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    Hee! Too funny. She certainly proved she was listening to all those science and history lessons. Her power of recall was, uh, less than precise. πŸ˜‰

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    Love this!

    Cathy, when is your new Design class coming? I’ve heard rumors about it, but not seen a date… Anxiously waiting! πŸ™‚

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    I do not use “LOL” lightly. I am not an abuser – or even necessarily an EMBRACER (word) – of the phrase.

    In this case, though, it’s entirely necessary. I did LOL!

    Too funny!

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    Too funny. My kids brought home essays that had inaccuracies when they were in school and then we started homeschooling and it continued -sigh! But the advantage was I have most of them STILL! You are right they should be in a scrapbook along with our around the family room time line complete with stamped images of crowns, King Tut, and castles. We even embossed some of them! It is truly priceless. Oh and all three went to college-:) One now has an MBA, one is at Penn State and applying to med school, and the youngest is at Providence College and doing this semester abroad in London. Praise God! Sorry to brag-:)

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    At the end of each year I get rid of everything, except for drawings and texts they wrote on their own… they are really gems! Loves the pilgrims coming from “Africa” =)

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    Mary Mitchell

    I have a mini book my oldest son made when he was about 7 or 8. He had done a story and illustrations that depicted why he loved his Mom. The teacher lamenated it and it was supposed to be a Mother’s Day gift. He put it in a dresser drawer and forgot to give it to me. This beautiful gem was found many years later during a session of bedroom purging while he was in college. LOL

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    oh, its a ways out there, as in, still in formation in my brain. Cant decided exactly how I want to do it yet. Working on it though.

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    That is priceless and made me laugh out loud. Because history is so full of important events, I sometimes do a timeline review for my classes – so they don’t get mixed up and so they understand it a little better. After reading this, I’m thinking maybe I’m just confusing them even more!!! Such a great kid moment.

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    Hey Cathy we homeschool and trust me, I’ve got plenty of gems like this stored away! You know they still do work when they homeschool, right?!:)

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    That is truly funny and priceless! I actually have a couple of “Practice Books” of mine that we had to do in 1st grade so that we could practice printing. Most of them were sentences that the teachers made up, but there are also a few that we wrote ourselves (“My Pet” – I didn’t have one, “My Family”, favorite TV program – it was “Rin Tin Tin”). I have them duly scrapbooked on my half-finished early life album (vol. 1 is finished). Aidan’s essay is truly a keeper – what does she have to say about it now?

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    Adorable! This is good stuff. My 10 year old daughter loves to make her own books with illustrations. I am keeping them in a box for her to enjoy when she is older. Kids are so darn creative.

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    Mary Kay

    My youngest (7) likes to write us little notes. Most say “I love you” or “Thank you for being my mommy,” but when she’s mad they have strident accusations (and there are usually lines on the back with the instruction “rite back”).

    Of course, my 9 year old brought his dad a note the other day, written on a scrap of lavendar envelope, that said “you are a beeping crap brain.” So there’s always that!

    And I save them all– can’t bear to throw them away.

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    This made me laugh out loud – thank you! I have to say that I originally started visiting your blog years ago for the crafty work, but now I come back just as much for your witty and self-deprecating thoughts. Love your written thoughts and the wry way you express them – thanks for sharing your family with us.

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    Denise K.

    Had a little belly laugh…thank you for sharing! Kids minds are so precious. She was definitely processing different stuff she learned, which is totally cool to see it in writing. That’s a great keeper!

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    So cute! I used to get little love notes on my pillow at night . . . or little drawings. Loved it! They wrote stories too – one I remember was about a girl who rode a little lemon car and she got stopped and had to breathe into a machine! Now, where that came from, who knows? We didn’t drink! And we dalso home schooled all the way. Our kids turned out great! Very compassionate and level headed. No bullying.

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    Sally Paxton

    Oh, that is absolutely hysterical. It gives whole new meaning to the phrase “rewriting history!”

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    Corey Acton

    I love it. My 4 year old decided the other day that he was smarter than me. He was able to put a racetrack together that I wasn’t. So, even if I had the inclination to homeschool, which I don’t, I don’t guess I’d be able to teach him anything. He’s learned more in his 4 years than I have in my 37 ;0)

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    I am a constant lurker at your blog and love it everyday. Your humor is right on! Today I finally decided to leave you a comment to let you know how much I love reading your blog!

    Thank you for all the laughter and constant reasons to love life. Thanks for also sharing yourself and family with me.

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    i cant even tell you how hard this made me laugh- I just woke up my hunny in bed next to me. Wonderful! HAHAHAAH

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    This is funny and precious. I agree some papers just have to be saved. At my kids school they make a “How to Cook a Turkey” book for Thanksgiving and “About your Christmas Tree”book. They make these in second grade and I dug them out this past year. Oh my goodness we were laughing so hard. In the Turkey book all my kids put these crazy numbers for the pounds of the Turkey, one actually put 45lbs. and that we cook it at 200 degress for 3 hours. My son went on and on about how his dad cleans out the turkey and how yucky it is and that we cook it at 600 for 14 hours. Oh man they were laughing at themselves. The tree one is funny because of the heights they used and saying it’s a fake tree my dad finds in the attic, like it just appears up there and that theres millions of lights. Yes these are all keepers. Thanks for sharing Cathy.

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    Quite an imagination! Love it! I think I like her version of history better. Those evil white men are always stirring up trouble… πŸ™‚

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    Too cute! My favourite piece of homework that my mum kept was my sister’s: she was a very precocious 5 yr old, reading and writing already. She wrote a story about a princess who met a prince. He invited her back to his palace and then said “would you like to come to my room for a little lie down”. Had us in STITCHES!!!

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