105
    Alison Shearer

    Cathy – you look hot! So you had a bad few days with food – give yourself a break. 95% of the time you are on target and that is about 90% more than a lot of people. Give yourself a massive pat on the back.

  69. #106
    Monica Lloyd

    I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how you inspire me. I read you blog daily and in some ways you feel like one of my BF from far away. I started getting on the move long about when you started your movement adventure. I worked at running, set small achieveable goals and got stronger week by week. And so, with the help from your inspiration I completed my first 5k in September and Sunday my first half marathon!!! It felt awesome and so right in many ways. I thought of you when I finished. Thanks for inspiring me to get moving. If you ever want to come to Nova Scotia and run a half marathon, I’ll be there with you πŸ™‚ Happy Trails, monica.

  70. #108

    Heather, i would say look at the progress youve made, and how good you have been treating your body. I personally try to remember I dont want to go back to being an inactive lump! : )

  71. #111

    You look fantastic! Never beat yourself up for going “off the wagon” for a day or two. We all deserve a treat now and then – it keeps us sane! You’ve made a lifestyle change and that’s what’s important. And really, it’s what a person looks like on the inside that counts. I want to be beautiful from the inside out. Good luck with the remodeling project – can’t wait to see the results!

  72. #112

    holy crapola. you look amazing. go you. don’t focus on that last .9. keep livin the life. still haven’t quite wrapped my brain around how you run 4 miles (or 5, or whatever your longest run is…i can’t keep track). i just barely broke the 2 mile marker, working my way up to 2.5 and it feels like i’m gonna die. you should be damn proud of yourself!!!!! for all of it.

  73. #114

    It does get easier. I promise. All of a sudden youll be like, Oh, I can keep going and its not going to kill me. Just stay slow and steady. Dont push it at this poing. 2 is a great distance!

  74. #115

    New Balance Bonita 2.0. I love it! the short underneath doesnt fit as tight as I would like it to. It does ride up the leg, but the skirt is just so comfy and cute!

  75. #116

    Isn’t it funny that I sit here and wonder how I can be so darn proud of somebody. I. have. never. met! You make me feel capable of doing this for myself.

  76. #119
    Jane Toft

    We’re such women aren’t we?! Insecurities, guilt, reassurance, praise and encouragement in bucket loads. Hooray for being a woman. Hooray for you Cathy.

  77. #120

    CZ – As always, you have inspired me. To get healthy and document it! I am starting January! Working on my goals and preparing now! Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  78. #121
    Ashley S.

    You really look great Cathy! Nice work!

    Btw, I love your Make a Page Monday and the templates you’re sharing. They’re fantastic! You pretty much rock.

  79. #123

    Thanks for being a huge inspiration in me finally get off my hiney and joining Weigh-less … you look absolutely amazing Cathy and congratulations of your weigh loss and running.

    Keep going.

  80. #125

    OK, I’m in. You have inspired me to move more and eat less. I am on the wagon – one month in and going strong. Down 10 pounds and 4 inches. Thanks for inviting me along for the journey – I’m hooked up on Flickr and ready for the ride!

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