If I were to develop a line of digital brushes for use on scrapbook pages that were anti snow…

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Here are some phrases you might see:

Snow Sucks!


Snowpocalypse my ass!


'snow what I think? Snow SUCKS!


Silly Snow—YOU SUCK!


You'll have to pry my snow shovel out of my cold hand…literally, because my hand is actually frozen to the shovel!



Snow what! I'm burning activity points with every shovel full.


Always remember this…snow SUCKS!


Believe…(that snow sucks!)



It's truly a miracle (that I don't up and move to Miami!)




I don't know about you, but even with all those exclamation marks, I'm thinking this set would sell like hot cakes all across the upper midwest.


Ms. I'm Snow Done with It


Cathy ZielskeIf I were to develop a line of digital brushes for use on scrapbook pages that were anti snow…

79 Comments on “If I were to develop a line of digital brushes for use on scrapbook pages that were anti snow…”

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    Cathy, I feel your pain. Nevertheless, those are beautiful pictures. I am sending Spring vibes in your direction. May the sun shine and the days get warmer (fast)….

    With love, Leora

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    oh Cathy you are truly wonderful!! You must have heard me cussing at the snow too. I’m in Ohio and soooooo done with this snow/cold. Told my husband to get a job transfer and we are packing and moving south. This snow has got to go NOW!!! Thank you for making me laugh this morning. By the way my oldest is in college in Miami and she calls us to brag about going to the beach on the weekends still and wearing shorts/tank tops. Have a good day anyways and I’m praying for warm/sunny days to come and stay.

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    Barb M.

    I am so sorry. Last winter when we got 40+ inches of snow in a week, I kept telling myself how unusual this is and it won’t happen again in VA. That got me thru that winter. This winter we have had maybe 10 inches total. I don’t know how people do it winter after winter. The summers better be amazing in MN!

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    Stephanie in MI

    Where can I buy a set? 😉 I would buy a few, I have many friends that would use them too!

    What’s even worse for me is my husband is interviewing for a new job, in a new career and we could literally move to anywhere we want in the country, actually the world… yet we still want to stay in Winter Wonderland! We love our area, just get tired of winter right about NOW!

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    OMG! TOO funny!!!! I live in NH and we’ve been hit with a ton of snow this year and I HATE snow! Hurry up and make some digital brushes cause I would soooooooooooo buy them!!

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    my in-laws live in Eagan and my hubby grew up there… We lived there for a couple of years before moving to Chicago, so I feel your pain!

    The snow steps photo is awesome…

    And, yeah, if ya’ gotta find a silver lining: shovelin’ is a helluva a lot of calorie-burnin’, heart-pumpin’ ‘fun’!

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    Jan B

    First of all, I can’t believe so many people are up at 5 and 5:30! (the previous commentors) but, yeah. I woke up to not more snow – which we had a fresh 10″ of on Monday, thank you very much, but ZERO degrees here in lovely central Pennsylvania. A hearty DITT to the O on the so being done with the snow. And you could design all those brushes for anti COLD, too. I’m so over both! But thanks for making me laugh about it. The view out my window is – at the very least – picturesque. Sigh.

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    I would so buy those brushes! I am your neighbor, in Wisconsin. I feel the same way. And, yes, snow makes some very pretty pictures, but at this point I would be more than happy to just look at them and not take them! Thanks for the smiles this morning 🙂

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    You forgot BITE ME Mother Nature.

    Last Friday I was out without a jacket. Right now – I don’t see that happening for a while … and “they” say we’re not done with the snow yet (SE Michigan).

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    So I guess that now is not a good time to tell you Sydney (Australia) has recently had the hottest February day in 85 years – 41 deg C (105.8 deg F)- and a whole seven consecutive days exceeding 35 deg C (95 deg F)? Hmmmm …. I thought not 🙂

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    Tammy M.

    I’m hearing ya Cathy! Here in Ohio we got dumped on too…after Mother Nature thought she’d tease us with a couple 60 degree days last week. I’m thinking of buying a shotgun and hunting down that lovely groundhog. Didn’t see his shadow my tushkus!!

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    only four more weeks till spring!!! that’s what i keep telling myself. we had GREEN GRASS on Sunday. Fifty degrees last Friday. Right now, single digits and not a patch of grass in sight. Snow sucks and I am DONE with snow pictures. (but i already have plenty, so go on with your brushes!!)

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    And Connecticut would get in on this action as well. In fact the entire northeast would buy your brushes!

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    Too funny Cathy! I live in the Colorado Rockies and we always have a lot of snow, but this year we have extra. At least I can enjoy it by going for a cross country ski out my door, since I certainly can’t run this time of year. But I start to get sick of it in April and May, and then I’ll be looking to buy your digital brushes to make a page!

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    come on we needed a little more of the white stuff to cover up the ugliness of the melting dirt piles along the streets!

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    I guess I shouldn’t tell you I’m jealous. We could do a house swap or something. I’m not a fan of the cold that goes along with the snow but I love the snow. It’s back in the 60’s here in KY the last few days.

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    They’d sell like hot cakes in Canada, well northern Alberta for sure 😉 A friend’s FB status about another snowfall was: “maybe Mother Nature should shovel this sh!t herself, give the b**** a taste of her own medicine.” It makes us just a little grouchy.

    I find we enjoy our short summers even more.

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    Cathy, this hilarious! I live in Canada and today is minus 16 F (minus 28C)and snowing, I am snow done with it too! my husband said, quoting Homer Simpson, that today we saw another 10 inches of global warming fall LOL

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Ah yeah! I am so done with the snow!!! Seriously it’s been Minn-snowta Madness this winter season. Yep, I would be the first in line for that digi kit:) Thanks for bringing some light to white eye sore:)

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    Cindy P.

    OMG! You are killing me!We got 10 1/2 inches on Sunday and I’m with you- SNOW SUCKS! The worst part is we are suppose to get more in the next couple days! I Don’t Want It! Lets pick some where better then Florida to move, it’s too humid there in the summer. Does bad things to paper.

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    I live in what is called “The Frozen Tundra of Utah” because of how cold it gets here. This is the second year the city water to our house has frozen, even with our best efforts to keep the water running in our house day and night. The cold is just toooo cold. We do have water coming into our house via a garden hose from our neighbor’s spigot to ours, but the last time this happened we didn’t thaw until mid April. I have learned that I can handle the snow. It is the -0º weather that wears me down. We’re all having tests of endurance this winter, aren’t we?!

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    TOO funny! I’m sure I’d be sick of the snow after less than 24 hours, but as someone who was born and raised (and still residing) in sunny San Diego, those pictures are just beautiful. 🙂

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    Susan M

    In Michigan, also with lots of snow-suckage here. It’s February 23, and I.hate.snow. I would totally buy your brushes. You should make bumper stickers too. Oh wait, it’s too cold for them to STICK TO ANYTHING. Down with snow! Power to the people!

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    Ha ha! I agree, it would sell like hot cakes there. However, I’m in Southern California, and I have to drive and pay money to play in the snow. 🙂 I’d love one day a year of good snow. Just one.

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    Sarah MacKenzie

    I am sooooo with you on the snow. We were out for dinner last night and came out of the restaurant and it was snowing and I said to my husband, “seriously, just what we needed, more snow”. I am freakin’ hating the stuff this year. The week before Halloween, it “slushed”, and since we live in a rural area, they don’t really grade the gravel roads, so there has been 3″ of compact slush, ie, sheer ice since the beginning of November. I am done with driving 40km (25MPH) to town and back. The trip which normally takes 20 minutes each way has been taking about 45, which makes it an ordeal to get to town. Spring cannot come soon enough.

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    Sherri Stone

    I feel your pain, Cathy! Last year I lived in a rural area of VA and we got pounded with snow. We couldn’t drive down our long, LONG driveway for over a month! So I trekked that driveway every work day, sometimes with groceries. I used to love snow! Not so much anymore:D Spring is right around the corner – hang in there!

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    Yep you need to come to San Diego during the winter. Tourist stand out. We are all bundled up and Tourist are wearing shorts. We also need your money. California is broke.

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    Maybe this will make you feel just a tiny bit better. When I heard that there was yet another big storm headed to Minnesota, I thought to myself, “Oh dear, I bet Cathy Z. gets more snow.” I don’t know anyone else in Minnesota so you got all my empathetic thoughts.

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    too funny, cathy! love your snowy photos. to me snow is a beautiful thing, but that’s probably because i live in brazil and don’t have to live with it.

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    It IS beautiful. It really is. I just get tired of the shoveling. The shoveling of the snow gets very, very old. : ) We need a snow blower. One of these years!

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    Cathy, I am LOVING your last photo of the snow on the stairs. LOVELY. Here, at our house in Iowa, we do not have a snow blower either and we FEEL YOUR PAIN! Thankfully, our neighbors have been nice enough to take care of much of our snow for us or have loaned us the use of their snowblowers when they didn’t feel like being outside anymore. (I think they feel sorry for us that hubby works 55-60 hours/wk and that I am pregnant with a 20-month so, not likely to get outside to shovel the white stuff. I guess you can be thankful for lower heating bills now that you guys insulated your house and got some new windows…. the money that you save can go towards the eventual purchase of a snow blower, right?

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    i’m SNOW jealous! if you ever wanna do a” house swap” in the winter let me know! it’s 70 degrees here in atlanta right now. (i’ll even shovel) good luck cathy ;}

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    Snow kidding?!? (sorry, couldn’t resist…) Well, here in Oregon, we even woke to a dusting of snow – did someone in Minne-snowta sneeze? More’s predicted for tonight. I will try to contain my glee…

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    I, too, have gotten over the “beauty” of snow this winter. As payback for my disdain of Mother Nature, I had to acquire a new skill set this week–running a snowblower. My husband broke four ribs last week (3 in multiple places) and is out of commission for the rest of the season. Bah! Humbug!

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    I live just north of Buffalo, New York, and while we haven’t had quite as much snow as you have, we’ve had our fair share. And the cold…We don’t normally stay at 15 degrees for weeks on end. We usually spend January and February in the high 20s. Not this year. So while I like winter, I agree with you. SNOW SUCKS!!! I’m not asking for 70 degrees and sunshine. I’ll take 40 degrees and no wind. Your pictures are great, and they really capture the reality of living with snow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you don’t get any more snow.

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    LMAO awesome! That’s one of the the things I love about living in SoCal – the traffic may be holy hell, but we can drive 2 hours from 60 degree weather up to the mountains where it’s snowing and then leave it all behind at the end of the day. 🙂

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    My husband teases me about snow because I always say I like it. But I like MARYLAND snow, and would just up and die if I had a winter like you all have. Sure looks like the world IS ending in ice up there…

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    You MAY change your tune if this week’s weigh in is surprisingly low…

    Or maybe you’ll still think snow sucks. I agree. But it sure is pretty.

  39. #56

    I feel for you! Tell you what jump on a plane and head on down to sunny Fort Myers, FL. It’s a toasty 84 degrees outside today. My kids can double bunk for a few days while you borrow their room. Plus I know a bunch of scrapbooking fools who would love to meet/hang out you, not to mention my dogs. 😉

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    Cathy, I live in Iowa and although our winter has sucked, it hasn’t been as bad as you. SNOW SUCKS!

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    Kim B

    I’m in Oregon and praying that we get some snow tonight. We haven’t had any this winter and I’d just love at least ONE day of playing in the snow!

  42. #62

    I would buy any brush with swearing or sarcasm 🙂 How about a “Why the hell do we live here????”. That is something I ask myself every Toronto winter. Vancouver is nice, and we would still have free healthcare, hmmmmm ….

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    Kimberly Ann

    I can vouch for those of us in East central South Dakota, that we would absolutely buy each and every one!

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    Cathy – all I can say is, get working on them brushes. I’ve been looking for a “Snowpocalypse my ass!” brush. Seriously.
    Here’s to spring. May it come with godspeed.

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    Bea Medwecky

    Cathy, I was waiting for a post complaining about snow. Thanks for not dissapointing. And thanks for the laugh. From snowy, dreary, cold, Chicago,

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    gypsy chaos

    The Philadelphia region has had ENOUGH snow this winter. I have this sneaky suspicion that it’s going to snow – enough to measure – after the first day of spring.

  47. #70

    We are even getting snow in your hometown of Everett. Although the news media is making it worse than it is! Tomorrow it will be a low of 16–cold for a town on the ocean!!

  48. #72

    Cathy I’m not sure I really understand what you’re saying. Just to be clear are you saying that snow SUCKS?! I think I just earned activity points from laughing so hard. The abs go a serious work out:)

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    Denise Rotell

    How about …” It is snow weird that you live in Minnesota when you feel that strongly about snow”
    Although, I’m pretty tired of the stuff myself and I live in Virginia!

  50. #76

    We were a balmy 80 degrees on the soccer field yesterday. I got a sunburn! Miami is nice…that is until about June July or August! 98 degrees with 100 percent humidity has to feel the same as what you are experiencing. I say winter down here and spring summer fall up there! Thanks for the chuckle.

  51. #77

    Although we haven’t the “amount/accumilation” you do, I’m sure a few of us in Everett would be buying them! Our “snow days” have now pushed the last day of school to June 27! A few more and we will be into July. Maybe this is one way to start “year round” school around here.

  52. #78

    I am a native Australian here in Minnesota for her first snowy winter. Boy, did we pick a good one! Ok, I have to say, I have loved it but I am getting a little over it now! Our kids are begging to move to Hawaii…I don’t even like the tropics but I would go right now in a heartbeat. lol. A friend sent me this link to cheer me up! Thanks for the laugh!

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