Say, thar’s gold in them there hills!

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Photographic background gold that is!

I present Exhibit A:


If you have been reading my blog of late, you're well aware of the cosmetic improvements happening at Chez Zielske (and yes, I will do a complete remodel post when all work is completed). But you have seen how this lovely shade of green is now part of my neighborhood's landscape, yes?

Well who knew it would be a photographic goldmine of a background?

Okay, maybe I did. I present the resulting scrapbook page of said background as Exhibit B, which also happens to officially be my new favorite scrapbook page of all time, for this week.


Oh for stinkin' cute. Seriously? Get out! No, I'm serious. Please leave and compose yourself because the cuteness and overall design tightness is too glorious to behold.

(See, a little positive self talk goes a LONG way for us scrapbookers, who may or may not get out much.)

I couldn't help calling it the Green Monster (Hello, any Red Sox fans in the hizzouse?), and yet it is not an intimidating force preventing all but the hardest hit of homerun balls, but rather one that inexplicably draws the scrapbooker nearer to pose her more willing children for photographic moments of glee.

Cue the choir of angels here.

I just had to share how my new affinity for green stucco inspired a page…about my affinity for green stucco.


SUPPLIES: background paper (Just Linens No. 1 by Michelle Martin) • Interstate Extra Light and Thin fonts. Note: this template will be available next weekend in my Designer Digitals collection.



Cathy ZielskeSay, thar’s gold in them there hills!

57 Comments on “Say, thar’s gold in them there hills!”

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    Beth R

    Green just happens to be my 2nd favorite color, with aqua/turq being my first. Since I dont think you or your neighbors are ready for that I think you made a fantastic choice! And besides you can’t go wrong with Martha?

  2. #7

    You are one funny lady, I’m laughing so hard on this Tuesday morning. Thank you Cathy for always having the perfect post to get me going. I love love this layout, the wall ( so jealous) and the story. Aidan is looking so cute here.

  3. #8
    Rachel B.

    Oh, yes, this is why we are kindred spirits. Because you have a chartreuse accent wall and I want one. LOL! Plus, I love it when you get all excited about stuff. You crack me up! – And Aidan is so beautiful! It is breaking my heart to see the kids growing up so fast! I tell mine, “Stop it!” And they are like, “Stop what?” And I say, “Stop growing up so fast!” They just shrug their shoulders and say, “Sorry.” Ha!

  4. #9

    Very Fabulous. I love it. It is so you. If I’m every your way I’m stopping by for a photo shoot using your wall.

  5. #11

    Perhaps now a shopping trip is in order … to pick out a new outfit which will especially coordinate with that new wall. This could make your next photo shoot extra exciting!

  6. #15

    Very cool! Has sort of a modern zen-like feel to it all. Great pics and love your sweet little layout too! TFS!

  7. #29

    Aidan is gorgeous – she makes the green look so fabulous! I am so in love with green that when shopping with friends, whatever item we are looking at, if it has a green one, they will say, “Oh, let me guess which one you are going to get?!” If for some reason you are leaving your house and a strange lady is photographing her children on the side of your house, it may be me!

  8. #31

    It is so bold! I love it.
    i also love how the shape of your LO is the same shape as your side wall. Nicely done.

  9. #34

    Seriously gorgeous! I was a bit skeptical, but you used just the right about of green. And they grey is perfect. Love, love, love your new scrapbook background 🙂

  10. #44

    Love the design. Your Minnesota colloquialisms stinkin cute too. My mom is from Virginia….Minnesota that is. The color is amazing YA Hey!

  11. #45
    Beth R

    I just said to my daughter last week that I was thinking of painting my ratty old fence turquoise ! Dont know if I have the guts but my daughter said “Go for it mom” so I might have to re-think this ….

  12. #48

    “Cue the chior of angels” Oh that makes me miss those video blogs you used to do. Those were great! Loved them.

    Green – green is good!

  13. #50

    Did you paint the wall that colour to use as a backdrop??? Come clean Cathy??? And oh…these clean and simple lines on that page…sigh…love straight lines 🙂

  14. #52

    Wow Cathy, what a really cool colour and home! My scrappy room is painted a similar colour, but a bit lighter. Looking forward to seeing peeks when its all complete!

  15. #57
    gypsy chaos

    I love the shot of your house from the side – the angles are outrageously contemporary yet so well integrated with the classical lines of your house. I see that same interplay of calm, classic and striking contemporary happening with the gray and chartreuse.

    Aidan? Gorgeous! How tall is she?? I’m going to need – need, not want! – two DILs at some point in the next decade or so. ; )

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