Four Things I Adore

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NUMBER ONE: this girl.


NUMBER TWO: this boy.


NUMBER THREE: this body wash and this lotion.


In 2007, following a Creating Keepsakes University in San Jose, Dan and I stole away to San Francisco for an overnight at a swanky little boutique hotel on the Embarcadero. Their house toiletries were by Fresh, and I've been hooked on the Sugar Lemon scent ever since. I go through phases were I'll decide it's too decadent to buy pricey lotion in small quantities, and then I'll say, what the bleep, here's my credit card number. This scent is To Die For. If I could have everything in my life smell this way, I would be happy. I want people to remember me and say, "You know what? She smelled SO stinkin' good!" If you have a Sephora near you, go in and take a whiff. You won't be sorry. I will tell you, however, the perfume, which I got for Christmas two years ago does not really smell like the lotion. Sad, but true.

NUMBER FOUR: this tea maker.


I've been touting my love for Adagio Tea ever since I became a tea afficianado back in 2010. I got hooked on using the ingenuitea tea maker. I decided to order myself a new one a few weeks back because my old one was looking a bit scuzzy, and I accidentally broke the lid. I didn't realize they've upgraded the design slightly, using a new metal mesh filter, and it works like a dream. A veritable tea making dream, I tell you. My teas of choice? Irish Breakfast and Lemon Grass.

This concludes 4 Things I Adore. Thank you.

Cathy ZielskeFour Things I Adore

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    What is different about the Irish Breakfast tea ? does it come with a “top of the mornin to ya” as oposed to English breakfast which obviously says ” Good Morning Sir/Madam”

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    I’m always looking for a good lotion with a clean, fresh scent. Sugar Lemon sounds like it just might fit the bill. Will have to check it out the next time I’m at Sephora. Thanks Cathy!

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    Oh poor Dan didn’t make the list (maybe you should change it to top 5 before he reads your post) 🙂

    Your list would be a great thing to document. I think I’ll make me a list today. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    This made me laugh out loud:
    and then I’ll say, what the bleep, here’s my credit card number.

    It pretty much sums up how I live my life! 🙂

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    So you’re saying that warming up a cup of water in the microwave and plopping a tea bag into it isn’t good enough? Humph!

    I may have to check out this fancy, hoity-toity tea maker.The things you learn about on a BLOG!

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    Joni Kix

    Lotion and shower gel with sugar in it? It doesn’t add to my calorie count does it? loL!
    I use a lemon sugar body scrub that I get from Bath and Bodyworks. I LOVE it!

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    Hey, I met you at that Scrapbook conference! It made me a star at the local scrapbook store when I had my page up!
    BTW, yesterday’s post was what I needed to get out of my self pitying mode.Thanks!

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    Love that new design, and love that they have changed to metal filter. I may have to upgrade myself – this is the perfect opportunity to get one for work, right?

    My favorites: Peach Oolong and Chai. 🙂 And you know what? You should also check out Thè du Hammam from Les Palais du Thès! (Green, delicious)

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    When I was in nursing school, and doing a rotation in a nursing home, I had a pt. one day who called me to her bedside, and told me that she had some advice for me. She gently took my hand, looked into my eyes and said: ‘If there is anything I have learned in my too-long life it’s this: If you can’t afford it, charge it’
    who was I to argue?? I have lived by her sage advice ever since 🙂

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    I wonder if Dan would move up the rankings if her brought you the tea, and applied the lotion to you??

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    Arlene B.

    So true, I have too many different flavours now, 🙁 makes every day a new experience. We have a chain of shops called teopia here that sell a variety of different loose teas, as well as local tea shops with different teas again. I may have to go and brew a cup!

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    try stevia. A natural herb 500 times sweeter than sugar, it doesn’t affect your blood sugar. (0 on the glycemic index!)

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    Nope. Black. Every time Ive tried sugar and milk, I dont enjoy it. Although I love chai, but thats a whole different mixture. I like the bite of black tea. Probably because I like black coffee so much.

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    Hmmm, little green men at breakfast time ?

    I may have to take stock of what I had or done the night before if this happened to me at breakfast time!

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    Cathy, I just came across a Sephora store in Singapore – now I have a reason to enter and shop 🙂

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    I got hooked on Fresh Lemon Sugar after a stay in a boutique hotel on Embarcadero in San Francisco too! Was it Hotel Vitale by any chance. We love that place. We go every Thanksgiving. Fabulous location.

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    katie t

    This is totally off topic and totally random, but I am inquiring about the school template on designer digital (I am not sure where to ask my questions).
    -First I forgot to buy it during the sale, but see the 8.5 x 11 is on sale today, do you think I could get the 12 x 12 for the same price?
    -Is the elementary lines kraft colored? I was wondering if I could change the color to white? and how would I go about doing this?
    -Also do you have a middle school and high school template (I didn’t see it, but maybe in the works) or could I change the typing to make it say 7th and 8th?
    Thank you for creating this, I am wanting to do my husband and my school stuff.

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    Since your listing your lOves today. Can you share you fav go to recipies in the protein, salad, and veggie categories?

    I’m in a slump and need some inspiration.


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    Ok Cathy, that was the SECOND most expensive post on your blog, right after The Silver Maple. I thought about that tea pot the first time you posted about it, but held off. This time something just clicked and made me treat myself. Maybe it was the “what the bleep here’s my credit card number” comment. Either way, I cant wait until it arrives!

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    Hello Katie,

    Unfortunately, I cant influence the price changes at DD. Sometimes, things go on sale outside of the quarterly sales.

    The school kits do not have kraft backgrounds. None of my templates have digital papers or cardstocks as part of the template packages. Those are separate.

    I have an add on word art kit for grades 7 through 12:

    You simply delete the title layer in the template, and drag in, or copy, the grade you want into the template. They are sized the same size as the template titles.

    You can always change a background to white. Edit Fill Layer, and choose White. Or just use a white digital paper.

    Hope this helps! : )

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    Hmmm. Off the top of my head, I would say if you do a search in my blog (theres little search window) and search recipes, there may be some of my faves that come up! I just dont have anything committed to my memory! LOL!

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    Brenda In Sunny SoCal

    I don’t think Dan will like this post since he’s not on the list..
    I also love the Irish Breakfast you might like the Scotish Breakfast too

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    Cathy, I am excited to begin my journey into loose leaf teas. It wasnt the pot that was so expensive, but I wanted to try all the teas! And of course I needed a cute little modern teacup and saucer to go with my little pot. I really treated myself : )

    By the way, your Irish Breakfast tea is on sale 15% off for St. Patty’s day! Just thought you might like to stock up.

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    Kiki McNamara

    Have you tried the Fresh Lemon Sugar Lip Balm. Fantastic! And it has just a tint that looks so natural. Love, love, love.


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    I love, love, love Adagio Tea and my Ingenuitea teapot. I have given it as a gift twice and everyone who receives it loves it, too. When I am feeling particularly sour about working out these days, making a pot of tea transforms me. The ritual of it all—and the clear container—just does something. It’s like a yoga sun salutation. I’m in a different place when that cup of tea is gone.

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    Leah Moynihan

    I’m in a spending mood today (unfortunately without the cash to back my mood), so I went window shopping online at Sephora. One of the reviews of the Sugar Lemon lotion said it smelled like lemon pledge. All the other reviews raved, and by your post, I assume you smell no resemblance?

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    I dont ever think lemon pledge, but… i DO think that for the perfume. The lotion just smells like fresh citrus goodness. And kind of hip too.

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    I started drinking 4 cups of green tea daily about a month ago but never felt quite satisfied with my cup of tea. I even spent more for the Tazo brand because the one I had a Starbucks was delicious. Except the store bought Tazo is not at all the same!
    Promptly after seeing this post, I ordered the ingenuiTEA. I’m on day 3 of sampling my green tea samplers from Adagio and I’m absolutely in love.
    I don’t remember how I stumbled on your blog but your 2010 move more, eat less campaign inspired me to do the same this year. And now you’ve inspired me to have a better cup of tea. Thank you!

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