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The Zielskes are breaking ground today on a big little remodeling project that involves a) saving our front porch from falling into the ground and b) changing the entrance to the back of our house and c) re-siding and insulating our house so we may brave the brutal Minnesota winters with slightly lower heating bills.

We've lived in our 1918 bungalow since 1993. Even though it's a two-story  house, the slanted roof lines in each of our closets qualifies us to reside in "bungalow" world.

We aren't adding any true living space to our home; just making some much needed upgrades to the dwelling, and likely spending a bit too much of our childrens' college funds in the process.

Part of getting ready has meant clearing out our family room and moving Dan's enormous record collection. I have complained about this record collection taking up too much of our already precious, old-house storage space as it is, but I have to admit, there really are a few bright spots, such as this:


And this:


As Dan was pulling more and more albums from the soon to be demolished cabinets, I realized that I also contributed to this space-stealing collection, but let's be honest: my albums are pretty special. There's this:


And this:


I woke up in love this morning. I woke up in LOVE this morning. Went to bed with you on my mind. Anyone? Hello? You feel me?

It took Dan two full days to pull everything out, box it up, and move it to the basement. And that was just the LP collection. There were his 45s to contend with as well.



Wishful thinking, mister.


Suffice to say, if you ever want to come to a party at the Zielskes, bring your record players.

We'll be gettin' the funk out your face for sure.

Cathy ZielskeGet the funk out my face

73 Comments on “Get the funk out my face”

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    Having just listened to the Partridge Family on my ipod yesterday…because what screams Partridge Family but a drive in the country on a nice fall day?…CZ-you crack me up. Good luck with the renovations!

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    Sandi D

    Our family is getting ready to do some remodeling and I am dreading the packing up part. We are going to be without a kitchen and laundry room for about 3 or 4 weeks.
    Looking forward to making meals in the hallway!!
    Every time I see a picture of your husband I can not get over how much him and Cole look like each other.

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    Kendra B

    You CRACK ME UP!! I also have a collection like yours. When you start going thru them do you say “OMG remember this one” over and over and over??? LOL

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    Hmmm. I recall the renovation year.

    It’s all worth it but you know it will 1. take longer and 2. cost more than you were told or anticipated. But not to worry, you can sell that collection if need be! Dan you have some gems. T’aint nothin’ like a toasty house in the winter.

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    Tammy M.

    Lol Cathy!! My dad also has a huge record collection! My parents are in the process of selling the family home and moving permanently to their summer home they just bought last year in Kentucky. If I know my mom, his collection will not make the cut for the move down…lol! And thanks for the memories…my dad also has those Partridge Family albums. Have fun with your ‘project’…hopefully yours will get done soon…our basement has been in a ‘remodeling’ state for over a year…sigh.

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    Jane Toft

    So you were a David Cassidy girl too…! So much cooler than Donny Osmond πŸ™‚ Though Donny is wearing rather better these days. Great post.

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    Jan C.

    I had that second Partridge Family album too, but completely against my will. Somehow my mom was convinced I loved them, so she bought me a couple of PF albums for Christmas when I was about 13. I was incensed at the time, because Partridge Family was for dorks, and I was clearly not a dork. But now I can admit that I do love some of their songs. Especially the one you just cited. And when my husband and I ended up with 5 kids, I secretly pictured us traveling in the Partridge Family bus.

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    One word..ebay! Sell those LPs they are worth a mint! and you’ll be needing the money for the reno/college funds

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    My sister not only has the Partridge Family album but Shawn Cassidy as well. Every time I visit her, we pull out the portable record player (remember those? with the box case and a little handle?), and we belt out those songs as if we were Shirley Jones! Oh what fun!

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    Judy in huntsville [al]

    Ooo – take a look at those first two and see where they were recorded – I’m thinking that Sonny and Cher just may have been done in my home town [Muscle Shoals AL]

    – I may have sent you a link to a video about it a while back –

    On another note – I”ve FINALLY joined weight watchers and wile searching for recipes was THRILLED to find a site with your seal of approval [take the crap out of scrapbooking] – love it!!

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    Only the cool kids had “The Partridge Family” albums. But the cooler kids had amassed a huge collection of Partridge family trading cards :::points to self:::

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    Word to the wise, Cathy. Remove EVERYTHING from your outer walls during the re-siding. You’d think a grown woman would know that, but I had never had siding replaced while living in a home, and was naively surprised [make that stunned] at the noise level and the wall-shattering shudders. I called the cable company complaining of cable outage. The plug had simply been pushed out of the wall, unnoticed, by the pounding on the outside! Load up on the tea, Mrs. Zielske ~ you’re going to need it…

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    Beth Holmes

    I had those Partridge Family Albums!! Good times and happy memories. “come on get happy!” Hmmm, maybe I should use P is for Partridge Family in my album? Or C is for Crust, First and write about David Cassidy.

    Thanks for making me smile as usual!

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    jo sowerby

    as a brit there is no partridge family in my 45s or 75s collection but i did have an osmonds record. i still have a fair selection of my oldies but have replaced some with cds………although kept the originals for the amazing artwork on the albums……….kate bush for example always had amazing covers.
    Jo xxxx

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    Karen F

    I have those two Partridge Family albums, along with a Bobby Sherman album!! It’s so great to know that someone else keeps their albums. For Christmas last year my in-laws bought me a turntable that I can plug into the computer to convert my albums to digital :). Have yet to try it, but can’t wait to get to it and hear the old classics again. Good luck with all of the remodeling!

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    Hey…I have that same Partridge Family album (Sound Machine) framed and hanging in my scraproom….along with Mac Davis, A Star is Born and Grease….all original from my teen years. I got my Partridge album for Easter, 1973…even dated the front. How ’bout…”24 hours a day girl, that’s just the way I like it.” Ahhh…the good ole days.

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    Joy M.

    Oh good lord. This looks so familiar. My DH has a HUGE record collection–both LPs and singles–that he’s been wanting me to sell on Ebay. I need to do something with all those records as they are also taking up valuable space here. DH was the “music guy” at school dances, hence the reason he has such a large single collection. Basements aren’t the best place for storage as the covers can get moldy, but perhaps yours is dry. We don’t have a basement and the storage shed gets too hot in AZ summers so they have to live in the house. Ugh.

  18. #31

    Ah, makes me wish I hadn’t gotten rid of 2/3 of my records. The rest will be going digital as soon as I figure out how to use the turntable (like Karen’s). No Partridge Family though. I don’t know how I missed them.

  19. #33

    I’ve got those Partridge Family LP’s…they were the bomb back in the day…I even downloaded a few off itunes to have my secret retro tv shows playlist with some cassidy and brady bunch. oy!
    thanks for sharing the goodness!

  20. #35
    Tammy Moore: Mama Bear Stamps

    This reminds me of the most awesome LP storage I’ve ever seen – a friend has a modern-ish house and made a huge kitchen island of steel and butcher block on top. All four sides of the island have shelves deep enough for an LP and his entire collection takes up all sides. So neat to sit on a stool in his kitchen and look at the albums while he’s cooking or during a party. My husband and I asked if we could move in but no dice. πŸ™

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    Crystal Cook

    That Ike and Tina one is so bleeping cool. As is the Partridge family. Good luck with the remodel. I envy your lower heating bills.

    My parents had a record player when I was a kid. I think they just barely got rid of it a few years ago. I used to love the way the records felt, so shiny and solid. I never recognized the people my parents listened to. Except for one. The Pink Panther soundtrack. Oh, yes. That’s what I said. I listened to that baby all the time.

  22. #40

    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. My hubby also saves everything and is proud he still has clothes from high school (he’s 52!).

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    Karen P

    Okay, I’ve decided you’re a girl after my own heart! I was so in LOVE with David Cassidy and never missed an episode of The Partridge Family. I clipped his pictures from Tiger Beat magazine and had them plastered on my bedroom walls. I must admit, though, that my affections were divided. I was also in love with Bobby Sherman from “Here Come The Brides”. Anybody remember that show?? So David’s pictures had to share space with Bobby. About 10 years ago during a trip to Las Vegas, I attended the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand, and guess who was the closing act?? Yup–David Cassidy!! My heart about leaped out of my chest. When he sang “I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of? I’m afraid that I’m not sure of, a love there is no cure for”, I was thinking, yeah, I’ll never be cured of my David Cassidy crush!

  24. #44
    Abby P

    Maybe I flipped past the comments too fast, but I don’t think I saw any kudos for my man Bobby Sherman — whoops, just saw a comment from Karen P about Bobby. Great minds think alike! I had every Partridge Family/David Cassidy album ever made — have no idea where they are now. πŸ™

  25. #47

    I actually remember Here Come the Brides, very vaguely.

    David Cassidy was flippin gorgeous. That hair. Seriously. Shaun was a distant, distant 2nd.

  26. #48

    When I was first dating my husband I had the Partridge Family’s “I think I love you” in my head for days …

  27. #49

    Oh my-yesterday the Farrah Fawcett haircut, today, the Partridge Family albums. You are bringing back so many memories. I had such a crush on David Cassidy when I was a pre-teen. In fact, here’s a funny story. I was an avid reader of Tiger Beat magazine and couldn’t wait for each issue’s poster so that I could add yet one more poster to my wall. One day, I bought the newest issue and there was the poster-David Cassidy WITHOUT a shirt. Oh my goodness. This was so risque. Needless to say, my mother wouldn’t let me put the poster up until she made a shirt out of-get this-pink flowered contact paper-for David. What a hysterical memory. Thanks for helping me remember these great moments.

  28. #50

    Here come the Brides-One of my all time favorite shows when I was a pre-teen. When I grew up and had my six children, the boys were going to be named Joshua, Jason and Jeremy, just like the three guys on this show. I had a crush on David Soul who played Joshua (and David Cassidy too, explained in my post below). This is so fun!

  29. #53
    Karen (kphike)

    OMG! I had the red Partridge family album! I think I love you Cathy Z πŸ™‚ ….did you have the Partridge Family Shopping Bag album? It came with a free plastic shopping bag….sigh …good times!

  30. #55
    Karen P

    Shaun never could hold a candle to David. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch old Partridge Family reruns now? I haven’t seen an episode in probably 25 years. I’m sure they’d seem cheesy by today’s standards, and my kids would probably roll their eyes and say, “I can’t believe you watched that!”

  31. #56
    Karen P

    Yeah–another Bobby Sherman fan! I guess there are two of us afterall πŸ™‚ I heard he became an EMT in his later years and is working somewhere in California. I used to watch “Here Come the Brides” just as regularly as The Partridge Family.

  32. #57
    Karen P

    I had a crush on David Soul, too, but not until later when he was in Starsky & Hutch. Ah, what good memories–the Bolt Brothers! I always wished I could be in Candy’s place when Jeremy came a-courtin’.

  33. #58
    Shannon Coyne

    OMG I have both those albums…and I swear when David Cassidy sang those songs on the Partridge Family….he was singing directly to me….still love to listen to them….

  34. #59

    A couple of years ago I saw an episode of the Partridge Family on one of the cable stations that shows old shows. Such fun memories. The oldest daughter’s name on the show was Laurie which just happens to be my name so I wore my hair just like hers-parted down the middle, half hanging in my face. I remember my dad saying to me, “Get your hair out of your face.” My 11 year old daughter’s favorite hair style? Parted down the middle, hanging in her face. And I find myself saying, “Get your hair out of your face.” Too funny.

  35. #60

    My 11 year old daughter loves to go to garage sales and estate sales (or as she calls them S-state sales). Anyway, it’s not my favorite activity but I take her sometimes. We were at one recently where the Partridge Family album was front and center in a display of albums. I got all excited and pointed it out to my daughter saying, “Oh, they were my favorite band when I was your age. I had this album.” Her response was, “What’s an album?”

  36. #63

    OMG…you are a girl after my own heart.
    MY very first album I ever bought years ago was the PARTRIDGE FAMILY.
    I loved it to pieces.
    I also love my Adagio teapot and teas!

  37. #64
    Kerry Lively

    That red PF album was my very first album that I actually owned, ever. Santa brought it to me and I was so thrilled! Then I got the life-sized David Cassidy poster! His eyes would follow me all over my bedroom which was creepy but kinda in a good way. Btw, I have a friend that actually knows Bobby Sherman and I believe he’s a sheriff’s deputy somewhere.

    Let’s see a show of hands….how many of us knew back then that Donny Bonaduce would out to be a huge scuzzball?!!

  38. #65

    oooo dear I thought I was the only one married to a “collector”….mine has at least 5,000 records and I don’t even know how many 45’s…and yes we do have ooo maybe one, two or five record players that can play all those flippin records!!! πŸ™‚

  39. #67
    Karen P

    I have that one in my stack o’ 45’s, too! David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman and David Soul–life was good back then!

  40. #68

    Love this post! DH has about 350 albums in the basement family room and more in the back in his workshop. The main stash is stored in one 5X5 IKEA Expedit. And in that Expedit are MY Patridge Family and Bobby Sherman albums!!!! Tiger Beat magazines I had forgotten all about them!!

    What is next do you think? Choker necklaces???

  41. #69

    The first Partridge Family album was my first album!! But, my favourite Patridge Family song is “Summer Days”…those are some good songs!

  42. #71
    Heather Miller

    The Partridge Family phenomenon largely passed me by, but I bought some 45s of the “hot” singles I loved… the one that got the most play time on my record player was definitely Duran Duran’s “The Reflex.” I think I still have that same Madonna record hanging around somewhere too. πŸ™‚

  43. #72
    Keri Tate

    Hmmm. Brothers Johnson. I have Strawberry Letter 22 and Good To You on my i-pod. Your friend in Murray, Utah

  44. #73
    Debbie S.

    Ah, but do you have the Partridge Family Christmas album? And do you listen to it once a year at Christmas whether your children roll their eyes at you or not?

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