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So after doing my first three weeks of Project Life, I sort of fell off the scrap wagon. What? Gasp. Noooo! Say it isn't so, Cathy!

But the cool thing about Project Life? No big whoop. You can easily recover and here's how I did just that for the past three weeks.

I created a smart folder in iPhoto and defined it by the date. I entered April 23 through May 14 and voila, all of my photos taken during that time were nicely separated from the bulk of my library.


Turns out I took 162 photos during that three-week slot. Can you imagine if that was back in the film days? I'd be on the fast track to running out of grocery funds.

But I decided that I really didn't want to try and cover three spreads in my album to make up the time. I just wanted to hit the highs in one two page spread. Period.

And that's exactly what I did. Whew! Talk about easy and guilt free!




It covered Mother's Day, Aidan's confirmation, choosing paint color for our home and a shirtless Rob Lowe. I feel I hit the high points, indeed.

And here is the week that I didn't share back in April, which is when my so-called slump began.



Ahhhh. Just like that, the slump is over, baby!

I really like having layered journal cards or even just using story card brushes to do a weekly (or tri-weekly summary) for one of my 6 x 4 pockets. For me, it's an easy way to get the highlights down for the week.

I may do this two- and three-week synopsis spreads again. Sometimes it might be because I'm falling behind and other times just because I want to trim down how many shots I'm printing and saving.

I will say it again: this system is flexible and forgiving.

That's my kind of project indeed.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life Check In

29 Comments on “Project Life Check In”

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    Good for you making PL work the way you need it. I love making mine simple some weeks and other weeks adding in all photos and even an extra PP of pictures when it’s hard to just choose some. Glad your all caught up again. I love that copy of Vanity Fair too. Happy Monday.

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    You had me at Rob Lowe (that issue is on my bedside table as I type). Love that PL is any thing you want it to be ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Hope you and family are okay after yesterday’s tornados. I’m in Topeka KS – we got the nasty weather Saturday – but we’re all fine.

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    Yes, we are fine. The sirens went off, but it was about 10 miles to the northeast where they got hit. Weird, because we are not used to tornados hitting in our old city neighborhoods at all. : (

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    So now that your slump is over will you bring back “Make a Page Mondays?” please? pretty please? I miss it.

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    So happy to hear. Have a wonderful week.
    BTW – what are the page protectors you use for this project? Can’t find them anywhere.

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    tara pollard pakosta

    you think you fell off, I hadn’t done ANYTHING since day 56!!! I printed them all off at Costco on saturday and caught up yesterday, it felt good and it was done in about 60 minutes, journaling by hand and all! I LOVE this project!

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Cathy, just checking in to see how you & your family are after the tornado there because I saw a couple houses just now on the news that looked like yours. Thanks for reassuring us! I also am in Kansas & I am awestruck watching the tornado reports. Tiny Reading, KS (250 pop) all but destroyed, & Joplinโ€”no words! So far, where I live we’ve had only heavy rain, but the forecast doesn’t look good for next couple days. Irony: we were so dry we already had big cracks in the ground. Now the faucet’s been turned on, it can’t stop.

    I am getting goosebumps all over watching these scenes. Just horrible.

    PL: I fell behind, too! I started w/Jan & kept up for 2 months. I’m not doing daily or weekly, but monthly, sometimes w/tons of photos tho (like our blizzard & following week 17″ more snow). Wish I could narrow it down like you do! Anyway, I’ve spent this past week trying to catch up. Not quite there yet. I also made the mistake of not going originally with Becky’s basic page protector plan & have too many decisions to make because I bought several different packages. That is about to change!

    Have to add that your story cards & Ali’s journal helps are such a boost! OK, I’m signing off so I can print more pix. Stay safe!!

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    No guilt, no fuss, just move on and do it your own way. No choice is wrong.

    That young lady has grown-up literally, hasn’t she! Are you now Little Mama??? wait til it’s Cole you are looking up to! btdt and it used to make me laugh to look up at my guys.

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    Hey Kay! Too many choices are totally numbing. I freeze in the possibilities which is not where I want to be. That is truly a modern problem as I’ve read a lot about it. Didn’t exist when I was younger…

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    Can you please make the journaling cards for the little slots available for purchase at designer digitals? Pretty please with sugar on top. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Bless you. I stare at my project life album every stinkin’ day and just can’t get motivated and what is worse it that I won’t do anything else until I get caught up. Thank you for liberating me!

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    OMG! I’ve had a crush on Rob Lowe since 1985!!!! I have that issue too! Love it! I have two years of “stuff” saved up for Project Life, which I fully intend to catch up beginning this fall (when I won’t be working for a year) AND I plan to start a new Project Life for our year at the next post. The Army is sending my hubby (and the family) to a school for a year (11 months) — a “big deal” in my husband’s career, so I really want to document this year for him (and us) with Project Life.

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    Sharon F. in CA

    Love it Cathy….especially the Vanity Fair cover…who couldn’t love that photo? I read his book or rather, listened to him read it on and it was terrific. He is not only quite handsome but a talented writer, thoughtful, funny and fun loving guy. Someone I would love to have over for a BBQ.

    Love the project life documentation…I have been off the scrap wagon for a while now and with this new puppy I need to get those pics taken and into the book – he is growing like a weed…

    Glad you are safe – crazy weather.

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    Since you mentioned Iphoto–I would love to know how you catalog your photos on your computer. I am getting ready to take Stacy’s Photo Freedom and am debating on whether to switch to some other system. Stacy is suggesting Iphoto as an alternative to Picasa or ACDSee. I have Iphoto on my iMac but haven’t used it since I got Adobe CS4. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions? I have the past 2 year’s photos on my iMac and older photos on an EHD. What do you like about Iphoto and how do you label your photos when you download them from your camera(date taken plus what else?) While I’m at it–when are you teaching more classes at BPC? Still hoping for a mini book class– a dog mini book??? I so enjoyed taking your Me-TAV class!

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    I catalog them by Month and Year, and then each year is in its own folder. I used Smart Folders for each month, created by Date and In the Range Of. Works like a charm!

    But, to be honest, i dont have any labels for photos so its really hard to find something in that way. I know there are very likely more powerful ways to use iPhoto, but… I havent yet figured that one out!

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    I was doing great until March, kinda fell off the wagon and got back on….then May cameand all h-e-double hockey sticks broke loose… camera busted and I am now using an older point and shoot until I can get a new camera, then I logged onto Amazon to order my BH Project Life kit (I figured that when the money was there – read “budgeted for”, I could order the kit) and it is UNAVAILABLE!!!! I was looking forward to the Amber kit and now, I can’t get it!
    I was so bummed. So ends my Project Life….But, I can tell you that it has been interesting while it lasted! You sure get a slice of life set of photos and a little picture of what your life is centered around. Mine? Uh….eating and my children! HA!

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    Fun to see your Project Life pages. Recently, I finally started your Monthly albums from DD, just in time to see you and Ali jump on Project Life. But couldn’t Monthly and Project Life be a bit of a merge? Whether 2 or 3 week synopsis or a month…my Monthly plan is to use your digi templates combined with the hybrid kit + pockets with photos or paper stuff from life. A bit of the same as Project Life. Are you doing both, switching, merging? Eeek! (P.S. love the stucco color)

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    Oh, they could totally merge. In fact, Im thinking of putting some of the photo collages into 8.5 x 11 sleeves and mixing them into my PL album!

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    Cathy, I did PL last year, and I got about halfway through the album. I beat myself up until I had the epiphany: I GOT HALFWAY THROUGH THE ALBUM!!! That’s a lot of friggen layouts. And they are fast as lightening. And they look awesome when you finish them. I love that this year had the vertically-aligned divided pages. That caused me many challenges the year I did it. I love portrait-aligned pics, I won’t lie.

    I still have half an album that I can crank out any time I want. Woo hoo! I will ask…how do you store your ring-bound albums? Gravity is being unkind to mine. ๐Ÿ™

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    I just keep them on a shelf, but see, most of my albums are 8.5 x 11. Not as heavy, you know? Ive guessing my PL album, when full, might be a big bad boy.

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