Chocolate Cheeks

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I'm re-doing the photo wall in my kitchen with a new stock of IKEA frames, and as I was going through all of my digital photos (dating back to 2003) I found this shot. It's not even a great photo, but I forgot I had it. I was shooting kid portaits in my garage, with a black velvet background (oh, those were the days) and Cole must have held still for about a nanosecond and then he was off.

And I think I offered Aidan cash for this one:


Indeed. Those were the days.

Cathy ZielskeChocolate Cheeks

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    These photos make me all teary. Makes me realize how fast the years go by. I just love the chubbier cheeks of younger children! My son loved to wear his cowboy hat and vest. Now that he is a little older (8) he loves wearing anything from the Fleet Farm army surplus area. Beautiful photos. They capture so much.

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    I love looking back at older pics. I put my screensaver on older photos. Mine are in date order so this week it’s set on 2009 March. I love some of the photos that come up. We all take so many now that it’s easy to forget what we have in our stash.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    It’s so wonderful to find gems of pictures when going through your computer. These are great!

    And a random question: Any chance you’ll re-offer “Everyone Can Write a Little” again at BPC? Pretty please….. πŸ™‚

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    But (sigh!) the black velvet was SUCH a good background: perhaps in another five years they’ll be asking for it back. Hoping you have fun with the new photowall – I guess it’ll be an interesting process working out what/how to choose …

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    Cute photos. I made a photo wall in my dining room last month, I love it. Used black Ikea ribba frames and ordered a large black wooden letter B (for our surname) to include in it. I have more photo walls planned throughout the house! Can’t wait to see your photo wall.

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