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A few days ago, I was looking through my January 2011 photos to find a shot to use in a blog post and I realized I'd only taken 13 pictures since the debut of the new year.

13? Really? Just 13?

I don't know if it's SPAD (Seasonal Photo Affective Disorder) or the fact that without adorable little ones trodding about and doing photo-worthy things I really don't have much to photograph. I mean, I'm just not sure how many self portraits I can take in the bathroom and have them really mean something.

The fact is, I don't take as many photos as I used to. 

So yesterday, I decided to try and be inspired in my home and sought out things to shoot. Here's what I got:







I still feel I have much to learn about light, exposure, depth of fieldβ€”you know, all that photo stuff. I still love my camera beyond measure. But sometimesβ€”in fact, most of the time these daysβ€”I'm perfectly okay with having it sit on the dining room table. It knows I'll be back.

There's always another bowl of fresh fruit waiting for its close up.

Does your photo taking ebb and flow with seasons? Do you find you take more or less than you used to? Or is it even steven? Please, by all means, do share.



Cathy ZielskeTaking pictures

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    Ann Johnson

    I take very little photos in January. I guess it is all I see is snow and it is really hard to take a picture of white stuff. I did use your templates for my Year in Review album for 2010 and I really had to look for photos to add the first part of the year. Still don’t have alot of January but things are happening in the next couple of weeks so that should help. Also I noticed I don’t take many photos in October. ~Ann

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    madeline St onge

    So far this year I have 128 photos taken, BUT a lot are ny December Daily and JYC albums And the first LO for One little word. The others are the snow and just general things around the hose.
    It is hard when you don’t have little ones to follow around with a camera

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    I’ve SPAD since about December 25th. I’m calling it Christmas burn-out. I did do a 12 on 12 yesterday and hoping I have 12 decent ones, as I’d like to make that happen monthly. Your blueberry shot is gorgeous!

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    Definitely ebb and flow, but for the last year, my focus has changed and I’m taking more photos of our everyday lives. I’ve been using my timer/remote and taking more photos with me in them with my family. My kids are 10 and 12, so we still have lots of activities to photograph.

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    Annette Kuusinen

    I rarely take in photos in January. I realized this about 5 years ago. It seems like after taking so many photos in December that I just need a break in January. Toward the end of the month I hear my camera calling and begin taking more pictures, though I don’t fully get up to speed until spring starts to bloom.

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    I’m with you Cathy. I no longer have little ones running around doing adorable photo worthy things, with the possible exception of my dog. January is the least photographed month because my house is dark! Will have to grab the camera and take it with me on my errands. Hmmmm how exciting. Photos of Target and the grocery store??

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    Kristyn G

    Cathy-you should do a submission in this week’s photo challenge from Pioneer Woman-FOOD!
    Those blueberries look yummy πŸ™‚

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    I’m doing Project 365, and did so last year, so I always take at least 2 photos a day for that. Last year I also did Scrap Your Day, which involved photographing EVERYthing on the 25th od each month! Other than that, I’m an ebbs and flows person πŸ™‚ Certain events obviously need more photos taking, and learning something new about my camera involves lots of test shots and then a flurry of photos in my excitement, but in general my Project 365 keeps me ticking over and means that I always have my camera with me for unexpected photo opportunites!

    Love your shots, by the way πŸ™‚ I love depth of field and food photography and feet!! (What size are your feet? They look so small! Mine are enormous!)

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    My photo taking does ebb and flow!!! Unless it is a special occasion or holiday, I have to search out subject matter to shoot now that my girls are in their twenties and do not even live in the same state as I do. It is just not the same as when they were little and precious (or not so precious). I am perfectly ok, too, letting my camera sit in the closet until needed!

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    Kim K

    Love that calendar shot!
    My iphoto keeps warning me that I’m seriously close to implosion (39,434 photos).
    I guess you could say I can’t put my camera down! ;D
    I’m having heart palpitations trying to figure out how to solve my iphoto problem. So I haven’t uploaded any recent photos.
    If anyone knows how to move an INTACT iphoto library (complete with folders & sorted photos intact) to an EHD, please post (CZ, any thoughts?). I’ve backed it up, but that just gives me 39,434 photos. In a chronolgical list. No folders. UGH.

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    I’m definitely taking less these days, even though I do have a little adorable one crawling about…it may be that we’re stuck inside all the time (with very little light), so I’m just not in the mood. But I’m the same way, I know it will come, and it’s always sitting on the shelf in plain view, ready for me πŸ™‚

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    I can relate completely. I’ve taken a grand total of 22 photos this year. None of which are in focus, the white balance is all off & the exposure is dreadful! My excuse? Santa gave me a new lens for Christmas and I’m still trying to get to grips with its idiosyncrasies! Oh, that and being back at work means less time for taking photos. I really must try and make up for it at the weekend though.

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    c@rol w

    It makes me sad to say that I seem to only grab my camera when there’s a noteworthy event. But even sadder, yesterday was my birthday and I didn’t take any photos of what I did all day or foods I ate. Not one. My guys didn’t even offer to take one of me probably because I have a hangup about seeing myself in pictures and yet I ask myself why. I’m no different than anyone else. Who will remember me if I’m not in a photo? 2011 GOAL: Get in those pictures! Set the timer! Stop the self image criticism!

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    Your photos are wonderful! I do find that my photo taking does ebb and flow. Like yours, my camera knows I am coming back sooner or later. BUT doing Ali’s Dec daily MADE me take pictures–which I love doing. Now, I am kinda missing it. Not that I could do the whole 365 thing, consistently anyway, but still…

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    Lee Currie

    I find I take more photos but there are less in iPhoto because I discovered the DELETE button πŸ™‚ Ah, sweet freedom. I’m forever in things that force me to take photos: December Daily, Picture Winter, etc. I do it on purpose otherwise I’d probably have less than 13 this year πŸ™‚ Love your shots, as always.

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    Great photos – I’m inspired. I have only taken a picture of myself for Move More, Eat Less and a few at a friends anniversary party. I neglect every day life another thing to change this year.

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    Kim, I usually drag one Smart Album at a time to my EHD. I just backed up the last three months in 2010 that way.

    In iPhoto, I always set up folders for the year, then within that folder, I make smart folders that will sort my shots into each folder. Then, I back up. BUT, it doesnt keep the smart folders upon back up. I just make a yearly folder on the EHD for 2010 and drag into that.

    Maybe we are just stuck with chronology UNLESS you manually make folders Jan2010 on that EHD. Make sense?

    One at a time!

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    I’m an ebb and flow kinda girl, as well. The past year I haven’t been feeling the love for my camera. My poor children will be traumatized by the lack of documentation in 2010. LOL!

    However, I got a Rebel for Christmas, so I’ve been snapping away this month and I feel the love coming back. It also helps that I signed up for Tracey Clark’s Picture Winter class at Big Picture. So now I’m traumatizing my kids, my dh & my animals πŸ™‚

    BTW — I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who takes pictures of her feet when she doesn’t know what else to take pictures of!

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    Aw, Carol! Yes, you need pictures of you. I know how it feels to not want to see myself in photos. I did that in ALL of 2009.

    I support your losing that little critical voice!

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    I dont know if I could do the 365 thing. I mean, I love the idea of it, but I think it would be too many pics of blueberries! LOL!

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    Damon Crawley

    Cathy, one of the best books I have read is Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson (http://amzn.to/etG3uv). He puts everything in terms that are understandable and easy to put to use. Also great is LIFE Guide to Digital Photography: Everything You Need to Shoot Like the Pros by Joe McNally(http://amzn.to/ifWLN1). Joe is a Nikon Master and the book has great tips of “Do This First”. The iPad app of the book has additional videos.

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    Mel, that shot is SO not right. My feet are 10. Its the fact that im wearing my Dansko clogs and my jeans flare out a bit!

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    Leslie B

    I’m definitely ebbing right now. I didn’t even realize it until I started putting together my December monthly. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I hadn’t picked up the camera in January. Not once!

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    Love the pictures…especially the one with your feet on the tile – that tile is gorgeous!! I don’t have children around at all – just my sweet husband and me. This is year 2 for Project Life – love doing it, but I sometimes struggle with the day-to-day photos, BUT I will say it keeps me in the moment and open to looking at everything as a potential photo for the day.

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    I take a bunch on the iPhone – however none of them usually amount to a hill of beans – wait maybe I should photograph beans.

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    I have to get me some Dansko clogs and flared jeans then! But event hey might not work for me – I’m a UK size 9, which is about 11 1/2 US size…

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    I totally get this. I take fewer with my camera too without kids in the house. I do take more with my iPhone too. It’s always with me for one. In winter I do take a lot of snow pictures & pictures of the fur baby in the snow… But eventually, they all seem to look the same. πŸ™

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    even with 5 kids running around I find that my picture taking (like everything else in life) ebbs and flows. I love seeing your pictures. They always inspire me to pick up my camera again. . . if not for the kids, then for the food =)

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    I know just how you feel. I started scrapbooking in my late 60s; our daughter (an only child) lives across the country from us, is unmarried, with no children thus I have no grandchildren. So after I used up all the old photos, did a couple of heritage albums, and photos of our wedding 50 years ago there wasn’t much left to use. I do take lots of photos of my garden in the warmer weather but if there are no snow storms to record, the winter is pretty bleak for photo taking. Come on spring!!!!

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    I so agree with you. Children in the home truly made a photo difference for me. Kind of sad. I keep telling myself i DO have a photo life beyond kids but you are right, how many pictures can you take of yourself, or laundry, or dishes, or the computer. I don’t know. It is a struggle right now for me. Those are my thoughts, depressing as they are ( :

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    awesome everyday shots, Cathy. I need to try those pomegranates! January is usually a slower month for taking photos for me but it really depends on the mood and free time.

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    michele in la

    Well, you are certainly not alone in the “seasons” of photo taking… I’ve only taken 3 this year and that is only because I commited to my own version of “project life”. I was telling my daughter about it over the weekend and figured I should at least have a few photos…so I took all three that night and now it’s been quiet again.

    I go through periods of tons of photo taking (really way too many), then times when I’m just not inspired. Life goes like that sometimes and it’s OK!

    Right now my main focus is to totally organize my complete digital photo collection – we’re talking since 1999 and over the course of 4 computers, 5 hard drives, duplicate photos everywhere…all into one copy of a photo (with appropriate backups of course) on one hard drive organized by date and eventually tagged so it doesn’t take forever to find a photo from a few years ago of a particular thing. After that, my plan is to scan my old heritage albums (from my mom and dad’s albums). I think maybe I’m full to the brim and thinking that until I can get a handle on the old, there is no sense taking photos just to take them (like a 365 thing), but if inspired, I’ll pick up the camera…and be happy that I did :).

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    I’m taking Picture Winter over at BP(S? C?)… I love how it challenges me to take photos I wouldn’t think of taking otherwishe. Maybe you need something like that to jump start the photo brain? I’m also registered for “Mastering Manual Mode” hoping to improve my skill with lighting, depth of field, and so forth…

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    I’m doing some kind of Project Life thing (but without the product package because that would cost me about $150 to order from Germany). That said, I have only taken 22 pictures this year. One of my sofa with a funny face made by the sunlight coming in through the window on January 5th, and and 21 of a stack of books and an iPad today as an article header mini commission session for my guy’s personal website. Most likely, only one of them will make it into the album (I haven’t set up yet), and I don’t mean the sofa one. So you can see, my project life – and January – is definitely not all about the photos.

    I think it’s some kind of photo cleanse after the holidays – plus, it is just so DARK all the time. Geez.

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    I’m not able to comment on photograpy quite yet. Just wanted to say that that stone w/ blue/gold is fantastic!

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    I definately ebb and flow, but not with the season but in self critic. I’ll flow along and then start looking at what needs work on my photos and then ebb. Your photos are so crisp and the colors are so clean. That is what I’m working on so I’m in an ebb phase. Also I’ve just purchased lightroom and learning to shoot in RAW. How dod you do your colors?

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    Amanda M.

    Ummm….I don’t know if I am a “bad” memory-keeper, but 13 doesn’t sound low to me? It’s the 13th of the month, right? So, you’ve taken, on average, a photo a day? That seems great to me. I think I have taken about 25 or so…and only because we got more snow yesterday and used our snowblower for the first time, so I took some shots of that. But, in general…it’s quality. Not quanitity, I personally think. And, I think there’s an ebb and flow…sometimes you take more, sometimes less. It’s all good. Any photos are good. These that you posted today are lovely.

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    I take far less photos now then I did a few years ago. I haven’t taken any photos yet this year. I guess the main thing that’s changed is that I don’t scrapbook as much and my photos taking has reduced as a result.

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    I take less pictures overall.
    In December I took more pictures of my cat than of my kids – he is very photogenic and loves to have his picture taken. My kids do not enjoy having their picture taken anymore.
    So I try to take more of things going on like our huge amount of snow, but now most of my pics are of the cat.

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    Shannon D

    First of all, I *love* your floor! Beautiful!

    My photo taking comes in waves. I’ll take a whole lot over a period of a few days, take a few days off (except a couple photos here and there), then go back to taking a whole bunch. I guess it just goes with what we’re doing that day and how willing my girls are to have their picture taken….again.

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    13 photos this year – sounds about right. Expect for the dozen shots I had to take of our work trucks – paint damage, odometer etc Exciting!
    Certainly there are ebbs and flow. It sits on a sofa table in the living room which is central in the house so it’s always right there to grab a quick shot. My girls are in school full time now and I agree since there aren’t toddlers running around all day there isn’t as many interesting things to take pictures of. I’m sure no one will be interested in pictures of my girls watching Hannah Montana – AGAIN!

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    joni A

    I can relate…we are now empty nesters and both kids are away at college…so I take very few photos these days, but I have years and years of photos to scrap so theres not a shortage! Although I do miss those cute lil kid pics!

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    I am definitely an ebb and flow person, which is why I gave up on things like Project 365. And this month I’m at a real low after spending the holidays back home with my family where I probably took close to the 39,434 photos that Kim K has.

    And now I gotta go look up the Martha Stewart pomegantae method since hbby and the boy are big fans of that fruit!

    Great everyday shots Cathy πŸ™‚

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    I too have taken only a dozen or so photos this year, but I took 1106 pictures from December 1 through Dec. 25 so I’m “burned out”. We had an amazing Christmas season. There are 3 months during the year that I usually take fewer photos — January, June and Sept. But the other 9 months make up for it….

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    I can’t remember where (probably in one of these blogs!) Cathy made a comment that you make a point to have someone take HER picture at every event. I love this advice – I am horrible about being in pictures since I’m always behind the camera, but this year I am trying to make a change, so that one day people will know that I really did exist!

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    I dont shoot in RAW ever, but I do usually hit most of my shots with Auto Levels to see if it improves, or not. Then, I often hit them with a sharpening action from the Pioneer Womans free sets of actions (Define and Sharpen).

    Sometimes Ill try her Boost as well. I also love Totally Rad actions but dont use them on every shot.

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    Cindy P.

    Ebb and flow all the way. I’ve taken a couple hundred but the kid had a big hockey game and most are from the game. So it doesn’t really count. I did get a great shot of a winter sun set on New Years day. Love that one. The photo mojo will return! I have faith. Love your every day shots.

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    I could never get tired of your pictures especially the everyday common ones. Your photography is great to me. I don’t like blueberries but in your photo they look yummy and the last fruit one does too but what is it? I loved all the angles of your photos too, see not bored at all.

    Now about picking up the camera, I have to admit mine hasn’t been used too much lately. After finishing my DD for the first time ever and loved it well I’m actually burned out a little. So the first week of the year my camera sat and rested pretty much. For my 3rd year though I am do the project life album. Keeping it simple though not as many photos and more of the paper stuff and that is suiting me just fine. So let that camera rest and when your ready it will be there waiting. Thanks for these great inspiring photos though. Have a Happy Thursday!!

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    shannon b

    11 pictures for me. The last two years I have done a 365 Project. And this year I decided I would opt out. Basically because I never finished the last two times I tried. I usually piddled out somewhere around october. Anyways, starting January without the task of taking a picture a day on my list gives me a slight sense of relief. And I feel like I’m rebelling from all that in a sense, and not picking up the camera at all. And I’m okay with that. Like you said, the camera knows I’ll be back. πŸ™‚

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    I have always been the queen of taking tons of pictures. But lately, even when I have planned to get lots of photos, I haven’t. Part of it is that my camera is having some issues and I don’t get the shots I am trying for which is very frustrating. The other part is that I’m trying to be more engaged in what is happening around me instead of being on the sidelines experiencing it through the camera lens. Still, I have layouts that are crying out for photos so I need to get back into the picture-taking groove!

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    Heather Hillary

    I’m starting my third year of taking a POTD as part of Project 365 and I don’t know if I’ll ever go another day in my life NOT taking some sort of photo. Granted, some of the photos aren’t a deep uber meaningful snapshot, but with four kids, four seasons, a full time career, a home, a husband, a ginormous extended family, lots of good friends…I never am with out a topic or subject to shoot. Sometimes it’s just a photo of the gorgeous new hardware in my kitchen (a picture of knobs?!?) But how cool will it be in twenty or fifty years from now for my kids or grandkids to look through those albums (or to read the blog online) and giggle over how giddy their mom/grandma was over those gawdy, outdated knobs?! I love the thought of leaving this record for future generations.

  52. #67

    You hit the nail on the head. When you don’t have cute little kids at home, your options as a photographer are limited. There is always the dog, who is very photogenic (and cute!), but there are only so many photos you can take of the construction projects (before, after and during – I’m told they might actually finish!)and the garden. I depend on my DIL’s private blog for photos of my cross-country grandkids. Today I will vicariously scrap a snow day that takes me back to my early childhood in Canada, thanks to the current Nor’easter. I can enjoy the snow and my grandson’s snowman on the front lawn without having to deal with the actual snow myself!

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    Erica Hettwer

    Oh, yeah! After December Daily, I’m not so much burned out as just taking a little break. I still grab the camera when the kids do something super funny but most of the time I just enjoy them being them.

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    Beth Holmes

    I love these photos. I also understand about not having cute little ones running around. My dd is 11 and is really starting to get sick of my taking photos of her. That’s one of the reasons I am in the market for a digital SLR so I can get a zoom lense and “stalk” her more effectively. Yesterday she asked me why I take so many photos of her and make so many layouts and share them with friends — “It’s SO embarassing!” πŸ˜‰

    What camera did you use to take these? Do you have a DSLR?

  55. #70

    Definitely an ebb-and-flow-er here. I liked your everyday pictures though- especially the ones showing bits of your house. I’m a snoopy person and love to see into other people’s lives!

  56. #71

    January and February always have the least number of photos. I haven’t mastered indoor lighting enough to get nice shots in my dark house, there are no significant birthdays/holidays (well, other than mine) in our household… I’m always shutter happy when the first signs of warm and sunshine arrive somewhere between March and June. πŸ™‚

  57. #72

    Oh yes, I’m much like you on this matter. At 12 and 16, my kids aren’t a) as willing to pose just for the heck of it b) doing anything around the house that should be documented for posterity. And I spend so little time outside during daylight hours that I don’t have the opportunity to find something inspiring to photograph (darn 9-5 job!….wait, I’m luck to have the job, so I take that back). I often find myself gazing longingly at my camera bag. I keep telling myself that warm weather, more daylight hours and some free time are coming. And I have every intention of getting out there and shooting myself silly.

  58. #73

    WAY fewer! AS a matter of fact, I don’t have a single picture of Christmas this year! But, taking fewer pictures has been coming on for a while. While at one of my son’s birthdays … not lighting the candles but photographing it, not helping with his gifts but photographing it …. I decided that I wanted to participate in his life rather than just document it. My taking of fewer pictures started immediately! So … I have great memories but fewer artifacts!

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    Lynn M

    I’m into the third year with Project Life, and knowing that here in the midwest winter doesn’t have the best lighting for photos, I signed up for Picture Winter. It’s really “pushed” me to get out and find that photo for the day! We don’t have little ones at home any more so I have to have a prompt to motivate me to think outside the box. It’s been fun.

    For those that “forget” to get in the picture for fear of what you look like, remember this quote from Fran Lebowitz: “The worst picture taken of you when you were 25 is better than the best picture taken of you when you’re 45.” Get in the picture in 2011!

  60. #75
    carol in seattle :)

    That is for sure my biggest hurdle in scrapbooking! I just don’t think to take pictures. I wish I did…I love the ones I do take…I just wish it was a little more automatic.

  61. #76

    I have a handful of pictures, but that is mostly because we just got a new camera (DSLR) for Christmas and we are learning how to use it. I’m LOVING your picture of the blueberries… that makes my mouth water, just looking at it! The pomegranite seeds on the other hand… we bought a pomegranite ONCE and didn’t really know what to do with it. The part that we ate tasted very bitter. I admire your bravery with trying new things.

  62. #77

    Oh girl….yes. I could have written this post word for word. Yesterday I even thought about taking the kids to play in the snow with brand new sleds but thought I’d keep the camera at home so I could be a part of the fun and not just the photographer. Finding a balance is something I always struggle with.

  63. #78

    Joanne – you sound exactly like me! Our girls are both in college and it’s just my husband and me. This is my 2nd year doing Project Life and I even make my husband think of what the POTD will be! He’s better at it than I am!

  64. #79

    My photo taking depends on when and how long I visit the family (read-granddaughter). With only the dog and me at home, I find little to photo on a regular basis. As with everything else, there is a time to…..and taking photos ebbs and flows with the times. Love your photo of the pomegranate seeds.

  65. #81
    Jan B

    Yeah, I’m definitely recovering from photo overload after doing the December Daily thing either. Since my kids are grown and on their own my photos usually are event-oriented with one rather huge exception. My granddaughters. I can’t stop taking pics of them. And I’ve also noticed that they are by far the predominant subject of my scrapbooking. That’s why I love photo and scrapping challenges/prompts so much. They help me to round out my focus a bit. I love the simple, around the house pics, too. They’re a little piece of you current life. I just need to remember to take them more often. Yours are so nice! πŸ™‚

  66. #83
    lynne moore

    right now it’s motly photos for BPC classes that i want to upload…. but this morning i thought and rejected the idea of taking a photo of a beautiful orange sunrise. the thought that went thru my head was,”i’ve kinda seen that one before.” quite sad really. i think i was still tired – it was about 6:30 am and cold – i am not a morning person, so excuses come easily. but really, my small child remarked twice about it. i regret not stopping to take the time to do it while the car was warming up.

  67. #85

    Cathy, you wrote this post as if you could read my mind! Since about 4.30pm (UK time), I have now photographed socks drying on the radiator, contents of the fruit bowl, the kitchen calendar and DS eating his supper. Thanks for the inspiration!

  68. #86
    Helen Roady

    There are days I don’t even step out of the house and will now have to start thinking of some fun things inside I can take pictures of. However every day that I do go out the camera goes out too since I put it right next to my keys.

  69. #87

    My photo-taking is certainly seasonal. Like you, I keep my camera out and ready for whatever life throws me every day. This time of year I’m taking just a handful of photos a week. Then when the weather turns warm and kids go back outside to play and new sports seasons start, I find myself downloading a good sized batch almost every day.
    I have started Project Life this year and so far in the first 2 weeks I’ve been hit 6 of 7 days both weeks. (I have given myself some slack and not stressing about getting a photo every day. The non-photo days I use a school paper, receipt or other little something.)

  70. #88
    Kim Shimer

    been taking daily pics for Project 365 but to be honest, I have always taken daily pics, just now, I am more aware of it. I have 4 little ones between 2 & 9, so lots of subjects to choose from. My resolution this year (inspired by Cathy) is to get in front of the lens. I have so many major life moments in my kids lives that I appear (or don’t appear πŸ™‚ ) to be absent from. I am going to look into those two books mentioned as I haven’t ventured out of auto mode too often with good results. I think it is pure laziness on my part and vow to put some deliberate effort into my photos rather than taking 10x the amount just to up my chances of getting a good shot. I also treated myself to an eye-fi card! Now, my photos all get magically transferred to my computer & online without any work from me! Yeah!

  71. #89

    We have no children in the house so photo’s are not as many as they where.Thats ok though.I would rather take one meaningful pic than a dozen of kids just running around.Its a sign of the times changing here in the house hold. Off now to take a pic of the bark of the tree in the garden, yes thats whats its come too. Ha Ha.

  72. #90

    Cathy, I purchased your monthly template kit last summer and had no problem creating 3 to 4 pages each month. I was amazed how much I did was worth capturing. Now after Christmas I’ve taken one shot with my camera phone. The opportunities for photography in the summer are endless – must be the longer days. The comments about being a part of what’s going on instead of being the photographer are so true! My husband says his memories of all our kids sports and school events are in black and white because that’s what he saw videotaping.

  73. #91

    SPAD…love that! I didn’t make the switch to digital photography until the spring of 2007 and since then I’ve taken a little over 18,000 photos. I take most of my pictures between March and August…and I would say I take the least amount in January & February.

    There’s a quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson about the first 10,000 photos being your worst…so hopefully by now they’ve started to improve just a little πŸ™‚ If anyone is looking for a photography class I can’t say enough good things about the on-line class taught by Karen Russell. It’s pretty awesome (and she’s a great teacher)!

  74. #92
    Dawn Morgan

    I think I take way more photos in late spring and summer. I love outdoor photos the most. We spend so much time indoors at hockey rinks in the fall and winter and lighting in those places is never really good. I do have to admit that it doesn’t stop me from trying to get that perfect slap shot or glove save photo though! πŸ™‚

  75. #93
    Jennifer Larson

    I take very few photos in the winter because we spend so much time indoors and the lighting is horrible in my house. Oh, well. Learn to love the bad photos, I guess.

  76. #94

    After December/Christmas, I kind of need a break… I get super tired of needing a flash for all my pictures, because it’s so darn drab here and all. But yes, there’s always fruit!

  77. #95

    seasonal here. or moods? Sometimes i don’t want to take pics, because then i think that i’ll have to ‘deal’ with the files yet. :}

  78. #96

    Now that my kids are bigger and not as willing to smile for the camera, I definitely take fewer photos. Of course I snap photos at events and whenever we do something photo worthy. But especially in the cold Winter months, there just seems to be a smaller amount of photo taking opportunities. Makes it VERY hard to keep up with my 365 calendar on Shuttercal!

  79. #97

    Because my kids, like yours, are getting older (15 & 12) there isn’t a whole lot to photograph that hasn’t been photographed a hundred times already. I did pull out the tripod on Jan. 1st and insisted the entire family sit together for a a photo shoot. My 15 yr old wanted to know if this is going to be the new “what we do on Jan. 1st” from now on. I think so. I often take photos of my kids doing the ordinary because in a few short years they’ll be gone. They grow up so fast. I am one of those – always behind the camera never in front of it – and that’s the way I LOVE it BUT …. since I don’t want future generations to wonder “so what did she look like?” I’ve decided to make appearances now and then.

    BTW, I’ve never tried a pomegranate but I love fruit and they look so good. How do you pick out a good one? Your photo of the seeds was amazing and since I’m heading out for groceries anyway…..thought I buy myself one to try.

  80. #98
    Martha S.

    Funny you should ask because I just noticed yesterday that I hadn’t taken a single photo this month. Not. One. Single. Photo. Later in the day I caught my cat looking particularly soft and cuddly so I quickly ran for my camera which, like yours, is also a Canon but just a little ol’ Rebel. πŸ˜‰

    I do have a little one to stalk, a 7 y/o boy that keeps me on my toes and still loves to pose (thankfully!), but I guess we haven’t done anything fun this month – still recovering from Christmas I guess! We’ll have to remedy that this weekend and maybe go out bowling or something.

    And I do take stills of fruit and every day things but hmmm… I guess my photo taking is beginning to ebb because I noticed I was filling at least 2 AC 3-ring albums (12×12) per year of JUST my son. So he’s 7 and has 14 regular albums, another for special trips, another for his b-day parties, another for his sports endeavors, and a couple more mini albums, and then there are my personal 12×12 albums and my extended family’s albums… and no more space to put all of these albums and pictures!!! So no more 300+ pix per month for me. I’ve become way more selective on when that camera is going to come out and, even then, which pix will get printed.

  81. #99

    Taking heaps here, but it’s Summer in Australia! I find winter harder too. Have done Proj 365 the last two years and this year doing the `monthly’ album instead. Such a relief actually to take photos I want, and not have to take one every day. Looking forward to being able to include more than one for special days/events. And still include those cute everyday type photos like new school shoes for Miss 7 etc.

  82. #100

    It’s feast or famine for me. Right now, feast. I am participating in Tracey Clark’s Picture Winter class at BPS, I am following dailyshoot on twitter and I am participating in the MCP Project 52.

  83. #101

    OK this is what I needed to hear. I too am not taking many photos. Drama surrounds me still and I cannot concentrate. So unless my grandkids are around I don’t seem to feel the urge to pick up and shoot. But then I see some great photos of everyday stuff and I get angry at myself for not taking pictures. I spent so much time last year learning about photography and now!!!! I am very disappointed in myself.

  84. #103

    Well, so far since the first of Jan. I’ve shot over 100 photos… Last January I shot almost 550 photos… The year before, over 100, so it depends on different situations. Last year we had a travel weekend to Crater Lake in the snow with friends = lots of pics. I also had a photo buddy and we’d go on photo play adventures together. Along with photo playing, I also shoot a lot of photos as a passenger in the car – reference photos for future paintings—which is a big reason I take lots of pics – outdoors for future landscape/building/floral paintings, or indoor photos for future still life paintings. I’ll also shoot people photos for including in paintings – or portraits. My eye is constantly looking for that artistic image to capture.

    I’m not sure I shoot fewer photos now that my girls aren’t home much – one away to college, the other living in her own home, because when they were around, I probably was shooting film, a much more conservative photo adventure. With digital, I’m rather camera happy, forever thinking “oooh, that’d be a cool painting!” taking quick shots and hoping for a decent image to work from – and other times being more thoughtful with my photography, careful to capture just what I want to paint… I’ve also invested in an old Kodak Duaflex camera and have been playing with Through The Viewfinder images. Shot a bunch of the Christmas tree before we took it down (just 2 days ago!! – it was still so pretty & fresh…).

    I also toyed with the idea of a photo / day, for about 5 days before missing several days. Made me look at things here at home that might be story worthy (husband rebuilding a broken beaded bracelet, book I was reading at the time, laundry hanging around the wood stove drying, dinner one night…)

    I do go through some dry spells, but it’s usually just a few days, where I get busy with other things, not noticing the beauty around me. Then something will spark my eye again, no matter the season, and I’ll grab the closest camera and be on another photo play adventure!

  85. #104

    Some lovely shots there! I am thinking of upgrading to a 5D, what is your fave lens, or lens recommendation for this camera? Your shots always look so good!

  86. #105

    Well I’ve just taken heaps in January, but it is summer here and we went away for a few nights. But it is SPAD all the way. I’m hopeless at taking everyday photos – it doesn’t even enter my mind. Tried a P365 last year and lasted until about Feb 5. And one photo was of you Cathy on the computer for DYL! I think I would be better if someone gave me a theme like – this week take photos of what you eat. etc.
    It’s more definately events all the way here.
    Like in April when we go on a 3 week holiday with another family. I’m even wondering if I’ll need a new memory card for that. We’re hoping to go to Queensland if we can……

  87. #106

    I think that I’m even steven. I don’t know really how to take good pictures, so I go for quantity and hope that I get 1 or 2 quality.

    P.s. Love the pomegranate (sp?) seeds photo. Do you extra those yourself? That part is such a pain!

  88. #110

    I love hearing how scrapbookers can fess up to just how many albums theyve got going. I personally have run out of room! LOL!

  89. #111
    Angie Hall

    My kids and I have been snowed in here in Metro Atlanta, GA for almost a week! There have been 5 consecutive snow days…count ’em. Five!

    I might as well start taking pictures. There’s nothing else to do around here (so the kids tell me because they are profoundly bored!) How can one be bored with two Macbooks, an iPad, and everything Nintendo.

    Cathy, I love your photos. And last night, in the wee hours of the night, I was reviewing your tutorial on using templates. Thanks! I think I’m gonna give it a go. Afterall, there’s nothing else to do around here…[see above].

  90. #112

    Since my kids are 20something–I don’t take many photos anymore. Last Jan I took a total of 6 pictures and one was the bubble gum wall at Pike Place Market πŸ™‚ This year I will have a few more–heading to Hawaii on Sunday!!

  91. #113

    I’m totally with you — I don’t take many pictures in January and February. It’s dark and/or snowy and cold and I just want to hibernate. And then when it’s time to make calendars for Christmas gifts, I curse myself because there aren’t many winter shots to choose from!

  92. #114
    Kim Woods

    I hear ya. I have 3 little ones and find I end up taking the majority of my pictures of the littlest one because he’s still trapped under my watch while the “bigs” as we call them are running around with their friends or glued to a tv/computer/xbox. That’s Winter, Summer…well what 3 kids? They are all dispersed. SO I find that in the Winter it is hard because there isn’t as much good light. In the nicer/warmer seasons I’m outside, there is a beautiful dusk everyday…etc. I definitely like your self-portraits and the cool pics you took above. Gives me inspiration…on both fronts…self-portraits more than bowls of fruit since I SO admire your dedication to exercise!

  93. #115
    Beth R

    I am most definately ebbing. I LOVE my camera and would grab that and my dogs in case of a fire BUT….I live alone, no longer have to go punch a timeclock and my only child has now moved out into the big scary world. I stuggle to take photos of anything but snow and dogs. Seriously? No one needs that many snow pics.

    I really need to buy some blueberries.

  94. #116
    Kim K

    Thanks, Cathy. You’re the first person to suggest something like that. Even the Mac guys here in Duluth are telling me to go to my EHD backup and “just” recreate all my folders in the EHD! For 39,000 photos!!! Do you KNOW how long that would take? They can’t be serious! ;D
    I don’t have “Smart Albums” set up – I don’t think. I’ll have to look into exactly what that means and make it happen. Thanks again for your help. I’ll give it a shot.

  95. #117

    I’ve taken some photos this month. Mostly of my daughter. She was in a play last week and has basketball going on too.

  96. #118
    Erica K

    Your pictures are beautiful. I know close to nothing about my camera. (I hate reading directions!) I wish I knew how to take advantage of light though… I find I take lots of pics in the spring, of my flowers. I still need to buy a point and shoot for my purse. I always either forget or don’t bring a camera to fun places. Like hikes. Do I want a big camera hanging off of me? No…

  97. #119

    I ended up with four (4) pictures for the entire month of November last year (over a hundred for other months). I didn’t even take any Thanksgiving pics. October is soooooooo photo-heavy for our family that I tend to ignore the camera for a while. Maybe December affects you the same way?

  98. #120

    I have noticed since starting scrapbooking, that I actually take fewer pictures now than I did at the beginning. I am more of a “take only the shots you are really going to use” kind of girl now. That way, I spend less time messing with photos and deleting bad ones, etc. I am pretty much a minimalist.

  99. #121
    Amber B

    so funny- before reading this I had just posted on my blog that I was shocked to find out I had taken ZERO pictures since Christmas! Found my memory card is still even in my computer. Comforting to see I am not the only one! I think it is because I took sooo many pictures the month of December with so much going on… January is my month to recover from it all!

  100. #122

    Hi Cathy! I don’t have kids so the concept of taking hundreds of photos a month has always been foreign to me. I also can’t get into the POTD or Project Life thing. I mean, I guess I could take pictures of the grocery store and my car, but when I’ve taken them once ( a couple years ago) that is enough for me. I don’t really care to document changes in the Jewel Osco over time, know what I mean? LOL

    I still take way more photos than anyone else I know IRL though.

    A couple years ago I participated in a Scrap Your Day class online with Shimelle Lane and every month on the 25th I would take lots of photos. She had these great photo challenges so I took pictures of different things from different angles, and it was so fun. I think I scrapped about half the album and then I had to move so it’s not done. But I still have the photos of that time in my life.

  101. #123
    Tammy B

    Love the pictures of the everyday! But if I opened my door to take a picture like yours I would freeze my toes and fingers and camera (-27 degrees with wind chill and snow). I definitely do not take as many pictures in January or February for that matter. It has been so cold here this year so far and almost record snowfalls – we can’t even get outside to do anything! I’m tired of taking pictures of my backyard filling up with snow!! I will try to take some more every day pictures though…maybe something warm, just out of the oven!!

  102. #126

    You express e-x-a-c-t-l-y what I’m feeling currently. I have no idea where the sudden lack of interest for taking any photo of whatsoever came from. I suppose after a semester in New Zealand (meaning taking pictures all the time) I don’t find many subjects worth photographing, I’m almost always thinking “meh”. I’ve also been pretty busy with uni, work and moving to a new place. I hope it’ll come back soon πŸ™‚ Thanks for addressing the topic!

  103. #127

    Oh I feel you CZ! First off, these English Victorian terraced houses are REALLY dark in winter, so even if I had exciting stuff to photograph, the light is pretty dire. Secondly, a hulking great 20 year old, beautiful though she is, doesn’t offer the same photo opportunities as when she was a cute pre-schooler. I’m just sayin’….

  104. #130
    gypsy chaos

    LOL! I just added up the photos so far this month. One-hundred and eighty eight! *188*.

    Ok, 170 are from two swim meets. And I finally remembered how to set my camera for continuous shots.

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