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    the only thing that is missing is cole giving you an affiliate link so he would earn a percentage back on you buying him presents! (seriously, why did the internet not exist when i was a kid?!)

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    Awesome! Now you can get your list, check it twice, and shop for it all on line while having somebody else do the wrapping.

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    Awesome! I see my future with my little one sending me something like this. And it would include LEGO’s too!

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    Love the lego selections – not showing those to my 21 y/o son – would add to his list. My 20 y/o daughter sends me her list via FB email and sends the links as well. Last year several links to Tiffany’s silver necklaces and Uggs! Yup – gets pricier as they get older.

    And does anyone remember making their Christmas lists from the Sears Catalog? Serious fights over who would get it first when it came in the MAIL!

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    Nancy M

    Cute! I love the links to items… my daughter does the same, or imports the picture so I know EXACTLY what it is her heart desires πŸ™‚

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    Sherry G

    Susan, Yes I remember that we would spend days just looking at the Sears Wish Book and then we would circle the items we wished for…

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    Most of your son’s list is double-dutch to me! I suppose I have all this to look forward to, as my son is currently only three.

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    I, too, get DS’s Christmas list by e-mail! And — I must admit — the links are pretty handy!

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Funny! My family is doing the same, via e-mail and links. The latter is particularly handy, since I’m doing most of my shopping online this year.
    Cathy, I have a favor to askβ€”really, of Cole. I need to shop for two 13-year-olds (Adopt-a-Child) and the only lists their parents provided included socks, jeans and underwear. Need some ideas for fun stuff. I haven’t looked at 13-year-old boys’ stuff in 30 years!! Can he help? If you could, have him (or you) answer me via my e-mail address: prairyk@fhrd.net

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    I just bought a Legos Christmas bakery set, complete with pink Lego cupcakes! I’m 45 and still love Legos.

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    Yay for the technology of 21st century. So fun, Cathy!
    When we get home for Christmas this year, I’m going to ask my mom to find the old lists my sister and I wrote to Santa and then will show them to my kids.

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    My 16YO provided his Christmas list to his dad and me (with directions to forward to “anyone else who might be interested” – aka grandparents, I think :P) on Google Docs! Modern days indeed.

    My 9YO is typing his up on the computer in a Word doc.

    My 6YO still wants to dictate and have me write on a piece of paper. Just like the old days… πŸ˜›

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    My son… your son… twins at birth I’m sure… Christmas list I was told the other day… Nerf gun (not going to happen)… HP Lego (finally found Hogwarts Express after hearing that the NZ lego store under-ordered HP Lego and it was basically all sold out)… anything Star Wars… done, Clone Wars book and some additional lego (new Star Wars lego that came with a book).

    I like the sound of the Christmas Bakery lego… wonder if that’s in NZ?

    My husband is getting the front row seats to Crowded House at a local winery that I managed to score.

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    GASP! Front row? I would die. Literally. Right in front of Neil.

    (I had front row for their show in 2008. I was in heaven!)

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    Jenny Heaslip

    Boys the world over are the same. I live in Australia and my son is coveting the nerf gun as well. There’s only one difference – he is 18 years old!!!

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    Oh Cathy I can SO relate. My 12 year old sits in the front lounge room on his laptop and emails me on my computer in the back study!!

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    Cynthia B.

    I didn’t know that there was a Hunger Games board game! Thanks Cole (and Cathy).
    Off to check it out for my 11yo son…

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    Told my son he had to write a letter to “Santa”. He sent his in a PDF this year…also with web links. Glad to know there are others out there like him! Happy Holidays!

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    Briana N.

    FYI- The Target Field book is a great price on Amazon! I just picked one up for my mom. I think it’s half the price they were selling it for at Target Field (go figure).

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