I sort of feel like the title of this book

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Okay, so maybe I'm simply suffering from a bad cold and not some zombie-inducing virus, but did any of you watch the AMC series The Walking Dead?

It debuted on Halloween last Fall, and I was curious so I tuned in. I have an affinity for zombies and it turns out, so does my boy.

I wouldn't let him watch it last year, but this year I caved and let him buy the graphic novel the series is based upon. This of course turned into a swift Lego interpretation by my now zombie-obsessed son.


He's been using our new window sill as Zombie Central, creating all the show's cast members, vehicles and zombie killin' weaponry. And, he's been getting all on film, so to speak.




Rest assured, as soon as we get our laptop fixed, the one that contains all the movie segments, a kick ass Zombie short film will be posted soon. Complete with the appropriate amount of Lego blood and gore.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to return to watching shows on the BBC about life as a prince while waiting for my nasal passages to clear.


Cathy ZielskeI sort of feel like the title of this book

49 Comments on “I sort of feel like the title of this book”

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    Ann Bonar

    Walking Dead = new favorite show but is quickly being gained up on The Killing. AMC is my new husband.

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    Ann Bonar

    AND…it seems that watching too much television has made me illiterate! Meant to say “…but is quickly being gained upon by The Killing.

    AMC is still my new husband.

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    kelli johnson

    I use the neti pot πŸ™‚ I love that thing. an addiction I’ll admit but it clears the nasal passages right up πŸ™‚

    oh and I heart lil’ boys that play with Legos. my son made a tower of lego men the other day. so fun.

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    Courtney Walsh

    I have a friend who’s really into that show, but I’ve never seen it! I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Ugh. That was me last week! πŸ™ Get well SOON!

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    Just got over that on Monday of this week, Cathy! Have to say, it’s so rare that I am laying flat on the couch all day, that even though I felt like caca (technical term for s*@t), I loved being able to watch a movie from beginning to end. Watched One Week – LOVED it. Really hit home with my mid-life crisis stage! Hope you’re up and at it soon!

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    And you’ve got to check out the app “Stupid Zombies” – it’s a game and it’s fun!! I have it on my droid but I bet the good old iphone has it too!?

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    Ugh! Meant to comment on Cole’s supercool lego setup! Reminds me of my younger brother who spent the majority of his childhood with Legos – and filmed everything just like Cole! We have some awesome ‘vintage’ stop-action stuff that could probably be up for an Oscar… You go Cole!

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    I knew you’d like it! We pvr’d every episode and can’t wait for the next season. My 21 yr. old hasn’t watched it, but has the novels. My 15 yr. old is so interested but too afraid to watch. I usually watch from behind a blanket and hubby says he doesn’t know what is more entertaining, watching me or the show. I am usually sweating by the end of it. I love the way it’s filmed.

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    I’m sorry you’re sick AGAIN. Seriously.

    And nice of your son to pick a lovely lighting for photography spot for his legos! πŸ™‚ (Taking Candice Stringham’s portrait class… this week’s lesson is window lighting. πŸ™‚

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    Karen in Toronto

    You two should check out the popular PC game Plants vs Zombies. Awesome fun & tons of fun zombies πŸ™‚

    from a Lego & SB fan in Toronto πŸ™‚

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    I too have spent the last 4 months suffering from every cold my darlings have brought home. This last one is just clearing up…it seems to be shorter than the last hundred colds I had this past winter. Hope yours gets better soon.
    Ps do you know of a good iPad app for a recipe box that keeps all your recipes in one spot?

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    I hope you feel better soon! We need the weather to stay spring-like to kill off all the nasty virus things going around. I love Cole’s Lego setup. My son likes to recreate scenes from his favorite movies with his Legos too. I love boys.

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    Sometimes when we’re sick, it feels like we’ll just be sick forever. You won’t! Hope you’re back on your feet soon, but until then, just take it easy and … keep taking those great Lego photos. Brings back memories of my own Lego-maniac, who is now a Marine. Man, I miss that kid.

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    i love “the walking dead”!!! can’t wait for the new episodes.
    these behind the scenes shots of cole are amazing! any chance we get to watch a bit of his movie here on the blog?
    hope you get better soon!

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    Lori Hudson

    You love you some Zombies,too! Cathy Zielske I am selling my house and moving right up to Minnesota into the house next door because you are like my sista from another motha. Okay, I’m not really moving in next door, but only because there is not a person, place or thing (or Zombie) on God’s green earth that could make me move to snowy, cold Minnesota. But you get the sentiment, right??

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    Jennie Hart

    I need to catch up with where this programme is, I seemed to have missed it. I am a fan of Andrew Lincoln, it is that one isn’t it, so I did want to see it. Sorry about your cold, hope it clears up soon x

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    not a zombie girl myself, but I LOVE that your son is making a movie πŸ™‚ and that LEGO camper is to die for…

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    gypsy chaos

    I love how you tied being ill with your Lego-building fanatic!

    I hope you get well soon.
    What is with the germs this year? I’ve got a sore throat for the first time in a very long time. Heck, I’d forgotten just how much a throat can hurt.

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    Armada Volya

    The only thing that helps me when I get cold is lemon juice with honey, helped me with the cold from hell I had a couple of weeks ago.

    Love the lego zombi cast, he is very creative and legos are so good for developing creativity


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    Francesca Di Leo

    OMG! I’m a walking dead die hard fan! i didn’t know i loved zombie movies until i stumbled upon this series. i was hooked instantly. after the finale, i went on walking dead withdrawal, so i bought the entire comic book series. can’t wait till Oct when the new season starts… wohhhoooo

    and tell your little guy, he’s a perfect little genious! i love the set he created, so ingenious. and i’d go see his film, if he posts it.. really.

    oh yeah, and btw, feel better, we’re all getting plagued with this gawd-awful bug.

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    Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, as I haven’t read all 39 comments…but it’s worth mentioning twice! I highly recommend Claymation Studio for Cole. (I own no interest in the company, I swear!) My 9 yo son has been producing stop motion films with his legos for over a year now. He plans, creates sets, shoots, subtitles, narrates, and adds soundtrack to his own stop motion videos! Another amazing thing is that he learned to use the program on his own. I have so enjoyed your plethora of Cole/Lego pics.

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    Katie Nicoll

    Now that’s cute! Hmmm, maybe filming in the night would be better for the theme, but I understand “rehearsals” in the morning. That’s quite the army of zombies!

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