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It's been one month since I posted under the official Move More Eat Less platform, and if you recall, last month, Mama was in the midst of a great, big, fat pity fest.

I disguised it as a thoughtful, I'm-not-going-to-beat-myself-up type of message, but the reality was this: I was in a major sugar and carb binge overload, and I wasn't quite sure how I was going to climb up and out of it.

And after I posted and let myself wallow around in my words for a bit, I shrugged off the Cloak of Diet and Fitness Malaise and got back to the business of learning how to take care of myself in a way that is both realistic and sustainable.

So here I am, the 1st of June, feeling more inspired and ready to Move More and Eat Better. I realize this campaign of mine started with the idea of eating less, and I do believe that when you're starting out on this journey, you really do have to cut back the amount of food that's going down the old gullet if you want to get the numbers moving in a downward direction.

However right now, I really am focused on eating better. And by better, I don't just mean the kind of better where you only eat one donut instead of 4. I mean the kind of better where you are looking for the most balanced nutrition you can get out of each meal and snack.

I just finished reading "The Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism" as recommended to me by my friend Lisa. I am planning to go back and read more on what the author explains about supplements (not quite ready to jump into that one just yet) but a few things have really hit home, namely these.

1. You will never ever get full on straight carbs. You know how you sit and have that bowl of Goldfish, and then you want another, and another? And what the hell…another? The author explains what happens to carbs in your system and how it's like an endless cycle of Feed Me coming from your body. This really helped me to understand why once I'm in a carb (and sugar) binge space, the hits just keep a comin'.

2. You need to choose real food and not those 100-calorie food stuff snacks. I've been guilty from time to time of buying those little packs of stuff. I think, "Hey! I've got 6 more points to eat today… BRING ON THOSE FAT FREE POTATO CHIPS!" But what I am learning now is that I've got to make every food choice count, and I've got to be keepin' it real, y'all. Meaning, real, whole, unadulterated foods.


So guess what I cut out last week? My daily, beloved afternoon cup of Oregon Chai. (SHUT the front door! She so did NOT do that!) Yes, she did.

Why? The sugar. Every afternoon cup served to spike those insulin levels and blammo!—it set me up for an afternoon of more cravings beyond a simple cup of sugary chai tea.

In its place, a cup of Tazo Green Tea. Simple. Plain. Warm. Done.

I only had one day of headaches after kicking the chai to the curb. Not bad at all.

But with everything you kick out of the rotation, I believe you need to bring some new ones in. In my efforts to get a better balance of protein, carbs and fats together, my friend told me how to make my new most favorite smoothie in the world.

I'm a huge smoothie fan, but I used to make mine with Yoplait yogurt (hello, high fructose corn syrup that I no longer want in my body) and orange juice (hello, crazy amounts of sugar, why don't you just eat an orange if you're going that route?). It was so sweet and delicious and yes, I suppose good for me on some level, but I wanted to make it healthier and tasty too. This new one does just that.


My God, just look at it. I'm drooling. All. Over. The. Keyboard.

The good part? Whey protein and flax seed and kefir and coconut water. Sounds wacky but tastes so amazingly fresh and delicious. I want you to try this so I made a 6 x 4 recipe card for your downloading pleasure. Please, for to enjoy…

Smoothie Card

(Hold down your mouse and right-click on the image. You can choose to download the JPEG, print, trim and make that smoothie!)

I use vanilla whey protein powder from my local co-op (Mississippi Market) and sometimes I add a little extra coconut water if it's too thick. Mmmm. Everything in it is good for you people. My kind of smoothie makeover indeed!

And now, onto this month's layout. I am down from a high of 159 in the start of May. I'm changing things up a bit both nutrionally (having eggs and sprouted grain toast with butter instead of bran flakes for breakfast) and on the fitness front (hello BodyPump and Zumba!).


JOURNALING READS: Aaaaand she’s back! After skipping the documentation of Month 17 due to a bad case of Feeling Sorry for Myself-itus as well as a bit of an out of control sugar and carb binge that went unchecked for three weeks, I’m back on the horse of fitness and healthy and riding tall. Key changes for this installment? I’m reading and learning a bit more about balanced nutrition. While yes, I am still tracking what I eat each week via Weight Watchers, I am employing what I’ve been learning in “Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism.” Mostly, I’m trying to balance out my protein, fat and carbs in a way that keeps me feeling more satiated and even, and I’m trying to cut out as many white flour and straight up sugar items as possible. So far, so good. I’m hoping to get a handle of those cravings that all revolve around sugar and carbs. It’s small steps to start: organic eggs, sprouted grain bread and real butter for breakfast; whey protein smoothies in the afternoon instead of my beloved Oregon Chai. Little changes that I’m hoping will make more sense for how I want to live my life. I also went to my first BodyPump class and I intend to make this a weekly thing. I know that weight training needs to be a part of this whole thing, and even though I really don’t have the love for it, I’m going to try to work it back into the mix. There is still the reality that a) I will never be able to eat anything I want without consequences, and b) I still need to work towards a more positive body image and self-acceptance. But at least I’m back on track, and working to workshop every changing approaches to find the best fit for me.

So there it is. Right now I feel like I'm in an exploration mode, trying to learn more about concrete nutrition and not simply the calories in/calories out old standby model. Yes, I believe in diets, but I also need to keep reminding myself this is also about lifestyle and sustainability.

So for now, I continue to Move More and Eat Better. I am not going to be the thinnest girl on the block, but I might be one of the healthiest some day, and maybe even one of the smartest.

How is everyone doing on their lifestyle changes this month?



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Cathy ZielskeMove More Eat Less June 2011

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    Yeah for you! Thanks for the smoothie card….love them this time of year and love that this one has flax seed too! Oh and zumba? FUN….tried my first class the night before last and loved it. Not sure of all the steps yet, but damn I sweated and loved it….much better than sitting on the couch!

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    Cathy, both thumbs up!! Very smart of you to hop back on this horse of yours named move more eat better.
    I decided not to do any diets in my life, NEVER EVER again, because they don’t work on the long run, at least not for ole me. It’s all about to change my life style to healthier mode. So I started power walking and stopped both eating sweets and drinking wine on a daily base. Baby steps, I know, but the journey of a thousand miles…
    Keep up girl and please keep on sharing your story with us, will you?

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    um….’scuze me Ms Zielske…but you are gorgeous and i’m a tiny bit in love with you. Not like wacko scary in love (from the internets) but admire and respect in love. You really do make me think about what I’m doing (or..ummm…err..NOT doing). Thanks. Oh and yeah, regardless of whether you think you’re the skinniest girl on the block, I reckon you’re a bit of smokin’ hot (but, you know not wacko like…ok..yeah umm g’bye).

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    Once again, I love reading your blog posts about this. I really didn’t see you in a pity party last month but more of a struggle with reality and how you wanted to deal with it. I love your new attitude and thanks for the recipe! How did you like Zumba? I’m debating whether or not to invest in the DVDs. I love weight training and would much rather do that than cardio so I’m the opposite of you.

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    katie squires

    And there SHE IS!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! Very proud of you 🙂 also you just lifted a ton of us back up off the ground….you INSPIRE so many of us….thank-you.

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    Kendra B

    Yay for you!! Good attitude . . . now I’ve gotta get one LOL I’m still doing the move more, not so much the eat less. And definitely not the eat better 🙁 Today is another day and time to step up and do what I know I should be doing. I’ve been using the ol “right now my life is kinda sucky” excuse to eat anything and everything, but guess I should change that to “because my life is kinda sucky right now I really need to take care of myself”??? Maybe??? Thanks for the smoothie recipe!!! Can’t wait to try it!!!

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    thanks for sharing cathy!! so glad you’re back on track… i like the “eat better” mentality too. i myself am back on track (but after a couple months) and could totally relate to the carb craziness. can’t wait to try the blueberry smoothie!! yum!

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    I am a real food advocate. It was born out of having an auto-immune disease that responds well to eating well. There is so much information about nutrition, it can be overwhelming. But I try to devour the information and not the organic ice cream in the freezer. I don’t always succeed. I admire your curiosity and commitment to keep learning about health. It keeps me motivated too.

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    Love the post today Cathy, so inspiring and well written. Your then/now photo is so awesome,look how good you look. I need to keep working on my eating habits too, love the smoothie idea. My biggest fear right now is the kids being home for summer break next week, I have to stay focused on me and not let them throw me off course. I love reading the comments here for you and how much you inspire and change so many people just thru your blog and your words. Thank you for being such a great role model and for sharing this with us.

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    The best time TOO take care of yourself if when things are sucky. Ive had some attitude issues this year, and i will say exercise has helped immensely!

  11. #20

    Cyn, there IS so much to learn and I really am shocked by how food is promoted as healthy, when it contains stuff that doesnt even work inside our bodies. SO much to ingest, literally. : )

  12. #21

    Good luck this summer! I struggle when kids are around too, especially when they plop down next to me on the couch with a big bowl of Goldfish. Sigh.

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    Zumba is a friggin work out. As in, I had sweat dripping off my head. The only thing I worry about is injury. Im not as young as I used to be. With running, its a very controlled movement. With Zumba, there are a few moves that dont feel very good to me, so i modify them. Otherwise, its a blast.

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    Where am I? Struggling. I’ve added 4 bouts of sweaty exercise to my weekly routine and cut out soda and evening snacking. After a month of this, I am down two whole pounds. And can’t seem to budge past this point! As frustrating as this is, I know I am healthier on the inside, even as I fight with the outside.

    Thanks for inspiring us to keep showing up for the challenge. I really don’t want to give up.

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    Alison Richardson

    You go girl! You inspire me sooo much. How am I doing? I am fitter than I have ever been (I have just completed a wilderness trail in the South African bush where we walked about 7 hours each day for 2 days) – go me! The eating part, hmmm, not so good, I’ve fallen off the plan a bit

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Smoothie sounds great—but do you think I can use Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein instead of whey protein? Also will have to get the coconut water as it’s not just something I can go to my pantry and find!! Blueberries and strawberries I have.Yum. Now to get moving again….but telling my injured arthritic knee that is something else. Keep it up, Cathy!

  17. #27

    Congrats on getting back into the game! I think that’s the hardest part about beinging healthier – the difference between out of control yo-yo-ing and sustainability (at least for me). I’m gonna get back on track too (I miss the sugar and chips already) – thanks for the inspiration.

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    Where am I? Still fighting the good fight! I’m taking a bit of a different approach this, my 500th time, at this weight loss thing! I too am following Points Plus- which I am loving by the way. I started the end of Nov when PP rolled out and I was following faithfully up until about 6 weeks ago. Life got busy and I just didn’t track. I gained a few pounds back but pretty much maintained my 15 lb loss during that time. Now, I’m back at it ready to tackle the next 10 pounds. Then I will maintain that for a a couple of months and then go for the final 5 or 10 or whatever it may be. It may take me 2 years to lose 30 lbs but this time it might just stay off for good! Its a learning process for us all- never a “one size fits all’ and we all just have to do what works for us. I relate soooo much to everything you write about your weight loss and the sugar and carb fests that are so hard to resist and stop. Its trial and error sistah and as long as we keep our goals in sight we will get there. Sooner or later we will get there. Thanks for yet another great post!

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    Dont give up! Are you feeling better mentally? I really cant deny that moving more makes me calmer and more prepared to deal with life. Dont give up, especially on the sweaty workouts!

  20. #33
    Wendy Z.

    Okay…so I’m sitting here reading this post while eating my yogurt and strawberries for breakfast. That is, my very unhealthy yogurt for breakfast. And now I am totally depressed. That’s why I don’t read nutrition books anymore….because when I did read them I never wanted to eat again!! I felt like I should lock myself up in seclusion and quit living. And I’m saying this as a reformed chub….who comes from a long line of chubs.
    Bravo to you for doing this but I think I’m still going to enjoy some carbs, some lattes, some chocolate, and some chips and salsa.

  21. #34

    Yeah Cathy!!! I am so glad you have figured out the magic formula…not to eat less but to eat better! It has worked for me and I am sure it will for you as well. For the past 6 mo. I have devoured many books and articles on women’s health. I have started just about every day with a strawberry/blueberry smoothie, using a pea, brown rice and cranberry protein powder base for ease of digestion, and my need to cut dairy. Eating a healthy breakfast was my weakness and a smoothie was my answer for convenience and total yumminess! Processed foods are minimal in our household – and yes, the kids have become used to it. We are all much healthier, rarely get sick and breeze through a virus if we get one. I have a whole list of recommended reading on my blog, but the book that changed my life (nutrition chapter alone is worth the read!) is “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer” by Dr. John Lee. I am passionate that every woman should read this book. Hormones have as much to do with losing weight, by the way, as do choosing healthy foods. I am 3 mo past my lifestyle change of losing 80+ lbs (less 6 sizes!) and have no interest in going back to my old eating habits. Sugars and simple carbs taste like lard in my mouth now. It often takes the brain 3 weeks to get past the cravings and headaches. You will get there – giving up that Chai had to be tough! (I admit, I reward myself on Friday morning with a mocha.)
    I definitely need to be inspired to “move more” – I have been so busy studying I have not found that time for myself. When I do walk there is no more joint pain in my knees…that is the gift of weight loss and restored vitality. Everyone deserves to give themselves that gift – thank you for inspiring so many Cathy!

  22. #36
    Krista Pascoe

    Great job! I have also started Zumba and will agree that it is one sweaty workout. I have a question on the ingredients: What is Kefir? I have never seen it before and don’t know where to begin. Also, which section of the grocery store would you find coconut water in? Thanks! We are a huge fan of smoothies, but like you, have probably been eating them in the most unhealthy way possible….

  23. #37

    Congrats on the nutritional insights – and good luck on the journey, since it’s soooo much harder to put it all into practice (my constant struggle). Also, if you want the chai taste w/o the sugar, Stash makes Chai spice tea bags, and Bigelow has a Vanilla Chai tea (although that has some artificial flavoring, which the Stash product doesn’t). Flavored teas are a great way to get taste without adding sugar.

  24. #38
    Christine H

    I can’t believe it’s been 18 months! Wow! Keep up the good work. I think how we respond to the reality of life (carb and sugar binges) says way more about us and where we are in our journey to good health than our ability to drop the weight. I’ve lost 110# but still need to lose 30 more. Have pretty much been at the same weight now for 6 months but am feeling pretty good that I haven’t gained….still eating healthy foods 99% of the time, still moving more….just need to eat a bit less quantity (I really love to eat!). Confident those last 30 or so will come off as well.

  25. #39
    Lori N

    I have to let you know that yesterday I ran 6 miles — SIX MILES for the first time ever!!! I’m training for a half marathon in August & after falling a little behind on my training schedule, I was concerned I was going to end up walking the thing (not doing it is not an option!) I started out aiming for 5 miles, but between a GPS failure & deciding to tack on another half mile instead of stopping I did SIX!

    I’m so dang proud of myself!

    Look what you’ve inspired 🙂

  26. #40

    Cathy, thanks for the smoothie recipe. Sounds delish. Have you tried green smoothies? Kale, berries, carrots, yellow bell pepper, frozen green beans, collard greens, spinach all mixed in a blender with some water. A banana is an absolute must for the texture to be palatable. Any combo is great and so incredibly healthy and nutrient dense. Have one everyday and you’ll notice less hunger and cravings because you’re actually giving your body what it needs. You’ll have more energy. And your skin? It’ll thank you for it.

  27. #41

    Kefir is like liquid yogurt, essentially. I buy the plain stuff. But it comes flavored. Apparently there are a few more nutrients in it than plain yogurt. It tastes the same though, to my mouth.

  28. #42
    Debbie Rosenkranz

    Thanks for sharing your smoothie recipe! It sounds delicious and it also sounds like it is from Eating Clean or anything by Tosca Reno. If you have not yet checked her out…you should! She is fantastic!

  29. #45

    Hey Wendy, no need to feel depressed at all. Thats a healthy breaky for sure. Im just trying to figure out how to make my scale move and Im willing to explore some different options. Its ALL a learning process, and what works for me might not work for other people. Im not going to live without french fries for the rest of my days, know what Im saying?

  30. #48

    I’ve been doing really well… 50 lbs down since January… but I went away this last weekend and even though I thought I was doing pretty good with the eating… not so much. I have a weigh-in tomorrow at my doctor’s office and I don’t want to go. I know I’ve gained a few pounds (is it water weight? muscle? fat? *gasp*). I’ve been feeling sorry for myself all morning. I’m so glad to see you renewing and rededicating and changing things up. I think I need to do that. Pronto.

    P.S. You look maaahvelous!!! 🙂

  31. #49
    Alis in Wnderlnd

    We are a healthy smoothie house too. My kids love them. I just skip the protein powder for them. We always use plain greek yogurt. I add several spinach leaves for extra iron and folate! It adds zero tastes but packs a punch of healthiness. If I need mine a little sweeter, I simply add some stevia. Stevia has virtually zero calories and zero chemicals. It’s the extract of a plant, in fact, I have a few stevia plants growing in my garden this year and will try crushed leaves. MMMMmmm. JayRob has a whey powder mix that takes like a pina colada for time when I want to fool myself. Delicious.

  32. #50

    Sneak a handful of greens in there and you’ll kill 2 birds with one stone and i promise u the color will be gross but you wont taste it!

  33. #51

    You GO, Cathy! Thanks for keepin’ it real and inspirational at the same time.

    BTW, just passed my Running one year anniversary, and I have you to thank! Sharing your adventures was the kick-start I needed to try running. I have literally never felt better, physically or mentally. 🙂

  34. #52

    I think Ill toss a few spinach leaves in today and see if I even notice. : ) I have some Truvia (which I think is made from Stevia) in my cabinet. Might try that out too!

  35. #53

    As always, Cathy, I applaud your honesty and inspirational attitude! You are so amazing. Know it! Learn it! Because you are! You are always so honest and let’s face it, we all go through the ups and downs – literally and figuratively. I’ve been there more times than I care to count. But I love how honest you are and how you share what’s truly going on with you. I’m sure it’s not always easy but I certainly appreciate it.

    Congrats on your recent success and for continuing on this journey. And thanks for the yummy smoothie recipe. I’ve been using flax in my smoothie for over a year now and it’s so good. Also, there’s a protein powder made by a company called Unjury. It’s really good stuff and they have great recipes on their website.

    Best of luck to you, girlfriend!

  36. #54
    Annet Maurer

    Having lots of success having cut out the sugar here too.

    Without the sugar in my coffee (it was actually very easy to give that up – my tip for others, have unsugared coffee for 3 days, hate every minute of it if you must, then go back to sugared after 3 days. You won’t like it. Really). So without that sugar hit, the desire for a cookie or whatever to accompany that coffee is seriously not there. I see the cookie at work, I walk away.

    Amazing to me, even my husband, who is a die-hard sugarholic, finds that he doesn’t snack with coffee anymore! Reading label s about sugar now and really not much else we buy has sugar in it, so its less about willpower now and more about the total lack of desire, just by not having it in the first place!

    And I ran yesterday for the first time in months, and boy it felt great. How dumb that I didn’t for so long…
    Great post!

  37. #57

    I really enjoyed this post. I am just now realizing the difference it makes to my energy, my weight, and how I feel day to day when I put snacks/food in my mouth like celery and peanut butter (gotta have protein) instead of Ho Hos. I mean, of course I knew better (duh!), but I never really was in tune with the better way to eat on a day to day basis. Not that I don’t have my treats now and then, but I am feeling a lot more capable with my food choices these days. I also was on a downer binge of carbs and self-loathing January-April, but I’m on the upswing now and also working to not let stress triggers push me into putting junk into my mouth. Thanks for letting me get it all out here, and I’m looking forward to trying the smoothie recipe!

  38. #58
    Heather B

    I do a super similar smoothie… when I have Kefir I use it, but when I don’t (most stores don’t carry it so it depends where I’ve been shopping that week) I use FFmilk.

    I also do 2 scoops of protein (especially if you’ve just exercised) & wheat germ & oatmeal if I need some extra filling up. I mix up the berries too – we have every imaginable fruit frozen in a bag in the freezer & I just pick what looks good. I also don’t use ice… try no ice & less kefir/water next time.

    What doesn’t work – oranges – really makes the smoothie an odd texture… it’s the pulp. I haven’t tried freezing them first -that may make them blend better (probably).

    My husband usually sticks a fresh banana in his – I stay clear of bananas… not a fan unfortunately.

    No coconut water here – where do you pick that up?

    If you are looking to eat healthier (my goals at the moment are taking my eating healthier & keeping it, but eating a bit less & moving more… for me all 3 at once was too much so I concentrated on the hardest part first)…. check out Tosca Reno’s books. LIFE changing for me! Her theories match up with many other clean eaters but her recipes leave them in the dust! She has her own protein bar recipe & other power food “snacks” that aren’t sugary but do fill a need for a quick pop-in/pick-me-up food. I got her re-vamped book… but her cookbook would probably be just as helpful to you if you are reading about it already bc it has more recipes.

  39. #59
    Debbie S.

    Love it! Very similar to my fav smoothie which has a couple of peach slices thrown in with the blueberries, a small spoon of natural peanut butter (the SECRET), smidge of honey, and nonfat milk. I had to stop the whey protein…digestively problematic. 😉 BTW, you look fantastic!

  40. #60

    Trader Joes sells this one brand of coconut water. : ) I do have one of Toscas books, but havent really delved into it. Im pulling it out to take a peek!

  41. #61

    By the way…your hair looks super cute in that photo…I’m really loving its messy, funky, edgy flavor.

  42. #62
    tara pakosta

    more than ANY posts, I LOVE the fitness/health updates, I guess because I can so relate to what you are going through 100%!!! I love the tips, ideas, books/recipes that you share! thank YOU!
    for the month of june, I am committed to exercise every day and eat completely clean! even if that means walking 1 mile a day, anything to get moving!
    thanks for the smoothie recipe, I eat Yoplait too and want to write to them to tell them to get the fructose corn syrup OUT of their yogurt sheesh!
    keep going girl!
    you INSPIRE ME!

  43. #63

    I read why we get fat and have given up the majority of carbs. I lost in the first few weeks, and seem to be stalled but not deterred. I am feeling better, more level in the blood sugar department, more satisfied in the hunger area, and not feeling sorry for myself because I can’t eat (insert high carb food here) because I don’t want it anymore. I also find it easier to navigate restaurants and summer cookouts. Thanks for the tip.

  44. #64
    Erin Kohlenberg

    You Rock! and BTW you look younger than in the before pics. You are inspiring. I keep trying, and keep tripping over my own self. So I just pick myself up and try again. I listen and read and just keep trying to keep my motivation going. Here’s my fav podcast: (so far). ~Erin

  45. #65

    Hey Erin, Ive heard of that podcast. i really need to download some and then head out for a walk or something. Adding it to my list!

  46. #66

    Thank you so much for your honest sharing and inspiration. Know that you have a “sister” here in NYC going through the same journey. Trying to move more and eat better (sugar and carb addict). trying to give up gluten and sugar as they are not my friends. one step at a time for these lifestyle changes!!! Know that I am cheering you on and check in daily. Keep up the good work and great posts.

  47. #68

    I have a lazy question. Do you know how many points are in the smoothie? I mean, I know I could enter it all but I was wondering if you figured it out yet. I’m glad you’re feeling better, you look fantastic!

  48. #69
    Pilbara Pink

    A doctor, who had lost a significant amount of weight, once said the me `there is always something else to change’. Now I understand – you cannot change everything all at once. After maintaining a large loss for around four years I am still going up and down a bit as I struggle to truly believe I will never be able to eat the way I did and maintain my `happy’ weight. But as the years have gone by I have gradually become interesting the things Cathy is talking about – squeezing the best possible nutrition out of what I do eat, reading about nutrition and experimenting with what works best for me. I now don’t eat things I happily ate when losing weight. I am a work in progress and always will be. Do I eat perfectly – heck no but I am better informed and you can’t `unknow’ something once you have learned it which makes making healthier choices easier 😉

  49. #70
    Heather H.

    Great smoothie recipe. I make blueberry ones all the time and add a generous handful of spinach, which doesn’t change the taste too much, and adds the benefits of spinach!

  50. #71

    Another good read to help you get in touch with what makes you healthy is Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself by
    Alejandro Junger. I have learned so much about why I feel the way I do. Thanks for the running challenges too.

  51. #72

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your weight loss program. I was doing great cutting sugar out of my diet last year and then I got pregnant – there went those good eating habits! My 9lb baby boy was born in February and I’m working on getting back into shape. I’m breastfeeding, so I can’t really “diet”. But I can cut sugar out and eat healthy. I’m starting a program with a local group of women called Southside Booty Camp. I’ll keep checking your blog for motivation!

  52. #73

    Go Cathy!

    I’m on a similar journey and about 4 weeks into cutting out dairy (except for cottage cheese, ricotta, and whey protein powder). I’ve also cut back to one serving of whole grains per day. This from the girl who was eating at least 4 servings of cheese/milk/yogurt and probably another 3-5 grains. Oh, and no processed sugar either. *gulp*

    So that means lots of veggies (TGISIMN – Thank God It’s Summer in MN!), a couple pieces of fruit, lean protein, and paying attention to eating a mix of protein, fat, and carbs at each meal. I’ve also started on fish oil supplements.

    I’ve been working with a nutrition coach and tracking my meals for our weekly meetings. And I’m down about 5 lbs, feeling more stable without major cravings, and can tell my palette is changing. (I had a small piece of graduation cake last weekend and thought, “Meh. I guess it’s ok.”)

    So all that is to say you can do it, and there are a lot of other people right there with you trying to “eat better.”

  53. #74
    Kelly R.

    If you like smoothies try this – 1 cup light soy chocolate milk (only 90 calories), 1 banana, 1 tablespoon dark chocolate unsweetened cocoa powder and LOTS of ice. I’ve had it everyday for breakfast for months now and love it. It fills me up, fulfills my chocolate fix, replaces my morning glass of milk and is really good for me (only 2 points on WW). Can’t wait to try your recipe, it looks really good too!

  54. #75
    Jamie Danford

    Let’s see, three weeks since I kicked the wine (or should I say useless 600 calorie) habit and I’ve lost a pound a week. YAYAYAYYA!! 147 is feelin’ pretty damned awesome. I could kick myself for not doing this sooner, mmmmm but that pinot grigio is oh so good! 😉

  55. #76
    Kendra B

    You’re right about exercise helping w/ attitude!! I notice a HUGE difference when I don’t!!! Also, I’ve recently started meditating and boy does that help with attitude!!!

  56. #78

    My friend makes a smoothie with grapes, spinach and celery (I’m sure she puts the whey and flax seed in there too). She just raves about it.

  57. #79

    Thank you so much for sharing. Have been on a 3week ‘blah’ and food fest. Appreciate your positive energy!!

  58. #80
    Lee Currie

    I may have mentioned a few times (give or take a million!) my recent trip to Canyon Ranch in Tucson where I learned A LOT which included the fundamentals of Move More Eat Better. I’ve been pretty good since my return – far from perfect, but it’s way better. The best part? My kids are on board with the change in our eating. The key: EVERY SINGLE recipe we’ve tried since our return they’ve loved. I changed over my whole kitchen and making 100% of our meals. It’s been fantastic, for all of us. Thank you so much for making these changes of yours real and accessible. Without you and your honesty, I don’t know that I’d have been as receptive to the lessons recently learned. You are, as always, a rock star! Thank you 🙂

  59. #81

    Christine – WTG!!! 110 is AMAZING! Keep it up and you will lose that last 30. Focus. Envision where you want to be and nothing will stop you.

  60. #83

    If you enter all the ingredients separately, its around 6 points. Fruit is free. The kefir is 3. The protein powder is 2. The flax seed is 1. And the coconut water is 1. Its just under 350 calories for the entire thing, and it actually serves two generously.

  61. #90

    Have you read the “Schwarzbein Principle”? (I got it from the library)

    Written by an endocrinologist. Helps explain why (among other things) the low fat diet thing is making us fatter.

    By adding healthy fats back into my diet (butter, avocados, full fat cottage cheese, full fat Greek yogurt, etc) as well as more protein, fewer starchy carbs (I’d already eliminated sugar except for very few occasions) I never have cravings–even at a party when there’s a buffet of treats.

    She explains a lot of things that I hadn’t thought of before– for instance one reason one might experience a slight weight gain after eating the way she suggests is that your bones become healthier (and so heavier–which is a good thing)

    You look so healthy and great.

  62. #91
    Tammy Morales

    Cathy, I am so excited for you!

    I started 60 days ago by removing sugar from my diet and greatly reduced my carbs. I have lost 15 pounds and over 11 inches. When I am hungry I eat. No hunger pains for me. I hope you find this “eating better” revolutionizes your health!

  63. #92

    Amen on the 1 instead of 4 doughnuts! My new fave smoothie is 2 small mangos, 2 strawberries, 1/2 c. crushed ice and 1/3 c. milk. YUM!

    Thanks for asking how my lifestyle changes are going… been losing one of three workouts a week due to “busyness” and assume it will get even harder when three kiddos are home all summer starting soon. The new Q: how to fit in workouts when you don’t have free time? (Hubby is gone by 6 am and home by 8 pm each day this season)

  64. #93

    My doctor once told me that if my great grandmother wouldn’t have recognized it as food: don’t eat it. Nowadays food is way too processed. Back to “original”, non processed foods. Yes, I’m in the kitchen more and for a longer time than I used to because most unprocessed foods need to be prepared… But my body feels so much better already! I had headaches for 5 whole days and now – 8 weeks later – I lost 9 kilos!

  65. #95

    Fitting it in the the HARDEST thing when you are a busy mom, and having a hubby with a schedule like that. YIKES. Back in the late 90s when i worked a full time design job with a commute, I got up at 4:45 and did a step aerobics tape every morning, to try and lose my baby weight from having aidan. Yes, it meant i fell asleep every night by 9, but it was the only time to get it in.

    Other than that, maybe a gym with good child care, but that would cost money. Sometimes, just incorporating more movement into your day… do house cleaning for 30 minutes, running around, picking stuff up etc. That counts! : )

  66. #96
    Cara in NJ

    Hang in there Cathy! It is a constant day to day battle. I make a delish smoothie every morning for breaskfast. It keeps me full and there isn’t that mid morning sugar crash. I take a handful of frozen berries (I LOVE blueberries and strawberries) cut up one banana, handful of spinach, soy milk and a couple of ice cube. Blend it together and enjoy!
    Keep on doing what you are doing! You do look fabulous!

  67. #97

    Thanks, Cara. You know, I havent thought about the smoothie for breakfast, but I know a lot of people do this. Might have to try it.

  68. #98
    Megan Hoeppner

    Love you long time! This post is very inspiring. I’m still in the pity-party phase of my lifestyle change, but I can tell you that this post has inspired me to go for a walk this morning. Move more. How ’bout them apples? Thanks, girl, for being a motivator. I’m proud of you. I miss you. And I love you!

  69. #99
    Jocelyne Hayes

    I hear you on the carbs and binge eating. I was borderline gestational diabetic and my doctor highly, highly recommended that I go on a lower carb diet so I didn’t flip the other way. Basically, up those proteins and have a healthy balance between the two. The first week was brutal – headaches, cravings, etc. Now I feel much, much better. And those times I do splurge (he recommended once per week that I have something I really, really want so I will actually stay on track) I can so totally feel it. Hopefully I have learned some things and in a few weeks once this babe is born and I get a couple cravings out of the way I can get back to eating this way. Hopefully then I will also have more energy and brainpower to be creative in my protein/carb combos so I don’t get sick of my usual (which after 8-weeks I am). Oh, and on the plus side, I have gained all of ONE pound in this here 3rd trimester (I gained WAY more than that with my first…WAY MORE) and have more energy and stamina that at 37-weeks I am still out walking/hiking for a good 2+ hours per day (again, with my first this would NEVER have happened). I think the main thing is that I am fueling my body in a very good way. And now that I have written a novel I am off to get us ready for the beach 🙂

  70. #100

    I am learning a lot from the journey you are on. Thank you for constant inspiration. Am personally trying to get back into the weight loss mode which has eluded me since December last – a whole six months now. But I think I am getting back on track now.

  71. #102

    Baby steps, Claire. Its hard to get back on track, but think also of having a goal of just feeling better mentally by getting any form of exercise in. This whole thing has really mellowed me out every day.

  72. #104

    Wow that smoothie sounds incredible! I definitely need to get off the snacky bandwagon. I’ve been working on my lifestyle changes bit by bit, lately focusing on breakfast and getting rid of carbs. A combo of some bites of cheese, almonds and an apple works really well for me, but this week I’ve totally fallen off and been very bad. I just need to get it all ready the night before so there’s no excuses when I’m running out the door!

  73. #105

    Hi Cathy, your blog is such a gold mine of great health and nutritional knowledge. I’d like to read a book about the benefits of good nutrition and you have noted several over the past months. School will be out in 6 days, and with the kids at home all summer, I will only have the time to get through one book. If you had to chose one to recommend, which would it be? Thanks so much!

  74. #106

    I just wanted to let you know that I signed up for your class MeTAV back in Sept 09, and today just 21 months after the class started I have completed the album – go me! I love it thanks for creating the class.

  75. #107

    Well good for you! I know sometimes online classes can drop way down on the list of things to do, but you know what? So glad you finished this! : )

  76. #108

    I think you look great, especially when you see the side by side photos with how you started out! I am in a similar spot in my fitness journey too. I have been reading lots of books on fitness and nutrition in the past few months. Many contradict each other, so I have been focusing on things that most have in common – minimizing processed food and focusing on clean, tasty and good-for-me food, adding in green tea in addition to water, eating breakfast within an hour of getting up, doing more strength training with focused concentration, doing shorter cardio sessions but with high intensity intervals, and most importantly, not being obsessed with the number on the scale. The process has been slow, but it’s starting to pay off in how I feel about myself and even how my clothes fit! Surprisingly, exercising less but being more focused on strength in my workouts and eating healthy food really made a difference! I think you will like the changes you are making!

  77. #109
    Lori P

    You have come a long way in your before and after pic. I have been eating better and hitting the gym harder since Jan. I have lost 20 lbs, but have hit slid a little in my eating habits, so I am at a stand still. I would like to lose 10 more. Keep up the good work!! I try to read lables to avoid the High Frutcos corn suryp, but sometimes get home and think I bought something healthy and there it is…I stopped buying the yoplait lights for my daughter because hfcs is in that too!!

  78. #110
    Sar W

    Lovin’ this post! Glad you’re doing the Pump thing, something my trainer always gives me a hard time about cause its SO important!!! Well done. xx

  79. #112

    Cathy, thanks for sharing your journey! I need to read that book…I have been running, spinning, and not eating as much and it seems like I am still putting on weight. If I look at a piece of food, it just jumps onto my body in the form of poundage. I must have a slowing metabolism. I cannot figure out what foods I need to change, but I do need some type of change.

    Keep the advice coming! As always, love your sense of humor and style of writing.

  80. #114

    Great job, Cathy! Doesn’t it feel great to be back on track again? That’s what’s most important, isn’t it? To just keep moving forward in the right direction — sometimes we may slow down or even stall out, but then we can zoom forward again!
    I’m going to try out some of these great smoothie recipes – they’ll be great for summer, I’m sure.

  81. #116

    I got the ingredients to try your smoothie after you posted about on FB. ( I dubbed it the “kefir-berry smoothie”) and have had it 6 or so times since then. I’ve been drinking the whole thing. Oops! Two servings huh? I’ve tried it with mixed berries and peaches. I need it a little sweeter too, and have added some Splenda. I am sure that that isn’t on a “natural” food plan. But you know, it is better that eating a whole box of macaroni and cheese! I stay home with two kids under 4. I do a LOT of emotional eating, and downing a few bites (of the cheese and crackers, but not the carrots, apples and blueberries) as I make lunches or snacks for them. i am not at a place where I can devote the time or mental energy to all this eating better and moving more, but you have inspired me to try to make a few small changes to try to be healthier. (And I have lost 4 pounds in the last 10 days or so of drinking your smoothies for lunch – and a lot more water!) Speaking of water, what is the point in the coconut water? The stuff I found only lasted for 2 days once opened, so I wasted a bunch. And I wasn’t sure what I needed it for? (Not much need to replace electrolytes if I am not moving more.) Thanks, Cathy! You are inspiring!

  82. #117
    gypsy chaos

    just read this yesterday:
    Fat is fluffy, low density
    Muscle is very dense

    As you exercise, the fat melts away, AND the muscles grow. The inches go poof. The pounds? – they stay.

    The recommendation was to stay off the scale – measure yourself once a month instead. Let your clothes show you the changes, as things get loose!

    hope this helps. I have to keep reminding myself!

  83. #118

    I drink the whole thing too! It comes to about 350 calories or so. I sometimes do it in place of lunch, but I dont recommend that because then I do miss solid food!

    The coconut water just has some amazing nutrients in it that are really good for you! But its not essential. : )

    Keep up the good work. I just did my weekly weigh in and was up .6. Scratching my head on this because, well, I ate within WW points this week and earned more activity points that ever before. Oh well. Part of the process.

  84. #119
    Anna Aspnes

    I was just about to email you Cathy and ask what you thought of Body Pump. I felt the same as you when I started but when you see what it does for your body you’ll fall in love with it. Try and build up to 2 classes per week and keep moving up in weight for best results. You won’t get big. You’ll get lean. If you told me a year ago that I’d have 40 lbs on my bar for chest I’d tell you to get out of here! For what it’s worth, I think you’re on the right track.

  85. #120

    Anna, the new Y schedule comes out on Sunday, so Im going to pick two a week. Its going to take me some time to build up weight wise, but I did increase for yesterdays class and today, and can actually move my arms and legs without as much soreness as last week. I was shaking on some of the moves. Literally. My muscles were not wanting to do what I was trying to get them to do.

    I just have to keep this up and see what happens.

  86. #121

    I’ve been eating low carb for a year now and it feels great ! Once you’ve cut down you don’t crave them anymore, my sugar levels spiked too much and I don’t have this problem anymore.
    I can recommend this blog for recipes and these 2 books; the low-carb gourmet by karen barnaby and The Low Carb Cookbook by Fran McCullough ! You look great btw !

  87. #123

    Congrats for the lost of weight! You are right, the question is eating better, not only eating less! This is a problem of our developped countries, where you can eat and eat until… when?? I’m French, not so fluent in English, so sorry! But in my opinion, the problem is that people lost taste of real food, I mean, vegetables, fruits, meat, real meat! It is important to refind a basic food, and after that it is easier not to crack up with junk food, because once you eat good, you feel better in your body!
    And the main thing is to say to yourself : I desserve it, taking care of myself!!

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