And I shall call him Donnie Darko

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Is it just me? Is the resemblance uncanny?

On Easter, we went to the family farm and I spent some time with the llamas.

Llamas scare me. They stare at you. They don't blink. They seem to be saying, "Bring it, bipedal creature!"


Sure, you try to toss in a cute kid, but that llama is still clearly saying, "One step closer, I eat your young."


Until we meet again, Donnie. Until we meet again.



Cathy ZielskeAnd I shall call him Donnie Darko

24 Comments on “And I shall call him Donnie Darko”

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    Nancy McM

    I really needed the laugh, going back to work today after 1+ weeks off due to spring break… thanks, Cathy πŸ™‚

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    For all their “sinister aura,” they sure make for a unique photo spread! Way to be brave, Cole!

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    Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

    *SHIVERS* Okay, I personally don’t have a problem with llamas . . . but this post DID remind me of my terrible goat phobia that began when my mother pushed 4-year-old-me into the goat pen at the zoo with a snow cone in hand!! Let’s just say, it’s almost 40 years later, and I’m still traumatized. And apparently I’m in good company, because I recently found this website:

    Check it out if you need a good laugh! πŸ™‚

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    Andi Sexton

    We have a few Llamas that are supposed to guard our sheep (3 now). Only one works.. anyway.. long story.. but my dh husband decided one year (over 13 years ago) that one of the llamas needed to be shorn because it was too darn hot ….looks exactly like the one you have! Ours was Shelby.. and he was a ‘freebee’ because the owners said he did not like people.. Hello……let’s give him to the ranch people!

    So… my job was to hold Shelby down.. He was hog tied, and I had to ‘sit’ on him… he screamed Llama threats..and he spit on me the first chance he got…nasty stuff. We had a mutual disdain for each other for years after that.. any chance he got.. He made that gurgling noise at me like he was going to lob a big one at me … I was totally scared of him… and really, do not like Llamas!!!

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    I laughed so hard and loud at this… but I expected the Llama to say ” Bring me some tots…”

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    Tori A.

    LOL!!! I laughed the entire time as I was reading this. You are awesome Cathy! Hehehehe…(see, still laughing!)

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    I just keep thinking of Napolean Dynomite when I see pictures of Llamas… and then there’s a wonderful children’s book “Is your Mama a Llama?” They tend to look either sinister or silly.
    It’s very hard to reconcile all these strange ideas, so I try to ignore llamas. (And goats too!)

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    My 7 yr old daughter tried to explain the Easter Bunny to my 3 yr old son last week. She asked my husband to find a picture of the Easter Bunny to show my son. He quickly googled Donnie Darko. My son said in his sweet, polite 3 year old voice “oh, no thanks. I no like Easter Bunny. He too creepy.” It took days of convincing that Daddy was just kidding, the Easter Bunny is really a nice bunny. Gotta love the sense of humour of men!

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    Karen Malloy

    funny story. funny now, not so much then. picture petting zoo, a ten year old girl with super long hair and hungry llama. yep, that’s right. llama ate my hair! eek! 35 years later i still don’t go near them!

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    Sharon F. in CA

    Reminds me of the PushMe-PullYou from Dr. Doolittle.
    Llamas and Alpacas are actually very sweet and very social creatures. Pretty amazing.
    I never saw Donny Darko, so had to look up the reference and I totally get it now.
    Love the llamafont Kerry!!

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