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I'm sure many of you read Ali Edwards' blog and have chosen your One Little Word for the year. I'm doing the workshop myself and couldn't resist ordering a necklace from Lisa Leonard to remind me of my choice.

If you've chosen a word, you know they potentially have so many different meanings and applications. 'Give' isn't just about thinking more charitably in the world, although that's definitely a part of it for me. There are so many other ways it can go. When I'm driving, and getting all bent out of shape about the douchebag in front of me who is driving like a nit wit, I think, "Why don't you give them a break." When I'm stepping on the scale only to find that not a single damned ounce has left my person, I think, "Cathy, just give it time." And when I think of my little family I know that 'give' should ultimately be the focus of everything I do.

For a long time—pretty much my whole life—a lot of what has driven me is the idea of 'get.' What is it that I'm not getting? What is it that I think I really deserve and should get simply for being alive?

I'm realizing here in midlife that maybe it's not the ideal way to operate.

I'm also learning that giving doesn't only benefit the recipients.

Paradoxically, I seem to get far more out of the deal. Go figure.


Cathy ZielskeGive seemed like a nice word

50 Comments on “Give seemed like a nice word”

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    sue Treiber

    Awesome word!
    I was going to buy myself a necklace and took my daughter shopping instead. It made us both happy 🙂

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    Angie Hall

    Insightful as all get out. Thank you for this post. It has inspired me to pause a moment and reflect on my willingness to give today…to my family and myself. You rock, CZ!

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    Excellent choice of word! Definite, yet flexible. Mine is “connect” for many of the same reasons you chose “give.” Jonesing for one of those necklaces!

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    Amy B

    I just read your blog post, and it sounds like the goals I have for this year. I have been trying to decide if focus was the right word, and this has helped me see that it is. Thanks for sharing!

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    lynne moore

    Great post Cathy. And a very special word. Mine this year is Focus. i have to start finishing my OLW assignments too. Got them started then lost a bit of focus on it. Working on focusing on it…

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    Lisa R

    I love your word and that necklace is adorable.

    My OLW is Committed. That might look a little funny on a necklace. people might think I have been or should be committed (in a hospital ward).
    But in 2011 I’m “Committed” to moving more, eating more veggies, less junk; committed to having more conversations with my teens; committed to doing my devotions more; and boldly taking action when I feel led to do something, even if it is out of my comfort zone.

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    Well said Cathy. My word for this year is change – it has come up in so many aspects of my life towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Within and without my control of it. I figured I had to open up to it and embrace it instead of fearing it. I too purchased a necklace which is lovely. Thanks for sharing and thanks for everyone else that shared what their words are.

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    Very touching. It’s amazing what we learn with age. As a wife and mother giving is a lot of what we do. It is usually a thankless job but when the thanks come they are overwhelming. Thanks for sharing your word with us. It sounds like a great word for you.

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    I was reading through your blog, enjoying it as usual, and arrived at your example of the person driving like a nitwit and had to laugh. I use the same scenario when I give examples for my word which is “accept”. When I am behind the nitwit I remind myself to *accept* that not everyone drives in a manner that I would consider appropriate (see how kind I’m trying to be?)and to *accept* that I will have a nicer day if I don’t get all bent out of shape about the nitwit.

    I’ve also used your weight loss example for my word-I need to *accept* that changing habits takes awhile and to give myself a break (hey, there’s YOUR word) while I work on breaking bad eating habits.

    Two different words, two similar examples. I am finding my word for this year to be much more powerful for me than last year’s word which was patience. I discovered that it isn’t patience so much that I needed to work on (although, yes, I do recognize that I need to be patient) but that I need to “accept”. Once I accept, the patience comes.

    Thanks, as always, for a thought-provoking post.

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    My word is “unburden” (both physically and mentally)…I wasn’t sure that was a good word for a necklace, so I bought Lisa Leonard’s key chain instead!

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    Wendy High

    Love it! My word for the year is HOPE. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years now and so I am HOPING and being HOPEFUL that this year will be our year to have a little one!

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    You already give a great deal by sharing information and inspiration with your readers here.
    I didn’t go looking for a word but it found me. “Trust.” Trust that good things will happen despite past disappointments, trust that most people want to help not hurt, trust myself to make good choices, trust that in one way or another love conquers all.

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    Great word! You give so much and have been for as long as I have been following your blog and taken your classes on BPS. Keep up the good work.

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    Melissa Priest

    Cathy, cathy, cathy….

    Oh Cathy! I need some motivation! I’ve been working out for 2 weeks (2 WHOLE weeks, like 6 days a week…)

    How did you start running? Just grab your shoes and start? A book? A blog?

    Here’s the deal. I’ve dropped 3 pounds (iny, weeney, tiny pounds). But I want to run in a 5k in APril but have no clue where to start.

    Also, how quick did you lose all your weight? I guess I am needing some encouragement!

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    Andi Sexton

    I just love your blog.. the ‘real’ essence of you is awesome. And, I really love the fact that you used the word ‘douchebag’ without apologizing about it. My word is Thrive.

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    What a great word to pick Cathy. I totally see you as a giving person daily. Great necklace. My word was going to be art then decided to add time as well. So making time in my life for family, friends and for me creating art. Thanks Cathy.

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    Very well said Cathy. I like your word MUCH! I have found selecting a word each year helps me stay focused. For this year I decided to choose the word “wellness”, in keeping with my continued efforts to regain my health and help others along the way by sharing what I am learning.

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    Karen M.

    My OLW is storyteller. Inspired in no small part by you and Ali and your ability to tell everyday stories. I decided that this year I need to spend just as much time telling my stories as I do reading yours :)!
    Your word and take on it is nothing short of an epiphany! I will certainly be mindful of it in the years to come. Wow – imagine!

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    Love this post. After all these lovely posts can I crassly admit that I cracked up when you said douchebag? Very effectively too, like Dennis Leary. My OLW is Manifest, btw. I know its odd, but it’s mine.

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    Tammy M.

    Awesome Cathy!! My word for the year is ‘truth’. This seems to be the year where I’m seeking the truth in others as well as myself…getting past all the fluff and flaky fakeness and seeking the true good and simple stuff. I ordered my necklace too and it should be here soon. Hoping to hop on the Ali’s ‘OLW’ class soon once I get a free moment to do so.

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    CZ you rock! I love how you tell it like it is. BTW, you are one of the most giving people I know. On the Internet, that is.

  22. #43

    I love your choice of word. I’m also taking Ali’s class and enjoying the process. And I’m thinking I need a necklace with my word too!

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    Heather V

    LMAO!! I love your blog…..I started laughing and almost choked on my junior mint at the “bent out of shape” sentence and then laughed to the end. Thank you!

    GIVE is a great word!! I am also doing Ali’s OLW class.

  24. #47

    Good word and cute necklace! I don’t know what my word for the year is yet, but I think I’m on track to finding it – I am working to finish my MeTAV book from last fall now that I am healthy and the holidays are over. It’s giving me a lot of insight – I’m glad I’ve picked it back up and GIVEn myself time to work on it.

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