I swear I don’t force this stuff on her

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Last week, Aidan got her hair cut. She told me she wanted to go pixie short and I said, "I'll believe it when I see it."

Now why would I say something like that? Even she was like, "What? You don't care about hair."

And she is totally correct. It's not my head. It's hers. Do with it what you will, my child. Life is short and hair grows.


Contrary to the moody poses presented here, we are all completely in love with it.


No one moreso than she.


I've had comments from time to time that it's so nice that I let my daughter express her individuality, be it by dressing up as Harry Potter for her school pictures or using her room as her personal canvas or chopping off her long luscious locks..

I'm just trying to make sure I do what I'm supposed to do as a parent and not impose myself in areas that I simply should just step back and just let her be her glorious self.

Right Aidan?


I'll take that as a 'yes'.


Posting will be light this week as I focus on hanging with the kids and enjoying our final week of Christmas vacation. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend.

Cathy ZielskeI swear I don’t force this stuff on her

43 Comments on “I swear I don’t force this stuff on her”

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    Jane Toft

    She looks fabulous! Wise words from Mum too. I am also suitably impressed that you like Mumford & Sons – you constantly make me reassess my prejudiced views of American musical taste 😉

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    i’ve said that before, i think aidan is a rock star! you too, cathy, for letting her express herself.

    happy holidays !!!

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    I think it’s fantastic. My dd is the ONLY girl in her junior high school that has short hair. The only one. I think at their ages, it takes courage and attitude! Merry Christmas Cathy!

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    Love the new “do”. My sentiments exactly, especially when my college-aged daughter has a bar pierced through her ear just prior to Christmas. Not my style but it’s not my ear. I look at it this way: it’s a piercing and can be removed. Thankfully, it wasn’t a tattoo! Keep calm and carry on.

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    When I was growing up, I wanted to look like everyone else; now, as an adult, I am OK being the one with super-short pixie hair when no one else has their hair like that. (My husband, thankfully, LOVES short hair!) Your daughter is just ahead of her time… she’s secure with WHO she is at a much younger age than I was and she is BEAUTIFUL!

    Loving the new ‘do Aidan! YOU ROCK!

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    ha! thank you Jane. I do pride myself on good taste in music. The daughter shares a lot of it as well, and then surpasses me on many levels! : )

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    Stephanie Howell

    cathy- you are such an incredible mom. i want you to know that i really enjoy seeing you be a mama and that i will reference it often when my girls are older. and a is just awesome. i love that she has such individuality…one cool chick just like her madre. xo

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    Kristal Jones

    Aidan looks beautiful. Of course, I have liked every hairstyle she has had. Very cool that she can pull all of these styles off. I have a face that cannot. Lucky duck!

    You remind me of what I keep telling myself about my girls. Thank you for that!

    Enjoy your week with the kids. I intend to do the same. So grateful I am off this week. I see Wii playing & board games in my future. 🙂

    Merry, Merry!

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    Great job Adian! How fun to experiment. My DD had her hair that short once and I liked it so much I got my own cut the same way. Big mistake, I didn’t have the face for it. Do you like hats because with the MN cold it’s amazing how fast the head gets cold?

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    Aidan, that is a great choice for you! You go girl and keep going!

    I have loved watching my daughters make their own choices over the years. They have taught me a lot about being my own self. My parents were definitely not accepting of anything outside the “norm” and it has affected me my whole life. I’m glad my husband and I broke that cycle! (PS: My daughters encouraged me to get my first tattoo. I got it yesterday! I love it and I don’t care if you don’t!)

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    Margy Eastman

    Love the haircut! I had my hair cut the same when I was in high school. My mom pitched a small fit, then let it be ok. You’re a good mom, Cathy. Aidan’s a beautiful girl in so many ways.

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    I love her new ‘do. I basically let my kids do what they want with their hair- it’s hair and it grows. I’d rather have them express their individuality with hair than with strange piercings or tattooings.

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    Jennifer C.

    As someone who had palpitations when I was that age at cutting my hair you go girl. I use the rationalization “you have to pick and choose your battles”. Hair grows back and its fun to have a change in a while. Enjoy! Happy New Year!

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    Love it!!! Aidan is truly gorgeous with that cut which accents her beautiful features… I’m always looking for cute cuts to show the latest hair cutter… may I borrow hers? I like to cut my hair short short, then let it grow out for 6 months or more, see what it turns into before hating it and needing that short short do again—we’re almost there…

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    Angie U

    Your A is LIGHTYEARS ahead of women twice her age with her openness to embrace “the different” – so cool of her and equally cool of her mama! I’m thinking of going that short again!!

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    Congrats – you’ve reached a time in your family life when daughters will have short hair, sons will have long hair, & husbands are just grateful to have hair!
    Your Dan looks like he’s well in control of the last one, although parenting teenagers can lead to a bit of hair pulling!

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    I have boys. I deal with having to let them grow their hair LONGER than I would like. Life is kinda funny that way.

    P.s. Just wanted to comment that I really enjoy your honesty about your experiences with both diet & exercise. I’m a 3 year runner and tip the scales at a mere 115 lbs, however I can totally relate to the ongoing fight to keep weight off and running shoes on. Eating is so pleasurable; running is such a PITA(especially when it’s cold and rainy outside and my bed is warm & cozy.) You tell the story in a way that is meaningful and inspiring.

    ROCK ON.

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    Alison Shearer

    I love your parenting attitude and hope I can continue to be like that too…learning to recognise what is important and what isn’t. Not everyone will agree but as you said – life is short (and you have to learn which battles are worthwhile).

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    Cathy…I love this post and I LOVE your daughter’s hair. My mom allowed me to express myself when I was younger (with hair, art, music, etc.) and for that I am forever grateful to her. Because of that I too am allowing my children the freedom to express themselves (as long as no one gets hurt and no laws are broken). And when my daughter is of age (she’s only 1 1/2 now) if she wants to cut her beautiful long curly hair then I will allow her to. Because as you so eloquently put it…”Life is short and hair grows”. And if it doesn’t grow fast enough you can always buy some. LOL! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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    I LOVE IT! Please tell Aidan that I think she looks so pretty with her new cut. Not everyone can pull it off but she definitely can. I’m a pixie wanna be but don’t have the thin face & neck to go with it. Maybe after my success with “move more, eat less”?

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    Love the new do! And, I have always had the same philosophy, even with my own hair…it’s hair and it will either grow back or can be fixed with a different color!

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    Christine Campbell

    wow, she looked like you before but she could be your mini me for sure now…just beautiful, as always though and she is rockin the ‘do. it’s so awesome that she is so confident to do her own thing at such a young age. way to go mama!!!

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    Jill D

    I think her hair looks remarkably similar to your hair cut. My mom always said that we could do anything to our hair because it would grow back. (but no tattoos because they would not.) The wildest I did was cut mine off but my brothers was all sorts of colors and lengths. I went from short to long all through high school and loved it.

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    I did the exact same thing before my senior year in high school” I had really long hair, and & got almost that exact cut. I’ve got senior pictures to prove it. I was surprised that my dad even liked it. I learned after I cut it that he liked short hair om girls. Who would have known?

    I’ve returned to that cut periodically through the years. Great fun.

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