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Things are moving right along with the Great Zielske Home Renovation of 2010. Above is a shot looking out the front door of half of my new front porch, which will soon have a built-in bench, stucco where you see the dark wall, and copper pipe in the open area to the left to create a screen. The cedar smells so good every time I step out to get my paper in the morning, it reminds me of my childhood home in Everett, Washington where I swear you smell damp wood everywhere.

The other half of my porch is in progress. Here's a shot from when they started laying the tile.


Here's what it looks like this morning. The goal of this porch is to be a 3-season space. We aren't sure exactly what we're going to do with it yet and we may only be able to afford bean bag furniture for several years to come, but boy that tile sure is pretty, huh?


It's hard to tell by this photo, but the coolest part? The floor surface is actually level. BOOYA!.

I'm planning to save the before and after shots until everything is completely done (which won't be until Spring now, because it's too cold to paint the exterior of the house), but here's a shot of the old porch, from a sort of similar angle, and the slant is only slightly exaggerated.


There's a reason Cole's bike was leaning that far over. Apparently the wood that was supporting our porch was pretty much rotting out. And all those lovely windows you see? Only a few of them opened anymore without extreme brute force.

The back room is still covered in plastic.


I'm thinking it will be for at least another two or three weeks.

Here is a shot of the matching tile in our new back entryway.


And here's what I etched in the mud before they laid the tile down.


What? How'd these get in here?


If you're wondering how banana sex muffins fit in to a renovation project, I'll just say this: contractors working outside in sub-20 degree weather appreciate a warm snack.


Cathy ZielskeRenovation update

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    I love when progress is being made, especially when I don’t have to do the hard labor. It’s going to look great once everything’s done! And there’s nothing wrong with keeping the hard workers happy with a little snack.

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    Love the tile and can’t wait until the completed pictures!!! Yes, hot coffee, warm snack….a little somethin’ somethin’ can go a long way w/ the construction dudes πŸ™‚

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    Waiting for this update! I love home renovation projects. It never occurred to me that you would have to wait to finish a project until a warmer season came along. That’s what happens when it is still 84 degrees on 11/24. Oh well. But we can still run here, I finished my half on Sunday in 2:04. That almost takes care of my 15 for the week!

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    Congrats Amanda! Thats a great time. woo hoo! Yes, winter gets in the way of EVERYTHING. Im planning another treadmill run this am.

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    Sandi D

    I am sharing the “joy” of remodeling with you! We are 8 days into remodeling our kitchen and bathroom. I am making slow cooker dinners in the basement and we are eating on paper plates. Everywhere I look there is a thin layer of dust on everything on the first floor! I know it will be worth it in the end….I just can’t wait until I do not have boxes piled everywhere! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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    We renovated last summer/fall. It’s sooo worth the mess and all the decisions.
    Umm, you’re giving sex muffins to the contractors? What does Dan think of that? Or is he ok with it because you etched your initals under the tile?

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    lol I have the linoleum sticky tile version of your tiles… but in my bathroom. πŸ˜€

    Are you actually making a screen from copper pipes? Because copper stuff gets stolen incredibly quickly…

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    Im feeling the dust pain this morning! They decided to take the plastic down today, and will leave it down over the weekend. DUST!

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    Somethin’ veeeery funny about giving contractors banana sex muffins. Maybe it’s just me. Love the remodel…beautiful, Cathy! (Even if you have to give the contractors warm favors to git er done.)

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    Love it! The tile looks amazing & I love the hi mom note! And as for the sex muffins….where can i get me some??!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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    Love the tile and the plan for a 3 seasons room. I’ve always wanted one so I could sit out and read and relax no matter the weather. I’m making muffins too for the kids to snack on tomorrow morning. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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    I’ve been waiting for this too… You’re not going to tease us are you? We’ll need LOTS of before/after pictures of this you know… we’re scrappers… we need photos, lots and lots of photos. I do LOVE that tile too

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    I’m just wondering, curious you know, IF you told the contractors they were sex muffins! Just wondering?

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    Cathy, unrelated to the renovation (but I LOVE the tile!)
    please tell what kind of lens you used to take the picture of the charlie brown tree with soft focus background that you posted on the $250 Gamestop giveaway. I’ve asked for a new lens for christmas, for my Canon EOS Rebel XT that currently has the standard 18-55 mm lens. Do I need a zoom, a wide angle, or what, in order to really take those soft focus background shots??

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    Mary Mitchell

    I had to laugh when I saw your initials in the tile mud. Every time we tear up and replace some carpet in our house we all take a sharpie marker and write something on the subfloor. I imagine someone long after we are gone pulling up old carpet and finding our cryptic messages. LOL

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    A cedar porch with copper tubing for a screen! What a super great idea! Ooooo, I love it. Can’t wait to see *that* picture when spring comes.

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    Beautiful tile! We are in the midst of a construction project as well and it doesn’t seem nearly as fun as yours is!

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    So jealous of your porch/room. I have a slab with some steps. I love my house, but I would live in a three seasons room. Looks great!!

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    I love that you keep posting all the pictures of your renovation. I love the cedar – the look and the smell. So excited for yoU!

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    Amber Mansur

    Ha- have to laugh about your slanty floored porch! I bet there was already a slant to the floor,even before the wood started to go. Our porch on our old 1903 built house was just the same- they used to angle them to allow for water run-off πŸ˜€ Just thought you’d find that interesting, lol. The porch is looking great- and those tiles are very nice! Can’t wait to see what colors you end up painting in there and on the outside- we have to paint the exterior of our house next year, looking for inspiration! πŸ™‚

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    Alejandra Hutchcraft

    Isn’t it exciting to do house renovations? From the planning of designs, materials, color, and other finishing details, up to the arranging of furniture, all are tiring, but in the end, very fulfilling. It’s a wonderful feeling to see the fruits of your labor.

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