Design Your Life is now an instant download, self-paced workshop

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I'm really excited to announce that Design Your Life, a 12-week intensive study of graphic design as it applies to the wonderful scrapbooking hobby, is now available as a self-paced, instant download class from Big Picture Classes.

Even though I retired from teaching the class, Big Picture wanted to offer it for those who missed it the first few times I taught it. You can work through all 12 lessons on your own. The lessons include weekly video lectures on design principles, plus downloadable PDFs (handouts, printables) and layered PSD files of each week's layout assignments. To read more about the class content, click here.

This class is a really good basic workshop on fundamental principles of design. You will work in multiple page sizes in order to see how principles translate across any given space. The goal of the workshop is to arm you with more design confidence and understanding which translates into you making great design decisions in your own scrapbooking.


The workshop is $59 and includes all original class content. And I'm telling you, it's a lot of content but don't let that scare you! BPC is even including my weekly personal video messages from the 2009 workshop, but keep in mind, those videos are from a specific time period and reflected what was going on in our message boards at the time. Also, I'm very goofy and you should know that up front.


I'm working to develop more workshops for 2011, but this is a solid design workshop for anyone who wants to understand the hows and whys of good page layout. Plus, you can work through it at your own pace. Once you sign up, you'll have forever access to the materials. If you have any questions about this version of the class, feel free to leave me a question today and I'll do my best to answer.

WANT TO GIVE THIS CLASS AS A GIFT? I have downloadable PDF gift certificates to put under the tree as well. You can download one here:


Download Dylgiftprintablepage


Cathy ZielskeDesign Your Life is now an instant download, self-paced workshop

50 Comments on “Design Your Life is now an instant download, self-paced workshop”

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    That’s awesome! I took the class in 2010 and it was fabulous. If anyone is on the fence-hop over. You will learn a lot and come away with a ton of completed pages -If you actually do the assignments πŸ˜‰

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    So excited to hear this! I missed the original class because of the timing, but am thrilled to know that I can take it as a self-paced class now, even if it isn’t “live”. Currently in the midst of another digital scrapbooking class, but I’ll definitely take this after the first of next year, which is rapidly approaching – where does the time go?

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    Sharon Fletcher, CA

    awesome….I loved this class when I took it !! Love the goofy videos and your fun and fresh approach to teaching…we use that style to teach science and it works wonders…

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    This is great news because the timing never worked out for me to take it! While I know this applies across the board for the design aspect, are the projects for digital scrapbooking (i.e. layered PSD files)? I’ve never jumped into that arena although I must say many of your design templates are tempting me! Any recommendations for a beginning, technology-challenged digital scrapbooker?

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    I took this class when it was first offered in 2009. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this class is chock full of design information that will get those pictures you’ve had laying around for years into a book. This class is worth more than the $59 price tag. Take the class. You’ll be glad you did.

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    The projects are designed for traditional scrapbookers, but there are layered digital files so that digi scrappers can participate as well! : )

    All measurements are provided for content. My whole album is traditional!

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    I took this class both times and loved it. What a great idea to offer it as a self-paced workshop. You provide so many materials in such a variety of formats that the class can definitely be effective as a self-paced class.

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    I’ve always been put off by the price, but is reducing it by $40 worth losing the fountain of knowledge for? aka The Zielske?! Glad we will have your videos anyway! I was reading this post thinking “I’d love this for Christmas” and lo and behold, you lured me in. Santa is so clever to offer gift vouchers at BPC

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    This is great that this is available again. I learned so much in DYL, love the layouts I made, and use what I learned on every page I make. It is absolutely worth the price and would be a great gift to any scrap booker .

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    I know price can be an issue, especially in the present economy. I feel really, really confident that the value for the content is a really good deal. You get a lot of instruction for the price. Let me know if you take it and what you think. Love the feedback. It helps me in future class development!

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    This was one of the best scrapbooking classes I have ever taken (and I have taken a few!). I learned so much about design and color, and the templates were wonderful. The style is crisp and simple and focuses on the pictures and the stories without getting lost in too much embellishment. Just this week, I went back to several of the templates and used them again. I highly recommend this class. On behalf of those who haven’t taken it before, thank you Cathy and BPC for making this incredible class available again.

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    so excited that I didn’t miss my chance to take this class. Thank you — I have heard that it is a MUST TAKE at BPC.

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    Margaret McGarry

    Wait! What? You’re goofy? Well, that’s it. I’m outta here. πŸ™‚

    This is awesome, Cathy! I took DYL in 2009 and loved it! Smart of BPC to adapt it to a self-paced course. This way more people can be exposed to the yumminess that is DYL.

    Super clever to make a gift certificate, too. You’re so crafty like that!

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    I took this class from Cathy and was amazed at all that I learned, and how much happier I was with my finished pages. If you can take this class, do. I think it’s a wonderful option, to have it available in a self-paced format. Great idea!

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    You just made my day and it has been a LONG one! I missed that class and am going to do it now! Whoo hoo might want to finish Me:TAV first though!

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    Is the digital content for “seasoned” digi-scrappers? I’m just starting to get into the digital mode but am far from confident. Is there any instruction about using the digital mode or is it assumed that one has a clue?! Thanks!

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    I took your two other classes and I’m glad others will have the chance to take it now to. Anyone reading in doubt………..take the class!!!!!

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    AWESOME!!! Thank you so much….I really wanted to take it the last time it was offered but didn’t get to!

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    Yes, that is correct! : )

    I will be offering other live workshops in 2011, but at present, Im not ready to roll those out!

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    Well as long as it comes with sex-muffins then I’m in.
    I did MeTAV and played along nicely, although I felt the weekly e-mails and videos really kept me motivated when I was lagging behind. I should probably finish that class before I start this one oops. Re: feedback on MeTAV, I didn’t feel like it was that easy to comment on images and I didn’t integrate myself in the message boards like I did with other online classes – no idea why, wonder if it was a function of the setup at BPC. The content was fab, thats why I am so drawn to DYL,especially at this fabbo price! Sorry for the ramble there, I like feedback too so always happy to give some if it is useful.

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    This was simply the best class…college or scrapbooking…I’ve ever taken. Material was so well organized and easy to follow. The projects were so fun to do and now I use these principles every time I scrapbook. They have also come in so handy for work as well. Thanks to Big Picture Classes for making this available as a self-paced workshop. I’ve been raving about it to a bunch of people and now I can let them in on all this fun.

    Best part of the class, really, was Cathy! So glad the video messages are a part of the workshop.

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    Aimee, it is not a digital step by step class! The class is designed around traditional scrapbooking. The digi files are included as a convenience for my digital students. Hope this helps! There is not really any digi scrap instruction, only on design!

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    I think that people will be very happy with the class and will find the price reasonable when they see all of the materials.

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    Cathy, this is GREAT news for scrapbookers everywhere! I always say that the world could use more CathyZ, and this delivers lots and lots of CathyZ goodness, all neatly wrapped up in a fun, informative and inspiring package.

    DYL 2009 was the BEST online class I’ve taken. The handouts were easy to follow; the videos provided easy-to-understand instruction (and lots of laughs); and the course content was just the right balance of breadth and depth. I daresay DYL, coupled with your two hard-copy books, taught me everything I needed to know about scrapbooking. πŸ™‚

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    Saner4 Lisa

    I thoroughly enjoyed DYL. It helped me get comfortable with different size LO’s and find my style. Most of those layouts are some of my favorite ones to look back on.

    I’m excited to tell my scrappy friends that DYL is available self paced.

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    Woohoo! I’m super excited. I missed out the last time around, so I’m pretty jazzed I can get it as a self-paced class. And I’m very excited to hear you are working on other classes as well! I LOVED your ME: The Abridged Version.

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    Petra from NL

    I look forward to what else you have in store for us in 2011. Can you reveal something already? How many weeks will these workshops last?

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    Petra, not sure right now. Im working on a month long class idea. Id like to keep my classes to 4 weeks. More manageable of a time chunk!

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    I’ve been watching and waiting…can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us this time!!

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Yowsa! I wasn’t able to take the class when it was offered & was so bummed when I heard it’d been discontinued. You can be sure that this is on my list for 2011 (too late for my Christmas listβ€”Charlie has actually finished shopping. Gotta be a first!). One question: if this is such a jam-packed package, any chance it could be available in chunks to download? I have a slow connection & download limits, so I always have to be careful. ‘Nuther question: is there a lot of duplication of the digi files that are for sale at DD? I’ve bought a few there.

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    Great to hear there are more classes coming in 2011. I’m changing jobs and as a leaving gift I was given a voucher to attend a Big Picture Class with your name on it. Looking forward to it. No pressure mind you πŸ˜‰

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    Awesome! Can’t wait to take this class. I have to finish MeTav first but should by the end of the year. What a great way to start 2011 with a Cathy Z class.

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    Loved the class. Would recommend it to everyone. It is well worth the $59. Those of us who took it live paid $99 which I would gladly spend again for such a great class.

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    The class can certainly apply to digi-scrappers though. The principles are timeless and can be used in a ton of different situations and applications. I would suggest you have a clue or take a digi class first to get the hang of things.

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    I am so glad that this is now a self paced I have wanted to do the class in the past however it was never at a time when I could so this is really really great news,

    Happy Christmas and Wishing you all the best for the new year Cathy, some days have been hard ro deal with this year and anytime I go to your page I get a big smile on my face so appreciative that you share so much with us all.

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    Oh, dear … I hopped on over to BPC … big mistake! Now I’m signed up, which makes 3 classes for the new year! Just as well this one is self-paced and another one is year-long! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this class.

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