Trying with all my might to keep Moving More

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Yesterday I ran 7 miles.

For me, it's a new distance record. Prior to that, I'd only surpassed 6 a couple of times.

Yes, it was on a treadmill in my basement. No, it really didn't suck all that much. I realize many runners loathe the treadmill, but I look at it like this: once I'm running, I'm running. I've got lots of good music in my ears and I'm never facing a shortage of things to think about while I'm there. Plus, I can have a box of Kleenex and a big icy water bottle at the ready. Harder to carry those things outside.

I live where it's very cold, and while that may be a flimsy excuse for some, for me and my body, it's the best one I've got.

Granted, I really, really miss running around the lake by my  house, but I know that Springβ€”or at the minimum, 25 degree daysβ€”will eventually come and I can get back outside.

So there's that.


After the first two weeks of this month spent in bed and on the couch, I'm back to my version of normal and I'm re-focusing on the Move More, Eat Less plan. I'm back in the groove with Weight Watchers Online and their new Points Plus system. But by 'back in the groove', I don't mean to suggest that I'm losing any of those 10 pounds that crept back up over the holidays. So far? Even steven.

I'm sticking with this to see how it's going to work for my body. The whole Zero Points fruit thing seems to good to be true, but again, I'm giving it a try. I'm not saying I'm eating fruit all day long. Not at all. But it's my morning, midday and evening snack for sure.

This week I also managed to get back to the gym for my first swim workout in 4 weeks. Yesterday I swam laps and felt a bit sluggish, but was glad I did it. Move More, indeed.

Still, I can't help but feel just a little bit doughy and very much like someone who is on the verge of eating entire bags of Lays potato chips.

My emotions seem out of whack lately, too. It could be that whole mid-40s hormone thing, but I've been getting way too weepy watching Oprah's Australian Adventure, and this morning I decided I'm not going to watch American Idol this year (at least not until Hollywood Week.)

I guess my point today is that the process of taking care of myself and getting into shape is never as predictible or easy as I'd like it to be, and it seems like life is always trying to get in the way, but it ain't no real reason to stop trying.

Know what I'm sayin'?

Cathy ZielskeTrying with all my might to keep Moving More

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    Hi Cathy! Yea for getting back on track. Just wanted to comment about the new points plan…I was VERY skeptical at first..however, I decided to really give it a try and honestly, it’s awesome. I’m never hungry now and I have been dropping wait every single week. I think the key is really eating more protein and eating every couple of hours. I am definitely an advocate of the new plan. Try upping the protein and dialing down the carbs and see if it doesn’t work better. Oh and if you like beef jerkey – it’s perfect protein and a nice little snack!

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    I know that, to put things in perspective, “even steven” is still better than gaining at a rapid pace – but I’m the sort of person who feels like tearing into a bag of chips if the pounds aren’t melting off.

    Congratulations on the 7 miles, that’s pretty hardcore on a treadmill. I’m going to have to check out beef jerky, too. Protein-rich snacks are a real stumper for me, but I’m loving the fruit on PointsPlus (maybe a little too much?)

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    Kristi K.

    Keep on keepin’ on, Cathy! You’ve inspired me to track calories and move more. I finally tackled my fear of the elliptical and been burning mega calories there. Plus I started weightlifting class 3x week. Lost three pounds since the beginning of the year. Desperately wish it was more, but I’ll just have to be happy that I’m not GAINING weight. 47 more pounds to go!!!

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    Just keep moving and tracking what you eat! plateus and highs and lows are natural. Plus it’s winter. I’m whining about 2 degree windchill runs and 85% humidity in Colorado, but you just keep going! (I have no treadmill – so I fear it getting much colder – that said, i do have an exercise bike collecting dust, lol)

    I use to track calories and get community. One of my friends on there posted this last night (her words and she’s lost almost 100 pounds):

    “My friends, if you do not believe in yourself how can anyone else believe in you! Aren’t you worth believing in yourself? I guarantee each and every one of you that you are totally worth it. Don’t make it too easy to give yourself a reason, or excuse, to not take this journey! If you are feeling crummy, if you have sore feet, sore back, bad knees, if you are tired, if you have no energy, if don’t like what you feel you have become, or whatever the case may be, then keep feeling that way but feel like that while you are working out and while you are paying attention to what you eat! Challenge yourself to see if those feelings begin to change as you take this journey! I ask each of you to look within yourselves and make this decision “Am I worth it to make me these changes? Do I believe in myself enough to make these changes?” I am willing to bet that every single one of you are most certainly worth it. I sure was worth it! I believe in each of you!”

    Hope that helps a little! Just stick with the lifestyle change and you’ll be great! (now if only I can keep up with my own advice)

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    Number Girl

    “Just keep moving, Just keep moving!” I think 7 miles is amazing and I don’t care where it is! I’m going to go to the gym to check it out today. Swimming is sounding very appealing. Now if I could just swim in sweats instead of that darned bathing suit!!!

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    Totally know what you mean Cathy….I’ve kept running and coming back for more for 12 years,,,coming back from injuries, from time shortages, from adjusting to working fulltime ( for two years that meant 5am runs/bike rides), from life problems, empty nest syndrome, death of family members…..the one thing that keeps me coming back is remembering how bad I felt when I was out of shape and how my many years of running and all my accomplishments have made me healthier, fitter and feel so much better about myself, and the amazing experiences and friends my hubby and I have had through running……..

    We all have things that could keep us from doing what we love and what is good for us, the main thing is to not left life cloud our vision of who we want to be.

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    I am 44 and am experiencing that emotion heightening thing you are describing. I don’t think “who is that person crying/grumping/rambling?” It’s me, but extra concentrated. Maybe this weirdness is just the beginning… but running helps. And 7 miles is awesome. You let me know where you’re running your half, okay?

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    Love, LOVE, love the blue – what a great accomplishment. I freaked when I got on the scale this week so I am also back on track. I can now call myself employed again after seven months of unemployment and wierd emotion during this whole experience. Definately impacted meeting my goals. I am actually looking forward to the structure of the day to help bring focus back. Amazing how hard it is to lose and how easy it is to gain. When we visited I kept wondering how you were running in the cold. It was really cold. That treadmill sounds like a lifesaver. You should name it. (LOL) OH and we laughed really hard last night watching Idol. The family laughter was good. We do not often watch anything as a family. Hollywood week should be great.

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    K Weston

    Thank you for the inspiration. And the reality check. I ran my first 4-mile run Tuesday and repeated today, and now I’m on the couch with my legs up, shins wrapped in ice. But I’ll do it again tomorrow. It isn’t meant to be easy–but that’s probably why it feels so good when I get it done.
    Thank you for starting your journey–watching you was a swift kick in my own tookis.

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    I started a new exercise program about a month ago–Crossfit. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. Every single day is a new challenge. Something that I have never done. Today we had to have a bar with weights on our upper shoulders(back) and do 30 back squats-below 90 degress. I thought I would die. However, I pushed and did it. I only had 75 pounds(the goal for women is at least 125) but I felt proud of myself—even when the speedy men lapped me on the mile run 3 TIMES!!! We have to just keep going. It is hard, but we can do it!!! Stretch!!

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    Layle Koncar

    woohoo!! Huge congrats on the 7 miles Cathy! I just ran 7 on Monday – longest distance so far for me too. I did it outside, I’m so impressed that you have the mental stamina to do it on the torture-mill…..

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    Way to go Kathy! You are such an inspiration!
    I set a goal for 2011 for Activity 365 – which means I have to do something active everyday! (workout, walk, yoga, basketball with the hubs – whatever) And, the hubby & I are doing the Couch potato to 5K workout plan to run a 5K in late April. I do my training walk/jogs on the treadmill right now & don’t seem to mind it – because jogging through snow just doesn’t sound too fun at this point. πŸ™‚

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    WOW Cathy 7 miles after being sick for so long that’s quite an achievement!! Way to go girl so happy and proud of you. I know what you mean about cold it is here too and I’m inside staying warm. I too eat fruit 2x a day, love it. Your doing a great job and will keep doing it and doing it better so just keep moving girl.

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    k, i would say do NOT run tomorrow. If youre having pain, you should consider breaking it up and not running on consecutive days. Trust me on this one. Do something else, and make sure you dont end up with an injury that gets worse! : )

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    I can only aspire to be you! I live in Iowa and I can hardly stand 40 degree days outside! (I’m a really cold person…well, not in the personality dept., but you know what I mean). So I’m on the treadmill until late March or April and it gets boring to me. I can’t run nearly as long as you, though. I am about where you were last year. I feel good if I can RUN during ONE of my songs and walk the rest! Keep it up!

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    julie b.

    Congrats on 7 miles! WOW!!! Puts my 2.25 yesterday to shame..but I own those 2.25 proudly! =)
    Since starting running last August with my husband, I’m happy to say we are still keeping with it. We run at night after he gets home, I was fearful once late fall/winter hit we would bail….living just south of Seattle…i figured the rain would beat us, but it hasn’t. I would take a rainy run over a windy run anyday….and we’ve had a lot of wind this winter. =(

    I must admit…I was happy to read that you have been weepy during Oprah’s shows this week. I have been too! Yesterday when she surprised that pregnant woman in the baby shop…I started tearing up. I thought, who the hell is this!? I don’t cry over stuff like this! Having just hit 40…I certainly feel a ‘change’ going on hormonally.

    As always…thanks for the open book on your life! =)

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    Marcie L

    So you’re saying that the new WW plan gives 0 points to fruit? Wow. Maybe I should try it. Last nutritionist I heard speak practically threatened the group that if we ate fruit past noon the sugar would be too much and it would end up on our butts πŸ™‚
    I love fruit but often times find myself limiting it, but hey, if WW says’ it’s good, who am I to argue?

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    You are an inspiration! I’ve had a bad week for exercise and had a day of uncontrolled eating. But I’m back on track. thanks for being real.

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    Layle, are your roads clear? Thats the other thing. Solid snow and ice in so many places (sidewalks, you know). I have my Yak Trax but I havent been bold enough to get out and try!

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    Theyve changed how they calculate everything. You dont even enter calories anymore. You enter carbs/protein/fiber to get points values.

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    Beef jerky is a great snack. I make my own. Cut a flank steak into thin strips (easiest if it’s really cold, even half frozen), marinate in soy sauce + Worchestershire, put in the dehydrator for about 4 hours. I store it in the freezer and it’s great to chew on when frozen. If you cut across the grain it’s less chewy than if you cut with the grain.

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    Totally, totally, totally know what you are saying. And I am not sure if you know what an inspiration you are to me. When I am running someday, and not bent over halfway groping for an inhaler, I will send an airplane with a banner that says, “ALL HAIL CATHY! SHE WHO GOT ME OUT OF YE OLD COMPUTER CHAIR!” to fly over your house.

    Keep it up sister.
    I am rooting for you and proud of you every damn day.

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    I always wonder, having grown up in Everett, how I would fare today, being a runner in Seattle. But yes, Oprah is KILLING me right now. Maybe its just because im sad I didnt get to go! LOL!

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    Layle Koncar

    Roads completely clear. It was 52 degrees here on Monday – crazy! Its few and far between when I can run outside because there usually is snow, but when I get the opportunity I have to jump at it because I CAN NOT STAND the treadmill! I have something to attach to the bottom of my shoes (probably similar to Yak Traks) but I havent quite gotten up the nerve to try them either. Seems like theyd be super uncomfortable and would slow me down. Who knows, Ill have to give them a try one day. If you try yours out, let me know how they go.


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    Mary Mitchell

    As someone that has been on a mission to lose weight for the past 3 1/2 years I must stress that you cut yourself a break. It has taken me 3 1/2 years to slowly lose 24 lbs. I wanted to ease into the lifestyle change so I wouldn’t get frustrated and keep falling off the bandwagon. I don’t deny myself the occasional dessert, alcoholic drink, or pancake covered with real maple syrup. I try and exercise minimally 3 times a week for 30 – 60 minutes. But sometimes life is crazy and I may not work out for a couple of weeks. Keep with it….you are doing great. I have another 12 lbs to go to reach my goal.

    I’m 50 years old…..once in awhile I feel those nasty hormone changes bringing me down. Thankfully I haven’t had any of the other frustrating symptons.

    And to be honest…’s winter and you and I are in the midwest snow belt !!! I don’t know about you but sometimes in Michigan we can go 40 days without seeing the winter sun. Very depressing.

    Maybe one of those special lights would help perk you up on cloudy days.

    You are doing a great job….take it one day at a time

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    K Weston

    Did I say tomorrow? Silly me. Not tomorrow. I’ll got the gym, but the running will wait until Saturday. I just meant that I’m enjoying it and even the recurring shin splint won’t get me down. I’m a running machine. I am woman, hear me roar! YA YA!

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    Don’t give up Cathy! You are doing Great! Fear not the bag of chips! If you eat them– so what? The next minute is brand new and you can begin again! πŸ™‚

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    Sally Paxton

    I sooooooo know what you’re sayin’! I just cried through Regis Philbin’s retirement announcement (recorded from Tuesday) AND when I answered my husband’s question about what happened 50 years ago today (JFK inauguration) and what was the famous quote from his speech. I got completely choked up over “Ask not what your country can do for you . . .” Hormones!

    I’ve been eating less since September but have not yet embraced move more. My current excuse is it’s too cold, windy, rainy in Seattle this month. I cannot even imagine your weather!

    Keep up the good work; it will pay off. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with us.

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    “Even steven” is good – at least you’re not gaining. Sometimes maintaining is just as hard as losing. It’s a constant battle, but you are fighting the good fight! Can’t even imagine running, but I do force myself to walk every day, and there are no weather excuses here except when it rains. My husband loves the treadmill, but I can’t stand it, so more power to you!

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    Cathy, your post is so well timed for what I am going through now. I had my own β€œa-ha” moment today about how my move more, eat less effort is actually about a permanent lifestyle change.

    I started on a major weight loss journey last July. Thus far, almost 40 pounds have been lost. I hope to reach my goal weight by July 2012, so I still have a long way to go. I had a cold last week and could not exercise at all (I go walking). I started feeling better over the weekend and took my first walk in a week. It felt really good. This January I started tracking my daily food intake through This has been so insightful. Seeing how much I can eat each day has helped me to improve my diet and understand portion control. It has also helped to increase my weight loss.

    My a-ha moment has to do with realizing that I have already incorporated tools that work for me in another facet of my life and if I do the same with exercise and diet, I will be successful in my efforts.

    In my 20’s, I accumulate a lot of credit card debt. I mean A LOT. After much time, angst, and effort, I am now debt free and have been for over 15 years. I have kept my finances in order by tracking every penny I earn and spend; I am obsessive about using Quicken. I realized that this same type of tool will allow to me lose weight, improve my health, and stay fit for the remainder of my life. And so while I am using a number of web tools now to record how much I walk and eat to help me lose weight, continuing to do so will keep the weight off once I reach my goal. I’m excited. My fears about gaining it all back, which I have done before, have been lessened.

    At age 50, I am feeling really good about the direction my life is taking.

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    Heather B

    If you are like me you’ll say ‘whatever’ to the well meaning advice – but I agree with Cathy…. take a few days off! I hit it too hard in October, got hurt & haven’t been back in the groove since. πŸ™

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    Hi Cathy. Thank you for your post. I’m strugling right now with everything after we had a very difficult time in the family circle. I’m trying to come back in track but it doesn’t seem to work. But after reading your blog I thought: just try. Keep on doing.
    I want to wish you a lot of succes!

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    Heather B

    Congrats on the 7 miles! I’m still trying to RUN 1…. but I guess I need to start getting on the treadmill again to actually be working towards it….. moving more is a #fail for me right now.

    I think winter is a bad time – not enough light etc…. makes me sluggish even if I am moving…. and moody etc. Perhaps even in the lower 50 we need those Alaskan sun lamps to stay happy! πŸ™‚

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    i wish we had a treadmill- helps with the PF and also helps with being able to run without leaving the house when ice and 18inches of snow are on the ground. i don’t like the treadmill, but i sure would use it over nothing! (and having a 4, 2, and 1 year old don’t make it easy to run with outside!)

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    Jill Broyles

    go cathy, I have a question, how do you eat pomegranates? Seems silly but I have bought them several times, love the flavor, hate the seeds. Not the most graceful fruit to eat. I have looked them up on but it really didn’t answer it. Anything to add? Thanks JillB

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    I’m impressed! I’m about to start training for a half marathon and i’m going to buy the Nike Ipod kit to keep track!

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    I know what you’re sayin’ sister. Crazy life is always getting in the way. My favorite thing (read: LEAST favorite thing) is when I get into a total workout groove and then get sick, much like your recent adventures. I hate losing momentum, but then you know what I think of when I go to the gym after that? Thank goodness I am well enough to get here and have an able, healthy body. And then I think of Jilian Michaels yelling at me, telling me not to phone it in. And then I really get my *ss moving. πŸ™‚

  38. #49

    aw, shucks. As long as Im not in a wheel chair from injuries, we shall run together some day. Youll love my pace. Im serious.

  39. #51

    Thanks, Mary. You know, part of choosing my word give for this year included giving myself care and credit and nurturing. So this is good to remember. I need to not always just look at the scale as my sole indicator of success. : )

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    Sara G.

    I know what you’re sayin’! Yay for the 7 miles record! Any tips on starting a running program? I like the idea of running have trouble doing it regularly.

  41. #56

    This time of year is a drag, no doubt. Today, i skipped the gym for a swim workout, and decided to walk for 40 minutes on my treadmill. It was kind of like, okay, so thats done. Not great, but done. And its 2 degrees today, and going down to -25 overnight. Definitely affects the old mood, this winter crap. : )

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    Well, I get all the seeds out, and I put a half cup over a cup of fresh pineapple and eat! I dont mind the seedy aspect of them at all, in fact, Ill eat them that way too. I can see how texturally though, if you dont like the seeds, it might not be as enjoyable!

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    Having little ones DOES make it so much harder. Believe me. As my not so little ones head out the door to school, i think, I can do this now, because a) they arent in need of me constantly, and b) I dont have a regular job. I hear you. : )

  44. #60

    Oh, do! Its not super accurate (usually tells you youre going faster and farther than you are) but it is so fun to track!

  45. #61

    Yes! I would read a book called The Courage to Start by John Bingham. Seriously. He is amazing and he will help to walk you through how to get started and do it without injury. : )

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    Hi there Cathy! Glad you are feeling mucho better! As for the WW free fruit program – I love it! I’m no where near goal, but I’ve almost lost the 12.2 pounds that found me when I stopped trying for a year. For me, it is never going to be easy – but this new Points Plus program is making it very much so livable. Now, if I could just get started on the “move more” part …. sigh …. Keep up the good work and walk away from the ‘tator chips ….

  47. #63

    I am so with YOU. Started out the year with a nasty cold/flu. This week was my first real week of the year – health wise – so I decided that MY New Year started Monday. I’m 4 for 4 on exercising every morning. So far so good. Not going to look back at the fact that it’s now the 20th and I’ve only exercised 6 days worth. More importantly, I’m 4 for 4!! Looking forward, not back.

  48. #65

    Good for you for stickin’ with it, even when it gets tough. Because you just KNOW it will get better.
    Congrats on the longest-ever-run! That’s awesome. πŸ™‚

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    Sarah Jane

    Woohoo! Congrats and the seven! And I think there’s something to be said about holding on to those 10 pounds while it’s still so dang cold here.

  50. #67

    stick at it cathy – you’re an inspiration to MANY of us!
    my dd is 9 months old and although i looked great just after i had her 9 months at home has piled on the pounds and its VERY hard to exercise with 2 wee ones ( well that was my excuse!) anyway a few family dramas later and hubby and i are changing out lifestyle this year. in 2011 he’ll be working only 3 days and studying from home 2 days so we can all spend more family time and i can have more down time. we are eating less and better and last week i started zumba toning and i went twice and this week twice and twice to aerobics – thats nearly 5 hours of exercise this week which is probably more than in the last 5 years and i’m achy but im proud of myself and following your story has DEFIANTLY kicked my butt into moving more and eating less – so thanks !
    julie from wellington nz

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    tara pakosta

    I know exactly what you are saying! for sure!
    I really strive to just move more everyday and in the process, aim to lose about 30lbs! you are such an inspiration! tara

  52. #72

    Hi Cathy,
    Could you share the play list that you’ve been using lately? I’ve been looking for some inspiring tunes. Thanks!

  53. #73
    Kim Woods

    Have you seen Paula Abdul’s dance show? Super cute kids on there πŸ™‚ Her weird clapping still bugs. I am surprised by American Idol…I don’t miss Paula or Simon or what’s her head Kiara?? J Lo and Steven Tyler fascinate me and Randy is just a sweet dude! Give it a whirl while you are on the treadmill πŸ™‚ It is brain candy and a huge ego boost!

  54. #74

    Woohoo! Way to go on the 7 mile record! That is ridiculously awesome!!

    I’m not there yet, but I rejoice just a little bit every time I do 4 miles. I’m at 35 miles so far this month. I run every other day to avoid aggravating my knee (oh the fun of ski injuries and volleyball injuries as a teenager). On the off days I do something else, often Just Dance 2 (which is surprisingly cardio-rific if you work at it) or Turbo Jam (sounds cheesy, but is pretty fun). I finally decided to take some measurements today…I was a bit anxious about it, but since Dec 27, I’m down 4.7kg.

  55. #75
    Heather Holle

    Even if it weren’t so darn cold out the shear amount of snow littering our streets would get you in some way or another. I haven’t been running outside since we were in Kansas for Christmas, where they didn’t have snow! I can handle the cold (mostly) but not the snow.

  56. #76
    Michelle Adams

    “My emotions seem out of whack lately, too. It could be that whole mid-40s hormone thing”

    Aw, fudge! Is that what it is???? I’m turning 44 in a couple of months and have been getting teary at the silliest of things!

    And Rock On on the 7 miles!!!!

  57. #77

    Cathy I can so relate to this. It is a struggle because it is every day. but as you said you have to keep going. You have inspired me to go back to ww today after two years since my last attempt. I know it works I just have to stick at it day in day out. I am moving more and I LOVE your journalling/tracking pack you sell at designer digitals! I have been using it every day since the new year and I am losing. So all good. Hang in there!

  58. #81

    As someone who has just recently changed from the old WW plan to the new Pro Points plan (lost 34kgs on old plan 10kgs to get to goal on new plan!)I thought I could eat as much fruit as I wanted. Turns out that they recommend only 3 pieces a day. It still has natural sugars etc so you can’t just live off fruit and think you’re not going to add weight. Bummer really πŸ™‚

    As someone who lives in Australia I am loving watching Oprahs Aussie show. I’ve been to lots of places she went to but there are still heaps more I want to see!

  59. #82
    Sandra Palasti

    I hope you have more luck with the points plus program than I am. I WAS losing a pound a week until Dec 2 when PP started – now I stay even or gain a little every week. I only have (had, now it’s 12) 10 more pounds to go and this seems to be a common complaint among those with less to lose. Good luck!

  60. #83
    Val from Down Under

    Hey Cathy, Australia is every bit as beautiful as it is on TV … well at least I can vouch for the Great Barrier Reef – snorkling is the best!

    You are doing great on the Move More, Eat Less plan – such an inspiration to me.

    Keep up the great work!

  61. #84

    Congrats on the seven miles. You are my hero. Hang in there. Hey, by the way, a friend told me that the 3rd Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year. It is all roses from here. Just saying….

    Take care,

  62. #86

    Great work, Cathy! 7 miles and a swim this week. I’m still doing my walking dvds every day but my eating is goofy. I’m craving sweets like mad this week and I know I just need to walk away. But so far, I haven’t been. I am doing the no-sweets challenge next week and though it may nearly kill me, it’ll be good for me to do a sugar detox.

  63. #88
    Christina in TN

    7 miles?! Wow!! I’m ready to be done at 4 miles or so.

    I do have a question for you regarding your Nike/iPod connection: do you have to have Nike shoes or will any running shoe work for the sport kit that tracks your mileage? I was thinking of buying it and I know you love it so much so your thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!

  64. #89

    Wow, I am super impressed by your 7 miles (and jealous even)…..even more so since you have been sick so recently. Keep it up Cathy. You are awesome.

    I always come here for inspirations and motivation and I have been here a lot lately;) So I just wanted to say Thanks.

  65. #90

    Kimmie, thats what Im figuring too. Im doing the 3 a day as well.

    Oh man, seeing the Oprah show makes me want to come back to Australia SO badly and really see all that I didnt see while I was holed up in a Sydney hotel teaching! Some day. Definitely some day!

  66. #91

    Yeah, i am thinking in a few weeks, if nothing is changing, I need to figure out what to cut. Im doing everything within my 29 daily points, including having a hot chocolate every night after dinner. But that might be whats putting me over the edge of not losing.

  67. #93

    Dana, I need to take a good hard look at sugar as well. Right now, Im having a chai latte every afternoon and a hot cocoa after dinner. Im counting them points wise, (well, I dont count the chai… i NEVER have counted my afternoon chai), but I KNOW the sugar is just making me crave more sugar. Its the devil.

  68. #94

    Congrats on your 4 miles run! I am working with a trainer (he is a pt) to get back into running as I am running a 9-miler in May. My trainer said you should not run consecutive days and to do something else on your “off” days. It could be cardio or strength training, even walking, but not running.

    Cathy, wow! 7 miles is awesome. I am up to 3 miles and am taking slow and steady this time. It was -26 degrees when I woke up this morning so it is treadmill all the way for me.

  69. #97

    Oh Cathy, I hear ya! As soon as I turned 40, I have been hormonally challenged. I definitely have felt “out of whack,” but I guess all we can do is just keep trying to achieve some balance. Right? Healthy eating, exercise, socializing, family time, etc. Keep up the good work and thank you for inspiring us to do the same!

  70. #99

    I have an Itouch and have tried several of the pedometer apps – none of them have worked for me (I think they’re all geared for the Iphone with GPS). My son has a Nano – I’ll look for the pedometer on his. Thanks for the info.
    BTW I’m now 5 for 5 on exercising – go me!

  71. #100

    The iPod touch will work with the Nike+. You need a sensor for your shoe (put into a shoe pouch) and make sure your iPod touch has the latest Apple software on it!
    : )

  72. #101

    BTW – I was told at our local “runners” store that you don’t need the pouch – just put the sensor in your shoe and it will work. Haven’t been able to get mine to work that way so I’ve ordered the pouch via your suggestion – thank you. Can’t wait to get it. Now just pray that our snow/ice covered streets and sidewalks melt someday soon (although I think it may be June before that happens).

  73. #102

    If you have Nike brand shoes with the sensor holder in the sole, youre good to go. Otherwise, Im not sure where in your shoe you would put one without getting some serious blisters!

  74. #103

    I have the sensor and a few minutes ago I ordered a pouch. From everything I have found, the Nike+ will track my running or walking exercise session but will not perform like a true pedometer (stop and start as I walk throughout the day – really going for 15,000 steps a day and I’d like to track it). What generation Nano do you have? My son has had his for at least two years and we’re not sure which generation it is – we can’t find the app on the Nano. Any other ideas? I’m looking all over the internet for answers but sure ain’t getting anywhere. You’ve been most helpful – thank you!

  75. #104

    You must have the 5th gen Nano. Just discovered that my son’s is a 4th gen. – figures! Thanks for all the help.

  76. #106

    good for you on the 7 miles! intrestingly i ran 6.87 miles yesterday. in canada that amounts to 11kms. i guess it does in the US as well, but that’s what we use as distance.
    ANYWAYS, i know what your saying about the treadmill deal, but it’s -30C here, and there is no way i’m doing that outside! once i get myself onto that treadmill, i’m good.
    last year i ran my first 21kms/ 1/2 marathon on my treadmill!
    my kids sat beside and watched a very long movie. i had snacks, drinks, and i think a training potty all there! ha!
    it worked really well.
    so i’m doing good in the moving department, but YES, i’m the one enhaling the entire bag of LAYS chips. sigh.
    why can’t i get this straight! i have enough self disipline to workout, and well. but not self control in the food intake!
    there. i’ve whined. out loud. thank-you.

  77. #107

    The other bonus of running on the treadmill – never too far away from the bathroom!!! Seven miles are seven miles & it’s a lot further than a lot of people have ever trod. I am behind on reading blog posts… Have you ever thought of running a half marathon? Once I get past the 7 miles, it’s just rinse & repeat & dreams of a massage & a steak dinner.

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