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 For those of you who are known to enjoy The Twitter, you know the term 'trending' from topics with specific hashtags (the #subjectlines you see tacked onto many a thoughtful Tweet). They arise from any number of things that the people are gettin' real chatty about in Tweetdom.

While I've tried in vain to get some of my things to trend (recent efforts have included: #halloweencandyregrets, #everyoneishappyatthestartofaremodel and the humorously-intended but ultimately ill-fated #titsup!), I can safely assume my Tweet topics won't be taking Twitter by storm anytime soon.

But that doesn't mean things are trending…at my house.

Things like…cleaning products!


Dan and I went out to dinner for our anniversary at Restaurant Alma in Minneapolis. Aside from being succulent, amazing and horrifically expensive, I had the single greatest hand-washing experience of my life from an aromatherapeutic standpoint. Why? Because Restaurant Alma uses Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Basil Scented Liquid Hand Soap.

When I returned from the restroom, even Dan said, "Mmm. What smells so good?"

That would be my basil-scented hands, thank you very much.

Leave it to OCD girl to stock up courtesy of Target the next day.

Even my contractor thinks it smells divine.

And the trend watch continues with:


The return of Dr. Oz's Green Drink and my brand-spankin' new BlendTec Blender.

I don't know about you, but the post-Halloween level of sugar in my blood stream is bordering on the insane. If you installed a spigot in my side, you could drain out my body fluids, strain them and have enough sugar to bake several batches of sex muffins.

Save me, Dr. Oz.

I'm in love with my new blender. I actually got it as a trade for design services with a client who works in the restaurant supply business. I had to haggle with him a bit, and it may or may not have included a promise for that I would one day soon make a "scrap"—his term for scrapbook pages—about him. So when Make a Page Mondays features a dude named Peter, you'll understand.


Mmmm. Green drink.

And the trend watch wraps up with:


I am definitely sensing a necklace acquisition trend in this house. I am sensing it, because I am the one acquiring them. Lisa Leonard's Key to My Heart Necklace is an early Christmas present to myself. (Forgive me for mentioning the "C" word, it being early November and all, but it's okay to do a little early shopping for yourself, right?)

I need to steer clear of her site, because if I'm being honest with you, there are more future trending acquisitions just waiting to happen.

So maybe I should start a new Twitter topic with the hashtag of: #daddyneedstotakethecreditcardaway.

It's a good thing Dan only reads this on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Cathy ZielskeNow trending…at my house

64 Comments on “Now trending…at my house”

  1. #1

    These all sound good to me. Love love the necklace. What is in the green drink, I must have missed that show? It looks yummy and healthy???

  2. #2

    I enjoy The Twitter and would have completely supported #titsup. I will keep a better look out in the future. And thanks for the hand soap find. Can’t wait to smell it.

  3. #4

    Basil is my favorite of the Mrs. Meyer’s products, and they all work as advertised which makes me as happy as the scent. Love their Lavendar laundry products too!

  4. #5
    Sherry Fagin

    I’m in love with Meyer’s…especially the Basil. It’s the only thing I use and it’s a treat each time I wash a dish. Almost as if birds should be swirling around my head and I should have on a 1950’s housewife apron.

    Been trying to eat ‘cleaner’. Going to check out your recipe and your blender. Please tell me it’s cheaper than the dang Vita-Mix, which is like a mortgage payment.

    Btw, you do know that you were the very FIRST blog I ever read in my life…

  5. #7
    Nancy M

    Love the necklace/her web site… and the cleaning products… but, forgive me, that green gack?! Hmm…

  6. #8
    Sandi M

    Has anyone ever told you that you’re an enabler?……of cool things I now want, yet can’t afford 😉 That blender looks amazing and I need a new blender. Maybe if I save up….for like 4 years… Or, maybe Amex points can help out if I collect some more after the recent, awesome Nespresso purchase that wiped all my points out. Then, there’s the gorgeous necklace… that’s on the wishlist. Meanwhile, that hand soap is definitely going on the Target list. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  7. #9

    love Mrs. Meyers products!! Unfortunetaly can’t find them in Canada and shipping for online ordering is ridiculously expensive.
    guess i just have to wait for my next cross border shopping trip.

  8. #10

    Cathy, you’re too funny!! Love your whole “trending” post!!

    I love my Vita-Mix blender; I’m sure you’ll love your new Blendtec.

    Good things come out of those blenders: homemade salsa, homemade french dressing (when you realize at the last minute that you forgot to buy it at the store) and heavenly smoothies at least 3 nights a week (which along with toast makes a great dinner for this single lady)!!

    Have a lovely day!!

  9. #11

    Dawn, click on the green type link and it will take you to the recipe. Mmmm. I actually LOVE this drink. Honest to God, I do.

  10. #13

    Sherry, the BlendTec is under $400, so yes, it’s cheaper than the Vitamix. I know the Vitamix is like the Cadillac of blenders, but this sucker is no chump!

  11. #15

    Yes, I have told myself this. (Cathy, STOP enabling yourself!) LOL!

    Remember, I traded services for the blender, so I may be missing that income when the month comes to an end.

    Oh well, at least I’ll make healthy green drinks!

  12. #16

    Margaret, the recipe book that came with it is amazing. There are so many things, including muffin batters, that I want to make with it! But especially smoothies.

  13. #17
    c@rol w

    Cathy, you’re missing a charm for Dan on your necklace! Without him, there’d be no Aidan and Cole. <3

  14. #19

    Love it all…and I fell in love with the Geranium Meyers stuff last summer… can’t get it where I live now, at least not easily… but check TJ Maxx for bargains on her line. That’s where I discovered it, myself.

    I think the necklace is not an early Christmas gift at all… I think Christmas is too far away and that it must be an early Thanksgiving gift, to show your kids how thankful you are that they hold the key to your heart!

  15. #20
    Tammy M.

    I may have to try and find that Meyers stuff…though in our cowpoke town I may have to wait for one of those out-of-town trips to actually find it. Loving the necklace and trying to resist the urge to check it out myself for fear that my hubby would have to take the credit card…but I’m having a hard time with the green stuff…is there a recipe?? And does it even compare to the sex muffins?? lol!

  16. #22

    If you click on the green link up in the blog post, itll take you to the recipe page. I know it looks wacky, but i feel so healthy when i drink it, and i actually really think its yummy. Texturally, its a little thick, but you know what? i dont mind it at all!

  17. #23

    You took – bikin’- out of your title? It is the weather or are you done with it? Just being noisy.
    And that necklace is pretty cool!

  18. #24

    i have had the same love affair with the mrs. meyers basil soap for a year now! it started with iowa pine last christmas, loved it so much that there is more than one photo of it in my dec. daily. then i moved on to the basil and i have a tendancy to stockpile it 🙂
    i was so disappointed to find that the iowa pine was only for last year, they change the holiday sent every year. it was divine, like no subtle pine you have ever smelled before. target does have the iowa pine in a candle, over by holiday air fresheners.

  19. #27
    debbi g.

    IN LOVE with the necklace 🙂

    Been meaning to make Dr. Oz’s drink…my friend drinks it all the time & really likes it. Let me ask you, what is a “head” of celery? Does that just mean the whole thing..minus the root part, of course? haha

  20. #31
    Sandi D

    Before I left this morning to drop off my boys at school I read your blog about the hand soap. I happened to go to a store on the way home that sold it so of course I had to try it. Love the smell. I also bought the dish soap but I have not tried it yet.

    Thanks for the tip on the cool product.

  21. #32
    Beth Holmes

    Thanks to you I just spent over $200 on Christmas gifts from Lisa Leonard designs. I love love her stuff, but don’t feel like I can splurge on one for myself so I bought four as Christmas gifts for my sister and 3 best friends. Would have been cheaper just to buy myself one — but I know they will love them. Thanks for sharing! Really! 🙂

  22. #34

    I *love* my BlendTec! I just started using it again to make smoothies since my body seems to be in dire need of nutrients. I used to make simple green smoothies, but they keep getting more and more intense* – I should try Dr. Oz’s drink and go back to my roots. :o)

    *favorite “green” smoothie: the Chocolate Cherry Bomb (adapted from various health food blogs):

    1 cup almond milk (or similar)
    1 cup frozen cherries
    ½ frozen banana
    2 cups spinach
    2 tbs carob powder (or cocoa powder)

    Oh, and I adore Mrs. Meyer’s. Not only does it smell heavenly, but it actually works better than most cleaning products I’ve tried.

  23. #35
    Sara Roberts

    Now see I’m a big fan of the geranium scented hand soap, but for cleaning products I use Lemon Vervena. Love Mrs. Meyer’s!

  24. #37

    Love Mrs. Meyers-wonderful products!
    Love that necklace too, wish you hadn’t pointed it out to me! LOL! Now I think I need to have it!
    Thanks for sharing on that drink. Will definitely need to try that.

  25. #39
    Petra from NL

    Oh yes, Basil, my favourite scent of Mrs. M’s… When I’m in the USA, I always stock up on all purpose cleaner and washing up liquid. Enjoy!

  26. #41
    lynne moore

    Channukah starts December 1st – so less than a month away. Which means I should be shopping for gifts already….

    Unfortuately, I am already planning more stuff on my list than on my family member’s list. But most of it benefits the family unit as a whole…..

  27. #42
    michele skinner

    just picked up a mrs meyers’s orange clove candle at target the other day. it’s dreamy. looking for matching cleaning products. the lemon verbena has a deep presence in our kitchen and bathrooms.

  28. #43

    I am already lusting over that blender but hate to make my $10 Harvest Gold Goodwill special feel bad. I wonder if I could get my chef son to surprise his Mama with one…

    I never thought to look at Target for scented stuff like that. I suspect that because of this post, there will now be such a run on the soaps that they’ll all be gone by the time I can get to a Target. Oh well, vacations have a cost but darn Cathy, you push such good stuff, you do.

  29. #49

    I love my Blendtech. Smoothies are such a healthy guilt-free treat for my kids. Love the necklaces & the soap too. I can smell it right now.

  30. #51

    I only use like 3 stalks. It is very fresh, a little tart, but also has a tinge of sweet because of the apples. It is really refreshing. Much more than like, a V8 or something. I put crushed ice in too, to make it chilly.

  31. #52

    I was just looking at Lisa Leonard’s site yesterday, and thinking I should send a link to my husband to add to my Chirstmas list.

  32. #53
    Bridget Guthrie

    I just wanted to say that I’m a fairly new reader, but already loving this blog. I have a few friends who are avid scrapbookers who sent me the link. On a side note, I thought I was the only family in North America who has a daughter named Aidan 🙂

  33. #54

    You have a daughter named Aidan too? Love that! How old is she? We had the name picked out for a boy, but she came out a girl, so we said, Why not?

    Glad to have you as a new reader, Bridget!

  34. #55

    I have a thing for restaurants that include a herb in their name, so a Basil hand soap is surely calling my name. As is the Dr Oz. drink, after all the salty (un)goodness I just ate!

  35. #56
    Margy Eastman

    Nice blender, Cathy! I read the recipe for the green drink. Must say I’m skeptical on the taste, but I would totally wear a sweater that color. Have you mixed up some margaritas in that bad boy? They’re a pretty shade of green, too!

  36. #58
    Bridget Guthrie

    Our Aidyn will be 6 this month. And its the same story….7 ultrasounds said boy, and the name suits her, she’s definitely firey 🙂

  37. #59

    Mrs. Meyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it too. I will now have to try out this scent. I am straight up crazy with Geranium!!!!! Makes cleaning such fabulous scent-tastic experience!!!

  38. #61
    Jen D

    Oh I just love Mrs. Meyers!!!! Basil is the only scent I use – it is so delicious 🙂 You can get refills of the soap online for much cheaper- try Almost makes cleaning fun 😉

  39. #62

    Clearly I have NO SELF CONTROL. I went right out to target and got me some of that Meyer’s basil handsoap to try. I LOVE IT! Now I have to run back out and get a candle, country spray, etc….I am also trying really hard not to click “add to cart” on an adorable necklace. Thanks a bunch Cathy, but I can get myself into trouble all on my own. 🙂

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