Make an Excuse Mondays (plus a special video message)

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American Gothic, updated. Photo by Aidan Zielske

It had to happen: no scrapbooking this weekend ergo, no Make a Page Mondays. You have to understand that life occasionally gets in the way of—gasp—my scrapbooking.

Still, I had time to continue workshopping my winter uniform. Lucy tights, Athleta skirt, Gap thermal tee and my Columbia Mighty Lite vest. Yes, I am the enabler. That, and I really hate coming up with new looks. One look for one season. Works for me!

With that in mind, I hope to get back to scrapbookin' real soon like, but until then, I offer up a very special birthday wish to Big Picture Classes. They're ringing in 5 years of teachin' scrapbookin' on the Internets. Who knew it could work so well?

They sure did. And I for one am proud to be a part of it. Happy 5th, BP. Love, Cathy.

Happy 5th Birthday to Big Picture Classes from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Cathy ZielskeMake an Excuse Mondays (plus a special video message)

60 Comments on “Make an Excuse Mondays (plus a special video message)”

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    Oh Cathy, you always crack me up 🙂 Happy Birthday Big Picture! PS You’re looking mighty fine, girl. That running lark is obviously agreeing with you. And I’m jealous.

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    Nancy M

    VERY cute! Though my 23-year old walked by shaking his head saying ‘the cult’, as my family so lovingly refers to anything scrapbooking related 🙂

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    Thanks Cathy! You have a wonderful voice! But I am tone deaf, what do I know. Anyway, you brighten my day. Hope you have a great day!

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    Cathy! I love the birthday bells and the hilarious comments. Nancy’s kid’s remark about the ‘cult’ almost knocked me off my chair laughing!

    Okay, so on to important business – I, too, have wanted to order an Athleta skirt/skort/whachathingy! Do you like the way they fit? Are they true to size? Will said item make me run faster/farther/more fashionably?

    Seriously, I’m about to completely steal your look, because other than you, I own the world of black wardrobe. And, ultra croppy do too. No, not crappy, croppy – as in very short hair. In fact, we wouldn’t totally be twins as my short do is flecked with grey – perhaps flecked is too light a reference. Hmmm…covered might be more accurate.

    Oh, and by the way, that whole ’embrace the look and live in it mantra’? My Mom and I have lovingly referred to that as ‘the uniform’.


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    Cathy you are so awesome, this was better then A page on Monday. I needed a laugh this morning since waking up to a cold. Thank you so much, love your outfit looks great. I saw in your twitter messages about the 500 miles you’ve ran, way to go girl, that is so totally awesome!! Congrats at BPS they do an amazing job for us.

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    Cathy-watching that video made this rainy monday morning
    in atlanta so much brighter. You are so dang funny and
    look fantastic. Happy 5th B-Day BPS.

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    I thought the skirt was true to size! i actually ordered a large at first, and it was just too dang big, so i got the medium. Im wearing about a size 8 jean right now/sometimes 10. Super comfy!

    Long live uniforms!

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    Tammy M.

    ROFL!! Who knew that you were so multi-talented Cathy?!?! So will we be seeing you on the coffehouse circuit soon? I would so be there!

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    c@rol w

    My birthday is January 12th. Will you sing happy birthday to me that day, too? That video was so stinkin’ hilarious – I love you, Cathy! ROFL

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    Amiee Arimura

    oh my gosh, loved this whole post! it made me laugh, made me cry, everything i’d want in a funny scrapbooking lady’s post/followup comments!! my 2 yr old is saying, please more mama (in regards to your singing) and then said, i like that mama! so how’s that for a peanut gallery??

    also wanted to ask, since you’re up in snowy st. paul minn, is your uniform warm enough?? i always struggle down here in chicago because i’m so dang cold. my husband thinks i’m antisocial but i’m really just chilly!

    thanks again,
    amiee (and owen)

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    Margy Eastman

    Cute uniform, Cathy! I went to Catholic schools all my life, so the uniform is all I know – Carhartt jeans, T-shirt, and LL Bean Athletic Fleece pullover for me. (Your leggins are much more stylin’, but the jeans shed the dog hair so nicely).

    Great video – made me smile on a Monday morning.

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    Nicole Czarnecki

    Oh my, please come run with me until I get back in my swing of things again and can do it on my own. I can’t wait to be a medium again. The “cult” isn’t making my waistline any smaller!

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    Mary M.

    Cathy I so love your sense of humor. I’ve been very happy with lucy items I found on sale in D.C.’s Union Station. Thanks for being an Enabler

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    All your videos make me laugh out loud! Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I’ve completed my Me: The Abridged Version today (well, just the closing page to write). I’ve even uploaded to the BPC gallery, as well as my own (humble) blog:
    Thanks a million for such a brilliant class.

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    Heather Tarrant

    Love it! Speaking of winter outfits, I’ve been wanting to ask you about what you wear in the winter when you run outside. I moved to Chicago this past summer and this is my first winter up here. I’ve also recently started running again, and I’m just not sure what to wear outside in the winter. What do you wear??

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    Hi Cathy –

    can I make a request for a future make a page Monday? I’d really love to know more about how to make the opaque text work on a page. I love when you add, but never seems quite right when I attempt it.


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    Loved the video! Thanks for putting a smile on my face and for your awesome classes at Big Picture. I am going a little crazy this year and have added a bright pink vest to my wardrobe. Wonder if my black vest will be sad?

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    So far, Im wearing these cool No Chill Hybrid pants from Moving Comfort, and a really tight Aasics long sleeved layering tee, with a New Balance Competitor shirt over that. ( Then I put a Lucy head wrap on, my Nike gloves, and head out.

    Today it was 28 and no wind and I felt great. : )

    I think its all about experimenting. I know what will work in 25 and higher, but not below that. Not yet!

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    Big Picture has great classes. I have taken a few and was not in the least bit disappointed. The vision and precision with which they deliver is commendable. I join you in saying, “Well done! …and Happy Birthday!”

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    Came home from work really tired and had a good laugh! Your voice is beautiful! Thank you again for a great Monday.

    As for outdoor exercise in chilly climates – Upstate NY in my case – could you just power walk in your exercise clothes or would you not get warmed up enough by just walking? I read that exercising outdoors in the cold helps burn brown fat which I have an abundance of-:)

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    I was a little scared with the thought of singing (I guess I was projecting my voice onto yours). That was adorable. I love the outfit too. You are too cool!

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    I heart BPS (now ‘C’). Loved my CZ classes. Your video was hilarious – so you! You’re a nut!

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    Hi- I just saw jessica sprague’s blog about her new book “Stories in Hand” – didn’t know you were a contributor, so congrats. I can hardly wait to get the book- do you know if it will be available in stores, or only on-line?

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    Yes! I just adore it when you incorporate that into your layouts. But it never works right for me.


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    I only recently came across your blog…just want the world to know that us 23 y/olds aren’t all the same…im well and truly in the cult and would never sigh at a video of someone trying to play the guitar and sing happy birthday…haha. Love your take on life. : )

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    lynda p

    seriously 5 years, what a run. ok, the singing was too good. girl you need to submit and maybe open for bauhaus (joy division/neworder) ha. just saw “control” the other night. you’re a ringer for ian…lol. love your hair…who needs a comb right?

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