Move More Eat Less January 2011

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Welcome to the first yearly edition of Move More Eat Less! For some of you who are just kicking off your year, this is officially Month 1. For me, it is technically Month 13. Yep. A whole 12 months have come and gone and here I am with a renewed focus and energy for the coming year.

The fact that the holidays are over is bittersweet for two reasons: 1) I really love having my kids home and a loosey goosey schedule, and 2) No more excuses to go overboard on Ye Olde Sugary Fare.

Yes, I put on a little in the middle over the holidays, but this time, unlike past years where a slight bit of failure would send me into a tailspin of gastronomic woe, this time it's just giving me the information I need to make choices and adjustments.

Let's take a look at the first layout of the year, shall we:


(click on layout to see it larger in a new window.)

Ahhh. There she is. The Before Me, and the Present Day Me.

Now, some of you who are just starting out may simply want to do a single photo. Afterall, you need a base photo to document your journey. The template (8.5 x 11 or 12 x 12) for this project has a slot for two pictures, but it's really easy to join the layers and create a space for one photo.


STEP-BY-STEP: In Photoshop Elements, go to the Layers Palette (Window > Layers, if it's not already showing up) and find the Before Photo and Current Photo layers. Hold down your Shift Key to select both layers by clicking once on each layer. When they are both highlighted, go to Layer > Merge Layers.

Now, you have a space for a single photo. Do a Save As for this version of the template and just proceed with your usual Clipping Mask. Keep in mind that this first shot will be your main Before Photo, so make sure you have enough space around you in the shot so that next month, you can drop it into the vertical space.


Does the taking a photo part bum some of you out? Here's the deal: it's not brave to take a photo of yourself. I'm sorry for not sounding more loving and comforting about it, but I believe it is simply information. In order to make sound decisions regarding your health and fitness, you need an accurate picture of what you look like today. Right now. Period. A photo is one piece of the information you need.

Another really good plan of action? Get a physical in the next few weeks. Get your numbers all figured out: cholesterol, blood pressure, hormone levels. I did this in December of 2009 before I kicked off my journey last year, just to make sure I was approved to begin kicking fitness ass and taking names.

I know that so many of you are starting this journey out now and I want to tell you this: take it one day at a time.

Everyone begins with such verve and passion, and while this is a good thing, it can also lead to some early crashes and wagon jumping. Just do your best to Move a little More, and Eat a little Less. I'm right there with you, in a non-personal Internet sort of way.

Here's to your first month, or to your continuing journey.



Want to learn more about Move More Eat Less 2011? Click here to learn more about the concept.

I've also started a flickr group for Move More Eat Less. Feel free to start sharing your pages beginning in January. You will find the group by clicking here.


ENTER TO WIN AN iPOD! There's still time to enter for a chance to win an iPod Nano,  Nike+ Sport Kit and an Original Shoe Pouch. Click here for more details. Content ends Thursday at 9 p.m. C.S.T.


LAYOUT SUPPLIES: Move More Eat Less 8.5 x 11 template (Cathy Zielske) β€’ Just Linens No. 1 Paper Pack (Michelle Martin) β€’ a scan of kraft cardstock β€’ Avenir font



Cathy ZielskeMove More Eat Less January 2011

93 Comments on “Move More Eat Less January 2011”

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    Wow Cathy your photo this month is amazing, so cute in your little skirt. I can’t believe a whole year has gone by. I can still remember sitting here that day seeing your first post on this remarkable journey you’ve taken us on, I was amazed by you then and even more so now. Great job Cathy!! Looking forward to another year with you.

  2. #5
    Gina B

    Thanks for the inspiration to do this and yes i feel like your my support buddy, SORRY! I started on Monday. I purchased the MMEL journal and enjoying it. I just have to get over that feeling of failure when I slip up. This has been my down fall before. This time I started with a slow 6 min run, something I havent done in a long time. Again thanks.
    P.S I would love to have the MMEL symbol in an A4 size so I could put it up around the house as a constant reminder. I am a bit scared to use the one on my journal just in case I mess it up. Got any tips.
    P.P.S I hope you dont mind but I have even printed your 12 month scrap pages to have in my journal as a visual reminder that I can do it and I will get there.
    Gina Baj

  3. #7

    Gina, what size would be for A4? just curious. Dont beat yourself up if you slip up. Just start over. Ive been doing that all year!

  4. #8

    Hey Cathy.. you’re living proof that “IT REALLY DOES WORK!” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Well done and Happy 2011 to you and yours πŸ™‚

  5. #10

    I know I keep saying the same thing over and over again… I hope you’re not getting tired of reading it over and over… you are amazing, Cathy. Inspiring. Awesome. And looking hot, baby! <3

  6. #11

    Thanks Cathy!! It was as easy as I thought to merge those layers. Gotta go get my girl up and then MOVE…30 minutes of treadmill, here I come!

  7. #14

    You are such an inspiration both creatively and physically! I am on a journey to lose 20 pounds and seeing your progress over the past year, I can’t help but be inspired…you have been very real about the ups and downs of it all and so I know to expect some bumpy roads along the way! But in the end, I know it’ll be alright and that I can do this! Today I actually used my Wii Fit!! Its a start! Thanks Cathy!

  8. #15

    I hope you don’t mind an observation about a typo–there’s no way you have 36.5″ thighs!
    Thanks for the motivation for this year–I’m just about to do the Wii EA2 workout–

  9. #16
    Carrie K

    ive got this walking thing down…2011 is the year for running!! outside and on the treadmill…im gonna DO it this year πŸ™‚ and thanks for the nike challenge every month…my goal is to break into the top 20…lol

  10. #17

    It has been fun to watch someone else document their healthy choices journey. I have been on one as well, without the pages! It is often just such a struggle. I often tell my husband that if I could figure out the X factor of the equation I would be rich. The problem is that there is no common X factor. What makes one person decide that today is that day they will put down the Twinkie and walk to the end of the block? I don’t know.

    I do know that it is a constant battle. I often feel that it is truly much more mental/emotional than physical.

    I recently started a new training called Crossfit. It is so out of my comfort zone. Today after five rounds of running, kettlebells and pullups I barely made it to my car without bursting into tears! This health and wellness stuff is not for sissy’s!!

    Thanks for being brave enough to put it out there for other people. If you can motivate just a few people to get off the couch you have done something valueable!

  11. #18

    You look terrific and all your hard work shows! I am trying to maintain and get out of the sugary dessert trap we fell into during the holidays. No baking and no sweets in the house! Difficult to keep up the walks with the dog during construction and intermittent iffy weather (rain and those CA 50 degree days that we whine about), but I’m trying. Bonus is that if I keep up the walking, I can eat a bit more w/o gaining weight. Picked up a bad habit last year canning homemade jam (Meyer lemon marmalade from the tree anybody?) but I figure that a couple of teaspoons of jam on whole grain toast in the morning won’t hurt.

  12. #19

    You say that you’re up a few pounds, but you look thinner and fitter than ever! You are such an inspiration to me.

    This week I rejoined Weight Watchers, threw out all the crap food in the house, worked out every day of 2011 so far, and joined a great new gym today. Yeah, I’m one of those cliche’ January gym rats (but I’ll keep going). My mother in law gave me a chunk of cash for Christmas and instead of spending it on plus sized clothes, I paid for a whole year at the gym…in cash. Go me! Tomorrow I start with the trainer.

  13. #20
    Teresa Lynn Cotterman

    I too plan to begin this journey. Haven’t taken care of myself in forever. It is really time I decide I am worth it. With 100+ pounds to lose it just seems so un-doable. I bought the Nike+, the pouch for my shoes, and paid for Weight Watchers. Let’s hope putting out cash is a motivator.

  14. #21
    Samantha L

    You look great! One question I have is what was your diet like on a typical day. That seems to be my hardest part, finding quick easy ways to prepare meals when I work an 8 hour day. Any suggestions on dinner meals?

  15. #22

    Cathy I have a very weird question. Did you really lose a lot of weight in your….bum area? I’ve lost about 60 lbs recently, and I notice it absolutely everywhere on my body except my backside. I was just looking at myself in the mirror yesterday and trying to come to terms with the fact that as thin as I may get, that part of me is huge to stay and I better find a way to come to terms with it. But look at your picture…you’re like literally HALF the size! πŸ™‚

  16. #24

    Thank you, Cathy, for your blog and inspiration. I don’t always comment, but have watched your progress and am amazed and inspired. I lost my dog last summer, my walking buddy, and have gone “downhill” on my walking. Really need some inspiration again! You are so kind and generous for having this giveaway, Happy New Year to you and your family!

  17. #25

    Printing out the MMEL journal right now! Beginning picture taken (ugh!). I walk and have worked out at Curves (loving the Zumba+Curves workout!)for a little over a year now. Down 25 to 30 pounds but need to do more. Watching you over this past year has been incredibly inspiring! I’m so excited to add MMEL to my routine! I believe accountability is something that has been missing. Admittedly, I am nervous about the food journal as I was forced to keep one while in therapy years ago for an eating disorder. However, I know the studies show that keeping a food journal aids in weight loss so I am going to do it! Thanks so much, Cathy, for putting this together and sharing your own journey!

  18. #26

    god, you look sooooo GREAT! you should be SOOOO proud of yourself – congratulations and keep up the good work!

  19. #27
    Lisa Cole

    Okay you little rock star… love that you included your photo this time with all the lights on your mirror!! πŸ™‚

  20. #28
    heather johnson photography

    Thanks for being a source of inspiration. I signed up with WW on the 31st, and have been doing great since. I am following the program and eating less (although eating way more fruits and veggies!) and have been hitting the gym everyday for at least a 30 min walk. I am going to get the templates, as I just took my self portrait, and will be sure to post my progress. Thanks for letting us follow along this whole past year, it really has been a motivator!

  21. #29
    peg risley

    Cathy – Thanks so much for being brave and sharing your fitness journey with all of us! Just looking at the layouts is inspiring me! Keep up the great work with MMEL!!!!

  22. #30
    Liz Oram

    I have loved keeping up with your progess-you have done amazing! The hubs and I are starting a new outlook on life and living-so excited for once! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. #31
    cindy b.

    just gotta say…HOLY SHIT…the proof is in the photos (not the pudding)…you look amazing! KUDDOS Cathy for your success and continued journey in 2011!

  24. #32

    Hi Kristen, not Cathy, but just wanted to comment on your post…I’ve lost some weight too from this crazy running thing that Cathy’s brainwashed me with, and whereas it won’t budge from my muffin top, it did seem to come off my butt. And so even though I buy smaller jeans, the backside fits sadly, quite saggy and baggy. So, kudos to you on losing all that weight, and by all means embrace that gloriously sexy round rump!

  25. #35

    Happy Thinner and Healthier New Year to You! Just gotta say that I still passionately hate the thought of running when I drag myself out of bed every morning, so please keep tweeting your runs and posting your journey cause it’s the first thing I read in the am to inspire me to tackle the old Sole F80. You are the best.

  26. #36
    Heather B

    WOW! I think you are still doing great & so proud of you to make it through all of the holidays! I started strong in October until I injured myself & have fallen apart since then… I kept going for a bit because I joined a weekly walking group that does 6-10 miles & let me tell you it’s motivation for the rest of the week to not drop out of it halfway through when they swing back by the start to drop off the 3milers….. but my hubby has been working OT on Saturday mornings since early December so I have missed a whole month of that & haven’t moved an inch that whole time. :(….. move more kind of an inch – oddly I lost a few lbs… but I didn’t lose ANY working out 1-2x daily in October so I suppose my body was just catching up.

    I thought I’d point out on the journal page that when I made mine (haven’t updated Dec or Jan yet bc I feel stupid – but more reason to update them)…. I put a before & after section for measurements on the right side. Here’s the link to my page in the flickr group


  27. #37

    You have exactly the right attitude Cathy!! Move more, eat less,,,,,,it really is just that simple.

    I take it day by day every single day of my life. Sometimes we slip up and there is nothing wrong with that as long as we get right back on track!!!

    I started my healthy eating/living/running for life plan on January 1, 2000 so I’m now in month 133, I started at around 160lbs and reached my goal weight of 122 in May of 2000, and I’m still at the same weight!

    It can be done and it can be sustained for life and it doesn’t take any fancy diet plans or gym memberships,,,just dedication, perserverance and the willingness to keep on trying!!!

  28. #38

    Cathy, you are amazing! Looking at the before and after shots I can’t believe you want to lose more weight because you look slender and fit and healthy and I really am jealous. Do you have spanx on? lol. Seriously though is the number the goal or does your body not feel quite there yet? You are a visual aid for MMEL!

  29. #41

    It IS time. Time for you. Time to kick some ass! I find putting out the cash is a HUGE motivator. Last year, I spent all this money on new workout stuff from Lucy and I thought: well now I HAVE to get my moneys worth.

    Dont sell yourself short! Little steps add up. GO! : )

  30. #43

    Ive lost all over pretty equally. I have a rather round tushka, a bubble butt if you will. Sticks out. Not flat, definitely. But the 30 pounds has sort of taken from everywhere. The most chub is my tummy and hips. I still have the old muffin top!

    But 60 pounds? Holy guacamole! Your butt just might be in shock and is trying to catch up. GO YOU!

  31. #45

    ive heard GREAT stuff about crossfit! and youre right, its not the same for any one person, but man, when you get it, its such a cool thing!

  32. #46
    Nancy McM

    Love it! You must just burst with pride everytime you look at this layout! I know it took alot of hard work and all, but wow, just amazing! In reference to a comment earlier, do you {or anyone} have any idea how to get rid of this muffin top? Or is it a hormone-induced thing we are stuck with?

  33. #47
    Erica K

    That’s wonderful Cathy! You know, when I first got married we both put on weight. So we took pictures and decided to get fit again (yeah, that never happened!). Anyway, I look back at those pictures and I can’t believe we thought we were fat! 2 babies later and I’m at the “don’t ever let me get that bad” point. πŸ™‚

    I hope I can follow in your footsteps!

  34. #48

    Cathy- do I need photoshop elements for the MMEL digital download- can I use it in iphoto (I have a Mac) – i’m new to the digital scrapbook thing. I’d like to use it and then print it for my journal.

  35. #49

    You have been a wonderful inspiration to me for the last few months! I love how you’re taking your passion and passing on to the rest of us. And, on a side-note, I really love the mirror in your picture!

  36. #50

    Cathy, I enjoy exercising but have never really run. I would love to start the new year with a beginning program. Congratulations to you on such a healthy year. May this one be even better for you and yours.


  37. #51

    Go go girl! You are so inspiring! How about a post for those of us who need some new workout clothes but don’t know where to buy them and are more than (ahem… ) 39 years old!

  38. #53
    Gina B

    Hi Cathy, sorry an A4 size is 8 X11 inches. If you can tell me how Id love to make a 12 X 12 size of the Logo, I love it and recite it in my head all the time.
    Gina B

  39. #60
    Christine H

    Don’t let the numbers overwhelm you or get you down. In Jun of 2009 I weighed 320 pounds…today I’m 210…still have 30 to go. One day at a time. Make good choices for one day, then the next thing you know you’ve made good choices for 30 days, then 60 days and you’ve lost 20 pounds and you feel great! Then some stupid holiday or life stressor will come along and you will have a day of total crappy eating. (do you know about sex muffins?) Know what? It’s OK, it’s one day, maybe two. Get over it and get back on track. I am so going to pray for your success. I so want you to succeed!! Do IT!!!

  40. #61

    CZ, I am so proud of you! I don’t even know you, but I’m proud of you! I have tried, over and over in 2010, to find my motivation. I started and re-started exercising several times last year. But what the heck? I just do not have the motivation! Where the heck is it? I keep looking, I keep trying to promt it, jump start it, coax it out of me, find it hiding somewhere, but it just will not come out. What the heck is wrong with me? Where IS the motivation and why is it hiding or eluding me? I don’t know, but maybe I’ll find the answer soon. I hope so. I think Rose ^^^ said it best: What makes one person decide that today is that day they will put down the Twinkie and walk to the end of the block? I don’t know.

    In the meantime, keep on trucking! I’m so proud of you! (And hey, your butt disappeared! How cool is that!)

  41. #62

    You look mahhhvelous!!! I’m looking forward to getting back on the fitness routine again and finally getting rid of the last 17lbs.

  42. #63
    Kim Woods

    Good for you Cathy! You look amazing! I had 3 surgeries in 2010 and it totally depleted my interest in working out…now that I’ve had foot surgery, two weeks ago, I am so JONESing for some working out! That is a good thing! When I was able I didn’t do it, now I can’t and I CAN:T WAIT! The last time I took a B4 pic I lost significant weight so I’m thinking you are SO right! keep it up beautiful lady!

  43. #64
    Kathryn Wafer

    What an amazing job you are doing…you look fantastic. Reading your journaling is so close to home for me(especially the part about seeing how much you can get away with eating while working out) I am also trying to hit goal and more importantly, maintaining it for life. Good luck on your last 10 pounds.


  44. #65

    Cathy, you look great! I hope you are not offended if I say maybe you are a little too skinny. πŸ™‚

    I started running back in Sept. I had started running programs many times before this, and I loved it, but the shin splints always stopped me after a week or so.

    This time I bought good shoes, did research online, read books, experimented, and kept trying. Now… no shin splints!

    I haven’t lost any weight though. I am still over 200. But that is ok. I haven’t changed my eating any and I can’t run every day. But the day I realized I had to slow to a walk bc I was out of breath and not due to pain, I realized my shin muscles had gotten stronger. That was a great day! And now I can run for longer periods of time before walking.

    So here comes January and I don’t have to make any resolutions. No matter what I weigh I am in better shape than I was 6 months ago and most importantly I really enjoy the process. I even got a running related gift for Christmas!!!

  45. #66

    I bought my Danskin tank at Walmart in August for A WHOLE DOLLAR. That’s right, a dollar. More recently I bought as long sleeve Danskin running top there for $8. I already had some stretchy pants, and I did take one pair I got for free to a dry cleaner and paid $10 to have them shortened. I also bought one sports bra at WalMart for $12.99. And I bought a dorky fanny pack there to hold my keys and iPhone for music, that was $6.99. So not a big investment.

    Then I bought my shoes and socks at the running store and of course keeled over in shock. So that was where I spent money…

  46. #67

    Can I just chime in with Cathy here. I had tried running a few times before and always given up. This time after I spent over $100 on STUFF (OMG the shoes!) I said, Self, you have got to get your money’s worth out of it. I keep the shoes in the box on my dresser, where I can see it every day. Every time I run, I do a cost-per-use thing in my head. And when I am feeling lazy I look at the box and think, I have paid $xx for those shoes, now MOVE IT MISSY.

  47. #68

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your journey, encourage, inspire, and inform us! I have been following along on your journey since month 1 and I am so happy for you. I hope to have an amazing transformation by this time next year too! Again, thank you so much!

  48. #69
    Margy Eastman

    Holy cow, Cathy! Look at your skinny little arms! I decided that I’m not quite where I want to be and joined WeightWatchers online. Going to meetings cuts into the precious home-with-family time, but online is working out great. I missed the recipe finder…

  49. #71

    It can be done! I think i just wanted to show all the layouts from last year to really prove that and show its a process that takes time! and continues to evolve. Good luck!

  50. #74


    Just a quick question about the new weight watchers program, do you like it? Is it working? I am a little unsure about the plan, but I need to hold myself accountable and work off these pesky 10 pounds that seem to yo yo up and down. Just wanted your feelings. Thanks!

  51. #75

    Cathy – you look great!!! I have not visited your blog in what seems like forever, but I too have been on a wellness journey. I mentioned to a friend that I should take a monthly picture of befores and afters to document the journey – and how much I REGRET not taking a before photo when I started this journey last September…and now there is 50 lbs less of me. She told me you had done just that and I decided I better come by for your inspiring story! So far I have made diet changes to lose the fat, but I realize going into the new year I need to MOVE MORE to reach my goal of another -40.
    I need to buck up and “shoot” myself for a layout. Thanks for sharing your story!

  52. #76

    Im working it now, so Ill have to let you know! So far, I really love the fruit eating zero points aspect, but… I started right at Christmas so with all my extra sweet treats on the holidays, I dont know how well the new plan will work. Im back on track now, so we shall see. So far, it seems very, very doable!

  53. #80

    Can I just say: I love this post.

    …instead of spending it on plus sized clothes, I paid for a whole year at the gym…in cash.

    Go you!

  54. #81

    So…I’m thinking you need to make a MMEL FB fan page. I think collectively it might be a good place to go for motivation. πŸ™‚ (Your comments take FOREVER to read through!)

  55. #83

    Thank you SO much for the template, which I’ve downloaded. I’ve done my first layout and am really stoked. My DD found us a brilliant app at Christmas from so we have been inputting all our data on our iPhones. I’ve lost about 4lbs since 26th Dec, so I’m happy! I’m not planning on crashing and burning; slow and steady wins the race, right? As I have (mumble, ahem) pounds to lose, it’s going to take dedication and a whole different attitude to eating. But I’m focused and looking forward to being able to look back and see how far I’ve come when I start to waver – as waver I certainly shall from time to time. We all know that. Thank you again, from across the pond πŸ™‚

  56. #85

    I started my weigt loss Jan 2010 as well, after seeing a lovely picture of myself. I knew I needed to change for the same reasons you shared. I have loved following your journey and have found inspiration in your journaling to keep me motivated. I am proud to say that I stuck with it for an entire year and lost 45 pounds, but did have a sugary feast over the holidays as well. I am totally on board for another year and plan to lose another 23 pounds (my ultimate goal!) and will again enjoy watching your journey. Thanks for sharing your story and being so open and honest!

  57. #90

    So while I was looking at this, my husband looked over and asked “Who’s the skinny chick?” I had to tell you. πŸ™‚ Way to go, Cathy.

  58. #92
    Traci DeVault

    I just found your blog tonight and have already downloaded the Move More Eat Less journal and I’m ready to go! I’ve lost 70 pounds over the last year and half, but needed motivation to keep going. I still have 70 pounds to lose. This is just what i needed! Thank you so much for sharing your jpurney.

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