Four years of delayed gratification is enough

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I'm sorry. I could take the "I don't really need this" high road no longer.


The one tech gadget I have coveted above all, the one whose inherent sacredness knows no electronic peer, that one glorious piece of modern-day wizardry about which I wondered, "Is it better than sex?", is no longer in the Want or Need category.

It is now in the Own column.


Giving Dan a shiny new iPhone for Father's Day was like putting a superhuman excelerant on the technological fires of iDesire that have been festering like hot coals since January 2007 when this phone was first announced to the world.

I couldn't stand it another day.

Or rather, I chose not to stand it another day.

Here I am cradling it to my bosom.


I know. It's hard to see on account of the ampleness of that bodily region of mine.

I realize that things don't make you happy. (Okay, maybe I don't actually realize this.)


But look how great the Instagram shots are!


And now, Dan's box has a buddy!


I feel that four years of waiting to get this phone was long enough.

I apologize in advance to friends on Twitter for all the photos of my lunch that I will soon be posting. Every day. All the time.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wait for it to ring.

Love, Cathy






Cathy ZielskeFour years of delayed gratification is enough

122 Comments on “Four years of delayed gratification is enough”

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    I beat you by about 6 months but I had coveted that phone for just as long. The love is definitely worth the wait πŸ™‚

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    ROTFL – totally feel the same way! And we have those Black and white boxes here too – I waited for the White one to come out. . .and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. =)


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    LOL! I too coveted for years and got up at 3am to order online when it became available with Verizon earlier this year.

    LOVE IT ! Totally with you sister!!

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    YAY! I, like you, only use about 5 minutes a month on my cell plan, but after a few years of drooling over them and rationalizing that I didn’t need another tech gadget that would suck me in, I broke down and bought one and I LOVE IT! It’s pretty much replaced my point-and-shoot that I carry in my purse and I love that I can listen to podcasts everywhere I go!

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    I have to confess that I’ve had my iPhone for about 3 years now. But yesterday I finally got an upgrade from the old 8GB type 1, to the brand spanking new shiny iPhone 4. I refuse to pay huge spondulicks for upgrades, and managed to obtain said upgrade with the old “gimme a free upgrade or I’m switching to a new provider.” It worked.

    Unlike you, though, I didn’t manage to get it set up yet. That’s on tonight’s to-do list!

    Go you – I LURVE my iPhone and am glad to have the shiny one now. Beloved other half is getting the old one….LOL

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    Yay for you Cathy! Got mine about a month ago, total LOVE too! Forget the phone part though; the camera and all the apps are the best part in my opinion. The hipstamatic camera app is way cool! Off to check out the Instagram to add to my collection ….

  7. #17

    Hee hee! Welcome to the dark side! Actually, I have a question about using Instagram photos–do you print them? If so, how? I know there are services like Instaprint, but can you print them from home or upload them to somewhere like shutterfly and print them? I think I’ve read somewhere about the resolution being too low…do you have any experience printing them?

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    Dawn G

    Congratulations! Its precious!! And gorgeous white!! For some reason i thought you got one after i saw your scrapbook page about it a while back…I love mine, I can hardly remember what my life was like before i got it…(3GS, so it really wasn’t THAT long ago)…are u planning to upgrade with the release of iPhone5? πŸ˜‰ ooohh the next gens wear me out (and my wallet) Have fun!!!

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    Sharon F. in CA

    YAY!!! Congratulations. I know there are not words to sufficiently express the joy you are feeling, but you did a great job in this post. Enjoy…I highly recommend for audio books. I use that second to my camera on my workhorse 3G version. I am coveting the white G4 version. Am an on a strategy to upgrade soon.

  10. #21

    Oh.. well enjoy your lovely. You do know that the iPhone 5 is coming out soon? I have upgraded each and every time and weeks after I do.. they launch a new one.
    I love love love love my iPhone toy.

    Now you need to download the MadLib App…

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    I couldn’t believe when you got one for Dan and not for yourself. Thought you would just take his. Getting your own was a better option. Enjoy.

  12. #23

    Laura, i dont know! Im assuming you can. You have to convert them to 300 resolution, and then they come out to be 4 x 4 inches square. I plan to print some of mine for possible collages etc. : )

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    I wont upgrade to iPhone 5. I was due for an upgrade, so this phone was nice and affordable. Ill just bask in this glory until my next upgrade cycle!

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    Petra from NL

    Just give all your blogreader your phonenumber and I’m sure it will be ringing ALL the time ;-).

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    Hilarious! I want one too, but I use less than 100 minutes per month on my cell. I can’t justify purchasing an iPhone.

    But an iPad? Now THAT would be totally justifiable!

  16. #28
    Ellie A.

    OH yes I have been drooling over what I would be able to do but alas I am stuck.. Don’t pass out w/a little pre-paid cell phone.. YES YES I am … Its ok to shed tears for me πŸ˜‰ . I do have an Ipod Gen1 which one day I will convert to the latest Ipod so I too can use those AWESOME Photo apps (I’ve been find until I started to see all of those!) SO tell your hubby enjoy ENJOY or I’ll make him trade w/me and he can have my pre paid phone Ha.. πŸ˜‰

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    Shari Rohde

    Good for you!

    I am green with envy right now. I am trying to be patient for the IPhone 5. I actually went into the Apple store with every intent of getting one and the guy talked me out of the 4. I am not sure if I can wait until September!

    Cant wait to see what is for lunch today! : )

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    Congrats! I waited and prayed and wished and conjured up hexes for Verizon to get the iPhone.

    And when did they do it?

    ONE WEEK AFTER I was forced to get a Droid X because my no good, useless, piece of junk Blackberry locked up for the bazillionth time. πŸ™

    Now I am stuck for TWO YEARS before I can get an iPhone.

    But I’m not bitter. =P

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    Kim Russell

    Enjoy, definitely agree with previous comments I LUV MY iPHONE and have to keep it away from hubby all the time because he is too much of a miser to buy his own

  20. #33

    Congratulations! You have now joined the ranks of many who exclaim on day one….”how did I ever live without this phone?!?!?”

  21. #34

    This is funny – because I’m on the verge. Still hanging with my BB for now – but ready.

    My husband has had one for a few years now (work phone) – and next week is changing jobs. He has to give up his iPhone and iPad. His new phone? A Blackberry.

    I’m formulating a detox plan. I can see the iShakes starting already. He’s definately addicted.

    For starters, we shall refer to his new phone as an iBerry πŸ˜‰

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    Kim Gowdy

    To all the NAY sayers and APPLE poopooers….kiss my PHONE! I adore my iPhone and everything it can do for me! Last weekend we “upgraded” my son’s phone as his mom ( eh em) put it thru the washing machine. He was planning on getting an iPhone in December. In a weak moment I got iPhone4 and gave him my handme down 3GS! Still a sweet deal in the eye of the beholder! Enjoy your new love CathyZ…it is fabulous and worthy of a scrapbook page (or 2!)

  23. #36

    Yeah!! So glad to see you indulged. I love my white iPhone too. Now you don’t have to pretend with the iTouch any more πŸ˜‰

  24. #37

    This must be the ‘Week of iPhone’! I got mine, too after waiting four long years since it launched. I also got me a nice shiny white one – it just sat there in the store whispering my name until I couldn’t take it any longer!


  25. #40
    Rachel H

    Woohoo! Welcome to the iPhone club Cathy! πŸ™‚ (I promptly bought myself an Otterbox Defender case, so my iPhone 4 actually looks like a Droid from a distance – I am too clumsy not to have a good case!)

  26. #41

    Congrats on your new beloved! Honestly, life’s too short not to have something you really, really want once in a while. Well, something somewhat reasonable . . . not everyone can have a yacht, for example. ha, ha (I have a iPod Touch (WiFi version) and hope to eventually have the phone — dumb Verizon came out with their iPhone right *after* we had just renewed our contract with regular phones.)

  27. #43

    It is totally fabulous! I waited until March and then Verizon duped me and came out with that pretty white one right after I purchased. But, I will not hold it against my little beauty though. Enjoy!

  28. #45
    Susan in MD

    I just upgraded to the 4 and I love being able to facetime with my daughter…anywhere in the house!

    Susan in MD

  29. #46
    Debbie S.

    I just got one, too. I only waited for two years. And I am currently driving my FB friends nuts with my Instagram posts. Isn’t it grand? πŸ™‚

    BTW, started listening to the Dishing Up Nutrition podcast yesterday. Love it so far! Thanks for the the recommendation!

  30. #49
    Debbie S.

    I just uploaded mine to my computer then to the printer. The original photo is saved, too. Handy!

  31. #50

    Super Duper Congratulations to you! Yeah Cathy! I am hoping to join you in September, when, rumor has it, the iphone will be coming to Sprint. Enjoy, share stories…and congratulations!!!!!

  32. #51

    Someday I’ll get a big-girl phone, but alas, for now, I just have a regular phone that pretty much just calls people (well, it does take pictures, too.)

    My husband has a smart phone, but, while it may be smart, it may also be the death of our marriage in that he is CONSTANTLY on it, even when I am SITTING THERE WITH HIM. Sigh. It’s hard to compete with the WORLD WIDE WEB when all you are is a SAHM. Sigh. Oh well, just leaves me with more time to scrap. πŸ™‚

  33. #52
    Barb M.

    Yay for you! I got my iphone 18 months ago, and love it. I am holding on for it a bit longer but I will replace it with a newer iphone when the time comes. I love how the Mac stuff all works together.

  34. #56

    Thank you for sharing your joy, Cathy! I share in the joy; I just purchased my Iphone this past weekend and I’ve been taking photos like crazy. I love the Instagram app and also the Hipstamatic app! Thanks for giving me a chuckle today with your blog-I see myself in you.

  35. #57
    Mary Kay Seckinger

    Do you have an Epson printer? If so, check out the Epson iPrint app. You can print pretty much ANYTHING from your phone. Heaven!

  36. #58

    YEAH!!!!! I have been reading about your DESIRE for all these years. You deserve it!!! My husband has had every iPhone there is. I was a flip phone girl and didn’t get what the big deal was until he bought me one. OMG, there is NO going back! Welcome to the cult!!! Have you picked a special ringtone for each member of your family? Keep us posted on all the cool new things you discover!

  37. #59

    Yay on the new iPhone! I am also awaiting my next upgrade cycle as they were not available through Verizon when I had my last upgrade….I got a wait another year. So jealous of the instagram capabilities.

    Have fun!

  38. #62

    Praise Jesus…you can now sleep at night! LOL! You crack me up!! I downloaded Instagram but have no idea how to use it! Just got a 3G iphone cause it was only $50!! Had no intention of getting one but at THAT price…how could I not?? πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for you to teach me all the cool things you can do with an iphone. HOw about a little CATHY’S IPHONE LOVE tutorial?? *hint hint**

  39. #63
    JoAnn V.

    I’ve had mine for 3+ years and I can never go back to a regular cell phone! Now if only I can get the 4 and get rid of my dinosaur, I’ll be happy! Congrats on the new addition to the Z family! πŸ™‚

  40. #66

    Ah. I thought I felt the planets align earlier today. That must have been it.

    Wait. People are supposed to *call* me on my iPhone?

  41. #67

    I know the feeling. I buckled a few weeks ago and I don’t think the thing has been out of my hand since. Now if only I can control my Amazon e-book addiction… That’s what’s become my biggest time suck.

  42. #68

    3 weeks of iPhone4 glory here after almost 5 years with a pink Nokia N72. Twas tough to let go of Lil Nokie and all that is familiar but onwards and upwards! Yay!

  43. #69

    Congrats! Because you waited so long ( me too!) you will LOVE and appreciate it all the more! Isn’t that what our parents used to say?

  44. #72

    Good for you! I’m not an Apple person and love my android phone, but you’ve waited far too long and I’m sure you’ll love it. Deferred gratification is way overrated. You’ll find that you sign onto your PC (excuse me, I mean Mac, lol) much later in the day because you can do so many of the basics with your phone. And of course, there’s Angry Birds…

  45. #74
    THE Megan

    oh, and don’t bother with grocery IQ. Ziplist. You will wonder how you EVER got along without it. And Dan can get it too, you share an account, so HE can pick stuff up at the store. You store recipes, add them to grocery lists, add your own recipes, it has coupons…I could go on and on. It’s my favorite app. and by the way; check out my sig…it’s how you can tell it’s me from now on, as opposed to all those OTHER megans.

  46. #76

    I hope to be joining your ranks come Christmas. Cuz, you know, one can *always* HOPE! Words with Friends in my pocket? Yeah. I WANT THAT.

  47. #79

    I have felt your joy. I first got the iPad. I waited forever for Verizon to get the iPhone. Got mine a couple of months ago. Now I’m lusting for a mac. I want one so bad!!!!

  48. #80

    Happy to hear you got an iPhone! I wanted one since the beginning too. Hubby and I got our phones 2 years ago, so we don’t have your awesome version. I’m not a huge phone user either, but I describe the iPhone as my alarm clock, address book, GPS, digital/video camera, shopping list, internet connection, kid entertainer, and it happens to also be a phone.

    The rumors are out that the iPhone5 will be out later this year, so we’re waiting for that.

    Instagram has to be my favorite app. Congrats!

  49. #81
    Margaret on AZ

    Cathy: very pretty!! And I personally thought it more as iLust!! But having succumbed in May to my own need: I celebrate yours!!!

  50. #82

    oh how fun πŸ™‚

    i finally got an MacBook Pro for my birthday after coveting a Mac forever and ever and ever…….best. thing. ever. (next to my iPhone…. )

  51. #83
    Cathy K.

    I gave in five months ago and now I don’t know how I lived without it. The “iDesire” didn’t stop there though -had to have the iPad 2 two weeks after it hit the shelves. My husband keeps asking when the next Apple product will enter our home (do I really want a Mac?) hmmm?

  52. #84

    Hi Cathy, I have had mine for about 2 weeks and the love is not fading, you should try Camera + too, like Instagram but offers more. Enjoy!! I am enjoying mine so much that the iPad 2 is coming my way for my birthday in August.
    Jane, Sydney AUS

  53. #86

    I’m so JEALOUS! I’ve been wanting one forever! I keep “hinting” to my husband that I NEED an iphone.

  54. #87

    YAY You!! I have had mine for 2 years now. I still say I CAN live without. I did for 36 years. But I do like it. Congratulations.

  55. #90

    I love my iCamera! you say it makes phone calls too??? Is that what that noise is??? πŸ˜‰ (Actually, I made my own ringtone…”House” …for when the man is calling me.)

    Way to go getting the white one! You – will – love -it.

  56. #91

    WELCOME! I am very excited for you. I had no sense of self-control on ’07, so we were first gen users, and I have loved this thing. The phone apps are fantastic (you MUST get Camera+ and Photoshop Express to add to Instagram). I hardly ever bust out the Nikon anymore just due to convenience. The camera app that comes with the phone is OK, but Camera+ is my “go to” app. LOVE it! So happy for you!

  57. #94
    Debbie in AZ

    Congrats, Cathy! I know you’ll love it! From the moment I got my 3GS two years ago, I’ve been hopelessly addicted, up late many nights laying in bed trolling the App store for more gadgets and games, downloading podcasts, reading blogs (yours– daily, of course), checking my email, etc. I’ve recently discovered that I can download e-books through my local public library for free and I can watch past episodes of Drop Dead Diva too. I’ll be upgrading when the i5 comes out in September.

    Anyway, grinning in iPhone luv solidarity with you. πŸ™‚

  58. #95

    I almost commented when you blogged earlier that you couldn’t justify an iPhone because you didn’t use a hone that much. Neither do I but I use it for everything else. It’s like having a a computer (and camera) with me ALL the time. Enjoy!

  59. #96

    Congrats! I’ve wanted one for the past 18 months …. since we moved near my SIL and she has one. Every time I see her, I want to “play” with her phone! Just five more months and I’ll have mine too! Woot! Woot!

  60. #97
    amy tangerine

    so jealous. i am way too loyal to sprint. but am happily infatuated with my ipad2, a recent acquisition. and i enjoy my ipod touch, which is just like an iphone 4 wannabe without the phone part. enjoy!!

  61. #98

    This post made me laugh and laugh. Boy, can I relate! I am an English teach who’s been a fan of Apple forever. but being married to a somewhat frugal man and a customer of Verizon, I too have waited. However, this year, a day before my birthday (a few weeks ago), my husband, knowing I had a $100 credit upgrade that would expire, said the beautiful words I wod remember forever, “Let’s go get you iPhone,” and the rest is history. Never have I been more enamored of a gadget.

  62. #99
    Lori P

    Your posts sometime make me laugh!! Love the pic of you cradeling it like it was a baby!! I have a droid…but I think the iphone will be next!!

  63. #100

    I can’t believe you held out so long. The willpower. The sheer willpower. INCREDIBLE.


  64. #102
    Jane Toft

    Now this just getting too spooky. Guess what I gave in and signed up for today? Yup. It was Instagram that did it for me too. Plus my digital camera has been wrecked by my video making thirteen yesr old boy! Have fun πŸ™‚

  65. #106
    Liz Brown

    Awesome!! I just got the white iphone a week ago! Loving it! I couldn’t stand waiting anymore either.

  66. #107

    I’ve been wanting a new phone for awhile now but wasn’t sure I wanted to spring for the iPhone or just upgrade to a Droid. Your post and all the comments have swayed me….but iPhone5? I might as well hold out a few more months and get the latest version, right?

  67. #108

    You know, why not? I figured, I didnt want to wait for the hype and the hoopla of iPhone 5. In a few years, Ill upgrade to whatevers next. For now, this phone is everything I could ever want in a phone. Seriously. : )

  68. #110

    Well… i missed last week mostly because I have this pain in my toes, and I cannot do lunges or it feels like my big toe is going to break off. Do you suppose i can just do squats in place of the lunges?

    I know i have to go back this week. Going to shoot for twice. I am really not using my Y very well this summer, and paying for it all the while, and feeling guilty because im not going. That, and if im not going, i cant afford to throw money away like that. Sigh.

    Did that answer the question? LOL.

  69. #111
    Anna Aspnes

    Are your shoes too tight?

    I have had inflammation in my knees and haven’t been able to squats or do lunges for about 2 months. Just easing back into it now as the pain subsides.

    I was doing deadlifts in place of the squats and calf raises in place of the lunges. Talk to your instructor so they know what’s going on with you. Most, in my experience, just want to encourage you to stay in class and are happy to suggest modifications that work for you. My friend is a body pump instructor.

    You have to stick with it or you’ll lose the strength you’ve built and/or fall off the wagon. I never thought I’d be doing chest with 45lb on my bar. Of all the exercise programs I have tried, this one has really changed the shape of my body.

    Increase you’re weight slowly. You won’t get bulky. You’ll just get really lean. This is such a big misconception among women.

    Let me know if I can help.

  70. #112

    My shoes are definitely not too tight. I wear my run shoes because of the 1/2 inch i have between the end of the shoe and my toe. Very boxy in the toes, those Newtons. I love that.

    I will definitely ask for some guidance. I wish I loved the weights thing. I dont, but then again, I never thought Id like running, so maybe it just takes time, but i KNOW it could change my body if I dont give up.

  71. #113
    Anna Aspnes

    That 1/2 inch room might be causing your foot to move forward in the lunge position causing pain to your toe. You might want to consider getting some sort of cross training shoe and make sure you keep your nails short, which you probable already do with the running.

    As for loving the weights and Body Pump. I didn’t at first either. I still hate biceps and squats but I love what it does for my body. I figure it’s only 2-3 hours of my week and the results are totally worth it.

    Keep me posted.

  72. #114

    Congrats! But one word of caution, my hubby had his for less than two months before it was STOLEN yesterday, today he is in complete and total mourning. Apparently they are one of the most stolen items in America right now, and I sure don’t want that to happen to YOU. In fact, right now download the free app from Apple to track your phone if it is stolen, my hubby is sure wishing he had. And I hope you never have to use it!

  73. #115

    Good reminder! I cant set up Find My iPhone because Apple wont accept my Apple ID, which is hilarious, considering Ive had the same idea for 15 years. Theyve changed something and Im going to call Apple Care today and get it figured out!

    : )

  74. #116
    Melissa Mc

    CZ, I will be happy to text you (make it ring) if you e-mail me your #. As an added bonus, I’ll LYK all of the apps that I’ve found to be WORTHY since first owning my 3G on the day of it’s release (07/17/09 to be exact). I now own a 4 and am a little aggravated that the 5 will be released less than 6 months after I caved and bought it. ;-> Ah, well…. iLove: ain’t it grand??

  75. #117
    Sally Paxton

    Hearty congratulations. You soooooooo deserve it. I cannot believe you waited this long. Cool case, too. Oh happy day.

  76. #119

    Hi Cathy! Congrats on your new baby! I am an iPhone lover – yes, I would stand in lines to get one. I still like you even tho you got the white one and I don’t. But, what case is that?? Itis really cute!

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