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Welcome another edition of Make a Page Monday. This week, we document the recent Halloween festivities, Zielske-style.


(Click on the image to see larger in a new window)

SIZE/MODE: 8.5 x 11 digital scrapbook page.

THE STORY: At the end of Halloween night, I had a sinking feeling that somehow I’d missed something. Turns out I missed getting a shot of Cole in his costume. What? But, but…I’m a scrapbooker! Oh, this was bad. Very bad indeed. Every year since that imp was born (beginning with his very first costume, a pumpkin at 3 months of age) I have never missed a shot of him on Halloween, even the year he was so sick he only made it to one house before calling it a night. This year? I failed. I got nothin’. I keep asking him if he’ll just put the Anakin Skywalker get up back on, for some retroactive documentation. So far? No deal. There’s always cash bribes, right?

THE JOURNALING: Can you see what’s wrong with this collection of Halloween photos? I believe it marks the first year that lacks zero visual documentation of a one Coleman Asher Zielske. What? No pics on Halloween? No pics of the $60 Anakin Skywalker costume he hounded me to get him for two solid months? Well, never mind that. This was, after all, a year of stellar dress ups. Dan, capitalizing on the scads of construction plastic in our house, went as everybody’s favorite serial killer, Dexter.  Aidan, went as everybody’s favorite, kooky, fashion trail blazing Icelandic pop singer, Bjork. And me? Well, I think you know the drill. So maybe there’s no proof Cole was even there. You know what they say though…it’s really just about the memories, right?


Let’s break down the design goodness of this page, Coleman Asher’s absence not withstanding.

1. Symmetrical Balance: Slice it and dice it and you will find a solid, even-steven balance to this design. A grouping of 4 equal-sized photos placed over a same-width journaling block creates a solid block of visual content.

2. Unity: All of the primary content of this design is grouped together via placement and proximity. All photos have a direct relationship to each other, as well as to the journaling below and the line of text above. When elements are placed with such strong physical relationships on a page, the unity of the design is enhanced. The content literally hangs together.

3. Repetition: Square shapes are repeated in this design (the photos); color (orange); fonts (all type is Archer); and the spaces between photos and around all elements are repeated.

4. Framing White Space: There is it is again: that framing white space. I’m such a firm believer that open space makes every single design breathe just a little bit easier, thereby creating a more welcoming invitation to the viewer.


Here is a basic sketch you can download to keep in your scrapbooking files. The sketches are on 8.5 x 11 paper for easy printing. A 12 x 12 sketch option is included. Click on the green link below the image to download a high resolution PDF file.


Download CZ_MAPMSketchNo6


digital cardstock—Just Linens No. 01 (Michelle Martin)

digital stamp—Spooky Sentiments Brushes and Stamps (Cathy Zielske)


software—Adobe InDesign

(Note: I designed this digital page using Adobe Indesign. Sometimes, when I know I’m keeping the design simple, I’ll opt to create using this program that I’m so familiar with due to my work as a graphic designer. There are things that are much easier in Photoshop, and things that are easier in InDesign. For example, making the dotted frame around the entire page is controlled by a simple menu item in InDesign. I still haven’t figured out how to do it using PS.)

Questions? Comments? Leave them today and I’ll do my best to answer.

Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Mondays

38 Comments on “Make a Page Mondays”

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    Thanks for another page on Monday, great way to start the day and the week. I love the layout as always you keep it simple, clean, open space my fave style. Too bad about Cole would love to see the costume. My son didn’t want his photo either, thankfully the girls didn’t mind hammin it up for me for several photos of them. Have a great day!

  2. #2

    great page CZ, I would totally bribe Cole for a photograph..perhaps with Lego? I haven’t figured out how to get a curved border (like your dotty one but solid) in PSE yet, I never manage it. Really frustrating so end up using (free) to do it! There must be a way but I dont know what tutorial to even search for. I digress, I love the colours on the page too. Mondays are much more bearable nowadays! 🙂

  3. #3

    For a solid curved frame, I believe you can use the rounded corner rectangle tool and apply a stroke to it. For a dotted line, you can fiddle around with the brush settings – 100% roundness and an ample amount of spacing – but I find it way more complicated than in InDesign and not worth the hassle.

  4. #4

    Love this page! I love A’s costume too. (I’d already seen the other ones on your blog before.)

    Your dotted frame… you released some stamps for use in PS and PSE in the DD store a while back. You should link those, for those rabid fans who can’t get enough CZ. Besides, the sale doesn’t end until… Tuesday?

  5. #5
    Nancy M

    Nice and esay layout… I love it! On a side note… did you watch any of the NYC Marathon? So cool!

  6. #6

    first thing i’ve thought when i saw this layout was: “oh my, where’s coleman?” i hope he agrees to take a picture with the costume later on – i’d love to see him as a star wars character!
    because i’m in love with this layout and do not have indesign, i’ve “googled” a tutorial to find a way to create the dotted border in ps, and found this one (to create a dashed line) over a path ( all we have to do is to use a round brush tip instead.

  7. #11

    I know how to make a curved outline border (make a shape with the rounded rectangle tool, then using Layer styles, add a stroke and remove the fill). But yeah, I cant figure out the dotted thing in PS!

  8. #12
    Jane Toft

    Love the layout! It’s an interesting topic isn’t it, whether to create a layout if you didn’t actually have photographic evidence? My son is nearly 13 and not keen to be in many photos, but I still want to record our lives. Maybe journalling is enough sometimes!

  9. #13

    You made me feel so good this morning! Why? because even the pro that you are can sometimes miss something. I am always sure I am the only one that misses the picture. Thanks for another great page. JillB

  10. #19
    Margy Eastman

    Your readers are the best, Cathy! After work I’m going to get me a dotted border with rounded corners. I was wondering whom Aiden resembled…Bork. That’s brilliant! You must be so proud!

  11. #22

    Yes, I was going to say that it’s all about using a rounded rectangle tool, then making it a path, then stroking it with a rounded (hard-edged) brush…

  12. #23

    Well shoot I am sorry you missed Anakin Skywalker..But it does make me feel better knowing that even the “Queen Bee” misses a few shots here and there. Loving Make a page Monday..

  13. #25
    Nancy M

    Yes, I agree. I am totally envious of the elite, but would have loved to see more of the ‘regular joe smoes’ and those in the wheelchairs?! Just awesome!

  14. #26

    I love coming home on Monday’s! Thank you for the great layout. And do not feel bad about the missed picture – my kids’ baby scrapbooks are not done- ages 20,21 and 24 ok? Feel better -you should. Only have three halloweens done for 2001-2003. Yup!

    Anyway wanted to ask you about the latest cluster thing in scrapbooking? Just curious. I am about to attempt one…..

  15. #27

    Thanks for the Make a Page Mondays! Love seeing your pages. It makes Mondays such a happy day. I just didn’t have my act together this year and I only took one picture this Halloween. It was a group photo of some neighborhood kids and my kids. My daughter was in the back and you can’t see her costume at all. What was I thinking?! This is the first year I didn’t take individual photos and photos of the two of them together. I am sad I don’t have a photo of their costumes 🙁

  16. #29

    The whole cluster flourish flower thing that makes like a corner…I am taking a BPS class on color which is fabulous. But the first ho was using clusters…of course my visual spatial skills are limited so placing all the little thingys is well frustrating so thought I would ask why you did not use them or seem not to. If you do not want to answer that is ok. I do like the look wouldn’t use them all the time just once in awhile but they are useful on cards. I would like to try. I need a grid-:) Thanks!

  17. #30
    Denise Hubbard

    Cathy, thanks so much for the Make a Page Mondays!! You are simply the best! I look so forward to this treat on Monday mornings and it just makes my week! You are one cool chick, your layouts and style are why I scrapbook, and your Monday special feature rock my week! Thank you, thank you!

  18. #31

    ah, I think they are cool, actually. I havent really dabbled much in that whole approach yet.

    I DO like all the white space involved in those, but… I tend to like more symmetrical designs myself.

  19. #33
    Adrienne R

    Thank you for the Monday “make a page” ideas. They really are a source of inspiration. And hats off for getting Halloween scrapbooked in so short a time!

  20. #34
    Tiffany H.

    For $60 bucks your dear Coleman needs to put the costume on for you. 😉 Tell him your blog readers want to see him!

    Despite there being no photo of Cole it’s a great layout. Love your simple, clean and classic design.

  21. #35
    Susan in MD

    Thank you so much for doing these Monday Make-a-Page layouts. I was stuck scrapping yet another soccer layout, but seeing your design made it a quick and easy solution.

    Thank you!!!
    Susan in MD

  22. #37
    Anastasia Astridge

    Hi! I just found your class
    “Me: The Abridged Version” and obviously the registration has closed and the class has finished
    I wondered if you would be running it again any time soon?
    i would SO love to join it, please, say “yes”!

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