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Hello all who seek to Move More and Eat Less!

It is I, Cathy Z., your fearless reporter coming to you from the front lines with the latest installment of, "Hey, so how's the chub reduction going anyhoo?" And the word on the street is… not as expected.

Another word I could use is 'sucky.'

This month has been both frustrating and informative. I end the month having lost zero poundage. This month has seen a small gain, which has been a pattern that began in November and if that pattern had it's own Facebook page, let's just say I would not be clicking the 'Like' button for it.

Let me start with the high points.

High Point Number One: I am whole-heartedly connected to Moving More. Despite kicking off the first week of the new year sick on the couch where my only movement involved nose blowing and clicking the remote control, I was really amazed at how depressed I felt, not just because I was miserable and achey, but because I couldn't exercise. Initially, I was fearful: Oh man, this is IT! The decline of fitness is beginning! I thought that a week off was going to set that ball in motion, the one that spirals down to complete inertia and my old inactive ways. But as soon as I came around to better health, I got back on the treadmill and rode.

I Move More six days a week, almost without fail. Exercise has become a part of my life. And actually a good part of it. One I feel I need to maintain a sense of mental peace. One I actually desire.

I run four days a week; I swim or do the elliptical on two others; and on Sundays I rest. I have slacked off on the weight training this month, but I'm looking ahead this month to getting two days of that back into the rotation.

When I run, I'm not running as fast as humanly possible to the point of exhaustion. I'm not fast and very likely never will be. But then I press stop on the old iPod, it's with sweaty hands. When I swim, same deal. I'm not doing sprint intervals in the pool. But I just keep on going for 40 minutes until my body says, "Okay, you're good."

High Point Number Two: I did not gain more weight than I did.

And that's about it.


I'm not saying there were tons of low points this month but what I am saying is that for now, I've got this Moving More thing down to something that clicks with me and my lifestyle. But the Eat Less thing? Now that's a whole 'nother story.

I rejoined Weight Watchers Online in December, after taking about a two month leave from the program last Fall. Not a leave from watching my diet, but a leave from the Weight Watcher's approach. I realized pretty quickly as I started to gain a bit in October and November, that maybe WW was the best approach for my particular needs.

Then Weight Watchers introduced their new Points Plus program and I thought, "Cool! A new plan for new inspiration."

But so far, I don't know if this new plan is going to work for me. Part of the reason why I don't know yet is that I've only managed to stick to the plan one week out of four in January. Part of it was being sick; part of it was being sick of dieting.

I want to believe that the new Zero Points fruit will work for me. I want to believe that having 3 servings of fruit a day (grapes, apples, pineapples) will work with my body chemistry and metabolism. As it stands this month, I can't say either way if this is going to work. If you're not following the plan accordingly, how will you know?

So as February begins, I'm tightening my belt, so to speak, on following the Eat Less plan. As you all know, this isn't about NOT eating. This is about learning how to eat well and balanced for your body without overdoing it. It's about eating LESS crap and more good stuff.

It isn't easy.

There are still days, though not as many, where I feel pissy and mad that I'm basically never going to be able to sit and eat what I want all day long…at least not as long as I want to maintain a healthy weight.

There are days where I want to throw the baby out with the bathwater and down an entire bag of Lays Potato Chips, and chase it with handfuls of Hershey's Kisses. That's just life.

But rather than feeling sorry for myself and being discouraged that those numbers seem to keep inching up, I'm identifying the reasons and coming up with solutions. I'm up from a low of 141 last October. Gaining 12 pounds is a big deal because it's telling me that I'm playing around with self-sabotage to see if some of my old crap-eating ways can still find a place in my healthy lifestyle.

The answer seems to be staring me straight in the eye.

I know that getting into shape and maintaining it is a choice I make every day. The rewards of feeling better, having more energy, and having a clearer mind are powerful motivators. I also know the feeling of downing that bag of chips is a whole different kind of reward, but one that only feels good initially. Then, not so good at all.

I guess I'm trying to process that for a year, the numbers kept going down, and now they're going the other way. And some days, I feel just a bit sorry for myself. And then, I snap out of it and take action.

There's so much more tied into this than just the numbers though, isn't there?

Here's my page for the month:


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So how are you doing in your journey? I really love to hear the discussion and all the highs and lows and in-betweens. By all means, the floor is  yours…

Cathy ZielskeMove More Eat Less February 2011

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    Another inspirational update from our fearless reporter! lol Obviously, although you may not have seen the changes in the scales this month that you would hope for it is apparent that your whole lifestyle and mindset has changed because in the past a month like that would be enough to send you (or any of us) back on the road to bad habits. Instead you are refocusing or regrouping and getting right back into it. I hope to be where you are now, very soon!

    Like you, I am not sure about the new Pro Points (as it’s called in Australia) and the zero point fruit. I have decided to have my 2-3 pieces for zero points but count anything over that, because otherwise it doesn’t seem to work for me. After all, while fruit is healthy it still has some calories and points and therefore I find it hard to believe you can eat too much of it without counting and still see a good result.
    I am also still undecided about the new program and will give it a little longer before I make a more informed decision whether to continue or go back to the old points program.

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    I think that you put words to many of my own thoughts. I think that I have the “move more” concept down but I seem to struggle with the “eat less”…sometimes to the point where I convince myseld that the commitment is eat more/move less 😀 I also struggle with the best way to approach “eat less”. I know that I need to eat more healthful but I’m not sure if my lifetime of WW training is the best route for me. I am dabbling with Paula Wessells Commit2Fit. I’ve done it before with some success and I don’t find myself struggling with hunger with this plan.

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    Nicole C.

    Again, the honesty. Thanks. Good to know I’m not alone. Those “I’m going to have to do this forever” and “I’m never going to get to eat what I want” thoughts are exactly what goes through my mind on certain days. It’s typically followed by “You mean I need to exercise like this FROM NOW ON?” which typically hangs overhead like a dark cloud.

    Now, I’m getting married! Got engaged this NYE and the idea of not having bingo wings or back fat is alluring considering 98% of bridal gowns are strapless. I MUST move. I MUST do this. I MUST lose this 180 on a 5’3″ frame. No going back now.

    I’ve been counting my calories and I attempted a move more plan with my Wii but haven’t stuck with the moving part. Lost a few pounds with the counting calories and now it has stalled. I look to you and your inspiring blog to help me get moving again. Thanks Cathy for these posts.

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    I feel your frustration. Asking the question, “Why can’t I just be a regular girl and eat what I want, when I want?” My mind plays this game too. Are there any regular girls who can do this? Probably not. My solution is to keep moving more and to try to find a way not to struggle so much with food.

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    Two things, in no particular order…

    1 – You are doing great!

    2 – Love that you wear, along with your super cute Lucy wear, your VIKES beanie!

    Hang in there!

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    Love the honesty… it is so true how this is a lifestyle change and sometimes a frustrating one when you think this is moving more/eating less is permanent.
    Do you think your body has gotten to used to the type of moving that you are doing and you have plateaued? I really suggest using weights. As we age we lose muscle, that muscle is what our bodies need to burn fat. I suggest changing things up.

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    I’m wondering if you are gaining more muscle- thus more weight? Also check your measurements and how your clothes fit. I think that you’re doing great. Keep up the good work- especially the exercise. Look how far you’ve come in just one short year!

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    I love HIGH POINT #2. (And I mean that.) It’s good to remember that we can take control EACH DAY and make IMPROVEMENTS as opposed to set backs. “I’m going to use today to make things better, not worse,” is powerful stuff.

    ROCK ON!

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    Thanks for sharing. I am in the same boat right now. It started with two birthday cakes for my daughter’s birthday in December and the sugar cravings are out of control. My focus starting today is on my food. I feel like an alcoholic that can’t just have one drink (candy bar) without going on a binge.

  10. #11

    Yeah, part of me is struggling with, But if I start gaining, what will my blog readers think? I do feel the pressure to walk the walk here. And I am running the run, Im just struggling right now with eating the healthy stuff.

  11. #12

    I have found there are a whole lot of fit people out there who you might think eat what they want, but guess what? They so do not! : )

  12. #13

    Plateau has crossed my mind. And I dropped off the weight training in mid December. I really want to like weight training. I really dont. Its not the same as running. So, I need to change things up. Weights have got to come back.

  13. #14

    My measurements have gone UP by a half to a full inch since gaining the weight, so… im thinking thats telling me something. : )

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    madeline St onge

    Cathy I so feel your pain, I have been 5 lbs from goal for almost a year and everytime I get close I gain 2 or 3 lbs back. I am getting so tired of.
    And I do realize I can not eat the way I want, I need to “eat less” I have started walking again to so I hope the weather stays nice so I can keep that up

    Good luck You came this far you can do it

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    ok, i have to say, that i was hoping this wee bout with the flu that i think i am finally recovering from, was supposed to quell my urges to chase my half dozen cookies (instead of the chips, you understand) with a peanut butter cup or two? do you remember that line from ‘the devil wears prada’ about being one stomach flu away from goal weight? doesn’t it work that way? bugger. i think you are an inspiration. i am like the other commenter…i am so close to my goal weight and yet i just cannot get there and the sugar monkey has been hounding me since christmas. then, my lovely twig of a s-i-l said, maybe you just have to accept that you are not going to weigh what you did before you had kids. what is to be done with a s-i-l?
    ps…i didn’t mean to vent, here, on your blog. love your running gear, girl.

  16. #20

    I just love your brutal honesty. I have been working hard for so long. I workout with some gals that are very fit. They haven’t ever been terribly overweight. I struggle because I don’t want to become a nut in a basket! I want to be healthy and strong. I don’t want to be defined by the number on the scale. However, I know that truthfully, that number is an indicator of where I am-physically–which helps me to be better mentally.

    I struggle coming to grips with the fact that I can’t completely control what my body does from one day to the next. Some days I am up—did I eat better, exercise more? or did my body just let go of a little or hold onto a little more that day? I struggle because sometimes doing all the things that I have been told will help me get healthier still don’t get me results on the scale or the tape measure.

    Being careful to not tie my self worth to those numbers yet keeping myself accountable for what it is that I do—that is a difficult, difficult thing.

  17. #21

    Yeah, I had lofty illusions of being 140 by the time I hit 45 in March. I really have been fudging with the system this month. Not logging my Chai lattes (see, I never ever logged them on the old plan, it was my one freebie, and i still lost weight!) but i think on this new points plan, its not working that way.

    Plus, Ive been having a hot cocoa every night after dinner. Even though im tracking those calories, i think i need to cut this one out.

    One day at a time!

  18. #22

    I tried the “move more” part of the equation for about 6 months and realized that the “eat less” part had to be integral to my weight loss efforts. My sister rejoined WW with me in January and I have to say that having her at the meetings with me, searching for whole family, healthy recipes (so I don’t feel like I am eating something different from everyone else) and eating a piece of fruit instead of the chips I REALLY want have given me some good momentum so far. Good luck on this marathon that so many of us are running together!

  19. #23

    Cathy – I bet you that being sick has done more to you than you realize – stick with it and you’ll see results again.

    Two things worth reading up on – I think anyway – Cover Bailey (love him!) and French Women Don’t Get Fat. Covert makes sense of fitnesses and weight loss and FWDGF has helped me to create small daily rituals that allow me to enjoy eating and living but still work towards a healthier lifestyle.


  20. #24
    Lisa Damrosch

    Get the hell out of my head Cathy Zielske!! I could have written this save for a few details. Whatever. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the working out of the freaking muscle between my ears that is my biggest challenge. Thanks for putting it out there…maybe one of these days I’ll get ballsy enough to do the same!

  21. #25

    Thank you so much for your honesty and inspiration. I jumped into MMEL with both feet at the beginning of January – only to last about a week. Not to say that I threw in the towel completely. I do consciously make an effort every day to get my/more steps in. And I’m trying to make better food choices. But busy life makes it so easy to let up a little – oh heck, a lot.

    I had a check up at the doctor last week and we discussed my weight (up 15lbs from a year ago) quite a bit. I think part of my problem is that all of my bloodwork and what not always comes back really good. So it’s like there isn’t an urgency to tackle the weight.

    But here we are starting off a new month and I resolve to get back on track and start over with my resolve.

  22. #27

    Good for you, Charlene. I mean, you started, its not like youre dealing with a huge weight problem here! But see if you can worked in a little more moving here and there, if only for clearing your head and that whole deal. : ) My problem always has been 15 will come back on, then 20, 25, 30 and before i know it, there IS urgency. Still trying to find a happy medium in my life. : )

  23. #28

    man, the one stomach flu from goal might have worked in my 30s. But i swear, in my mid 40s, my body could care less if it got the flu. ha! : ) You go, Kelly! Ignore the twigs. ; )

  24. #29

    The self worth issue… you know, thats a biggie. So many things play into it, and for me, unfortunately, weight is one of many. Hopefully, this year I will start to separate that one from this particular journey. : ) I heard it can be done.

  25. #30

    Thanks for sharing. You continue to be an inspiration for moving more and eating less. One thing that helps me on eating less is to brush my teeth frequently – somehow I (usually) can’t bring myself to eat sweets (or chips) when my teeth are freshly brushed – it helps me to put a strong urge (hard to handle) aside until is lessens into a weak urge (which I can normally handle). Keep up the good work.

  26. #31

    SO happy to read your post this morning! I fell off the food journal bandwagon a couple of weeks ago (the one thing I was afraid I would have trouble with), but I am starting it over today since I simply cannot remember what I had for dinner three Mondays ago. I feel bad that I dropped the ball, but I know I can start over and go from here. You’ve been instrumental in helping me to see that. I can’t join you in cutting out the hot chocolate, though. I don’t have it every night, and I do make it with skim milk. I tell myself that the shot of butterscotch schnapps I add to it (sometimes, not all the time!) takes away any calories from the chocolate. If I find myself feeling guilty…well, then that must mean I didn’t add enough schnapps, right?!

  27. #32

    i have heard the brushing teeth tip, and it totally makes sense. Maybe thats what i need to do right after dinner, which is actually my weakest sweet tooth time!

  28. #33

    Cathy- as a lifetime member in WW (who has fallen from grace) I can tell you that after you have really given the new plan a try-if things don’t change you might want to go back to the old plan that worked for you…
    I only say this because while fruit is good for you its very high in sugar! Like VERY HIGH and it may be sabatoging all the goodness you create in meals.
    Just my thought for the day! 🙂

  29. #34

    Cathy, thanks so much for sharing. Give yourself a pat on the back for changing your mindset – that is what ultimately is going to make you successful in the long run. You can do it!
    Btw, I done the old WW and started the new about a month ago – the old plan left me hungry – the new plan keeps me full and I’ve almost lost 10 lbs already, never got past 7 with the old one. Give it a try! Be like Mikey, you just might like it 🙂 (from the old cereal commercial)

  30. #35
    Connie B

    Hey Cathy,

    This is the first time I have posted a coment. I decided at the first of the year my montra would be” Move More Eat Less”. You have truly inspired me. I was a smoker too, been quit almost 7 years, but I have put on about 10 lbs. a year since, which really sucks!!! I try and move 5 days a week. I really think for me the food, or food choises are the kicker!!! Those darn Lays Potato Chips, they are evil!!! I am thinking of trying the HCG drops as hopefully a jump start. I have lost 7 lbs. since the first of the year so I am way happy about that.
    Just know you inspire & we are all on this journey and just take it one day at time.

    Have a super week,

  31. #36

    You are such an inspiration. Just had to say that first. 🙂
    I know what you mean: our lives can’t be defined by the numbers on the scale….but still I know how good it feels when you see them go down and how so NOT good it feels when they go the other way. But I have to say that if I were you, the fact that you’ve gotten to a place where you can say you enjoy exercising…that is a major accomplishment. and it’s only been one year.
    I feel too like exercising is kind of the “easy” part….the eating thing is so much harder. I too find myself trying to test myself and see if I can squeeze in some of my old bad eating habits into my new lifestyle. Obviously the answer is no. :O( My trouble is eating when I’m not hungry, eating to numb myself emotionally, which I still really feel like I need to do and carrot sticks don’t do that for me. And it scares me that one day of slipping might lead to another and I might end up back where I was. It’s really scary!
    I don’t know how to NOT have an all-or-nothing approach. If I eat more than the bare minimum in a week, I feel so discouraged. And when I let myself have an occasional treat, I don’t know how to not want it the day after and the day after that. And that scares me too.
    Hearing your troubles and triumphs is so helpful to me. Thank you.

  32. #37

    Vicki, thats exactly what Im wondering. I mean, pineapple used to be 2 points a serving. Grapes? high high sugar.

    Again, this month Im really going to not fall off the wagon in major ways so I can see how this plan really works for my body.

  33. #38
    Susan E

    Unfortunately, I think once you hit your mid-40s, you really DO have to keep doing it forever if you don’t want to re-gain the weight. I will say that all is not lost though. I have a friend who followed the points plan without cheating and lost the 40 lbs she’d been carrying around for years and years and years – and she was over 60. She’s kept it off for 6 or 7 years BUT she still counts points and exercises daily.

    As for the fruit, I think that you probably can eat as much as you want, provided you are eating a lot of vegetables and enough protein, AND really, truly pay attention to when you are satiated (as opposed to full) and you don’t eat when you aren’t hungry.

  34. #39

    Thats encouraging to hear, Stacey! I will say, Im NOT hungry on this plan, but for me, that might be part of the problem! ha!

  35. #40

    Kristen, I can SO relate. I too struggle with giving myself a real sugary treat, then finding I just want more and more.

    I know that sugar is really a one way street. You get on, and it tries to keep you on the road. I know that if I could completely detox from sugar, that over time, i would feel amazing and that whole sugary craving thing would really be a non issue. Not ready to do it yet. Im still hoping I can find a way to be less black and white and live more in the grey area.

  36. #42

    Connie, Lays Potato Chips are one of the great evil creations of modern days. Potatoes are my downfall, especially ones that come in those packages. : )

    Dropping 7 from the first of the year? Dang girl. Thats BIG. Keep it up, and thanks for posting a comment!

  37. #43

    This was a helpful post to read, especially your comments about playing with self-sabotage to see if maybe, somehow, some way one can eat a lot of crap and get away with it. That’s totally me!

    I am also trying the new WWPP system, and the first couple weeks were great–I felt very content with what I was eating, never really hungry, felt like I had just enough wiggle room for the junk to be satisfied. And it got results on the scale. So, if it was working so well, why have I overeaten EVERY SINGLE DAY since my last weigh in?

  38. #44
    Jane Toft

    I’m working with two super slim women in their 40s at the moment. Both have 2 children. Interestingly they both say they put on weight around this time of year but don’t fret as they know it will disappear when the Spring weather arrives and they can get outside more. I got on the diet treadmill when I was about 13 (don’t let our daughters do the same!) and ever since have always been trying one method or the other. Looks like these ladies have the answer – don’t be too hard on yourself and move more whenever you can!

  39. #45
    Ronnie Crowley

    I’m also getting back to WW this January after being a lifetime on the other plan. After losing 2 pounds the first week and then the next 2 week 0.2 and 0.4 I was like “what I’m doing the plan and more” – I was so mad. Then this last week I lost 3 pounds. So for the month 5.6. You know what I did this week I didn’t believe the free fruit stuff – they have been saying. I was filling up on the stuff but it still has calories and my body wasn’t going to loose if I did this. I’m now limiting myself. It is not the new chocolate in my life. Try it and see if that works for you.

  40. #46

    Still plugging away, like you, plateau of some sort – had been down 4-5 lbs. earlier, but then popped back up for some reason (food?! oh yeah!), so am working on that, but not well since my husband & I keep making delish meals/foods! It does help he’s on a non-sugar diet recently ’cause of nasty rash issues, but food is truly the one thing I’m still not in control of! It’s great you’re still working away too, and putting it out to the world – you’re really doing a terrific job with motivating so many, along with keeping at it yourself. Thank you for helping all of us stick with it!

  41. #48
    Sarah MacKenzie

    I know others have said this, but I totally think if the previous WW program worked for you, keep going with it. I lost 105lbs on WW about a decade ago and I still use that program when I am trying to lose weight. It is still the points program, but slightly different way of counting them and a point range instead of a specific point number for the day. Oh and carrots were zero points. I just cannot count points for carrots. That seemed wrong to me (and I know the whole they are starchy, sugary, blah, blah, blah, but carrots didn’t make me fat. Eating crap like chips and chocolate did. sorry, end of rant…). Anyway, just wanted to say you are doing awesome in your battle, and you CAN do this! (Btw, I joined your flikr group last summer (prairiesarah) – I need to post another page sometime soon as I am trying to get my game back too.

  42. #49
    Laura P

    Hay Cathy, first off, let me say, how can you be self-critical when looking at those before and after shots? Amazing. Plus, I am no expert, except in the “from what I have heard” area, but get back on the weight training. Muscle mass will help you lose pounds. You are doing such a good job, for yourself, your children (especially your daughter) and for your followers. Cheers.

  43. #50
    Jamie Danford

    Well here’s me. If you look back one year, approximately around this date, you’ll find a post from me in response to your tales from the scale report. Basically I said the same thing that I’m sayin’ now… I crapped out in January, but will hit it hard in Feb. oops! Looks like I’ve become the cliche. Sigh… however, last year I DID manage to trim down by May, but it still wasn’t the look I wanted (entirely too much jiggly wiggly in the belly area.) I thought then, ‘man I wish I’d given it my all earlier instead of waiting until March to start working hard. So this year at least I will learn from my mistake last year, and I’ve committed to achieving some healthy goals.
    Here I go again… 😉

  44. #51
    tara pakosta

    I bet if you ran in intervals, like fast spurts for 1 minute then slowed down for 2 minutes you would lose again! It’s all about shaking up the routine! you are doing great and looking good! keep it up!
    thanks for inspiring! now if I could just lose those 30lbs I want to lose! I

  45. #52
    Susan aka LoveRibbons

    Fearless Leader-I wonder if you are putting on muscle mass and hence, the plateau! Happens to my sister no matter what she does and that is what the trainer said.

    As for me -thanks partly to you- I have lost 6 pounds and saw a number on the scale I have not seen since 1.5 years ago prior to steroids. Moving More alas well I am still in a flare up and the joints were not even happy walking in the pool. So I bought a float belt and am going to try deep water walking so there is no weight bearing at all! BUT I am walking around more at work and tonight I walked down the driveway to get the mail and then to the front porch (door is frozen shut) to get my delivery from Two Peas! I love winter at night. It is so sparkly so tomorrow night well if not too snowy I will walk around the cul-de-sac and then come back in!

  46. #53
    Giggly Girls

    Sorry that you’ve hit a rough patch. I’m just starting out my journey. But you’ve really inspired me. Minus 5.5 so far.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  47. #54

    You are so NOT your numbers. I know you know this, but you really need to KNOW this. Your cells are healthier and happier today and that has nothing to do with the scale. Just keep exercising and don’t worry too much about the pineapple and I seriously believe your body will adjust and those pounds will fall back away. Are you tracking your measurements too?

    Just curious.

  48. #55
    Liz G.

    You are AWESOME! I loved reading this blog entry. I just recently found your blog last month and immediately loved the motto, move more, eat less. So simple (in theory)! I’ve adapted it and am currently trying my luck with it. The reason I love this blog entry is because you own up to what went wrong but can still see the light ahead. You haven’t thrown in the towel and given up. Sometimes they say you have to do one step at a time, good job moving more, the eating less will come. Thanks for letting some of us know we’re not the only ones who struggle and sometimes gain, thanks for keeping motivation alive!

  49. #56

    The move more and eat less journals are getting full. One month of pages are done…and the hubby is finding it also useful to be on this health kick with me. He said he would…..well one month tally….

    Hubby has lost 13 pounds and I have lost 12. This is soooooooo much easier following this program together.

    This HAS GO TO BE our new way of life!! For our life! and the lives of the 6 foot “little” ones I call mine!

  50. #57

    I’ve been sticking to the new plan on-line for the last two weeks and though I understand the whole “lifestyle…not a diet” thing, I 100% agree with you and “feel pissy and mad that I’m basically never going to be able to sit and eat what I want all day long…” Honestly, I can’t ever see me just being happy about having to behave!

    Here’s to sticking with it and having those numbers drop.

    Thanks for your honesty with us.

  51. #58

    Cathy I have been struggling on Weight Watchers since last May and now even worse on the new Points Plus program. I have decided I need to cancel my membership so that I can afford to go to the gym. I learned over time of tracking my food that food is not necessarily my biggest problem….moving is. I just can’t afford both so something has to give.

    You look wonderful to me.

  52. #60

    Why is it that I fear going faster? Its really weird. Its the fear that ill run out of wind, and wont be able to keep running. I will consider this!

  53. #62

    I am tracking it all. And even though I KNOW on some level Im not my numbers, I still have some weird areas in my psyche that have a hard time getting this message. Know what Im saying? But I will NOT stop moving, I can commit to that 100 percent!
    p.s. I love it when you comment! so fun.

  54. #65

    Go Mara. I just think its nice to know feeling pissy isnt abnormal, but that it doesnt have to derail you permanently either!

  55. #66

    I say make the choice that works best for you! Also, Jane, there are tons on free online tracking places if you want to track your food. The Daily Plate, SparkPeople, LoseIt. Lots to choose from!

  56. #67

    This is so stinkin’ realistic. Someone said to me as I left Zumba last week, “Wow, with as much as you are working out, you will definitely be swimsuit-ready.” My response: “If only I could control my eating habits.” I’m right there with ya, Cathy. I even used the fantabulous giveaway iPod/Nike+ this weekend and ran farther and faster than I have in FOREVER. However, I am a carb-o-holic. The one “leftover” of the depression that I am trying to kick without meds is that I CANNOT motivate myself to the discipline it takes to watch what I eat. It’s not that I eat a lot. I eat crap. Plain and simple. And I have little time or energy to cook.

    So, in 2011, may the good fairy of eating well descend upon my sorry butt, as I lost 32 lbs and have plateaued looking at the barrel of another 30 I would love to see go away. But, I have to take it one day at a time.

    Thanks, as usual, for sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly with us. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me!

  57. #68
    Anna Aspnes

    *There are still days, though not as many, where I feel pissy and mad that I’m basically never going to be able to sit and eat what I want all day long…at least not as long as I want to maintain a healthy weight.*
    I felt this way frequently after I had to go gluten and dairy free 4 years ago. I felt deprived. What really helped was to view the whole scenario differently. Instead of feeling like I couldn’t have it I CHOSE not to have it because it made me feel bad. It was MY choice and I was in control. Wanting to feel better meant making that choice.

    You also cannot eat ALL healthy foods ALL the time. I have also learned you cannot just go cold turkey. Sugar is really a drug. I have seen Luke literally vomiting like a junkie when we extracted it from his diet for 24hours. It’s best to wean yourself off it a few bites at a time to control cravings. After a while just a few bites is enough.

    At the end of the day though. There is no easy answer. If there was. We’d all look like Heidi Klum and be able to eat what we want. There are 2 paths, you take the one you want most and you just do the best you can. It has to be a part of your life but not control it.

  58. #69
    Tasia M

    Totally off topic, but what lens do you have on your camera in that first picture? It looks like one I just might have to have.

  59. #70

    Cathy you still look awesome and are such an insperation to me. January was not a weight loss month for myself either but didn’t really gain any either so I guess that’s good. I have committed to making a few small changes and I am hoping that will help me with the weight loss. NO MORE EXCUSES for me – I just need to do it! Keep it up!

  60. #71
    heather johnson photography

    Hi Cathy,

    Not sure if you will remember or not, but I approached you at Cafe Latte last December (I think?) and told you how you had inspired me to start thinking about moving more and eating less. (My name is Heather.) I was at an all-time high, weighing as much as my six foot husband standing beside me–and was so unhappy with myself I couldn’t even put it into words or admit it.
    All through December I got my mind ready to fully commit to something, and I knew that WW was going to be the way for me. On December 31st I attended my first meeting (for me, I knew that I needed to get out there and face it head on) and now I sit here down 14 pounds the first month. Thank you for inspiring me.
    What I did to get it all to work for me on this new points plus program is have mainly fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch–and save the bulk of my points for late in the day. That way I could have a “fancy” (read buttered) dinner and a cocoa with pretzels at night. I did this everyday for the first two weeks of the month–and it truly helped me get the “sugar” out of my system and really and truly the cravings have stopped. Just a strategy–don’t know if it would work for you or not, but it really worked for me. The shake in the morning was 2 pts (I had to count only the tofu–the rest was water, f/v) and for lunch I had the zero pt veggie soup and a salad. I would use dressing sprays and sometimes cheese like feta for flavor–but never was the salad more than 3 pts. (And never was it the same–I googled and googled different salads to try until I got a few faves.) That left 20 or more points for the fun evening part…..I had a feeling that if I could make dinners with flavor (again read butter and bacon grease) I would be fine and NOT feel deprived. I cooked fancy green beans by Paula Deen (which uses only a strip of bacon–but honestly that’s all you needed for flavor) and by God–I ate a huge servings of greens. This is NOT something I would have done before. Anyway, I rambled on long enough….just wanted to share that idea, and thank you again for getting me inspired. I still have 86 pounds to go–but I know I will get there.

  61. #73
    Carol Anne

    I am having EXACTLY the same problems, Cathy. Maybe it’s the weather that contributes to the inability to focus on eating good food. It’s funny that you and I had the exact same weight gain at the same time, which makes me think it really is a seasonal issue.

    While my weight is up, I know that I’ve made my heart and lungs stronger over the last year (and so have you). We have a lot of gains — and I don’t mean weight — because of the work we have accomplished.

    So I’m just going to keep trying. Embrace the winter (good on you for running outside — I’ll keep my bike indoors, thank you!), learn from it, and look forward to more rebirth at spring.

  62. #74
    Margy Eastman

    Don’t sweat, Cathy. I did the same thing. I was focused on my weight loss goal and I dedicated a huge amount of time and energy to it. I got down to 141 (scary, eh?), and then gradually climbed back up to where I am now, mid 150’s. I think the most disheartening thing was that I couldn’t maintain 141 without thinking about it…and after that amount of weight watching, I wanted to focus my attention elsewhere. I was ready for a new hobby. So, I slid upward, and here I have stayed. I’ve changed my eating habits enough that I’ll never weigh what I did when I joined, and I’ve relaxed enough that I’ll never be 141 again either. I’ve found my middle ground where I can’t forget what’s healthy, but I can focus on other aspects of my life. I rejoined WW online – mostly for the recipes. Cathy, you run and swim so much, your heart doesn’t care what your waist measurement is. You still look great – you’re healthy, and in a race around the block, you’d kick my butt.

  63. #76
    Diana Forsgren

    Hey Cathy! Love the blog post! Did you watch Dr Oz yesterday? Jan 31,2011? I totally thought of you and what you can do along with whatever program you are using (WW) and what time to eat and grocery shop and additional things to do to loose weight. I took a lot of notes. He has such a way of explaining things. We can do this!!

  64. #77
    christine r

    Thank you Cathy. Being inspired by you first in the scrapbooking world and now in fitness. I feel like we are mirror images. Started running last May, eating the same, and by August had lost zero weight. The next few months I changed the way I ate and lost. In December you challenged us to run 50 miles. I hit that with 70 and gained weight. Then in January you had the post about feeling down. Hello! Normally running made me feel so good….all day long. Now I was feeling good while running and then the rest of the day I wasn’t. I even hit 100 miles in Jan. What gives? While I don’t have an answer for why its not happening like I want. I’m on for the ride. Thank you for sharing your journey. Makes me feel just a little bit normal and not so crazy.

  65. #78

    So I guess placing an order for Girl Scout cookies right now wouldn’t be in your best interest???? Keep moving, that’s all you gotta do! Thanks for sharing your ups and downs. Nice to know you are a real person with the same real struggles as everyone else. You always make me smile! Have a great week!

  66. #79

    i have the same struggles as you and wanted to give you some ideas that work for me. forgive me if i repeat anything that has already been said but i have not read all these comments! when i’m hungry i – go to bed. brush my teeth. suck on ice (or make flavored ice cubes to suck on). take a shower. try to read. take the dog for a walk.
    motivating myself to exercise is the thing i’m struggling with now. i also started the new program at weight watchers and HATE IT. so, i just don’t eat a lot of fruit! not what they want but i will incorporate it back in when i find myself losing again. i have to adapt. thanks for sharing your struggles with us and making me laugh everyday you post! good luck and please keep sharing……

  67. #80

    I love, love, love how you keep it real all the time.

    The new WW program is working for me, as is the “move your butt” thing. As of today I’m down 14.5 lbs. since January 3rd. Not bad for a middle aged once-fit blob. I’m amazed not just at my weight loss, but at how much my fitness level has improved by challenging myself six days out of seven every week.

  68. #83

    Heather! Of course I remember meeting you there (and didnt we meet other places too?) Well, good for you. I kind of do a similar thing: I eat much lower points food for breakfast and lunch, so I can have a real dinner and not have to freak out about it. My lunch is a 3 point lunch and i am completely satiated when im done. (1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese; 2 cups steamed broccoli; 1 Flat Out Original bread (toasted); 1/3 serving of Carl Buddig turkey meat, to put on the bread to make a little sandwich of sorts.) Plus a piece of fruit too. 3 points. Make room for dinner! Keep up the good work. DO. And dont forget to make time to move more!

    You can do it!

  69. #84
    Anna Aspnes

    Likely not what you wanted to hear C, but anything worth having is hard work. Keeping it real means being realistic. Choose a path you can stick to. Life changes are hard can can take years to incorporate. I would say you’re well on your way! Good luck friend.

  70. #86

    Ha! I wouldnt be so sure if I could kick your butt. Im rather slow, but… this is REALLY good for me to read. I had to work everything perfectly to be at 141 last fall. You know? And the reason I went off WW was I was hitting that wall where i felt I couldnt maintain…that i was hanging on by a thread. My healthy weight might be somewhere closer to where I am right now, and I need to learn to be okay with this if Im feeling strong and confident.

  71. #89

    LOL! Damned cookies. I am going to scream at those girls and their peanut butter flavored whatever theyre calleds. BE GONE!

  72. #90

    It could be weather. I think also I need to shake things up a bit. I might take a class at the Y to try something other than swimming and running!

  73. #91

    the teeth brushing thing is a good one. im going to try it tonight. Sometimes, I just have to get back into the mindset of, Hello, its past 7 p.m. and the door to your stomach is locked for the night.

    Sugar free gum helps too!
    : )

  74. #94

    Well dang girl, thats some serious mileage! Now, if you are in your 40s, you might want to get your hormone/thyroid levels checked out if you havent already. If youre not in your 40s yet, then ENJOY! ; )

  75. #95
    Anna Aspnes

    It’s OK to eat after 7 pm IF you are hungry. High protein and low carb is your best bet. You body needs it for repairing those muscles during your sleep. If you don;t eat when you’re hungry, your metabolism will actually slow because your body quickly goes into survival mode. A small snack 1-2 hours before bed is good, again “IF” you are hungry.

  76. #97
    heather johnson photography

    Yes, we originally met in a bathroom at the Rosedale mall! But anyhow–thanks for the sandwich tip, that sounds delish I may need to try it. I joined the anytime fitness that is two blocks from my house (and has convenient little TVs at the end of the treadmill) and have been moving a whole lot more since Jan 1. Last week I logged in 450 minutes of working out! When I reach my goal I will send you a message and we can meet at Cafe Latte and stare at the cakes:) Again, thanks for the inspiration!

  77. #98

    Cathy, I feel like a broken record, but I seriously can’t thank you enough for sharing your complete story with us—victories, defeats, and everything in between. In two days I will finish my first month of MMEL. Last week, on my 35th birthday, my doctor prescribed blood pressure medicine.

    In the weeks before that my diet and exercise choices were 70% vanity and 30% health. Those scales have tripped dramatically. Losing 90 pounds and eating wholesome, nourishing foods is now critical. Every time I visit the gym, every plate of food I make, I am fighting for my life. And yeah, I know that fight is going to get old. ButI don’t think I’m ever going to be willing to die for a slice of pizza.

    Trust me, you don’t want a health crisis (or another food restriction—fighting sodium is depressingly hard). But maybe you need something else to work toward that isn’t smaller numbers on the scale or measuring tape. Can you sign up for another race? At a distance that scares you? Maybe a triathlon? Or perhaps sign up for a fitness activity that feels intimidating, completely out of your comfort zone: Kickboxing? CrossFit? Hot Yoga? Dance Class?

    PS—Your pages are not in the Flickr group. We’re all in this together. And we’re here because you motivated us to be.

  78. #99

    Just wanted to let you know that you also inspired me to eat less, move more last February and I lost 35 lbs. Thanks to a nice Christmas check from my Dad, I hired a personal trainer and started lifting weights and running/walking on the treadmill 3 times a week. I added pilates and yoga and did a “cleanse” that was supervised by a nutritionist at the gym. One thing she explained to me was the glycemic level in different fruits and vegetables. If I remember correctly, fruits such as pineapple and watermelon (I know, I didn’t believe it either) are high in glycemics so help fuel sugar cravings. I should probably google the term to refresh my memory on high and low glycemic foods. So she recommended eating high glycemic foods very sparingly. The best tip from my trainer was included in at least one of the comments today – his tip was to increase the intensity of my workouts and change things up. He explained that a body does get used to the level at which you are working at, so if you keep running the same speed and the same distance, you’ll plateau. I’ve also fallen off the “sugar wagon” over the holidays (due to my marathon cookie baking) and am having a hard time shaking the sugar. One thing that helps me is eating “clean” – no processed food, lots of vegetables and protein, small amounts of whole grains/complex carbs and fruit. And it has been so hard to get out to the gym because of all this winter weather we’ve been experiencing on the east coast – I can’t wait for spring! You keep inspiring me to hang in there with your posts so look forward to reading more!

  79. #100
    Courtney Walsh

    I gotta say. I get this. I so get this. I said just yesterday “I think I’m sabotaging myself.” I have some great success, my jeans are loose and I start downing M&Ms and Conversation hearts like they’re life-blood. I don’t know what that is, psychologically.

    That said, I have heard that a lot of people who lose get to a low point and then go back up a little, usually just sort of “leveling off”… I think the thing to figure out (for me, I mean) is “Where am I most comfortable?” and “What can I feasibly maintain?”

    I haven’t figured it out yet… if you do, let me know! 🙂

  80. #101

    OMG Cathy….I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry when I read this. You say exactly what me, and I’m sure millions of others, THINK. There is such torment and conversation in my head every single waking moment about food….should I eat this, how many points is that, will I gain weight from this….these solo conversations are endless.. However, I am proud to say that after losing 80 pounds and becoming a weight watchers lifetime member, several years ago (like 12 years ago). Depression and hard times came for a little visit and stayed for a couple of years, as did 30 pounds. I have rejoined WW, as well as the gym. I am definately moving more and eating less. I am determined to smile at the lady who weighs me, when she says I lost .6. I mean c’mon really what is .6? But then I tell myself that a whole lot of .6 makes a whole lot of poundage. My OLW is “wellness”, and I am committed to the word and to myself. I love reading about your weight loss journey…it is the voice inside so many of us.

  81. #102

    Yolanda, thanks for sharing this. I am thinking of doing a half marathon in June, so that will be part of my scary race motivation! And I am planning to take some classes at the Y to shake things up! Good luck to you!

  82. #103

    I know this about certain fruits. I am thinking its time to dial them out for a while. And the plateau thing as well. So much to think about! : )

  83. #106

    Oh Cathy. I know it must be SO HARD for you to deal with having gained weight, after losing so much and enjoying being so thin. I feel like anything I say will be a useless platitude with no real meat to it.

    I do read this great blog called Already Pretty you might enjoy (not sure if you read it?). The blogger, Sally McGraw, live in Minneapolis. She also lost quite a bit of weight years ago and now goes to the gym to keep it off.

    She has posted that it is difficult for her, but she has had to accept that every winter, while she continues going to the gym, she is going to gain about 10 lbs. And when spring hits and she can again ride her bike to work, and food options get lighter, she will lose. She hates that she had to accept that, but her choices were either, accept it and have some winter clothes that will fit in a larger size, or deny it and end up hating herself in Feb, with nothing that fits right to wear.

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