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Aidan and Cole just finished up working in a fantastic local production of "The Wiz." This was Aidan's 3rd production with the Young Artists Initiative and Cole's first. Having never had the guts to perform, let alone even audition for plays when I was growing up, I'm amazed at their ability to get up and do this sort of thing.



A little side story for you: in 1993 Dan and I moved into the house we presently occupy. We had no kids, very little money, and both worked many hours a week. At the time, we had a friend working on a small independent film who was scouting locations to shoot specific scenes. They wanted an old house that looked a bit outdated and old fashioned. Ours fit the bill perfectly.

I was completely unprepared for what happens when a film crew, however small, moves in and takes over for a few days. Our property was crawlng with people, lights, cameras and endless power cords. They moved all of our furniture into one part of the house to make way for the scenes they were going to shoot. In short, it was a small slice of domestic chaos.

Because we were relatively newcomers to the neighborhood, it caused quite a stir. What are they doing over there? The filming came and went and we settled into a St. Paul neighborhood to continue building our lives there.

It was only a few years later when talking with one of our neighbors about something (and to this day I can't for the life of me remember what it was), when he said, "Well, you guys know what I'm talking about, you're theater people."

Since that day, it's been a little joke between me and Dan. We're theater people. It's our standard response to everything.


At least we can say that our kids are.




Cathy ZielskeTheater People

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    Go Aidan and Cole. So cool that they get to do that together. I would never have the guts either, though I was once the scarecrow in a neighborhood Oz production where the Mormon Temple was Oz. Kind of like using your house, but different…

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    Kendra B

    I too have never had the guts to get up in front of a crowd, but do have theater people in the family. Way to go Aidan and Cole πŸ™‚

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    Theatre People, huh? That explains a lot. πŸ˜‰
    How cool that Aidan and Cole are both into the performing arts. My younger one lIves musicals and is a great singer, but he’s terribly shy. I’m hoping he’ll give musical theatre a try in a few years’ time. Then I might be able to pretend to be Theatre People too.

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    Petra from NL

    What a nice post. Loved reading about Aidan and Cole AND about you being theatre people ;-).

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    Angie Hall

    Good for you guys! We’re theatre people, too, and sometimes I know our neighbors think we’re crazy. We break out into show tunes at the drop of a top hat. I think your kids will grow character by being involved and working with an ensemble. Mine certainly have.

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    My DIL and her mother are both drama teachers, and my 5 year-old grandson hangs around his mom’s middle school rehearsals, so I guess “theater people” have invaded my family as well!

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    My girls are in the throws of final rehearsals for their school play too. I was a lot like you, never had the guts to try out or perform. I am continually amazed that they’ll do it. One even has a lead role this year, which means solos… holy cow! I’m going to start calling them theater people.

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    lynne moore

    My husband’s cousins’ families are prone to theater and tv. One has two girls serious about theater and the older one is frequently the lead. (She was the most perfect Alice in Wonderland). The other cousin’s home is used in the cable Tv show, In Plain Sight (I think that is the title). We do not have cable and every once in a blue moon when traveling I come across an episode and watch just to see their living room in a scene!

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    I love the photos and all the green, how fun is that. The kids look good up there, like naturals. My daughter has been in the last 3 plays at her school and loves it. I would never had gotten up in front of people and act and still wouldn’t. I love love watching the kids in the play though, it’s always fun. Way to go on being a theater family.

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    ha. ha. I LOVE it. And you really are so “theater people” like in your exuberance for good entertainment and your uncanny ability to quote lines from movies! Trey just finished up The Sound of Music at the high school here and it was such an amazing experience, so it’s fun from time to time to pretend we’re theater people!

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    Michelle Darde

    Good for them…it’s SO good for kids’ self-esteem to be involved with theatre. My 13-year old has been in many plays in the past 4 years and has really benefitted from it. EVERY kid is accepted in theatre…they’re great “people” to be involved with.

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    You certainly have the energy of “theater people”! I agree that it is good for kids’ self esteem. They must be naturals! This is the first year in four years that I haven’t had a child in a theater production, but my youngest has sworn she will be auditioning next year. I don’t know where they get it, but I love it!!

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    When my daughter was in kindergarten The Missoula childrens Theatre came to our town and my daughter got a part in their play. She has been in 3 now. She has also been in plays at school. I was always too shy to get in front of people. I’m glad she is not.

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