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First thing: I recently picked up a cozy little holder for iPad 2, you know, in case I take it anywhere with me, like to the grocery store. Or the mall.



Oh, hello iPad 2! What are you doing in there?

What is hilarious to me is that I haven't used it yet, and likely won't use it much. Why? Where would I go? I mean, don't you have to actually leave your dwelling in order to require a protective carrier for your tech gadgets?

Next thing: my photo wall. Now I realize this isn't the greatest picture, because it's not giving you a room context, but it was the only shot I could get where there wasn't horrible reflections all over the respective frame glasses.


It's in the kitchen and is replacing some old silver frames that took up much less space. All the frames are from IKEA, the Ribba line. Show me some cheap frames and I'll follow you anywhere.

Last thing: Aidan bought herself a ukulele.


I swear to you, if you are in a bad mood, ask someone to play "I'm Yours" by Jazon Mraz on the ukulele. You'll be singing in no time at all.

Just a few things for a Wednesday.


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    okay, now you have me obsessing about THIS! absolutely adorable, even if you don’t go anywhere.

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    I’ll third the vote for a video of the ukulele. I need some singing in my life. Have a fab day!

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    There is nothing quite as joyful as a ukelele! It’s all my daughter wanted for her 10th birthday, and playing it makes her so happy πŸ™‚ Go Aidan!
    Loving the photo wall…the black & whites look spectacular.

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    lynda p

    i thought for sure we would see a video of this remake….
    cute cover, no ipad here, but 2 iPhones4’s & 1 new iTouch & 1 old iTouch and @ old iPod shuffles….
    thnx for sharing such a cute cover……

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    Love the ipad cover! So cute! Also love the idea of Aidan on the uke. Right now all my kids (1 and 3) can do is run around and scream a lot. You have me dreaming of days ahead. And yes, I know I should appreciate this time now, and I also know that the days ahead are likely full of angst and looooottts of whining and screaming (both girls, and we are pretty convinced any others we have will be girls too – just cuz we’re that lucky!)

    Just for the record, I really do love my awesome, adorable kids… like 99.9% of the time!

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    Too fun! My youngest played the uke for awhile, but before they were popular. It was hard to find music for it. We may have to pull it out again now. I miss it. Thanks for the smiles.

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    My grandma gave me a red ukulele with white trim when I was a young teenager. It made me smile just LOOKING at it!! Haven’t thought of it in years. And I do love that Jason Mraz song …

    Hey, a “things that make me smile today” layout!

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    Leslie B

    I have an iPad and take it with me to the grocery store. I downloaded the Grocery IQ app and customized it for a few different stores (local grocery and Trader Joe’s). I mapped the food to the specific aisles so that there’s no backtracking. I go aisle by aisle and check those suckers off on my iPad. Because I can πŸ™‚

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    OMG I love that ukelele, Aidan! We need a video of you playing it. “Ai-dan! Ai-dan! Ai-dan!” (chanting)

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    Have Aidan look up the trailer for the “Mighty Uke” documentary sometime. And if she gets into it, have her check out Good stuff.

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    You either need to leave the house to use your protective cover or have a toddler – I think I know which you would prefer!

    Love the photos and the frames. Thanks for the picture. We are doing up our son’s “big boy room” and really want a wall of photos for him – can now show my hubby what I’m talking about.

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    Fun Mama - Deanna

    I’m with you on the picture frames. Yours look great. And I’m impressed about the ukulele too. All I have to DO is hear I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and I feel better. I can’t imagine if I could play it!

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    Hi Cathy,

    Speaking of I’m yours, ukeleles and bad moods, this version played by a cute little kid is great. I’ve watched it several times when I needed a laugh.

    Have a nice day!

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    Hi Cathy –
    We love our new iPad2!
    Ours is wi-fi enabled and we use the Mi-Fi from Verizon.
    That means wherever we have cell phone coverage we can get on the internet.

    Chuck was out running errands this afternoon and I sent him an e-mail with a pic of what I needed from the fabric store. (Coincidentally, it was for sewing our own iPad case)
    He brought the iPad into the store, opened the e-mail, and zoomed in on the pic of the Dritz elastic.
    The salesperson loved it and Chuck was, once again, my hero!

    See, so you really did need that iPad case ‘cuz you never know when and where this technology will come in handy!
    – Lee

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