Furniture might be overrated

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Our renovation project is moving along nicely. We are in the home stretch now, with just some cabinets to be finished and painting to be done. (That and painting of the exterior, but we need 50 degree days for that to happen and that will be a while coming.)


One thing I never had before in our family room is such a great light source. The big assed window is such a source.


Sure, she may not look happy, but at least she's well lit.

You can expect all future blog photos to be shot in this exact location. With, or without furniture.


NEW MONTHLY TEMPLATES OUT NOW! For those of you using my Monthly album system, I just released two 6-template photo page add-on sets at Designer Digitals, in 8.5 x 11 and 12 x 12. Just a few more designs to freshen up your monthly pages.

CZ_TheMonthlyCollagePack12 CZ_TheMonthlyCollagePack

Cathy ZielskeFurniture might be overrated

29 Comments on “Furniture might be overrated”

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    The window (BIG)! The light (so bright)! It all looks amazing. I’m ecstatic for you and will have to live vicariously through you (Our living room is dark and gloomy as heck. If we ever get to remodel, i’m going to do as you did, bring in more light).

    Can’t wait to see the finished room!

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    You know whats funny? The floors arent part of the remodel. Those were from the kitchen show remodel we did in 2003 for the DIY channel. They just look SO good with no furniture in there!

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    I am in Toronto, Canada: Looking to order online my many 8.5 x 11 pages that I have from the your templates. Just bought another..thx for the inspiration. Any suggestions as to best printing sites (can be american) to order them printed on photo quality paper? Thank you in advance. Regards..Alex

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    katie t

    Thank you for the update for The Monthly, are you going to add anything else or just templates. I was hoping you would do another 2011 page with the numbering changed to 2011. Do you think that is possible?

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    Katie, the year 2011 should be included. What size set do you own? I included a sheet of numbers for years in most of the sets!

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    Got the templates but was hoping that maybe you would be designing a new title page for each month and something a little different for the journaling page. I used your set last year and it was awesome but I’d like something different for this year.

    Thanks for everything!

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    katie t

    I bought both the hybrid and the full digital set 12 x 12 size. I will look when I get home. Thanks.

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    new or not, that floor is totally drool-worthy.
    luckily it’s easy to clean drool off a wood floor…

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    Jenn Bertsch

    Hey there my friend! I checked out of facebook back in early September, but I was surfi g the web and wanted to stop by and say hi and see how you were doing! Email me if you get a chance. The window looks fab!

    Jenn Bertsch

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    Tammy B

    Love the window! And have fun furniture shopping. I think that is the hardest part of any update in a house. We are still trying to find tables, etc. for our family room in the basement and it is literally taking months!! Good luck!

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    Cindy Peterson

    Congratulations on that wonderful window! Oh, and the cute kids to go with it.
    Whenever we have done something, like putting in the new flooring in the Livingroom/hallways/sitting room-ish area next to the kitchen, I hate, hate, hate putting the furniture back in. The clear, open spaces feel SO much better to me than having someplace soft to sit. Ah, well, family and guest needs outvote my monkish (monk-ette?) desire for clear open spaces.
    LOVE love love your big window. Mine is south facing and the wonderful light almost makes up for the furniture.

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    CZ — you crack me up. “Big assed”. As soon as I read that, I thought — “Why is she talking about my butt” …. ohhhh, she’s talking about a window! Good for you! πŸ˜‰

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    Love the teens layered clothing look for winter to keep warm. But what is it with kids and no socks or maybe just supper short socks in the winter. Don’t their ankles get cold?

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    Love your new space, especially the window.

    We are in Michigan and the cold here has been brutal. . .frozen toilet, broken latch on van door, all fingernails broken. . . and we aren’t nearly as cold as you guys. My treadmill is in the garage and won’t even ‘go’ because of the cold. How in the world do you do life?

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    tonya nc

    “Sure, she may not look happy, but at least she’s well lit.”

    True dat.

    I laughed out loud.

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    Lisa Aukeman

    Cathy, thanks for the update. Love all the reno! AND am loving your stools. Where did you get them? I’ve been on the internet searching for some pretty much like that and then I see them in your update! Thanks!

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    Lisa, I have no idea! sorry. : ( They were from some store out east, and they were ordered by the DIY Kitchen Show people who did our kitchen!

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