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That the day after seeing a midnight screening of the new Harry Potter flick and going on about 3 hours of sleep, my 9th grader dressed as said hero for her school photos, complete with lightning bolt shaped hand-drawn scar.


That I can use old scrapbooking product to customize my holiday gifts. (Who didn't love those awesome rubber letter stickers from Scrapworks?)


That scrapbooking stuff in general comes in really handy for making quick gift tags.


(Stamp from Cat's Life Press; tag punch from Creative Memories.)

And that pomegranates exist.


That is all. For now.

Cathy ZielskeMaking me happy

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    Leslie B

    LOVE that Aidan did that! My son is a sophomore & someone at his school started a HP Day thing on Facebook for the premiere. Hundreds dressed up – Hogwarts robes, wands, Crookshanks, dark marks, etc. One kid didn’t have a robe so he wore his Snuggie 🙂 They even had someone create posters & hang them up around school: Quidditch matches, dueling practice, Platform 9 3/4, each of the houses….lots of cool things. They recorded a guy who ran into the cafeteria (with a turban on his head) and yelled: “Troll….in the dungeon!” He, of course, fainted right afterwards.

    I think it’s beyond cool how Aidan (and my kids as well) have embraced it.

    Incidentally, if you guys haven’t checked out A Very Potter Musical or A Very Potter Sequel on You Tube, you need to. It’s awesome. Plus, ‘Harry’ in the musicals is now ‘Blaine’ on Glee. Two of my favorite obsessions have now joined forces! Woo hoo!

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Aidan reminds me of my son at that age. Once he asked me, “Mom, why do I have to be like everyone else?” His favorite TV show at the time was a short-lived one about teenagers starring Ricky Nelson’s daughter. I think it’s name was something like “Square Pegs.”
    I just finished making a bunch of tags with my Creative Memories Tag Maker. Cool! Now there’s glitter all over the living room though.

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Oh for shame!! My favorite pet peeve lately has been the misuse of “it’s” and “its” and now I’ve done it! Oh, Great Grammar Master, please forgive me. I’m burying my head.

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    you know- i think that it’s sweet that aidan rocked her school photos… but even more i love that you are into it as well. my mom so would have not been keen on that kind of stand-out.

    i really haven’t yet fallen for the pomegranate thing. as asked above, i think that it’d be cool if you mentioned what you did with it. i bought one a couple years back and all the inside was pink- not a deep red. yesterday at the grocery store i saw a package where they were without the shell (skin?) & thought it might be worth it, but 1. expensive 2. what would i DO with it?!

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    Im really trying to let her express herself. Shes not me, and I really want her to be truly seen in all her glory in this household. As long as she doesnt do anything illegal, of course. ; )

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    My mom wouldnt have been okay with it either. Its one thing I put into my positive parenting column. Im trying to earn more of those check marks all the time.

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    Cord Scrapbook Studio

    OMG… Flashback city. Scrapworks rubber letters?!?!Which consequently reminds me that I still have some of those stashed somewhere (in nearly every color)and should probably put them to good use again before they’re forgotten for another 5 years…

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    I, too, love pomegranates, but they are so darn tricky to get out of the shell without bursting them all over my shirt! How do you do it?

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    Aidan is awesome and you are awesome, too! I am sitting here feeling like a failure of a parent because my child is argumentative and entitled. Neither my husband nor I are that way–where did we go wrong? I want my son to be seen in all his glory, too, but all there is is arguing right now. HOW DO YOU DO IT???!!!!!

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    Karen Breen-Bondie

    Cathy, Seeing the photo of the wrapped gift made me wonder if you’ve ever taken a shot at designing typographic wrapping paper? You have a great eye for type usage and color. I don’t mean incorporating type into art or using dingbats for clever shapes, but something similar (but a tad more whimsical) to this:

    I could see the benefit of large-scale printing using a color laserjet and or rasterbator to make sheets, albeit taped together from the backside.

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    JoAnn Motta

    holy moly are your kids lucky- I wouldn’t be able to do that photo day thing…I’d lose my mind.
    Open your poms under water and kind of brush your fingers through them to loosen the seeds….they will float to the top! pretty cool.

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    Layle Koncar

    Mmmmmm. Love me a good pomegranate. Here’s a harvesting tip – cut the pomegranate in quarters and stick in a bowl of water. It loosens up the seeds a bit. Then pick the seeds out while the fruit is under the water, that way any splashing of the nasty staining juice doesn’t happen!

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    Layle Koncar

    Can’t tell you how many clothes have been ruined due to errant pomegranate juice! And now that fruits are 0 points on WW AND we now know how to get those darn seeds out – bring on the pomegranates!

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    Sharon in CA

    xmas cards are not yet a glimmer in my creative eye. Received unexpected news that my beloved dog has cancer, so i am finding my creative eye full of kleenex at the moment. What a horrible time to get this news. Ugh. I love to read your posts as I typically find happiness here in your writing. Love Aiden’s spunk and courage to dress as her favorite character for her school photos. Classic!!

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    Yep, just chiming in to say pomegranates are best de-seeded in a big bowl of water 🙂 Try tossing some on a salad. Super, super yummy. I make one with pears, toasted walnuts or grapenuts (really, the cereal—based on a famous salad at McKenzie River Pizza Company in Montana) or sometimes both, and pomegranates, maybe a little feta or parmesan if you have it… mmmmm.

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    sharon, im so sorry to hear that. Truly. I know, very much, how much pets mean to our families. Poor little buddy! Hang in there!

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    Lynnette C.

    Oh Cathy how I envy you for your parenting finesse. I would have had a complete and total seizure had my child come home on picture day with that. While I completely admire Aidan for her individuality – it does rock! — it is SO not the norm in our household (ha — who am i kidding — try our county!). kinda sad, isn’t it? Stupid midwestern conservative rural upbringing at its finest…sigh….

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