Keenly aware of the moss growing in my uterus

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Cole asked me to dig out an old favorite—the No. 5 shirt—from a stash of sentimental Cole stuff up in the attic. I quickly recalled a particular shot taken on his 5th birthday, sporting said shirt.

As he squeezed into it, we reminisced about how the shirt once hit him at mid-thigh. And after a bit of scrapbook mom prodding, my 11-year-old son recreated the pose, albeit with slightly less enthusiasm.

Time is a bullet train, isn't it?

Cathy ZielskeKeenly aware of the moss growing in my uterus

46 Comments on “Keenly aware of the moss growing in my uterus”

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    Melissa in SC

    Cole had to know he was setting himself up for that photo when he put the shirt on. He’s still adorable in a sort of “i’m too cool for this now” way.

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    Lee Currie

    Your Cole looks about as enthusiastic as my Cole does when I become “that scrapbook mama”. Did he ask if it was going to end up on the blog? That is now the first question my kids ask! Funny how time flies … sigh.

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    If you dug out the pic before he put the shirt on, he had to know what was coming! Another shot. I love it!

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    Awesome post! I laughed, I cried…
    Seriously, you are the best!
    Thanks for sharing this in the CZ style.

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    That post title got my attention :). Yep, sigh, how they grow from baggy shorts and a shy smile to a confident straight-in-your-eye look and a tattoo? drawing? on their hands!

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    Wow, great post! I did this with my son’s Christmas stocking they put him in for hospital pictures since he was born during the Seattle Blizzard of ’96 and I forgot the “packed” diaper bag. He is 14 now and just his foot and lower leg fits in it. and However, I didn’t blog the pics side by side, nor have I done a layout yet….Still to come.

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    This blog post title nearly made me spit my tea all over my keyboard, so funny! It also made me want to cry a little too, as I’m finding myself suddenly hit by said bullet train, great writing skills as always CZ, still waiting to buy your book.. 😉

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    Hate that bullet train. My son will be 18! this year. 18! Seriously where did the time go? I didn’t get any older (did I)? So how could he? It’s bittersweet. He’s grown into such a great young man & is so excited about his future that it’s infectious. But his mama wants him to be that little boy lying on the couch with her watching Lion King again. Brings a tear to my eye just writing this.

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    Cathy you are a stitch, moss growing on your uterus! Wait till your grandson is wearing the five shirt at five…then eleven… In my heart heart I always feel like I am 29 but time keeps on rolling. The worst is that the older you get the faster it goes! Definitely the down side to the aged photos connections that Stacy Julian is always telling us about! Have a wonderful day.

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    Beth Holmes

    Oh I can SO relate to this post. Time as a bullet train is perfect — and the title was laugh out loud funny — and so appropriate for me as I am feeling very perimenopausal lately. My daughter actually came out to show me how small one of her favorite T-shirts is now! Talk about rubbing it in. She also asks why I have to take so many photos and share them on my blog and scrapbook pages because to her it is “so embarrassing”. Sigh. And she’s always on my case about getting tears in my eyes and being sentimental! She’s eleven and it’s such as fun — if fast ride sharing her life.

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    Man, my son is 4 and still I went augh awooogha and sniffed and snuffed. Time to break out The Giving Tree, or, really turn the screw and read I’ll Love You Forever. Then the kids can get away with a little extra for a while. And Cathy, the sound bite of your title, kill me, just kill me. Genius.

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    So true. My first born baby just turned 20 yesterday. I am so sad. I have been scrapbooking the past (about 15 years ago) and reminiscing is making me just feel time passing. It seems like forever ago when they were young but then it jsut seems like yesterday. Time goes so quickly after you finally get them in all day school.

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    amy j

    Tell me about it Cathy…I did this little walk down memory lane this week as my youngest turned six. We both bawled our eyes out…turns out she misses her being a baby too, lol.


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    I am lucky. While I am sometimes wistful about the earlier years (my kids are 9 and 12), I teach 2 year olds. And sometimes a parent comes in late and looking bedraggled, and they say, “sorry, we were up a lot last night…” or “he’s been up since 5 am…” and I think, I loved when my kids were little, but I am so glad to be past that.

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    Your blog post had me laughing and crying at the same time! My “baby” is 8 yrs old and he is starting to not like me to hug or kiss him in front of other people, especially at school. He has always been my cuddler. Gulp. Our school had a family reading night last night and while we were listening to the prinicpal read a story, he leaned into me and I got to hug him in front of other kids for 10 whole minutes! Pure heaven.

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    Cindy P.

    OMG Cathy your killing me! Really moss? LOL My kiddo is 13 and if I had to watch the Lion King one more time when he was 4, I thought I’d rip my hair out. If I watched it today with him I’d probably need a brand new box of Kleenex. I so hear you on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch diet, we now need to replace the jeans we bought in September. They are all too short. Time is a speeding train alright.

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    That is adorable.

    And it makes me think I should take pictures of myself wearing my favorite pencil skirt now and then after Girl Scout cookie season.

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    Oh man! A little weepy here along with the laughter. I can remember my youngest (now 18) sitting in my lap when he was 11 and almost as tall as me already and saying this would probably be the last time he’d ever sit in my lap, but that he would always be my baby. Time is a speeding train, flying down the track of life. Just gotta remember to enjoy the ride.

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    amy j.

    : ) thanks Cathy. It was a bit long, but the child has been photographed every day for six years. My oldest was mad because when I did a video of her for her birthday two years ago it wasn’t as long as her sister’s, LOL. I had to explain that we didn’t have a digital camera for the first three years of her life. She wasn’t buying it. In fact, I was watching the video again just now and she came in and said, “Why are you watching it again? Because you just LOOOOVE your Ruby, right?” (insert eye roll…and a little giggle at her jealousy when she leaves the room)

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    Christine H

    My “baby” will be fifteen next week…..all 5’11” of him. And he shaves. And he wants to go on dates. And he rolls his eyes…and heavy sighs. And he is so kind hearted and such a cool kid that doesn’t care if anyone thinks it is nerdy to live to play Warhammer! Love him. Just can’t believe he’s going to drive. Time really is a bullet….that really fast bullet train in China or Japan…yeah, that is it.

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