Being sick isn’t very much fun

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On Monday night I started to feel it, that little tightness in the back of the throat.

It concerned me because I had just gotten over a cold from last week, one that I ran and swam through and generally fought the all-around good fight through. But Tuesday morning? Whole different story. I got into bed and have pretty much tried to stay there ever since.

Being under the weather sucks.

I remember when I worked in a corporate job, and how hard it was to balance sick time for you and for your kids. I remember how stressful it was at times to argue with my spouse about whose work day could better afford to be not attended.

As I layed in bed yesterday, watching the first 5 episodes of Big Love Season 4, I was very thankful to be able to simply focus on feeling better and not have to worry about what deadline wasn't being met.

Hopefully today will see even more improvement, and possibly more TV on DVD.

For all of you who are required to be somewhere 40 or more hours a week out in the workforce, I send you a virtual bowl of chicken soup for all those stressful sick days you try and figure out how to manage.

Until then, here are a few snapshots of my family in case you forgot what they looked like.

Dan making breakfast items which I did not eat and wearing a color that coordinates with our kitchen:


Aidan eating breakfast items which I did not make, and also matching nicely with our kitchen:


Coleman in our living room, where after 11 years he realized the piano bench can serve as an art table:


And finally, a few glimpses of part of our remodel. The back room is coming along. New cabinets and a new fireplace (the floors aren't new, but man, they sure look pretty with no furniture in the room):



I hope everyone who is kicking off Moving More and Eating Less this week is keeping the faith! I'm decidedly not Moving More at all. My last workout was Monday. But the anxiousness I'm feeling at getting back at it reminds me how committed I am to the task.


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Cathy ZielskeBeing sick isn’t very much fun

69 Comments on “Being sick isn’t very much fun”

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    Jeanne Ann

    Sending you that virtual bowl of chicken soup! My MMEL is headed in the right direction I hope. I walked more stairs yesterday moving my daughter back to college than I want to see in at least a day or two! It was fun too!

  2. #6

    Sorry to hear that you are under the weather Cathy. Hope you’re feeling better soon! I am on Day 3 of MMEL, and apart from a couple of stray chocolate biscuits I am going great guns! Thanks for the continual motivation πŸ™‚

  3. #7

    I just noticed that Dan and Coleman have exactly the same look on their faces in these photos … they are like two peas in a pod aren’t they!

  4. #8

    You forgot to knock on wood when you blogged that you don’t get sick as much! πŸ˜‰ poor Chicago! Get well soon!

  5. #10

    I recognize those things that Dan cooked. I cook those on a regular basis for my two and I also do not partake in their sugarness!

    Get well soon!

  6. #11
    francesca di leo

    funny how i am in the midst of this very worry.

    i’ve just had two weeks off for the holidays and now have a VERY sick little with the flu, and have had to take another week off. i worry about all the work and deadlines i’ll be behind on, but in the grand scheme of things, nothing is more important than being with my sick little and getting her better.

    hope you feel better girl.

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    Cathy, I hope you feel better soon. Like you, I am a runner. When I was training for my last race, I was sick for about a week. I was so anxious and stressed out about not making my miles for the week, I probably took my time recovering. Rest is what my body needed. It sounds like that is what your body needs too. Enjoy the break and Big Love! Thanks for the chance to win! Cheers.

  8. #13
    Vi | Maximizing Utility

    Hi Cathy —
    Sorry to hear that you are sick. Well, I’m sick too. Doesn’t it suck? Unfortunately, it’s not bad enough for me to use a sick day. So here I am at work.

    Btw, I love your home! The kitchen looks great!

    I wonder if your interior design is similar to your scrapbooking design — Do you have pink and green together in your interior design?

  9. #14

    Feel better! Must be a St. Paul thing-I was sick with a cold last week, and got hit with a stomach flu bug this week-ugh! I work from home too, and am also so grateful to have the flexible schedule without the guilt. The first season of Modern Family on dvd helped me feel much better…

  10. #16

    I keep thinking, well, Im sitting up working at the computer this morning. Why not squeeze a run in? But i really do think I need to wait until tomorrow. : )

  11. #17

    I remember those days too. Feeling not quick sick enough to justify a sick day!

    I would have my whole house look like my scrapbook style if possible. But, i have to share it with other people who have other opinions. But, yes… the newer stuff is very clean lined and modern!

  12. #20

    Oh Cathy, hope you get to feeling better soon! My hubby has a dr. appt today for what seems to be the same thing you’re suffering from! He’s been sick since Christmas! I am sticking to the ELMM plan! Actually, I’m trying the 17 day diet and so far, so good! I’m amazed at how great I feel! I’m sticking to my exercise program as well! WooHoo!!!

  13. #21

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling sick. Get better soon! Love the new addition – very, very nice! Can’t wait to see what it looks like with furniture.

  14. #25
    Kristin Burge

    Hi Cathy!
    Hope you are feeling better! I know how it feels – I have a cold as well, but am on the mend now…amazing how much one always appreciates good health after being ill for a few days. (I, too, am from the Twin Cities and boy are the colds running rampant or what!?!)

    Would love love love to win the iPod/Nano & Nike Sport Kit. I totally need to move more! I have three young children and while they do keep me moving – I need some more of the focused moving…you know what I mean?

    Thanks so much for all your inspiration!
    -Kristin B.

  15. #27
    Tammy M.

    Feel better soon Cathy!! And were those cinnamon rolls Dan was making?? Those look yummy!! But where are the sex muffins?? lol! And that back room looks amazing!

  16. #29

    Aww- hope you feel better soon! On a side note, your fireplace! From the looks of your picture that is exactly the type I want in my basement when we finish it this year. Something more retangular shaped with the fire line ( ?) kind of straight and low. Just more modern look. What kind of surround are you doing? I’m in MN too- burbs of Mpls. Can you share some details?? Your remodel is looking great!

  17. #30

    Weird! We have the same colour flooring, almost the same colour kitchen, and I’ve never seen anyone with the same front door, ours is original 1970s.
    Love Coleman’s ‘desk’. Mine has had an ikea tv tray for years and has finally been upgraded to an ikea drafting desk with light table but it’s in her bedroom, although it was in the living room for a few months.

  18. #31

    The whole sick thing stinks – I am sick this week as well – but it’s true, being sick and having an out of the house job stinks even worse. I am a work from home gal myself, and it’s so wonderful to not ever have to worry about sick days, and who’s going to stay home from work today and take care of kids. It’s on my Thankful list every year on Thanksgiving.

    And Modern Family – seriously, the funniest show on TV. I am watching the first season of Glee this week. LOVE it!

  19. #32

    oh, the sex muffins are WAY on the backburner of my cooking. They were starting to add just a bit too much muffin to mine!

  20. #33

    Jo, this is a remodel of an existing space, mostly changing windows and cabinets and fireplaces. When the whole project is done, ill be doing a comprehensive recap! It wont be until spring, however, when the exterior is finished and painted!
    : )


  21. #34

    If you lived nearby I would be preparing a bowl of chicken soup for you – because this is EXACTLY what I’m doing right now for a friend who is also sick.
    If you making one, a good tip is add all spice and a hint of cinnamon – that’s my mom’s recipe I follow and never regret.
    Get well soon!!!!

  22. #35

    Sending get well wishes xx I’m struggling to shake off the last of a yucky post-Christmas bug, but managed to get to work today and not in again till Monday, thank goodness! Does ‘Moving More than I’d like to (‘cos I’d rather be in bed)’ count as ‘Moving More’?!

  23. #36
    katie squires

    that anxiousness you feel about getting back to moving is such a testament to the new you. I was sick a while ago and had to take a more than a few days off and I was so concerned and anxious about it. The old me would have embraced the sickness as an excuse to slack off. How different we are now πŸ™‚
    I was happy to get back and see that I was still able to go, that my body had not fallen apart, and all was right with the world πŸ™‚ LOL

  24. #37

    Feel better, Cathy! And I love your house and your paint colors. What color is the kitchen? I’m thinking of going red/persimmon in my dining room, but cannot decide.

  25. #38
    Theresa S.

    Feel better very, very soon! Your new room looks beautiful, and I also love your kitchen. What a wonderful home you have created.

  26. #39

    I hope you feel better soon Cathy! Don’t worry about taking a few days off, you are healing your body which is way more important right now. I started my MMEL journal this week and am on day 3 of my back to running program so I am off to a good start! I am training for a 9 mile run and I have got a loooong way to go but am determined to be ready on race day and to finish it. Rest up!

  27. #40

    Ohh!! I hate being sick! Get better soon!!! It’s awful being sick when you just want to run. The only bad part about being married to a fellow runner is not being able to run and seeing my hubby head out the door without me……makes me want to hide his running shoes!LOL

  28. #41

    Good for you for listening to your body and taking care of yourself! Though, I came to your blog to find inspiration to run, and instead I now have a craving for cinnamon rolls — so glad I am too lazy, err busy, to make any. Hope you feel much better tomorrow! Also, wanted to ask if your year of healthy living has helped with your insomnia? Enjoy your shows today!

  29. #42
    Michelle Meisenbach

    dude. get better already? I wanna retain my title as Number One Sicky Person of the Year. Don’t make me pull a Kayne on yer ass.

    As for MMEL. yah I’m feeling great. Granted, it’s only day 3, but it feels good this time. I’m getting hard core honest with myself about food and my addiction to it. It’s freeing almost. πŸ™‚

  30. #43

    Sending good wishes your way. Ramen noodles are my secret ingredient when I have a cold or cold-like sickness. I don’t eat them at any other time, but for some reason, when I’m sick, they do the trick. Probably all the salt! Here’s hoping you feel better soon.

  31. #44

    Sending you billions of well wishes to feel better soon. While my son was in the St. Paul hospital for New Year’s we watched a lot of TV. The House marathon on New Year’s Eve and an NCIS marathon on New Year’s day. Law and Order the next day. It is interesting when you watch so many episodes in a row. Kind of sucks you into their world for a while. Here is a cup of hot virtual tea…..

  32. #47

    Annie, ill have to ask Dan. Im not sure as that color was from 2003! But, well need more of it to repaint over the mucked up spots, so i WILL soon have to know!

  33. #48


    How do you like the new Point Plus Progam on WW? I just joined online and would love to hear your thoughts.

    I can’t believe fruits have 0 points.

  34. #50

    So far, so good. I like the 0 points fruit too! This will be my first week where i can really see, will it work? will i be down from last weigh in? Ill know on sat!

  35. #51

    Love the give away. Love your home remodel. Check out the Pioneer Press this a.m. For Kathy Jenkins chicken or turkey wild rice soup. Yum.

  36. #52

    Feel better soon – should be helping with the “eating less” bit though! I just got S4 of Big Love yesterday and am just about to start episode 5 now! I love it!

  37. #54

    Hope you feel better soon and glad to hear you are resting. I know how you are feeling and can sympathise as both myself, my husband and 5 month old daughter are sick. My other daughter is thankfully well… the moment. Take care and I am also glad to hear that you are not giving into temptation (lovely breakfast that Dan made).

  38. #55

    I will continue with my Vitamin D3 lecture, as you have evidently not heard it yet: You MUST take Vitamin D3 and lots of it! You will not be sick as it’s an immune booster. I have not had so much as a cold in the two years I’ve been taking it. (i take 4000 IU in warm months and 8000 IU in cold months) 95% of people have woefully low 25-hydroxy-vitamin-D levels. You want the level to be minimum 50, and as close to 100 as you can get it for maximum benefits.
    Lecture over….thanks for attending.

  39. #56

    Glad you are on the mend. Vitamin C powder, my go to, get well therapy!!
    I am forever grateful that my employer for the past 11 years has a “carer’s leave” arrangement where you can ring in “sick” but it’s not for you, that you are not there because a child is sick, or aged parent etc. It’s only the one day and you need to make arrangements if the sickness continues. Saved my life on many occasions. Have also played the who’s job is more important that day game with hubby when kids have been off sick for a few days in a row LOL

  40. #57
    Nancy McM

    Sorry to read your post, I hope you feel better soon! I doing well with the MM part, not necessarily the EL… those Christmas cookies have GOT to go!

  41. #58

    I hope you feel better soon. Your kitchen is fabulous! As for MMEL – doing well with the EL part not the MM!

  42. #59

    OH darling ((HUGS)) Hope you get feeling well SUPER Soon! This bug is going around and it just needs to GO ASAP. My two youngest had it and now they are left w/a lingering coughs which makes them sound so bad. SIGH GRR Germs! Love your floors πŸ™‚

  43. #60

    Awwwww……I hope you are feeling better real soon!

    I decided that I was gonna move more by working late tonight and getting the overtime….and to eat less by not going home and hitting the ice cream for dinner πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance at the nano…..that would be a super sweet surprise! Crossing my fingers!!

  44. #62

    As I write this I am living your comment about juggling work obligations when you are sick. I am a migraine sufferer. I stuck it out at work today, but it is now decision time about tomorrow. Sometimes it is just easier to go to work sick…but with a migraine, I am not productive anyway, so…

  45. #63
    Damiane Lucas

    Hi Cathy,

    I hope you’re feeling a little better, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

    I am pretty new to scrapbooking, and I just discovered your month to month layouts.

    Please, can you offer a new blog post on this project? I would love to start documenting the year. Also, any hybrid tips will help. I am clueless when it comes to digital scrapbooking.

    Many thanks! Wishing you the best in 2011.

  46. #66

    Oh, Ill happily try it. The thing is, I havent been sick since I started eating right and exercising over a year ago! So i also think that has helped. But ill get some of that vitamin. This cold just stinks!

  47. #67

    Hello Damiane,

    Here is a great link on basic in digi:

    Just lots of info on the core stuff! Plus, you might want to consider taking a class at or They both offer STELLAR workshops on how to get started!

    I am behind on my monthly pages! also im planning to design some new templates for them as well, as an add on pack!

    I just have to get over this nasty cold!

  48. #68

    Oh Cathy, Please be extra cautious. I am just getting better after an almost month long bout with pneumonia. Started with a sore throat and then the fever, etc. Doc says this year there is an increased amount of pneumonias going around.

  49. #69

    oooh the remodel is looking great! I am so sorry you’ve been “taken down” this week The last time I tried to work out through illness, I ended up with pneumonia. Yuck-o. Being sick is no fun, especially when it won’t let go.

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