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On Sunday, Aidan was explaining to me how Justin Bieber was hosting SNL the previous night and that he was in the skit with that preacher, who is actually a man, but is pretending to be a woman, and you know, it was really funny.

So I go to Hulu on Monday morning, and search SNL for Justin Bieber as host. Nothing.

Then I check the most recent episode only to find it was Dana Carvey. NOT the Bieber.

Then it clicks: Ohhhhh! The preacher woman played by a man was the iconic Church Lady. Doh.

Turns out Justin Bieber was only on the show for a few sketches, but in her telling of the events, he was the celebrated host.

And I'm not sure why but I suddenly felt like I came from a completely different planet known as the late 80s, and that all communications with 1-4 from here on out are going to be a crap shoot.

Then I came down with a severe case of Bieber Fever.

The end.


Cathy ZielskeGeneration Gap

30 Comments on “Generation Gap”

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    I am giggling here. I am already feeling that gap with my 22 month old because Sesame Street has changed soooo much! Bert and Ernie in claymation? What?

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    Hope your recovery is quick (I hear Bieber Fever is quite debilitating.)

    ThIs reminds me of when I mimed rolling the car window down like a crank to my 8yo and got a blank stare. That gappy generation thing-y is going to be a trip.

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    Rhonda H

    I guess you saw the Osbourne-Bieber G4 phone ad during the superbowl.
    Talk about a gap.

    I agree….MORE COWBELL!

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    I’m with you on this Cathy, too bad they missed all the great stuff we had growing up. This weekend my kids are dragging me to the movies to see the new Justin Bieber movie, I’m so lucky arent’ I, what us moms have to go thru.

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    amy w

    “Well, isn’t that special?” Church lady was one of my favorite all time SNL skits. We would quote Dana Carvey on Mondays at my all-girls Catholic high school in Chicago. But back then, it was Bon Jovi and New Kids on the Block, not Justin Bieber. Whoever he is!

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    Susan in MD

    I chuckle when my girls start singing a “new” song they heard on radio Disney and I already know the lyrics because it’s an “old” song remixed!

    Susan in MD

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    Sharon F. California

    I had been wondering what had happened to Dana Carvey just the other day…glad to see he is still around…I know I have nieces and nephews that I try to stay relevant with and its a challenge. I believe at one point we will cross paths and they say, Wow, Aunt Sharon lived during some really cool vintage stuff. Everything old will be new again…can you imagine her kids/nieces saying “wow, Aunt Aiden, you witnessed the Bieber Fever days”

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    Got this in a joke email the other day:
    Dear America,
    You gave us Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber is your payback.

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    Number Girl

    Loved it!!! While we were watching SNL my husband was wondering if the Chruch Lady skit was resonating with today’s viewers. He reminded me of the context–it was the era of Jim and Tammy Faye and the PTL, etc. At least the mature audience appreciated the humor!!! How did Aidan like Wayne and Garth? Shwing!

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    The youngster I work with (she’s 23) didn’t know who Donny Osmond was. Only after realizing he was on Dancing with the Stars, could she put a face with a name. I’m officially OLD and irrelevant at 46.

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    He is pretty adorable isn’t he?
    That SNL was fantastic. So great to see the old guys again. They did a Wayne’s World sketch dude!

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    Wendy Z.

    The other day I was telling a twentysomething soul about the awesome BeeGees special on the Biography channel. His reply?? “The BeeGees? What did they sing?” Yes….I long for the old days.

    And I don’t get the Bieber thing….which probably means I’m old! Humph!!!!

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    I’m still trying to get over the fact that my niece (18) has no clue of the iconic meaning of Frankie and Annette or Gidget and Moondoggie. zip. zero. zilch. And honestly, at 42, I don’t feel that old!

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    Yes, I was chuckling along as i read this post and nodding my head. You and I are from the same generation and we most definitely are on a” wild ride” with these techie Generation Z-ers!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    No seriously, I feel that gap too and I’m way to young to admit that. But, just catching the previews for Biebs new movie has my so intrigued. He’s a little prodigy.

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    Remember — ” …. 86 to 93 was the best”! I almost never watch SNL (too late for me) but for some reason this past weekend I was up when the show started and there he was — Dana! Talk about a flash back! Loved it — especially the Church Lady!

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    That is hilarious! I always thought I was cool and relatable to teens until my teens started telling me, “Mom, you never understand anything and you are always so confusing.” I had Bieber fever yesterday and cranked his music while I was cleaning the house, I’m glad no one was here to see me dancing.

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    So tonight we went to the VIP premiere of Justin Beiber Never Say Never. All of the girls screamed just like they were really at his concert. They held glow sticks and ran up to the screen and sang at the end of the movie. Feeling the gap but enjoying my daughter.

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    You know, I have got nothing but love for that Bieber. He seems like a very talented young man with his head on straight.

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    You might find this funny too. A younger friend explained to her three year old daughter that in summary “This is MJ, he is The King”. Daughter then puts on Bieber who says “Prince?” I really laughed because to me Elvis will always be King. MJ was the Prince, and Prince, well, everyone is still trying to figure him out.

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    You should go to the movie. It is actually very good and is very inspirational as to how you can really come from a very simple life and have a dream. He sold out Madison Square Garden in 22 minutes. Isn’t that amazing? He has a very good team of people looking out for him too. His musical talent at a very young age is apparent in all of the home movies.

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