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Well hello friends of the Make a Page Monday series here on my blog. I know, I know… it’s been a coon’s age since we’ve seen its ilk, but like I always say, “Never say never gonna do MAP Mondays, at least not permanently, or maybe on, like, Tuesdays, or something.”

Yep. I say that all the time. Shall we begin?



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SIZE/MODE: 8.5 x 11 digital scrapbook page.

THE STORY: As you may or may not be aware, we are just wrapping up an 8-month remodeling project on our home. While I fully plan to do a simple scrapbook highlighting before and after photos (and yes, I’ll be sharing it here when I complete it!) I felt like doing a simple page over the weekend with some recent shots. This project is huge in the scheme of Zielske things. We never thought we could a) afford something like this, or b) afford something like this. True, we did have our kitchen remodeled for almost nothing in 2003 on television show called DYI Kitchen Renovations, but that was a case of being in the right place at the right time. This project took a lot of hard thought and careful planning. Now that we’re nearing the end it’s pretty exciting stuff. It’s also weird that people actually look at our house now. As in, they stop and look at it. Or they look at it when they drive by, which is even weirder. No one noticed our little house before. Now, we stick out…in a good way, hopefully.


Grouped and grounded squares are the core of this design. Let’s break it down.

1. Asymmetry: The balance of this layout is decidedly asymmetrical. What you have on one side is slightly different that what you have on the other. The same goes from top to bottom. The core elements (the photo group) are shifted to the right and are balanced out with the journaling block and the headline.

2. Repetition: Here I repeat shape (squares); color (white); and margin spacing around the edges of the page. Everything can be repeated on any given design. When you do find things to repeat, it reinforces the overall tightness of the page.

3. White Space: Anchoring the photo group in the lower right leaves all that glorious white space above. Don’t be afraid to invite space into your designs. It creates a welcome visual respite from what our eyes are bombarded with on a daily basis in the world at large. White space also adds a touch of sophistication to any design if used thoughtfully.

4. Grounded design: Both the mat and the position serve to ground the photos so they don’t feel like they’re floating all willy nilly in scrapbooking space. Mats are good. Use them well.


Here is a basic sketch you can download to keep in your scrapbooking files. The sketches are on 8.5 x 11 paper for easy printing. Click on the PDF below this image to download a printer-ready file.


Download Sketch



Layered Template No. 35—Cathy Zielske

Just Linens No. 1—Michelle Martin

Interstate font

Questions? Comments? Leave ’em here and I’ll do my best to get back to you.




Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday…on Tuesday

24 Comments on “Make a Page Monday…on Tuesday”

  1. #1

    i’ve never seen make a page monday before. i’m checking them all out. these are great! thank you! i especially like how you break down the design(i know teaching design is one of your strengths and a point of difference for you). less “make the page i made” and more “learn how to make a page like this”. and generous of you to share your sketch!
    thanks again! you rock!

  2. #4

    When I got to the design section…I expected to see the design of the renovations!!!! I am out of the scrapbook loop I guess!

  3. #5

    Thank you for a layout on Monday (tuesday) again. I’ve missed seeing them. The layout and the house look amazing just like you are. Happy Tuesday!

  4. #7
    Mary J

    I was missing MAP Mondays (or Tuesdays)!! Thanks for bringing it back…today anyways. 😉 I’ll take whatever I can get! Your house is awesome!! I LOVE the color!!

  5. #8
    Jenny S

    Yay! Glad this is back. 🙂 Say, what kind of paper is the background paper? I’ve been looking for digital paper like that for a while. Just curious.

  6. #12

    Why, hello MAPM, I remember you 🙂 I’ve missed you and I’m pleased to see you again! Tell your Momma she’s done a grand job on the house and the layout (though I totally started to read the ‘Design’ part of the post as if it was about the house…. Asymmetrical house, huh? White space? I’m relieved to hear it’s grounded!!)

  7. #14

    I love your house numbers – where did you get them? We did a total exterior renovation/remodel (windows, patio and patio cover, roof, paint, gutters), but have yet to get address numbers (or start on the inside, which is another story). Love the simple lines on the address font.

  8. #16
    Lorraine Reynolds

    Like many others I’ve been missing MAP Mondays – or whatever day that will be. Thank you for sharing. And I’m sure people are stopping for the ‘oh wow’ factor!
    I can’t get the download to download – it just opens up another window – all greyed out, no button to save comes up or anything!

  9. #17

    Lorraine, try right clicking on the link, and you might get some sort of drop down menu that gives you choices of how to save the file! : ) (If you are on a PC, that is!)

  10. #19
    Kathleen S.

    I love this template, and love your interpretation, every element is perfect and perfectly placed. You just keep getting better and better. Thanks for MAPM whenever it appears!

  11. #21
    Lorraine Reynolds

    Thanks I had to ‘save target as’ which seemed kind of strange, but it was the only save that came up.

  12. #22
    gypsy chaos

    Mel, I love your prose.

    I too thought I was going to encounter the house design – we knew better but man, the brain has its own ideas, doesn’t it?

  13. #23

    Yay! I loved MAP Mondays, and glad to see one back. [Tuesday, schmoozday, I don’t care!]

    Your house looks lovely, and I love the layout you’ve done. Thanks for the sketch. I’ll be using that one for sure.

  14. #24

    …and I am reading this on Sunday…my Google Reader is causing me great frustration.

    GREAT page. Love it, love it! Clean, simple, and of course, on kraft cardstock. Woot!

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