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    madeline St onge

    Well if you two aren’t the cutest pair I ever saw. She is her mama’s girl Cathy. Beautiful

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    I just love seeing you share your relationship with her on here. I hope that if I get to have a daughter, we have as nice a relationship and bond as the one you two share.

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    Great shot of the 2 of you. Aiden is beautiful and getting prettier every time I see a new photo of her. And her mom, well, Cathy, you look great, as always.

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    tara pakosta

    she really looks so much like her mama!
    and you both look like demi moore (compliment, I think she’s beautiful) and so are you both!
    aiden’s got some great lips!

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    Mary Rogers

    love the photo of you two together…and of course all of those of Aidan…I LOVE her hair as well…fabulously messy and fun!

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    Kathy, I’ve followed you for a very long time and have been seeing your kids grow up in each picture you put out there…but can I just say…she is the most gorgeous girl! I’m blown away…Oh…and you’re cute too! πŸ™‚

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    I love her hair! What great pictures! I also have a 15yr. old and can’t imagine how I got so blessed.

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    Karen F form New Zealand

    She is one classy young lady. Many years I have seen her and Cole’s photos andI have enjoyed sharing your laughs and witty insights to your family and feelings. Watching my daughter grow is an extraordinary thing and such a learning curve, its nice to read other Mum’s points of view. Thanks for sharing. And thanks to Aidan too for sharing with us.

    BTW I read up the top you are on facebook – how do I add you to my facebook page? You can tell I’m a newbie to facebook!!!

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    Cathy, I too have been here FOREVAH. Like, since well before your CKU days. It has been a privilege to watch your family and your children grow. When I see that profile photo of Aidan, I see Cole in her face as well. Your family isn’t perfect, you make that clear, but you all seem very much in tune to each other and not lacking in love. Congratulations πŸ™‚

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    Shaun McPherson

    I read what all of this wonderful people write and some know you and some have gotten to know you from reading your stuff. I mysel have known you for soooo long since I think we were 8yrs old:) We have been best of friends since we were 14yrs old and shared so many good times 1st job together, getting my driver’s license with you and so many ,many more good times with you amd Molly. I am so proud of you and the person I knew you would always be….I am am so proud of the Mom and wife you are! Still waiting for you to have that talk show that you so deserve on T.V. .Just wanted to share this with other’s. Your Daughter look’s so much like you and you should be so proud. You have done a wonderful job! OxOx Shauni

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