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The dumpster out back.


What the family room used to look like.


These are my children.


Lunch date for one.


Self portrait at youth soccer game.




Laptop still life in the Northland.




Rufus Wainwright concert tees.


Construction accident.


Fall traditions.

Just a few photos from my October folder, many which will surely make their way into my Monthly pages, when I get around to making those pages. I'm happily behind in my progress right now, enjoying looking through photos, and thinking about layouts I want to make.

Here's to a productive and creative weekend!


The 4th Quarter Sale is going on at Designer Digitals now. Save 30% on everything in the store, including my entire collection. It's a great time to save on any products you may have been keeping your eyes on. Also, keep an eye out this weekend for the release of a new "Thankful" 4 x 6 album project. Last year, I created a set of 4 x 6 journaling cards to bring to my family's Thanksgiving celebration. Everyone there wrote down what they were thankful for, and I gathered the cards, along with photos of each person, and saved them into a 4 x 6 photo album. This year, I've changed up the design a bit, and the set will be available in the store on Saturday and 30% off, as part of the sale. Look for a blog post next week on this year's album preparations.



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    I love all the pictures especially Cole reading, those are my favorite of my son. Your family room is beautiful, love the fireplace and the wooden floor. Will have to show us the new room when it’s done. I can’t wait to see your post next week. Have a great weekend.

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    Love the pictures!!! And your lunch looks yum yum!!! What kind of bread do you use? Oh and the hand cracked me up!!! spooky spooky!!!

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    Hi Cathy its Sue from Woodbury, MN. I have probably a very dumb question…. If you download something from designer digitals on one computer can I still use it on another computer? We have 2 computers a mac & pc. Having lots of trouble with the mac, its an old hand me down but I like it. I havent gotten the hang of the new computer but will probably will have to or I am thinking about getting a laptop just for me. I am one of the most tech stunted people in the world!

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    wow the difference in age is somehow so much more apparent between cole and aiden in that photo of the two of them. Aiden looks so grown up!!

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    Margy Eastman

    Great photos, Cathy. I need to take more “everyday” shots..but first must vacuum. I hate pushing wads of dog hair away from my subjects.

    The beer pic nearly brought a tear to my eye…can’t get Leinie’s here in Fairbanks. Chippewa Falls seems so far away…

    Have a great weekend!

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    Yes, I do imagine that we could be very good friends. I need more people that make me smile every day! I love the journal cards from last year, and the album idea. Any chance there will be a giveaway this year too?

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    Great pics! I’m so glad Designer Digitals is having a sale. Love the new 4×6 photo album and I’m dying to use your last year’s Christmas card design this year! Scraplifting, yea me! Have a great weekend.

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    Loved all the pictures, but especially the lunch one – extra especially (is that a term?) the book! I’m on my third time reading thru RLAM, but this time, before I let myself begin reading it for the third time, I actually had to start running! And I have! (yes, I messaged you on FB a few times -it’s me). Gotta say I love the book, love the gals who wrote it, and…believe it or not, I love running! Thanks for the inspiration, Cathy – I would NOT have started this journey if it weren’t for your willingness to blog about yours! Happy Weekend!

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    Great photos! Doing my October monthly is on my agenda for this week – I’m totally in love with your system and templates!

    I was so surprised to get the email from DD about the sale since I was expecting it for December. I hit up the store and picked up lots, from Christmas stuff since I’m going to try a December Daily this year to your school kit. Love this sale! πŸ™‚

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    Hi Cathy,

    Okay, it’s starting to get a little creepy all that I have in common with Cole. I’ve written to you before that JC Superstar is my fave musical and SRV is my fave guitarist. And now I see Cole reading the very book that I’m reading aloud to my daughter right now! In our family, Rick Riordan can do no wrong – go demigods!

    Thanks for always making me smile!

    Happy Fall!

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    Dana, be sure to share your DD with Ali and me. We love to see how people take different templates to achieve different projects!

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    Do you know what it’s called when you wear the same costume over and over every Halloween?
    Deja Boo.
    I read that over at Urban Dictionary and automatically thought of you πŸ™‚

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    Cathy love the idea of the 4×6 cards but can’t seem to find the samples. Can you head me in the right direction please. Not too sure what to do with these.

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    Awesome photos, Cathy!! That hand rocks! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the awesome chat yesterday, it was so much fun!!
    Enjoy your one-hour-longer Sunday. πŸ™‚

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    oh, a leinie’s! [sp?] i’m a texan, but my family is originally from wisconsin, so leinie’s brings back such cheese-curdish memories! & i, too, am inspired by your “lunch date for one” – i find myself not putting in the effort to put together a lovely, nutritious lunch because it’s “just” for me. how wrong is that?!? new lunchtime mantra: i am worthy of a photogenic meal!! πŸ™‚

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    found it, bought them. Will show you my page when I have finished it. Keep up the great work. I soooo look forward to Mondays (even though life if very sad at the moment).


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    I think that your photo of the laptop in “the North” is a FANTASTIC photo! I love how you captured the reflection of the chair in the screen.

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