Move More Eat Less 2011…an invitation to you

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A year ago I was in a place where I wasn't very happy about how I looked and felt. I spent a lot of energy thinking about changing, but mostly I just whined about not being happy about how I looked and felt.


A blog reader offered some advice: "Enough with the whining already! Why don't you DO something?"

I'll be honest with you: at first I was all, "What the—?" and then it hit me like a giant 'DUH!' out of the blue. If I wanted to see change I had to do something about it. End of story.


So I started Moving More and Eating Less. Every day, every month, all year long. It wasn't without effort. It wasn't ever automatic. And it wasn't without sacrifice.

Today, I'm 30 pounds lighter and I don't whine nearly as much. This is me right now.


I don't have all of the answers. I'm still trying to figure out where I need to be on the scale and still live a life of joy that still includes food. I fully anticipate the probability of more weight struggles in the coming year, but I will tell you one thing I've finally learned: there is no magic pill to help you get into shape.

Even today where at my last weigh-in I'm up 7 pounds from my lowest weight of the year, I'm fully aware that the ball of motivation lies squarely in my own court. No one can do any of this for me. Yes, life conspires to make it hard for us to Move More and Eat Less, but guess what? We get only one to work with. Life, that is. What is it you want to do with yours?

I'm challenging anyone who wants to make a serious change in their overall health and fitness to join me in 2011 with two simple goals: Move More and Eat Less.

You guys know I'm not a professional health and fitness expert, but I'm qualified to tell you this: there is nothing mysterious about getting into shape. It requires commitment, effort and a willingness to both fail AND succeed. And it is an unending process. There is no finish line to be reached, much as I really, really want there to be one. You have to start and then do your best to simply keep it up and take care of the one and only you.

Sure, you can have number goals, but even when you reach them, you have to find new motivations to continue on this journey.

I'll tell you what some of mine are:

1. I feel better ALL the time. I've hardly has so much as a cold this past year. No headaches. No congestion. Nothing. Moving More and Eating Less makes me feel better.

2. I'm less crabby overall. I used to be SO much more moodier than I am today. And let me tell you, for a high strung perimenopausal woman, this is no small deal. Taking care of myself physically reflects on my mental state every single day.

3. I'm less tired. I used to crave a nap almost every single day. Now? I get sleepy at 10 p.m. When I SHOULD be sleepy. I don't hit that crash and burn part of the afternoon.

4. I am thinner than when I started. It goes without saying that this is a motivator for me. I like looking fit. I like that my jeans are smaller. And when that's not enough of a motivator, I look at numbers 1 through 3 again for a kick in the pants, so to speak.

5. I like who I am as a sportier person. Yep. That's right. Me, the girl who used to just sit outside and smoke now really likes the fact that I put on running shoes and head out to sweat, or that I put on some goggles and swim laps, or that I clean the house with a renewed gusto that I didn't used to possess. I like feeling a bit like a badass in the weight room, even if I'm only lifting 8-pound free weights.

6. I have learned to stop limiting myself. Getting in shape this year has helped me to stop using the old "But I can't…" crutch. And I believe it really is a crutch. Anyone can find something to let them Move More. Anyone can find ways to Eat Less. Stop selling yourself short and test this theory out. You, like me, may be pleasantly surprised.

7. Moving More and Eating Less is the only thing that seems to work. As challenging as it can be to get started, there is something very basic in this approach. It can be whatever YOU define it to be, but make no mistake, if executed with care and dedication you will see visible changes.



Welcome to Move More Eat Less for 2011.

I'm refocusing my efforts for 2011. I have realized that Moving More and Eating Less is a process—a continual process that requires my attention not just when my jeans feel a bit too snug, but every single day.

I get one life and one body to care for. Period. I'm not willing to throw that responsiblity out the window after feeling what I've felt—both highs and lows—from this past year. I hope to inspire you to make the changes you need to feel the same.

This year, my tools will be regular exercise both in the world at large (running) my gym membership at the YMCA (swimming, weight training, elliptical machine), Weight Watchers online, and of course, planning meals and making the best choices for me and my family.

I've also created a new digital journal tool called the Move More Eat Less Fitness Journal to help anyone who finds that tracking their progess also serves as a great way to preserve their motivation.


This 5.5 x 8.5 size journal set contains 22 pages in printable PDF format and fully layered PSD files and they are designed to help you track how much you move, eat and the progress you make a long the way. Pages include:

• title page
• starting photo page
• starting measurements page
• statement of intentions page
• tools and resources page
• daily tracking pages for food and exercise
• weekview tracking pages for food and excercise (includes your choice of Saturday, Sunday and Monday week start days)
• monthly photo and measurement tracking pages
• journaling pages to document your thoughts and feelings along the way
• before and after photo pages


Pages come two-up on an 8.5 x 11 page for easy printing and trimming and feature my favorite color palette.



I'm using a 5.5 x 8.5 mini binder from Russel+Hazel and page protectors from C-Line to store my pages.


You can also just use a regular 5.5 x 8.5 3-ring binder and three-hole punch your pages.


The point of this journal project is tracking. It's not meant to replace a system you're already using, such as Weight Watchers, or The Daily Plate, or Jenny Craig, but it IS meant to help you continue to track where you are and where you're going.



The set includes Weekview Trackers (featuring week starts on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, depending on when you start an official week) and Daily Trackers.



I've realized this year that being aware of what you eat is key to the process. These pages are designed to help you do just that.

Then once a month, you'll take a photo and your measurements. The project only requires you log your weight monthly. I did this to take some of the focus off of weight as the sole factor to determine your success. It is really only one part of the equation.

The set includes places to journal about your intentions as well as your feelings as you go through this process of literally changing your life.


During this past year, I also documented my journey using templates, and for 2011 I've updated the templates for those of you who also want to record your monthly progress on a scrapbook page.



Again, I'm a firm believer in documenting all aspects of life, and taking steps towards better health and fitness is definitely one of them.

Of course, ANYONE can join in this journey. You don't need a fitness journal to do it. And if you are in, here's a blog banner for you to download and share on your own blog (PC users, right click to download the file, Mac users, Control Click and Save Image As):


I will be posting monthly, just as I have all year long, sharing with you my own successes and struggles with this process.

My goal is to live a healthy and full life in 2011. I don't intend to starve myself and deny myself sex muffins and Stephen's Hot Cocoa. But, I DO intend to make sure my treats are in moderation and that most of what I put into my body is nourishing and healthful.

I also intend to keep my butt Moving More in every possible way I can find to make that happen.

I would love to have you join me.

What do you say? Is this your year?


If you have any questions about this new journal project, be sure to post them in the comments. Also, in the name of fitness and better health, please check back here during the 1st week in January for a pretty cool fitness related giveaway.

I've also started a flickr group for Move More Eat Less. Feel free to start sharing your pages beginning in January. You will find the group by clicking here.


Cathy ZielskeMove More Eat Less 2011…an invitation to you

296 Comments on “Move More Eat Less 2011…an invitation to you”

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    Tonja Trump

    What an awesome, motivational post! I need to get back on track. Thanks for the inspiration CZ! 🙂 (Don’t forget to watch for school closings this week..more snow on the way!)

  2. #3

    I am going to adopt your motto in the new year. I am worried that I will start this journal with gusto and fall off the wagon after a few weeks as usual. It is the keeping going that I struggle with.

  3. #4

    This is wonderful Cathy! I need to get back on track too, this cold winter is not for me and walking anymore. Thanks for creating such a cool way to keep track of what we do. You are truly an inspiration!!

  4. #7

    You’re looking great! And you must be so proud of yourself for all you’ve done this year.

    I’ve lost around 33 pounds since May; I’ve learn how to eat better and less without being hungry 🙂

    Now I’ve just have to MOVE myself to feel better.

    You go girl!!

  5. #9

    Cathy your right now pictures are amazing, I love the one of you laughing. Well done on accomplishing so much in twelve short months ~ 2010 has done you proud!

    I spied the MMEL journal on DD this morning and was puzzling it out. LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea. I’m taking the Wellness Journey at BPC to kick start my year, and will be putting together a journal for myself to use for the whole year.

    Quick question… How adaptable are the layouts as I’d modify them heavily for my own use… and not just resize for A5 UK printing. LOL. I mean changing the details of what to record… like taking vitamins, water, trying new fruit and veg etc

  6. #11

    Woo hoo, thanks Cathy, I think this is just what I need. I’ve started the moving more(hour long really pacey walks) but the eating less, well that’s a little more difficult. Well done on your journey so far.

  7. #13

    thanks for doing this. I started to move more eat less a few weeks ago but this week I am more seeing myself as moving less and eating more. I also noticed that when i am writing down things, it works better so I just downloaded your templates and I am starting the journey now!

  8. #16

    Count me in too! After suffering a brain haemorrhage in Feb this year, my efforts have gone into getting better, and I’ve gained a LOT of the weight I’d lost previously. I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions, but I will definitely take the steps to a new me in January. Thank you! And by the way, you’re looking great!

  9. #17
    Petra from NL

    Cathy, how brave you are to share that picture of you sitting at the table. I really like how colourful the journal looks. I think the journal is a great motivator…

  10. #20

    OK, I’m in! I’ve done better over the last year, definitely eating a lot better than I was, but the exercise has tailed off and lately the food choices have been slipping too so I need to renew my commitment….. But this is clearly a project meant for me, because your little graphic thingy spells out ‘MEL’ (the extra M is decorative, yes?!) I’m in 🙂

  11. #22

    Fabulous, Cathy! I love the concept of these projects, and I wish you all the best as you move more and eat less in 2011. <3

  12. #24

    I’m in! Thanks for the motivation to move more this past year… I hope the Nike challenges continue. You “make” me run more each month.

  13. #25

    LOVE IT! Last year about this time I challenged myself to learn to run and “move more.” Four 5Ks later I did it! This year I want to continue in that and advance to an 8K or 10K. Right now I’m 42 years old; the year I’m 45 {or sooner} I want to run a half.

    Moving more is good for the body, soul and mind. Happy Christmas and New Year ~~ J

  14. #26
    Tammy Eberhard

    Congrats on your success story this past year Cathy! You have been an inspiration for me, at least as far as the “moving more” part goes & your monthly running challenges. This year I am going to join you for the full package — MM AND EL! Cheers to 2011 as the year it is going to happen!

  15. #27
    Nancy McM

    Cathy!!! Oh my gosh, your pictures are just amazing! Congratulations to you. I do want to do this, I am {already} kinda in this process since the end of June when I started the C25k program, finished, ran a 5k, and now have been a gym member for the past month. For me though, I have been WHINING for years now about my job/career, and this past month it has gotten even worse. So reading your post above made me think {yet again} that whining will never change things; “we only get one life to work with, what do I want to do with mine?” So 2011 is the year…

  16. #28
    rosie at 3 rosebuds

    This came at the perfect time for me. I have been off my own goals to MMEL for a few weeks now and I feel like complete crap! I need to refocus and realize that I am 20 pound lighter than this exact time last year and I can RUN (a little) which I couldn’t do this time last year.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the motivation.

  17. #29

    I’m still in the game! I’ve lost a similar amount of weight this year, and I really want to keep it off. I’m doing WW and running, too. 🙂

  18. #30
    Dorothy F

    Thanks so much for designing and sharing this with us. I held my weight loss for 2 years but recently, through lapse of moving, regained 10 pounds. I am so ready to get back on track January 1st and this will be a great help.

  19. #31

    You look fabulous and you ARE fabulous! Because of you I finally joined a gym and started running. Watching your progress, both the good and bad, prepared me for what I was going to go through and that made it much easier. So thank you! I feel so much better and healthier and that benefits not only me, but my family too. Your Move More Eat Less program has changed my life. Can’t thank you enough! xo

  20. #32

    me me me!

    The move more eat less was my goal for this year, and I sorta got there, on the moving part, and then got hurt and stopped, and did NOTHING about the eat less part

    Love it all Cathy!

  21. #33

    This is one of my main struggles right now, and has been for a long time, to feel healthier, and to trim off the extra pounds that have crept on in the past 10 years, bit by bit. And now those bits add up. So your timing is wonderful, Cathy. Thank you for a post full of hope and common sense. I’m in.

  22. #34

    I’ve been moving more now I have to work on the eating less…well actually more…it’s complicated. I’ll whip myself up one of those journals and follow everyone’s progress. Hopefully I will look good in my daughter’s wedding pictures.

    So basically…I’m in!

  23. #35

    Cathy, I’ve been following your journey this year and I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished. You look great!

    I so need to get back on my program. I’ve backslid over the past two months. I’m still moving (two 45 minute personal training sessions per week plus 2 days of cardio) but my eating is totally out of whack. I’ve recently discovered I don’t metabolize carbs at all and to lose weight, I must eliminate virtually all of them from my diet. As a vegetarian, this basically limits me to eggs, cheese, veggies, some soy products for protein and nuts. It doesn’t take long for me to run out of food options, get frustrated/bored and go off my plan.

    I need to focus on the bigger picture and not my immediate food gratification. I need to work within my physical limitations. I watch people at the gym take up running and see the transformations they achieve. Unfortunately, my weight and hip/knee issues keep me from being able to do much more than the elliptical and, on really good days, the treadmill.

    I need this motivation. I’ll be following along with you in 2011.

  24. #36

    Can I focus on a different aspect: Love the logo, and that there are 5.5 x 8.5 page protectors. I found some really nice binders that size, but I wasn’t sure that protectors existed.

  25. #37

    Fabulous post! I’m hoping that 2011 is my year to hit my WW goal. I’m down 78 pounds as of yesterday’s weigh in, I have about 22 more to go. This time next year I would like to NOT be paying for my Weight Watcher’s meetings. Thanks for your motivation and humor and honesty about the whole process. Oh, and thanks again for that cocoa recommendation. I, ahem, appreciated that a whole bunch. 😉 Have a happy holiday, Cathy. Here’s to another fabulous year!

  26. #38

    i remember when you blogged about the reader who said “stop whining about your weight and do something about it.” Well, you certainly have. Instead of hiding in a hole after that comment you came out swinging. Good for you and great job on your weight loss.

  27. #39
    Heather D

    I’m in. My one little word for 2011 is Move. I’ve lost 10 pounds this year, and I found I was most successful when I kept track of what I ate thru a food journal or with WW online. So I’ll be making my own food journal as well.
    And I want to become a runner. Because I don’t think of myself as a lard butt, but that is what I have become. And because my dog would love it if I got him out the door more.

  28. #40

    Now I’ve been thinking back and forth about commenting or not commenting since I read this post a few hours ago. But I’ve decided I need to get this out:

    You’re saying: “If you don’t feel good about yourself, you should eat less.” Yes, I’ve taken out a few words out of your tag line, but that’s ONE way of reading your words. Now, is this REALLY what you want to be saying?

    I am sure you have heard of eating disorders, but have you ever talked to someone suffering from it? Have you ever heard the screwed up logics of someone who honestly believes the answer to EVERYTHING is eating less – preferably nothing at all.

    I had an eating disorder as a teen. That was ages ago, and I’m well now. But I’ve written about it in my blog (it’s in Swedish, though) and every now and then I get comments and emails from parents struggling to get their kids to eat – or rather to DARE eat!

    I do my best trying to give my layman’s advice to these terrified parents – but you know what I think? I think there is an important first step the “community” can take, and that is to take a good hard look at how we look at ourselves and each other – and how we comment and remark and compliment on each other’s looks.

    I’m happy for you, really, honestly glad that you’ve regained your health during this past year, Cathy. I don’t give a shit what you weigh – and I think you were beautiful a year ago too. But there’s a difference between health and looks.

    If you don’t feel good about yourSELF – loosing weight isn’t going to change that. Loosing weight is about HEALTH – not about SELF. Self is something else – and that’s a difference we (women, mothers, people) need to get better at making REAL.

    Sorry for stealing your happy-post like this – but this is an important aspect, that must never be forgot!

  29. #41

    I’m always blown away when I see the January, 2010 vs. the December, 2010 pictures. Yeah for you, Cathy.

  30. #42
    francesca dileo

    oh cathy! i’ve been on and off the bandwagon of moving more eating less twice this year. i just can’t seem to make it stick… i’m in for 2011. perhaps documenting my progress will give me the motivation to continue long enough to make it stick.

  31. #43
    Renee D

    Wow – this is great – you look wonderful – congrats! You really summed up everything I’ve been feeling and know, but chose to ignore. I’m in for MMEL!! Thanks 🙂

  32. #45

    hannak, youd have to add in your own text blocks to customize the wording. I changed all of the type to graphics as most people dont have the Archer font I used. But, if youre PS savvy, its not hard to figure out. Youd just delete, for example, the part that says, Weight, Waist, etc and put in your own typed words.

    Make sense?
    : )

  33. #49

    Petra, that was the shot from Thanksgiving last year that kind of hit me hard and I started to really think about making some changes.

  34. #50

    Kate, dont sell yourself short. I thought the SAME thing last year in January. But I just took it one week at a time. : )

  35. #56

    Pat, Im one who believes you CAN get a really good workout on an elliptical. I am dripping with sweat when Im done. I push it really hard some days, and it is SO gentle on my bad foot and sore knees! : ) Keep it up!

  36. #59

    Deb, that is insane. In. Sane. Amazing. You look amazing. You feel so much better. I dont want to throw anyone off with the cocoa! : ) In fact, Im not sure I can keep having one at night, even though it fits within my daily points. I think the carbs are killing my efforts! GO you!

  37. #61

    Yeah, sometimes tough love works. Not always, but it wasnt so much that i saw it as tough love, but rather, reality. If you want to change something, you have to do something to change it. : )

  38. #62

    OH, your dog would worship you more than ever! ; )

    Good for you. I have a word in mind as well… give. Part of what it will involve is giving my health priority. : )

  39. #66

    I plan to join you. However I plant document me progress only digitally not on paper. Onfact I already started with a new app for the phone.

  40. #67

    No, its always fair game to post.

    I get it. I didnt feel good about my body, my looks, and how it felt when I tried to move.

    I actually said: A year ago I was in a place where I wasnt very happy about how I looked and felt. How I looked and how I felt (not being able to breathe after taking a flight of stairs, couldnt do certain things with the kids out of feeling achey and tired).

    I did not say, as youve paraphrased: If you dont feel good about yourself, you should eat less.

    Just to be crystal clear here.

    What I did figure out during the past year is this: getting in shape isnt about being thin. That is very clear to me. This is what is driving me now: trying to make the best choices to take care of myself. Period.

    Eating disorders are also usually not about food, but control. I just had a nice long chat with a good friend about that one, and she used to work counseling patients with eating disorder patients.

    How I feel about myself has everything to do with neurotic issues that stretch across an entire lifetime than they do with what I look like or how heavy I am.

    Also, my goal isnt to be uber thin. My goal was to move from being 5 pounds away from the clinically obese category and away from the health risks that went with it.

    There is a reason that Move More is first in the equation. But if you are truly overweight as I was, you are not going to get to a healthier weight without also changing the foods that you eat.

    Remember, Im sharing my story. Im not a personal trainer and Im not a nutritionist.

    Im also not promoting eating disorders.

  41. #68
    Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

    Oh yeah. I’m in . . . and I think my daughter will be joining me! We’ve been wanting to do some sort of program together, and this will be PERFECT! I haven’t run since Thanksgiving (sadface) which has been good for my sore ankle . . . but I’m nervous to lace up the shoes to find out how much stamina I’ve lost! Thankfully, I haven’t gained any weight — lost some after going gluten-free . . . but exercise combined with good nutrition, I could be a machine!! 🙂 Thanks, as always, for the motivation!

  42. #69

    Count me in! About a year and a half ago I was running five miles a day easy (slow, but easy) Last week I laced up the shoes and could barely make it around the block. Time to get on the horse again…and looking forward to the results!

  43. #70

    Kathy – I’m not a runner, but I am a swimmer and cycler. keeping ourselves away from the cookie jar and working out in the pool doesn’t just benefit ourselves, it benefits the children we’re raising, by teaching them that fitness and healthy eating isn’t just a fad but really truly is a lifestyle. Having said that, back to the pool for me this week with all the pre-Christmas food festitivities I’m feeling more ‘jiggly’ than I used to!

  44. #71

    Cathy, you are an inspiration! I have been reading your blog all year and I am down forty pounds and working out an hour a day!

    But, I’m losing my “get up and go.”

    I laughed at your Stephen’s Hot Cocoa post and since then have had too many cups to count – NO LIE!!!

    Your post this morning is just what I needed!

    Thanks girl!

  45. #73

    i’m going to join! The first half year just by eating healthy and keep on moving because we’re expecting a baby. Then i will go for the 100%. Thanks for your inspiration!

  46. #74

    Cathy, thank you so much for this. You have been my inspiration to move more and eat less. I started last July after reading of your successes. So now I am 30 pounds lighter. My goal is to feel better physically, to be move active, and to get to a weight where I am not limited as to what I can do. I have much more weight to lose but the jouney thus far has been liberating and satisfying. You are absolutely correct about documenting the process. I’m an Excel geek, so I have spreadsheets set up to log my daily steps and monthly weight (I’m not a runner but I love walking, so I go on daily 2-3 mile walks through my neighborhood). My goal for 2011 is to increase the walking distance and start some weight training.

    I’m taking Ali Edwards One Word class next year. I plan to focus my album on moving more and eating less. My word is “progress” to acknowledge what is changing for the better in my life.

    Thank you again for the inspiration!

  47. #75

    Count me IN!
    I got started on the “eat less” part with WW with their new program 3 weeks ago. (minus 7.2 pounds hurrah) – but I haven’t officially started the move more part …. I know I have to do that too


  48. #76

    Cathy you are such an inpspiration! Unfortunately, I still have to motivate myself and that seems to be where I fall short! I will still try, as I have been. Thanks for your encouragement and your real life stories!

  49. #78

    Good for you Sonia! And i believe the key to Moving More is finding what works for YOU. It can be something different for everyone. I too am just getting into using weights and Im hoping it will continue to help me feel physically good and strong!

  50. #83

    Hallelujah! I started with you in Jan 2010 .. I made some progress, but fell off the wagon when a series of tragedies struck many of my family and friends this year. But I realize that is no excuse to not take care of myself.
    Over the past few days I have been thinking that I really want 2011 to be a new start in many aspects of my life and fitness is tops on the list.
    THANK YOU Cathy for this kit and the Flickr Group. I am IN!!!

  51. #84
    Karen Hobbs

    I started my MMEL journey over 2 years ago. I joined WW online and lost over 25 pounds. But life happens, inertia happens, excuses happen and now I am back exactly where I started. My BFF lost and has kept off a bunch of weight, you are doing great and then there’s me and my personal pity party…sigh. I recently turned 50 and my motto is ‘ what are you waiting for enjoy life now!’ I guess I have not been thinking that watching what I eat and exercising is enjoyable.
    This must stop now!! I must do this!! Being overweight is not enjoyable either! Thank you for continuing to struggle and to encourage me to continue to struggle. I will be copying your journal and moving forward! I look forward to continuing to follow your journey and hope to report positive outcomes to you in the future.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with me.

  52. #85

    I am going to do this. I want to cry reading your journaling because i soooo hear myself and the excuses i make. My plan is to do Weight Watchers in January and hopefully my 22 y/o son who is extremely overweight will do it with me. I think accountability will be key for both of us. Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging and kicking our butts!

  53. #86

    I was browsing Designer Digitals last night and saw the “kit”. I purchased it on the spot! I am hoping this will help give me the motivation I need to lose the 20 pounds I have gained since last March when I quit smoking. I have been following your journey for the past few months, and you are really inspiring. Now it’s time for me to get off my butt! Thank you Cathy!!!

  54. #87

    well, you know me…(I’m one of the ones who told you you should try running outside) I was with you last year, and I’ll be with you this year, too. BTW, I wasn’t the one who told you to quit whining was I? It sounds like something I would say, in one of my less-than-motherly moments. If so…booyah.

  55. #88

    Hi Cathy,

    I’M IN!!! I started my fitness journey in January, 2008, and, 2 years later, had reached my goal of losing 36 pounds. However, like you, I continue to struggle with the process and am now up about 6-7 pounds from where I would like to be. Also, like you, I am interested in focusing on the process as I am an (almost) 48 year old perimenopausal woman and it certainly is not going to get any easier without effort. I also believe that you have to live in the “real world” as far as food goes, and I always say that I don’t want my last meal to have been carrot sticks (nothing against carrot sticks or anything but if I met my maker after a nice hunk of chocolate cake I would go out happy, if you know what I mean!) Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  56. #89

    Congrats on all the hard work you’ve done! And I sure know it is!! I made 2010 the year to get started on a better me too and I’m currently down 57.7lbs and still moving in the downward direction! Not done, but eating less and moving more for sure! Trying to find that balance between living life and making sure I take care of me for myself, but also for my whole family! I’m hoping to make goal in 2011 though I know it’s still a long road ahead… I’m ready for the challnge!! Bring it on!

  57. #90
    Chris A.

    I’m in, too, just downloaded the journal!

    You look fantastic, Cathy! I’ve enjoyed watching your progress all year and all the while thinking, “well, if you (me) would have started, just think what you could have been like.”

    I’ll be using your journal, along with The Carb Lovers Diet, moving more and also adding coconut oil to my diet (found out about coconut oil from the How Does She blog: and the book she recommended, The Coconut Oil Miracle: which I got from the library).

    Thanks for being such an inspiration and not just in scrap booking!

  58. #91

    Hi Cathy;
    I’m a long-time fan and reader of your blog – and you 🙂 I also met you at CKU Vancouver way back when ! Anyway, it’s time to comment about how much I enjoy your blog, and compliment you on your amazing success in pursuing your health and fitness goals this year. HUGE CONGRATS !

    I have really appreciated your honesty about the ups and downs. I’ve lost 52 pounds since June 25 and there were a few days in there where your blog writings helped spur me on. Really – for that I offer my sincere thanks.

    I wish you continued success in the new year ! (Oh and I’ve enjoyed your reno stories too – personally I am in Week #14 of what was supposed to be a 1-week bathroom-only reno. But that’s another story !)

    Merry Christmas from Vancouver ! Sincere holiday wishes to you and your lovely family.

  59. #92

    A year ago I had lost over 20 pounds and was in great shape. Somewhere along the way I lost control and quickly spiraled back to an even more weight than when I started. I’m so ready to get back into shape and this time stay there. Let’s do this!

  60. #95

    Dana, congrats on quitting smoking! That is part of where my gaining weight came from. I used to smoke like a train. Food or smokes? Doh. No brainer. But Im coming up on 5 years of being quit and I really have hit a place where I kind of loathe smoking now. Very happy Im no longer one of them!
    : )

  61. #97

    Amen! I want food in the real world as well. And like you, the perimenopause thing is only making the weight thing trickier!

    Im still learning to find ways to enjoy things I love in moderation. That is probably the hardest thing for me right now, and the one that I have the most trouble wtih.

    Good luck!

  62. #100

    I take your challenge 🙂 On the 1st it will be a mth that I started my get moving eat less you could say. Actually because of you its why I started. I started to do something I thought was NEVER gonna happen. I am running. (did I just write that!) Its actually fun. I haven’t run in 3 days and already feel strange. About to get my running shoes on and get on my treadmill right after I finish up my boys room (considering that a warm up) I can’t wait to see my journal process 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!

  63. #102

    Go Ellie! Run! : ) Its a weird thing, if running clicks for you. I mean, it is still weird to me, and I dont necessarily run completely pain free either. But man, it just makes me feel so good in other ways. : )

  64. #103
    Heather Tarrant

    Cathy, I’m so proud of you! Is that weird to be proud of someone you’ve never actually met?!? Well, I am! I started moving more, eating less with you last year using your other monthly template. But I am super excited about this new template!! I find that I do better, when I’m organized and writing everything down. And its more inspiring to do it on a cute template! Thank you so much for creating it! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

  65. #104
    Jocelyne Hayes

    If I weren’t 13-weeks pregnant I’d join you for the whole thing. However, just because I can’t focus on the Eat Less portion, it doesn’t mean I can’t focus on the Move More portion (which I have been and I feel SO much better with this pregnancy than with my first – SO MUCH better). And I think I should focus on Eat Better as well. So for the 1st 7-months my mantra will be Eat Better, Move More. Then I will slowly switch over to Eat Less, Move More.

  66. #107

    Your entry today really hit me. In a good way. Today is my son’s 6th birthday. I weigh more now than I did when I went in to the hospital to give birth. (He is my youngest.) After deciding multiple times to lose the weight, this morning, I woke up thinking I’ve had enough. I need to stop saying I’ll “move more and eat less” and actually do it. Then I read your entry for today and I was inspired even more. I am joining you on the quest to move more and eat less. But I’m not starting on January 1st. I’m starting today. Six years of being very overweight is enough.

    Thank you for the inspiration

  67. #108
    Beth H

    I’m recommitting for 2011. I just started WW again and I think the new points system is helping me really focus again. I had done the old one before several times so I’m liking the newness of this. I’m also perimenopausal and am realizing that I need to take better care of my body and mind these days — I just don’t bounce back like a 20 or 30 something. I love the journal too. I’m down 2.6 pounds my first week. I find the 2nd and 3rd weeks are the hardest. Thanks for the inspiration.

  68. #109

    I’m in. In the last year and a half, I have lost 20 pounds,started running again, and feel so much better. I plan to continue this process right along with you Cathy and hope my husband will join me this year.

  69. #110

    You can do it Nicole. You can be in better shape and reap the benefits from it. It doesnt mean we all have to be thin people. Not at all. Just in shape, and taking care of ourselves!
    : )

  70. #111

    OK…have you been reading my mind. I was just thinking I would like to keep a photo journal like you did last year with a template for each month, and low and behold there it is done for me. I will be turning 50 in 2011 and would like to look much better (and feel) than I do at 49, I am fairly good at diets it is the moving part that I struggle with especially in the winter (I am in MN too). So hopefully this new motto will help me toward my goals. Thanks so much for doing this it helps getting started to be that much easier!

  71. #112

    Im hoping to see a loss this week. Ive actually gone up in the past two weeks, but… i sort of ate like crazy during a snowstorm last weekend, and then got back on track with normal portions etc.

    This week, its all looking up!

  72. #113

    Yeah, Cathy! That is an amazing accomplishment! I lost 15 pounds since June by just eating less. But, I need to lose quite a bit more and the only way that is going to happen is to get the Move More part. So, I joined a Masters swimming program at my kids’ swim club. Starting tonight! I may only be able to swim 25 yards before I hurl, but I will conquer the Move More part this year 🙂 And, if my kids are critquing my swimming, I better get better quickly 😉

  73. #114

    Here are some options for the supplies. I didn’t read all of the comments, so I’m not sure if anyone else has done this yet. OfficeMax 5.5 x 8.5 “memo” binders 1 inch: and 2 inch: versions. These are black, non-view versions. Those Russel & Hazel binders are adorable, though, and what cute colors! They match your pallette perfectly! OfficeMax should also have the 5.5 x 8.5 sheet protectors in-store. I bought some a while back for a different project. I can’t for the life of me find them on their website though. Can’t remember the price, but I think they were less than the ones you linked to on Amazon, plus if you buy in-store, there’s no shipping charges! I also noticed your “fitness journal” is on sale right now at DD for $11.99 (reg. price $14.99)! I’m thinking about doing this. It’s kinda scary, though. Thanks for creating this fabulous product and for the constant inspiration you provide to your blog readers! Merry Christmas! And happy “Moving more and eating less” in 2011! You look great!

  74. #115

    Thankyou so much Cathy. I have been going to the gym for two years and have lost and toned but after becoming quite sick back in March i am only just finding my feet so to speak. I love to run and do weights, not so keen on the eclipical(?) machine and i love the rowing machine. This is just what i needed to get my butt into gear. I see all your Nike runs and get so envious:) I am going to download running podcasts to my ipod and i am also wanting to incorporate the couch to 5k in my running. I want to just be able to put my shoes on and run at the drop of a hat. I want my family to join me on this journey and i kinda keep holding back to wait for them but lets face it…they arent going to so the best i can do is make the healthy meal choices for all of us and do the exercise bit for myself. Thankyou…my mantra i have written on my bathroom mirror is….*if it is to be, then it is up to me*……im going to put up *Eat less, Move more* as well.Thanks for the inspiration…..I love the idea of tracking everything. In your gorgeous journal, thankyou for designing it:)

  75. #116

    Thank you for your good idea and I will follow it! I’ve downloaded your program … And I’ll do it in my moleskin! Good for you, and inspires!

  76. #118
    Tricia C.

    I’m in! I have been following you over the last year and this year I am getting off the bench (or couch) and in the game! Weighting in at WW tomorrow night after falling of the wagon in September.

  77. #119

    Brilliant idea – I’m in! You’ve been great inspiration this year and I’ve already signed up to WW online which I’ve been using sporadically for the past few months. It’s time to commit properly though!

  78. #120
    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Hi Jenny! I was about to leave a comment and saw your post. In my early 20’s I suffered from bulimia. I had gone through a difficult time in my life with depression/ anxiety and due to some side effects to medication- I gained 100 lbs on my already 5’8 -165lb frame in a years time. I had already had issues with emotional eating before and the weight gain just complicated things more. I continued to binge and felt so out of control. My Doctor was very unsupportive and I felt quite overwhelmed to what was going on. To control the issue myself after bingeing, I began purging. It was awful cycle, that I finally received help for soon after. It was all about control looking back. Overeating was and is a comfort. The purging became my own way of “fixing” what I would put in my mouth. I do believe it is about the whole SELF package. Body, Mind and Spirit.

    Cathy has been such a wonderful role model for myself and many others. Bringing her daily honest weight struggles out there. Her approach of moving more, eating less is one I have heard from my own Doctor. Yes, with all health issues there is also more individual complexities as we both know too well. I applaud you for your own help to others. Sharing your own struggles.

  79. #122

    I love it, CZ. I’m with ya! My favortie quote of late, spotted in a WW mag–“If nothing changes, nothing changes.” That was MY “Duh!”

  80. #124

    You’re inspiring as always; way to take control and totally make health and fitness a part of your lifestyle!

    I’ve really been struggling with depression since this summer, and as a result the pounds have piled on and my activity level has plummeted. I joined WW two weeks ago, and I feel better already. I’m sure part of it is just knowing that I am taking control of my life, but the focus on lots of veggies and fruits is helping too. I’m finally feeling clear-headed again, and starting to get motivated to hit the trail.

    To avoid getting too caught up in the numbers on the scale, I’m setting goals for 2011 (number one goal: climb Glacier Peak in WA!) that require me to focus on fitness instead…but there’s also a trip to Maui with friends coming up at the end of February, and it would be nice to feel comfortable in my bathing suit!

    (Wow, instead of updating my own dusty old website I apparently leave incredibly long-winded comments on other people’s blogs. Sorry!)

  81. #126

    I’ve been watching your progress all year Cathy. Your transformation is amazing and you should be so proud of your hard work. All year I’ve been reading your daily workout updates on Facebook and storing them away in my subconscious. I won’t lie – some days they irked me. Most days, though, they inspired me to get the point I am at now, which is ready to start working on my physical condition. All of the things you said in this post have struck a chord. Thanks so much for the inspriation – I will certainly be joining your effort this year!

  82. #127

    I want to do this…I need to do this…I’m going to do this! I’ll never be the ME I deserve to be if I don’t. At almost 55 yrs old, menopausal, and 100+ pounds overweight, the only health issue I have is severe arthritis in one ankle…and I want to keep it that way!! I am a self-proclaimed sloth who hates exercising just to exercise. However, I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and participated in a 1/2 marathon in November, mainly as a challenge to myself. I did manage to cross the finish line on my own two feet, even though I didn’t actually complete the whole 13.1 miles. I really, really, really struggled…I had to laugh when the older woman using a walker passed me up!… because I didn’t train the way I should have (that whole sloth/hate to exercise thing!). I would like to do another 1/2 in March (3 days after my birthday!) and this time I want to really be prepared. So this will be great motivation for me!

  83. #128

    Yes, this is MY YEAR! I’m going to download the journal now…thanks so much for all the inspiration. What an amazing year you’ve had…..

  84. #129

    OK, I’ve been following along with your journey for some time now and have marveled at what you’ve accomplished. I’ve laughed at your stories and quietly cheered when you finished your first 5K. I’ve even ooo’ed and ahhhh’ed over your great pink running shoes and your iPod play list. Your Lucy running skirt is adorable and very flattering. I don’t even run but I find myself wanting one none the less.
    But it’s time I stop living vicariously through your journey and actually take an active part in the process. So, I’m in. I’m committing to move more and eat less. I see a bumpy road ahead but at least I’m going to be on it.

    Thank you for the inspiration and motivation Cathy!


  85. #130

    Thank for the inspiration Cathy. I started at the new local gym last Jan and had a roadblock of almost 2 months with a sprain. Back and determined I went for the rest of the year, and despite European trips and such with some mighty fine food, I did lose 5 lb. Now that doesn’t seem like much but as you say I now LIKE the exercise and miss it when I can’t go. I am much more toned and had an almost ! flat muffin area. I also just bought a smaller size jeans – 14. Wow.

    After our last trip to Italy, where I again held my own weight, I have had some excisions at the dermatologist and have not been able to exercise for the past month. Ditto the upcoming month till the stitches come out of my toe. I am going to start again with the yoga dvds and at least be stretching. hth.

    Good size btw, esp to be able to print 2 pages on one sheet of paper! cya next month!

  86. #131

    Thanks to you and your Move More Eat Less journey of this past year, I jumped on board and have lost 39.2 pounds to date. Started in April and my goal was just 5 lbs a month – for a goal at Christmas of 40 pounds lost. I’m ALMOST there!!!! One more WW weigh-in for me before Christmas. Hoping for that .8 lbs (or more) this week.

    I’m glad you also mentioned to journal/track those “non-scale” victories as well….fitting into new jeans, feeling better, being more active. It’s not all about the number on the scale. Congrats on your successes!! I’m on board for 2011! Can’t wait to see what your fitness giveaway is…..I so need to concentrate a bit more on the moving more piece…that’s my mini-goal for 2011.

  87. #133

    I am IN Cathy. I started running in the spring because of you. I slacked off during part of the summer. I restarted in the early fall. I fell off the wagon again in October and November. I finally got a gym membership at the beginning of December, but I still haven’t REALLY gotten fully back on the bandwagon. That starts next sunday 🙂
    I also definitely need to get back to tracking my food. I’ve realized I may THINK I’m doing good with my food, but I’m just not. I’m a calorie counter, not a WW-er, but it worked for me for a bit. I’m also a card carrying member of hte Jillian Michael’s cult, LOL!
    I’ve been getting to the gym 2x a week or so this month, doing at least 2 miles on the treadmill each trip. Next week will start 3x’s a week with 2 days of Jillian and 2 days of rest. I’ve learned that I’m one of those people who is going to HAVE to workout 5 or 6 times a week if I want to keep the weight off. And only running isn’t enough.
    Now I just need to get into the right mindset, and STICK WITH IT ALL YEAR. I have to stop this 3 months on, 2 months off, nonsense. I’m yo-yo-ing with my weight like crazy and I hate it!
    So. MM.EL. 2011. Let’s DO THIS!

  88. #134
    Pilbara Pink

    Hi Cathy, this is genius and I am so in! I lost a stack of weight two years ago (around 148lbs) but have found maintenance really difficult – swinging up and down as much as 35lb as I get my head around the idea there is no finish line. Really looking forward to tracking along with you. Bonus for me it that I have been wanting to try Photoshop but until now had not had a project that was more important than my reluctance to learn a new computer programme. Looks like I get two goals in one 😉

  89. #135
    Karen Malloy

    i will most definitely be joining you. i lost about 45 lbs on WW about a year ago and have slacked of. i have gained about 10 back. boo! i will be 45 in April and want to lose my last 45. excited to get moving.

  90. #136

    Ingunn, those are great goals to have! You can do it! I know that moving more helps my mental health every day. : )

  91. #137

    I know sometimes people who push exercise can seem highly annoying. LOL! I just know this: it has made me feel better physically and mentally!

  92. #138

    GO Tinka. Just remember to walk/jog the miles you need for that next 1/2 so you don’t injure anything! Plus, try to find some other exercises that might seem less tortuous. : ) Good luck!

  93. #140

    Good for you Niki. It can be a bumpy road. It’s hard to adopt new habits. While I feel like I’m getting the exercise down fairly well, I still struggle with wanting to inhale foods that I know aren’t going to make me feel any better. Slow and steady!

  94. #144
    Lori H

    I’m in!! I have been following your blog and you amaze me. Eat Less Move More- how do you do that in MN winters- I have to figure it out as I am so not happy with my body and the way I feel. I have started following the 3 C’s of Life=Choices, Chances and Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change. That fits nicely with Eat less Move More and I plan to hold myself to it this year (2011) I even told my husband about it so he will keep me on track he is my motivator and helps me through life changes along with great BFF’s. Thanks Cathy for posting and making us all accountable in what we do.

  95. #145

    Stop dieting. Eat what you want when you are hungry, including carbs, sugar whatever. The secret is portion control. I paid over 25,000 at an eating disorder facility to finally learn this. When you understand this, food no longer becomes an issue and when you eat this way, your body returns to its natural set point by itselt, automatically. Our bodies are like well oiled machines and they do return to their set point. Its’ true! No more dieting. Magic.

    Good luck.

  96. #146
    Julie S.

    I’ve been following your progress and agree with all who call you an inspiration! Thanks for creating these templates… I can’t wait to put them together!

    I’m wondering about printing double sided… would the easiest be to align the PSD pages? I’m planning on using a bind-it-all to put together a book for each month and I hate to think of all that wasted space!

  97. #147

    Cathy, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your journey with us and for designing this great fitness journal! I am totally in and can’t wait to download it and get started. For the past few months a good friend of mine has been talking to me about a 9 mile race in Big Sur this spring and has been encouraging me to join a few ladies. I really want to but felt deep down I couldn’t do it. I have never ran that long in my life and haven’t run at all for over a year. I just turned 47 last week and used my age as an excuse not to commit to this. I also used the fact that I would have to fly out there, stay in a hotel, etc. as an excuse not to do this. What if I pay all this money and I can’t run that far? Reading your post today has me really thinking, especially the part about not limiting myself. What if I can do this? It would feel so amazing. I am now seriously considering it.

  98. #148

    Thank you. I’ve decided to join your endeavor. In fact, I asked for Photoshop for Christmas so I can jump on board with your templates. A year ago I saw a picture of myself that I hardly recognized I had gained so much weight. I thought, “No more pictures until I lose the extra weight! Ugh!” And you know what happened? Just that. A YEAR went by and I don’t have any pictures with my friends or family. How sad that I missed out on capturing so many memories for that reason! Seeing your post and the way you write about weight – heck yes, I’m with you. I can do this. Not just for pictures, but to go back to being engaged with life and those around me! Thanks for being an inspiration.

  99. #149

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I am very excited to give it a try. I went to and purchased it but I can’t open it. I’m not super computer savvy but I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have Windows Vista and the updated Adobe Reader. When I click on the link to unzip it I get an error message that says “Adobe reader could not open it because it’s not a supported file….” It’s a PDF, correct? Any ideas on how I can open the file?

  100. #150
    Kelly R

    you are such an inspiration! i loved seeing the progress you made this year…you look fabulous!
    i really hope to move more and eat less in 2011. my biggest struggle is finding the time. i am a SAHM of three and there just never seems to be enough hours in the day.
    thanks for the fitness journal pages…off to check them out now. i really think this is something that could help me out. i hardly ever print photos and if i do they definitely aren’t of me. i know if i looked at myself in pictures i would not like what i see. so this may be something that motivates me just a little bit more.

  101. #151

    I’m in. I’ve loved your posts this past year and have been motivated to move more myself. I’m having a tough time adjusting back to the treadmill, but I’m going to tough it out while my mean streets are unrunable.

  102. #153
    Linsey H

    Ah, Cathy, it is AMAZING! Everytime I have a ‘ugh, I hate my un-motivated butt’ sort of day because I didn’t stick to my plan for my diet, you seem to have an awesome-ly motivational MMEL post on your blog. Thanks!

    This year I have lost 35 pounds by moving more, eating less, and writing down *nearly* every little thing I put in my mouth. I am up 4 pounds from where I was, but still, 35 pounds is nothing to shake a stick at. (Unless it is part of the moving more for the day.)

    Got a copy of Jamie’s Food Revolution and have LOTS of recipes tagged. Can’t wait to get back in the kitchen. I really need to slim down some of his recipes, but they look SO good. And do-able!

    Love the new MMEL journal. And I already have a binder that size! Ah, you just made my day!

  103. #154
    Kim Heggins

    thanks for the motivation….I say the same thing every January but then fall short, so thank you for all the time and effort that you put into this and I am really looking forward to making it work!

  104. #155

    I’m in! I’m not even waiting ’til Jan. 1, I’m downloading the journal and starting tomorrow! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  105. #156
    Christine H

    I’m in! From JUN2009 to DEC2010, I have lost 110 lbs. But I still have 30 to go. My goal is to get that done in 2011 (but no guilt, insane scale trauma or starvation allowed). I gave myself permission to slack these last two weeks of the year….holiday food, crazy work stress, debating if it is time to let the 20 year old cat move on to her next life, etc, etc. Feeling no guilt and whatever the scale says after these two weeks is just fine. Looking forward to getting even healthier yet! And hearing from you!

  106. #158

    love this idea Cathy, count me in! 🙂

    I’m off to download the journal. I’ll be using your journal whilst following the Eat Right 4 Your Type health plan.



  107. #159
    Bridget in Minnesota

    I’m in!

    Here is something I learned a few weeks ago. If you make chocolate reduced-sugar Nesquik with water rather than milk, it’s not great but it is far fewer calories to pretend you’re having rich hot chocolate!

    The bigger treat was that my hands felt warm, in our beautiful-but-drafty old house!

  108. #160

    Count me in! I haven’t been following your blog for too long but have enjoyed your MMEL posts. I ran a 5K back in May, but have lost all momentum since then. Have been looking into WW online also and I think this is just the push I needed. I am down 15 pounds for the year (which is frustrating b/c I had been down about 35 which means yes, I gained about 20 back. Still counting it as a loss and better still not a ten pound gain as in years past. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  109. #161
    Dawn Morgan

    Oh HELL yes sister! I am right there with you. I not only need, but WANT to get my big ol’ butt off the couch and start getting fit. I asked for an elliptical trainer for Christmas and since my husband told me to just buy it, I know I’m getting it! Can’t wait to start using it. I am also a huge fan of weight watchers online and am so excited about their new points system. So, I WILL be joining you on this journey. Can’t wait to see some results.

  110. #162
    Heidi Crose

    This may be just what I need. I’ve been working out religiously (4 to 5 times a week, sometimes twice a day, and usually 1000 calories per workout burned) for the last 2+ years, I’ve been tracking what I eat for almost a year now, and my arms still wobble when I write on the white board. (As a teacher this is highly embaressing! 🙂 ) You would think I’d have a lower BMI after all of that!!

    This book is just so pretty! Maybe having all of my information in one place will show me that I really AM making progress, even if it can’t be seen in real life. It will give me motivation to keep going.

  111. #163
    Suzanne C

    Hi Cathy, thanks for sharing your wonderful journey and for the fantastic journal. Congrats on a wonderful 2010 and your success with weight loss, running and being a great inspiration to other.

    I was inspired by you to join Weight Watchers online and have found it very easy to follow and I have really noticed I am making healthier choices instead of eating the rubbish I was eating before. I have only lost 3 kg (in the last 5 weeks), but I have to say I feel great already – my blood pressure has also come down to the normal range instead of the high normal which for me is amazing! I will be doing the MMEL Journal in the new year and am dragging my husband and hopefully my BFF with me.

    Thanks again for being a great inspiration.

  112. #164
    Terrie Weber

    i’m down, cathy! i’ve been slowly working up to a 60% (with 100% poor self-esteem and being bummed with myself) but i need to be 100%.

    thanks for the inspiration!
    u look awesome, girl!

  113. #165

    I am in. I am down 26 pounds from July. Walking hard everyday…. considering running, but haven’t quite chewed on that enough in my head yet. I feel fantastic, but know that in with 34 pounds to go, I will feel even better. You have been an INCREDIBLE source of inspiration for me – with your effort, honesty and comedy. It’s not a short term fix… this is forever. Thank you Cathy – for inspiring me to get my butt off the couch and my head out of the bag of chips!

  114. #166

    Cathy – you are amazing! And thank you so much for putting this together. Count me in for 2011.

  115. #168

    You’ve been an inspiration to me this year… and seeing what you’ve done is amazing. I was doing good mid-year 2010, but I’m still the smoker on the porch complaining that I need to MMEL. I’m thinking 2011 may be my year. thanks for sharing your transformation and journey. (watching biggest loser also helps motivate!) 🙂

  116. #169
    Lourdes Quintero

    Count me in! At the beginning of December I wrote down a simple birthday goal (12/28), weigh less on my birthday than I did on the first day of the month. I am down 6lbs so far and I feel great about being able to achieve this goal!!! I am looking forward to moving more and eating less in 2011.

    I start my WW on Wednesdays, will I be able to change the template easily?

  117. #171
    Jan B

    Kathy, this is just genius. It’s everything I’m looking for – and in a beautiful, peaceful design. You’ve included absolutely everything I’d want in the journal pages. I love that it’s NOT a diets. Diets have gotten me in the trouble I’m in! I’m so up for this using your approach and journal. Thanks so much! I’m to make a few purchases!

    Merry Christmas!

  118. #172

    I wish that could work for me Danielle, but right now, I dont really seem to be able to listen to my body just yet. Hoping to in the future. Hoping to get there.

  119. #173


    Thank you so much for sharing your journey to healthy this year. You motivated me to lose baby weight that I’d been carrying for 9 years. I’m back to a healthy BMI after losing more than 30 lbs.

    Love the journal. Will use it in 2011 to continue the process. Wish I had tracked my journey in 2010, but I didn’t.

    Thanks again for getting me moving and just watching what I eat. For me the eating thing hasn’t been such a sacrifice, it is the moving part that makes me drag sometimes.

    Merry Christmas.

  120. #174
    Jen McGuire

    Cathy, you are truly inspiring.I bought the kit and I am in. I have to get the eating thing in check. I ran (slowly) in three half marathons this year, but only lost 2 pounds, so obviously I am consuming too many calories.

    When I get busy, I fail to record what I’m eating. That can no longer be an excuse because I am always going to be busy. Being a working mom is always crazy! I just need to make this a priority. I’d like to lose 32 before I turn 42 on October 2.

    Thanks for sharing your stories with us. I can totally relate (except to the looking fabulous part — but I hope to be there). Thanks for making me laugh, too. I think my husband wants the recipe for sex muffins!

  121. #178

    Time is a very hard thing to find and make, but it can be done, even if its just in little 15 minute increments of moving more. Good luck to you!

  122. #181

    The files come in PSD as single page files as well. So you may have to set up double sided printing that way? Im not sure what to tell you because printers all handle files a bit differently. The PDFs arent set up to be printed double sided and end up in a sensible order. : ) Hope that helps!

  123. #185

    I send you a virtual hug, from one ex pack a day smoker on the porch to another. Dont beat yourself up. You know as well as I do that where smoking is concerned, no one can tell you what to do. God knows thats how i felt. I wasnt going to smoke around people and force them to breath the air, but I sure wasnt going to stop for any reasons other than my own.

    Hang in there. When its supposed to be, it will be!
    : )

    You CAN do it.

  124. #186

    Its really NOT a diet. Its tracking. And its moving. And its being accountable for the change you want to see! : )

    good luck!

  125. #189

    Jill, thats amazing. Seriously. Walking is working. Dont push to running if youre doing so well as is. Be proud, woman! : )

  126. #190

    Cathy, I’m in! You are so inspiring and you look amazing! I’ve followed your journey over the past year and kept telling myself that I too could do this. Now I will. 2011 will be the year. I hope to become a runner in 2011 (keep your fingers crossed.). Quick question – do all of your meals/recipes come from weight watchers? Where do you get your healthy meal ideas from? Any recommendations on websites or cookbooks?

  127. #191
    Jenny B.

    Cathy, I’ll be honest. I avoided reading this post all day yesterday. That should tell you something about how that I know I NEED to do this with you but how much I think I don’t want to. Ha! As I was reading through, I kept thinking, “but I don’t want to run, and I don’t want to go swimming, and I don’t want to lift weights…” Then it dawned on me that I don’t have to do all of that just because YOU do it. I just need to MOVE MORE and EAT LESS. For me, moving more could be walking to the mailbox and back. Seriously. So, I CAN move more, and it doesn’t haven’t look like it does when you do it. I’m typing all of this for my own benefit, of course. Thank you for the invitation. I want to say that I will “try” to do it with you next year, but instead, I will focus on some wise words: Do or do not. There is no try. 🙂

  128. #192
    Jenny B.

    A question about the templates: Do the journal psd files have the same colors as the pdfs? I would like to tweak the alignment just a bit so that I can print them off and have them bound with a plastic spiral binding (like a notebook) at my office supply store. I want to leave some white space in the margins so there will be room for the binding, but I would love to keep the look of the printables. Thanks!

  129. #193

    I am seriously mulling this journal over… I could geek out over this (in a good way)! I have lost about 40 pounds over the past 18 months and want to lose another 30ish. My mojo has stalled lately. This may be the jump kick I need. God knows, pretty paper makes everything better. Thanks for putting this together – it is a feast for the eyes!

  130. #194

    Cathy–I have been following you all year–but doing nothing for myself. I had some major depression this year after the doc took me off HRT after 13 years. Sleeping 14 hours a day is definately not moving more! I am now 53 Menopausal, and ready to do something–I think I may try WW online and moving more–won’t take much to move more after last year. 🙂 I hope I can have some cool before and after pictures next december!

  131. #195

    Bingo! You totally dont have to do what Im doing, but… you can walk. Maybe you can take a yoga class, or do a home DVD workout! Many things to just move more. Even doing laundry and house cleaning with gusto counts! : )

  132. #198
    Laura Beek

    Saw this on Yahoo today and instantly thought of you!
    2. The best cold-fighting weapon may be your tennis shoes.
    Your medicine cabinet may be stocked with the latest cold-fighting medicines, but when it comes down to it, experts say the best way to protect yourself isn’t with a pill, but by breaking a sweat. Appalachian State University researchers have studied how the immune system and viruses are affected by exercise, and the findings are fascinating: Any exercise, however limited, is great. The researchers say that if you really want to ward off colds this winter, you’re best off working out at least 5 days per week—but no marathon-training is required. A brisk 30-minute walk 5 times per week does the trick to cold-proof your immune system. “Mild exercise is good as it moves the blood around the body and also moves the immune white cells around to search for infection,” says Dr. Eccles.

  133. #199

    Laura, love this! And i swear, Ive been living this all year. No real sick days, or even colds. Im convinced that it has so many benefits other than weight loss!

  134. #200
    Chris A.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to re-size the PSD’s to fit in my planner (video tutorial on resizing templates can be found on the DesignerDigitals Blog here: Hopefully that link will work. I love that 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 notebook you purchased Cathy. After all the Christmas $$$ have had time to settle, I may purchase it and use it to put my monthly progress layouts in. For not it will help me to keep track of everything in my planner.

  135. #202

    im in… 2 years ago I reached my fitness/weight/wellness goal and felt a million dollars

    today I am back at square one…not sure how it went so pear shaped (literally)

    this will be the kick start I need…thanks

  136. #203

    Hi Jenny, I read your comment and I have been thinking about this for over a day now. The conclusion I have come up with is that I am assuming you do not live in the US. And if you have ever lived in the US then you would know that our portions are incredibly huge here. I read somewhere that the average size of the dinner plate and doubled if not trippled from 50 years ago. So I think the phrase “eat less” is absolutly applicable to the case of Americans over eating. And if you know anything about Weight Watchers is that they teach you about portion control and limiting calories per day. If you know what buffets are, they are very popular here. I would assume an average sit down at a buffet could be a day or two of calories and thats just in one meal. Yes eating orders are very important to understand. But the eat less concept for must of us here, is just to eat your normal amount of calories and not what our American society tells us to.

  137. #205

    Hi Cathy,

    Count me in! You were inspiring and uplifting this past year and I want that for myself—feeling fit, firm and fine! Thank you for the nudge and for putting together a great tracking system!

  138. #206
    Lisa H

    Count me in. 2010 was the year of eat more and move less in my household and it shows. I am ready for the eat less move more movement! Thanks Cathy you are an inspiration!

  139. #207

    You should know how adored you are! You are a beautiful person inside and out. I really appreciate your honestly, admire your hard work and look forward to all you continue to give. I am always learning from you. Congratulations and good luck on every future endeavor-and not in a stalkerish way;)

  140. #209

    Hi Cathy!
    Love your journal for MMEL! The only thing that would make it even more user friendly would be a 2 page spread for menu planning! It always helps me stay on track if I plan ahead! Looking forward to making myself accountable!

  141. #210

    Like most I’ve been reading your journey this year and I hate to admit I’ve thought “good on you Cathy, I should probably do that too” and just sat on my butt reading blogs etc on my computer. But as a 44 (not too far off 45)year old woman I knew I should be doing something about my fitness & weight and something clicked when reading your blog a couple of Sundays ago – upshot being I joined WW online and started joining hubby at the gym a couple of mornings a week! So thanks for the kickstart, I look forward to seeing how we all go this year..

  142. #211

    Count me in too! I turned 40 this year, and to my horror the weight has crept on over the past ten years. I have developed high cholesterol and am at risk of diabetes. I have four babies who need me to be healthy. I need to focus on ME. You are inspiring me to change. Thank you, and well done for all you have achieved this year.

  143. #212
    Jeanne Ann

    Watching you over the past year has been inspiring me to get off my duff and do something. Of course the excuse has been I don’t have the time. My Little Word for 2010 has been “Change”. I did change in so many ways for the better but the weight and fitness area was not one of them, so I made an executive decision while reading your blog entry. I will do “More” in 2011 to better myself in all areas, especially the weight and fitness areas. I have downloaded your MMEL fitness journal and templates and will be setting those up to get started on January 1. Thank you so much Cathy for inspiring me yet again. I have been a scrapbooking follower for years and my favorite layout I scraplifted from you is “Blink”, and I look forward to 2011!

  144. #218

    No. You can print out the pages using Adobe Acrobat, a free program from Adobe. Then you will handwrite your info.

    The set does included layered PSD files for those digital scrapbookers who want to customize their colors, or do the project in a more digi fashion!

  145. #220
    Stephanie Howell

    alright, i’m in sister. not sure if you know this, doula, but having twins makes your tummy look like a deflated macy’s thanksgiving day parade float. it’s hot.
    you, by the way, are such an inspiration to me. blessed to be able to call you a friend. xxo

  146. #221

    I’m in!! I lost 36lbs from feb 2009 to march 2010. BUT…I started to “backslide” and gained 10 – 15lbs. back. Time to Kick that butt in gear again and get that (and a little more) off this year. Thanks for all your inspiration on this subject. I’m ready to go!

  147. #222

    I will give you specialized attention, mlady.

    Plus, you just had TWO babies, remember. Please remember that, my gorgeous friend. : )

    Of course, Im still milking the I just had a baby and Cole is 11. Shhhh. ; )

  148. #225

    I’m totally in for 2011!
    My weight has been up and down over the years – but this time I want to really make a lifestyle change.
    One thing I wanted to let you and your blog readers know – “Run Like a Mother” is currently FREE as a Kindle download on Amazon. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can load an app to read kindle books to your computer, iPhone, or Android phone.

  149. #226
    Katie K.

    Cathy, congrats to you. Back in my old working days as an outpatient nutritionist and cardiac rehab dietitian, my mantra to the folks was “Move more, eat less” It’s simple to say and understand. Of course that doesn’t mean it is simple to do. I admire you creating a resource for yourself and the rest of us with struggles that simplifies part of the process – tracking and getting self-feedback, helping each of us acknowledge our self-worth and what we ARE doing towards our goals. While my struggles are with health issues not quite the same, tracking my daily progress sure would be more fun using a personalized journal like this since my goal for ’11 is to Revive my life, my body, my health. Thanks for turning your dilemma into a creative tool and blessing – Lemons into Lemonade!

  150. #227
    Cathie P

    You inspired me this year to start my own journey to wellness. I started Nov 1st and feel better already. My clothes fit better, I have more energy, and people are noticing a difference! I’m so excited to use MMEL to scrap it all. 2011 is the year to make less of me and rekindle my spirit.
    Thanks for keeping it real.

  151. #229

    I’m in. Was looking for something to journal with! Thanks! Off to Designer Digitals. You are wonderful!
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  152. #232

    Groundhog day:
    Sitting here with bloated belly on Christmas Day.


    I’m sick of this.

    I’m in.

  153. #233
    Sharon in CA and OR

    Cathy, I bought the journaling project and will be right there with you this year. I am going to set a goal of participating in a walk of some kind to keep the moving part, which I find the most challenging.

    I have a few questions: I downloaded my pages and when I printed them, they cut off the box trim on the outside edges – thoughts on why that happened? I used the pdfs to print from.

    Additionally, I am wanting to take my “start” photo and having hard time getting a good shot without me looking contorted and twisted – it feels awkward – any suggestions for taking a photo of yourself in the mirror. I know its sounds like a quirky question – but it feels like “golf” to me…too many parts to keep track of then when I get the shot it does not look at all like a photo of me, more a contorted photo of me. I have seen many shots of folks and they look great – I am probably over thinking it, but wondered if you had any suggestions or what you are thinking to set up this shot? flash off, lights on or off in the bathroom? focus on my face, a focal point in the mirror? Any suggestions would be most appreciated?

    So excited…I am already paying attention to what I am eating and trying to get more moving in to my holiday activities – cross country skiing here I come.

    Thanks again!!

  154. #234


    You’re Thanksgiving pic from last year conjured up feelings I have within myself. I love to eat – I get great enjoyment during those minutes (hours?) I engage in eating, but for ALL OTHER TIMES, I feel lousy about how I look and how I feel. I don’t go places because I don’t want to face people sometimes. I have to tell you that in your Thanksgiving pic you look about 10-15 years older than the current pics of yourself. I see that in pics of myself also. Last year around the holidays I was enjoying a period of weight coming off due to less eating and more moving. Pictures of myself showed the same thing. Is it that we really look younger with less weight on, or is it that those inner feelings of self control, wellness, and strength that we get from taking care of ourselves comes shining through to our external selves?

    Anyway, I would like to take the Move More, Eat Less journey with you and I think the characteristic ‘Cathy’ look of your journal pages will help me to remember that I am not struggling alone – and sometimes it is a daily struggle. I hope I can have the same success that you have had in 2010. If I am not a PS person, will I be missing out on anything in your journal package? If I can print out PDF files, then am I good to go?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a Blessed MMEL 2011!
    From another Cathy in Ohio

  155. #235

    Sharon, when you are printing PDFs, and you bring up the Print window, make sure your Acrobat settings under Page Scaling are set to none. That should do the trick! Keep me posted if it doesnt.

    I do my shot in the bathroom, no flash, about 1600 ISO on the camera. I turn sideways and shoot. I usually shoot from about my mid calf up. I just make the focal point be the center of my body, more or less! : )

    hope this heps!

  156. #236

    Cathy, you do not need PS to do this. All the pages you need are just repeats in PS for those who want to tweak colors etc, of the logos, or do it digitally.

    You can do this. It just takes a bit of focus and effort and the reward of feeling better physicially (and mentally) will begin to pay off.
    : )


  157. #238

    Count me in…. although I am in no way a techie, so I have to have photoshop to use the templates (I want the monthly and the journal)? My word for this year is nurture and what I really mean is nurture me. I give to my children, to my practice, and the past few years I have left me out of the equation. I want that athlete from within to reappear at the ripe age of 46. I have’t done a 5K or a tri since my girls were in strollers. Funny how it was easier back then…now that they are older I am so focused on their activities and academics… that I have forgetten big ole me. So looking forward to it, I have followed your blog and a month or so ago I was going to write to say why not start something like this. So glad you did.

  158. #239

    Elizabeth, you dont need PS for the journal. However, to do the full page layouts, yes, you would need PSE or PS to do them.

    Good luck to you as you get back in the groove! Im right there with ya!

  159. #240

    Okay…been away from reading blogs for about a week now! All I can say is wow! Love this and truely have decided to take on the challenge! I just about fell out of my chair when I saw that pic of you sitting at a (I’m guessing) holiday meal…I have a picture exactly like that that my hubby captured at Thanksgiving this year (except-I have about 20+ more poundage)! It was that pic that pushed me to really want to change, I have even been on the treadmill once since then!
    Thanks again Cathy for the inspiration and the tools to scrap, journal, and keep track of the journey!

  160. #241

    Love, love, love this! I have decided to use Happiness as my word for 2011. I am dedicated to doing everything I can to increase the happiness level in my life. I had already decided that good food and exercise choices needed to be a part of that. So glad to be able to add in your journal pages to my plan!

  161. #242

    Cathy, count me in !!!!! My family and I are moving to Singapore in 10 days and it is my time while the kids are at school and I have no other distractions to Move More and Eat Less !!!!!! Thanks so much for making the journal templates available. Looking forward to seeing how everyone goes.

  162. #243
    Megan Renfree

    Oh this is cool!! I have watched your success all year and been so inspired by you, and now that my Lupus is in a good-ish place I really feel that 2011 is my year of the skinny, and I am hoping to get off the weight that I have put on from steroids and then from not doing anything from lack of energy. I love the way you have gone about it, and I love the journal you have come up with. I am going to buy it as soon as I can. So far I have been for two walks this week and feel that I am on the right start, but your right, its writing down what you eat that makes a difference and that has definitely helped me in the past. I look forward to seeing what my December 2011 photo looks like. I will take My January photo tomorrow since its the 1st here in NZ. Thanks!!

  163. #244

    Just downloaded the files. Thanks for providing a “plug and play” template for me to be able to just start up and roll with. (& congrats on your accomplishments using the MMEL journaling! Thanks again for sharing it with the rest of us!)

  164. #245

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve recently been feeling my life spin out of control. I want to be healthy so that I can run and play with my boys. I want to be healthy so that I can enjoy life. We just found out that my mom has been diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer so this year has ended up in a rather negative way. I’ve been struggling with really wanting to start 2011 with something positive and this is absolutely perfect. I know that it won’t be easy, but by focusing on moving more and eating less, I will have something positive going on amidst a difficult time.

    Thank you…I feel like I can’t say it enough.

  165. #247

    I’m happy to say that my family and I have ALL decided to MMEL this year! yay us! I confess I’m the only one with a weight issue. But we are all committing to make better food choices and get outdoors more than we already do! So obviously a win win for all! Off to join and print out all the MMEL stuff I can! Thanks for your inspiration Cathy! If your ears are ringing something aweful tomorrow morning…that’ll be me as I take my “before” photo 🙂

  166. #248
    Allene F.

    Congrats on your progress! As I sit her on 12.31.2010, I know I have to do something. I heavier than ever and I don’t like to way I look. I also want to be able to play with my grandchildren someday. I have set the goal of losing 40 pounds by my 40th birthday during October 2011. I accept your challenge. I also love your tool!

    Thank you for your inspiration!

  167. #250

    I’ve been looking for a bit of motivation to get back on track with eating less and moving more. I started running 5 years ago when i hit my high point – 305 pounds. I’m a tall guy — 6’7″ — so some of it’s “hidden”. At least that’s what some people tried to tell me. I fell in love with running. I began running in 5K’s and 10K’s and ran my first half marathon in 2009. I’ve also run in four Ragnar Relay events (Wasatch Back and Las Vegas). I lost 45 pounds over the next year. Since then I’ve plateaued. I go back and forth.

    Right now with the holidays I’m back up to 275 (from 260). It hasn’t helped that I’ve been fighting that nagging plantar faciitis injury in my right foot. I’ve been supplementing my lack of running due to the injury with the elliptical and stationary bike. I feel like my foot is almost ready to take the running again. I’m going to start training mid-January for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon which is in April. I’ll then run the Raganr Wasatch Back Relay in June again.

    My ultimate goal is to get back to 245 by April and 235 one year from now. Reading your blog and tweets off and on during 2010 and today has motivated me even more. Will you accept a guy for Move More Eat Less in 2011?

  168. #252

    Dear Cathy,
    I just looked at your 2010 scrapbook pages about your weightloss and getting in shape and I would like to tell you that you’re awesome! I’m very much impressed by what you accomplished.
    I’m about the same weight as you were when you started out and I feel horrible. I also know how difficult it is to stick to your goals because I’ve tried so many times to lose weight, but gained it all back again…
    I’d love to join in, but I’m also afraid because I find it so difficult not to give up when I don’t have much time, lots of work, to much stress and not enough sleep. It will be a challenge and I hope I’ll make it through.
    Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations!

  169. #253

    Hang in there Carolin. It IS hard, and even when you get there, you do realize, OH, so I have to continue doing this?

    But I think its a way to live that has far more benefits. Do what you can. Dont sell yourself short!

  170. #254

    I will DEFINITELY accept a guy! Love your story, but sorry about the PF. Dealing with that myself, and its been frustrating to say the least! Love that youre training for that half. You know the work that it takes. Go Bryan!

  171. #257

    Wow- you look wonderful – congrats! You really summed up everything I’ve been feeling and know, but chose to ignore. I’m in!! Thanks 🙂

  172. #258

    I love the whole idea behind this! Two goals, eating less and moving more, are definitely doable in my life. In anyone’s life really! Thanks for being so honest and sharing all of this. I intend to use it as inspiration this year!

  173. #259
    tara pollard pakosta

    I love this concept! I have been trying & failing every year to lose 30lbs! I lose about 20 then give up and gain it all back. now that I hit 40 years old it’s getting harder! I want this to be MY year that I finally DO IT!
    thanks for the inspiratioN!

  174. #260
    Monica McNeill

    I’m so inspired by what you have done this last year. I’m finally ready to do this. THIS is my year. Tomorrow I begin the journey. Thanks for sharing yours with us and now inviting us to come with you.

  175. #261

    I am soooo glad I found this. I purchased your 12×12 psd template today. I’m also in the Wellness Journey at BPC and thinking with that jump start and what you’re doing, I can journal my progress (and possibly hubby’s too) in an album. I’ll begin each month using your template and take photos and fill in with info from what I gain from BPC too.
    Congratulations to you for your success and I’m anxious to ride this wave along with you and the others!

  176. #262

    Cathy, I plan on taking some Zumba classes. I’ve heard it’s so much fun and I want to try something different. Secretly, I also want to try running. 🙂

  177. #263
    Lisa R

    I heard this recently and it really resonated with me

    “If you want something you’ve never had…
    You have to do something you’ve never done”

    If you want change you have to change something you’re doing.

  178. #264
    lou thompson

    cathy, i am doing it!! i did it 2 years ago, after being fed up with the way i felt and lost 20 lbs. problem was i needed to lose more and never got there. i have MS and tend to over set my goals to not match my small restrictions. i want to run and start running everyday vs. beginning to walk every other day for only 15 min and building up. i follow you on twitter and your MoveMore EatLess inspiration program caught my eye. then i saw your pictures and it got me excited again. i do it with the aid of Isagenix which i enjoy and it works well for me.
    needless to say, i started 12.26.10 because i just couldn’t wait until 1.1.11. since then i have lost 5 lbs. and i only started walking this week. last week i was too drained with my kid’s being home. anyway, you can follow my progress on my blog: there are several links there to you now.
    thanks again for talking so REAL and exposing yourself like that. i do things like that and my friends think i’m a nut! but your nuttiness inspired this nut and that’s what matters. take care. and i’ll keep you updated on my progress.
    starting weight 189.2
    this morning 1.4.11 184.2

  179. #266

    May I suggest a book that changed my life? Well, I will, because I feel it is a must read for every woman – it was the catalyst that finally got me from the point of being depressed with continued weight gain and doing nothing – to taking charge of my life. With a number of girlfriends who are cancer survivors and a couple newly diagnosed in 2010, I decided to educate myself and read a book called “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer” by Dr. John Lee and several associates. The book was life changing. It was the first time anyone ever explained in a way I could understand, exactly what happens to the food we eat as it is digested. The chapter(s) on nutrition, and learning that fat cells are where cancer cells like to call home, gave me will power I had never had in my life. No Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig – I developed my own plan of action and food choices, which does include what I call “indulgence rewards”. It’s working for me, and it started because I am determined not to be another cancer statistic.

  180. #271

    I can’t figure out where to get/download the templates for the scrapbook page. Do they come with the journal? It doesn’t seem like it, since the sizes are different. Also, is there an easy link to this thread somewhere? I want to follow it, but I had a hard time finding it when I came back to the blog. Could you add a link from the front page of your blog? THanks.

  181. #272

    Julie, doh! I think i forgot to put links in the body of that post! Here are the links:
    8.5 x 11 page:

    12 x 12 page:

    They are separate from the journal files

    Also, you can book mark this post, or down the first of the two columns on the right is a link cloud. If you look for Move More Eat Less you will see all present posts that are under that umbrella!

  182. #274
    Cathy Rodgers

    Cathy Z.,

    How can I put the MMEL little logo thingy on my blog as a badge, so that readers can click on it and be taken back to this post of your?

    Feeling ignorant here . . .

    Cathy R.

  183. #275

    Cathy, it depends on what blog platform you use. I use Typepad, and create a Type List, I save the blog graphic to my desktop and then upload it to my Files, then I open that image and get the page address, then paste THAT into the code area in between these markers:img src=putthepageaddresshere / . Then in the URL area, you would post a link to the post itself!

  184. #276

    Count me in! I am retiring at the end of the year. My goal is to retire at a healthy weight to start this next part of my life. I had a weight problem all my adult life. It is a constant battle and too often I give up.
    I am following the WW program and want to lose 75 pounds. I did it before, a few times in fact,but still regain. Oh! what is it I do not understand? Change is never easy.

    Bravo for the change you did in your life. You are my model!

  185. #278


    You are AWESOME and very INSPIRING! I’ve been struggling for over a year with getting myself “back together,” but realized I never really was together. I was just younger, and my metabolism was a little faster. Well, it’s all caught up with me.

    I’m ready to give this “Move More, Eat Less” thing a shot! Thank you.

  186. #279
    Little Miss Sunshine

    Ok ok I know I am a blit slow on the uptake but I too am challenged by your success. It’s time to stop the whining, the dieting yo-yo, the wishing I could be that girl that slaps on her sneakers and hits the street for a run. I am tired of feeling like I’m much older than I am. I will start to move more, I will start to eat less and more (of what is healthy for my body – not what my body craves!!) Thank you for your honest insights on the world of fighting the chub. Your blog always makes me giggle, even when it was a particularly difficult morning to find something to wear in my closet that doesn’t make me look like a sausage link! Tracy

  187. #280
    Pre School Activity

    You are AWESOME and very INSPIRING! I’ve been struggling for over a year with getting myself “back together,” but realized I never really was together. I was just younger, and my metabolism was a little faster. Well, it’s all caught up with me.

  188. #281

    You’ll REGAIN. Science says so. How has your life improved with this short term weight loss? It DOESN’T . It is a FANTASY. Give it up. SOCIETY is the problem , NOT weight.

    Look up Dr. Jeffrey Friedman and his lectures on YouTube Also, Dr. Linda Bacon

    Obesity is very complex. Eat less move more is a stupid nostrum that does NOT work LONG TERM. People who use it have no clue what they are talking about. The genetic component of obesity is almost equal to that of height ( and possibly equal).

  189. #282

    Losing WEIGHT does NOT matter. And it is NOT the same as losing FAT.

    Get a DEXA scan and get your body FAT MEASURED. I would bet you’ll be disappointed. it still is probably more than you think.

    FORGET scales.

  190. #283

    Move more, eat less makes a person TIRED and HUNGRY as Gary Taubes points out. It’s EXACTLY what you would do to work up an appetite f your favorite cook were to ask you to be hungry for your favorite meal he will prepare.

    All it does is make a person look like a SMALLER VERSION of their former fat selves. What good is THAT?

    LISTEN to gary Taubes on Dr. Oz. The claoirc hypothesis of obesity is a COMPLETE FAILURE.

  191. #284

    Fat mass SETPOINT is ACTIVELY and TENACIOUSLY defended against.

    And until you address the fat mass regulatory system, you cannot succeed with long term fat loss.

    Science simply does NOT know YET how to take an obese person and make them lean and keep them that way for life.

    This is the TRUTH.

    STOP DIETING, science demonstrates it does NOT work. You will only regain.

    Eating is as powerful a biological drive as BREATHING and feeding behavior os NOT conscious LONG TERM

    YOU do NOT have control. It is a complete mirage. Basal centers in the brain DICTATE feeding NOT you !!!!!!!!


  192. #285

    Razwell, um, yeah… I hear you! This was from 2011 beginning of the year. The program has changed. I figured out it didnt work. Check your dates, and check more recent posts on my blog.

  193. #287

    Not a denier at all. Learning more all the time. You should stop using all caps. Its less effective than you want it to be. : )

  194. #288

    Again, I agree. : ) Learned this after reading Taubes. Changed my view. You should check out Nutritional Weight and Wellness. They speak the same truths. Theyve had Taubes on their podcast. This is the direction Ive been following for the last five months. Not dieting in the traditional sense.

  195. #290

    My bad, Cathy. I only took a cursory glance. I apologize.

    I respect Gary Taubes’ work a lot. But I must mention the genius, Dr. Jeffrey Friedman for a very good source of weight regulation information. He is working hard on it. Exercise is great, and Dr. Friedman recommends it.

    But he said in his lecture we need to move on from “Eat Less, Move More”, in favor of 21 st century medical science advances.

    I am happy you figured this out on your own. Kudos to you.



  196. #291

    Raz, I will totally check him out! You know, after doing WW for a few years, and then wondering, Why doesnt the weight stay off? it led me to Taubes, and then to Nutritional Weight and Wellness. You might want to check out their podcast. Its good stuff about eating real food. But thanks for the info! I can use everything I can get my hands on.

  197. #292
    Kathy smiley

    Your set up for the journal is amazing. Where can I get the download version of the printable book. I love the layout pages. Thank you very much and congratulations on the weight loss.

  198. #294

    It’s interesting how people start to lose weight for superficial reasons. They want to look good so they can feel good. Once they start feeling better on the inside by improving their diet and lifestyle. They stop needing to find so much happiness from the way they look. People say they accept themselves for being overweight but I truly doubt these people are happy because the extra weight they have is a sign of a broken metabolism. If their metabolism is broken then they aren’t going to feel very good on the inside.

  199. #295

    It’s interesting how people start to lose weight for superficial reasons. They want to look good so they can feel good. Once they start feeling better on the inside by improving their diet and lifestyle. They stop needing to find so much happiness from the way they look. People say they accept themselves for being overweight but I truly doubt these people are happy because the extra weight they have is a sign of a broken metabolism. If their metabolism is broken then they aren’t going to feel very good on the inside.

  200. #296

    It’s interesting how people start to lose weight for superficial reasons. They want to look good so they can feel good. Once they start feeling better on the inside by improving their diet and lifestyle. They stop needing to find so much happiness from the way they look. People say they accept themselves for being overweight but I truly doubt these people are happy because the extra weight they have is a sign of a broken metabolism. If their metabolism is broken then they aren’t going to feel very good on the inside. Happiness is a inside job not a outside job.

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