Trick or treat?

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Another Halloween has come and gone.

Another chance to bust out The Bee is now just a sweet, high-fructose-sugar-powered memory.


But this year, I had some serious competition and dare I say, I have to concede victory to my better half on his Halloween look.

For reals.




I am married to a serial killer.


And I seem really happy about this fact.


Oh, oh, oh! Inject ME with the unidentifiable sleeping agent!


And while you're at it, get your kid, too!



I know what you're thinking. A bunch of sick twists, those Zielskes.


Well so be it.


(Get it? So 'beeee' it?)


Thank you.

Cathy ZielskeTrick or treat?

71 Comments on “Trick or treat?”

  1. #2

    But Dan…where’s the blood splatter?????

    You keep telling us you are doing reno’s but this makes you think kill zone LOL

  2. #14
    Antoinette Naude

    AZll I could exclaim was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!
    You and Dan are seriously cool man!!!
    Dan as Dexter – totally convincing – LOVE IT!!!!

  3. #16
    Dorothy F

    You guys have too much fun! What a great day for all of you and thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to your blog every day.

  4. #18
    Sharon in CA

    Love the homage to Dexter!!! The Bee is still a hit, though about 10 sizes too big for you now…Congrats!!

  5. #23

    Whew, I just realized it is taken from the Dexter show. I thought you were really in trouble – the first thing that came to my mind was the movie series Hostel! Love all the photos!

  6. #28

    right down to the perfect shirt…totally creepy (though I do also agree with the Bill Compton reference…)

    just don’t share what you did with the sarah wrap πŸ˜‰

  7. #46

    It is very bad….but we are Sy-Fy channel junkies so every Saturday and Sunday we are there watching whatever they put on. Have you seen the new Walking Dead on AMC – awesome!

  8. #48

    Hilarious pics, thanks for sharing! Hubby and I have just got into Dexter and are loving it!! Your hubby even has the facial expressions down pat, ha ha!!

  9. #56

    Hate to break it to ya hun, but your bee costume is looking a little TOO roomy, if you see what I mean? Time to break out a new, sexy little bee number – show off that nipped in waistline! WTG girl!

  10. #62

    Love all the cool pics, but my first thought at seeing the stripes is how it would be great fun for you to get in that costume again and have it bee πŸ™‚ huge on you. . .

  11. #64

    Ah, you guys – as always – look like you’re having SO MUCH FUN!

    Cathy, you LOOK AMAZING with all of your “eat less, move more campaign”; therefore, you should NOT wear the over-sized, body hiding bee costume ANY MORE!!! Time to show off that sexy new and improved body of yours, girl! You worked hard and deserve to show it off! I’m sure that Dan would agree.

  12. #65

    OMG the Dexter costume is AMAZING! I have to say, your hubby won. Sorry Cathy, your bee is cute, but I gotta love the serial killer!

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