Confessions of a Subversive Stamper

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I'm not the world's biggest rubber stamper by any stretch, but looking through my stash, you'd never know it.

I got me lots of stamps. Most of my favorites come from a little company called Cat's Life Press (love, love their designs!) I feel badly that they sit there, all adorable yet unused for long periods of time.

Take my stamper's guilt and combine it with fresh drywall, and you get a little something I like to call Stamping Fun 101.


So as the sun was lowering in the Western sky, I broke out a few stamps just to dress things up a bit.

We had the holiday angle.


And we had the romance angle.


And we had the all-important Sucking Up to the Contractor Angle, which really didn't involve stamping at all, but did involve a black Zig writer.


And finally, we had the Not for Young Eyes angle:


I know. I'm horrible.

But let's be honest, how many scrapbook pages are you making that can justly include that "S" stamp?

Better to hide it behind soon-to-be-built cabinets where at least I'll know just how subversive a stamper I can really be.

Cathy ZielskeConfessions of a Subversive Stamper

49 Comments on “Confessions of a Subversive Stamper”

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    I used to work in a stamp shop, I was lured in by the stamps and then realised I was actually just collecting them, I hate stamping!!! Don’t have the patience for it, so gave them all away!!

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    LOL – I also have a sh*t load of unused stamps, they look so pretty in the shops that I have to buy, especially those tempting swirly ones. But they’re far too fickle to use and because I like to know exactly what result I’m going to get, they continue to languish in their miserable loneliness in a cupboard!

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    When we stripped the wallpaper from our dining room, we discovered all sorts of handwritten notes on the wallboard from other families, years ago. We, of course, added our own before the painting.

    I love the thought of some family 50 years from now remodeling your room, pulling down the cabinets and Laughing, laughing, laughing!!

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    Tammy M.

    Thanks for making me laugh through the snowflakes that are currently blowing in the eastern US.

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    Andi Sexton

    I love stamps! And I have boatloads of ones used and not used… The ‘s’ stamp is a crackup! There are days where that little baby deserves to be stamped… and included on a page, with a hidden door!!! Just for mommy……guess that would be a journal!

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    Amy Davis-O'Malley

    As someone who is really a stamper, but tries to be a scrapbooker, I LOVE this! I wish I had done it when my kitchen was being redone earlier this year. I have to say that my favorite Cat’s Life Press is “I can’t do a thing with my hair”! So cute!

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    OMG… too darn funny! I wanna do that too when we remodel {someday}. It will be a treasure for the next people who live here someday. That SH*T stamp is over-the-top – I want one!!

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    That is hilarious! Can you just imagine one of the major scrapbooking sites having a weekly challenge that includes the four-letter word of your choice in your favorite LO??? I love it.

    I have an entire drawer full of stamps that I rarely use, not to mention a case full of ink pads. I’ve actually converted some of the stamps into digital ones – at least you can see how to position them and know that they will stamp evenly without having to use ink. Plus once you stamp, you can always move the image around if it’s on its own layer. Yet another reason to go digi.

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Stamping Hilarious! Have you used the Shit Stamp on a LO? I have this card in my studio that has this lovely chic 1950’s lady and the caption says F*&! You, I am smoking. I enjoy a little secret swear word around the house. Of course, the smoking thing is still a thorn in my side. I don’t feel so Chic:(

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    I love stamping! I stamp on almost every layout! And cat’s life press is some of my favorites!—send them my way—i’ll put them to good use.

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    That is fantastic! And when you need one, it’s really the only one that will work… now if I can just figure out how to get my 3 year-old twins how to Quit saying it….

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    Cathy! I have the S*#T stamp too — and use it abundantly!!!

    You’re post is timely – scarily so. We just moved and I”m trying to figure out whether to make our 4th bedroom (only use 3) and I was considering getting rid of all my stamps because, when I get the balls to move forward in digital (my dream!), I figured I’d never use them. I have a crapload as well, but when I see your digital layouts/pages, I figure I’m going to go that direction (2011 New Years Resolution?) and won’t need them anymore…Decisions, decisions.

    So, whaddya think? Should I make the upstairs 4th bedroom an office/guest room? Or just work in the basement on the workbench?

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    Shana Tehrani

    I am the same of you–my stash of stamps is inversely proportionate to the amount that I use them. Love what you did! Rock On, Cathy!

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    Too funny. And hate to be morbid but many years down the road when someone else is redoing your lifetime of effort and money and they tear down those cabinets how funny for them to find this wall and wonder “what kind of people lived here?” I think they will smile!! When i was in high school my boyfriend and i wrote our names and hearts all over the 2x4s of their new house. It sure was fun to do. (No i didn’t marry him but someone way better!) Now that you have used your stamps that justifies buying more, my philosophy.

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    When your house is on ‘If Wall Could Talk’ in another 100 years, you will be too dead to be embarrassed. πŸ™‚ (I want that stamp…it’s one of the few I would use with any frequency, since I am striving for authenticity these days. πŸ˜‰

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    I now have “shit” stamp envy. I can think of all sorts of ways to incorporate that into my scrapbooking, such as on the page I will be making in five months, “Reflections on Graduate School”. In fact, that stamp could be the entire page (with lots of embellishments, of course). Thanks for the laughs!

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    Oh, I was in a bad mood this morning, but seeing that made me laugh! I love that you’ll know what’s behind that wall of cabinets and if someone else renovates eventually they may find it and have themselves a laugh too! Love that stamp too ;D

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    “That” stamp is too funny! Do you store your stamps in those tins or was that just because the display made for a good photo? Just wondering because I was told to keep my stamps flat or vertical and to take of the rubber. So mine are stored away in drawers where their cuteness cannot be seen!

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    Tammy B

    Love it!! And love that you probably get more than a few laughs from the bodies that will be in your house!
    I have my fair share of stamps (and paper and ribbon and everything else) but I look at it more like collecting! My friends look at it like a store!! Have a good one Cathy!

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    OMG I love your wall and I NEED that stamp! It is my by word. I am going to redo my utility room/office/’studio’ in the spring, but don’t you know I am going to have fun with my ‘collection’ of stamps first.

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    Cathy, I am a neighbor of yours to the west(in Maple Grove) I have read your blog for years because I love your style of scrapbooking and you make me laugh!
    I need your advice of how to get a silhouette transfer (I do not own a silhouette machine). I BADLY want to make the t-shirt they showed on the eighteen25 blog. My 15yo son is a drummer in his garage band and would love the t-shirt. Do you know of anyway to purchase one iron on transfer. I hope you don’t mind me asking you. Thanks!!! Maybe I will see you at the Lucy store you turned me on to!! Krist

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    Ruth Allmart

    Awesome! Love it πŸ™‚ I don’t have the ‘s’ stamp but I do have a sperm stamp! Oh and a naked guy that I stamp popping out of a cake πŸ™‚ I love me some rubba!!!!

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    Krist, I wish I could help but I really dont know what to tell you. I know you can buy ink jet transfer paper at Michaels, i believe, and you print on it, and possibly iron it on? HOpe that helps!

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    Tamie Spears

    Love this post! Through every one of our home renovations over the last 13 years, my husband and I have written our names, kids names, the date and a message – on the drywall behind our new shower enclosure, on the kitchen floor under the new hardwood and even on our garage roof right before the new shingles went on! (I’m also a stamp-aholic. I rarely find time to use them yet I have boatloads.)

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    Melissa Fees

    thank-you for being you. You might really like the book The Art of Possibility. There is a motto in there that goes by B.T.F.I. better cool when you have kids that you want to give it their all without regard for embarrassment.


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    My daughter and husband were re-tileing our new bathroom and they wrote something on the greenwood just before they covered it with tile. It had something to do with their backsides….they wouldn’t tell me the exact quote. When the plumber was called a year later for a problem, my daughter was very worried he might see what she wrote. Mmmmmm….no wonder they wouldn’t tell me. By the way, she’s an adult with children of her own. A very naughty girl, but good with that tile!

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    Love that “S” stamp!!! Let me take a few pics at the end of the day… the piles, the scatter, the diapers… and I have a perfect title page. Wanna make me a template? LOL! Sorry. It is just so… REAL.

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    Thanks for the reply, Cathy. Moments after posting, I came to my creative senses and thought, “Duh!!”. I’m scouring Craigslist for a daybed and the desk and supplies are ALL OVER THE PLACE up there!

    Now I have no excuse for learning and experimenting with so many of the amazing layouts I see here!

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    hi, cathy! you don’t know me, but i’m a scrapper from good old fargo,nd who intermittently blogs about intermittently scrapping, vintage things, home and family, etc. well, i thought of you and your very dry humor when i found this website – and i hope it will make you snort:) here’s a link to my blog where i posted about it:
    and just so you know – i’m not looking for fame or fortune or even your autograph – i just think you’ll enjoy this!


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    One of my favorite stamp companies too … I thought I was the only one who owned that Shit stamp … have yet to figure out quite how to fit it into a card design :^)

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