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Happy birthday, America, and welcome to another installment of the Move More Eat Less Better Chronicles, brought to you by me, Cathy the chub-fightin', scrapbook-lovin' Zielske.

While many of us are celebrating our nation's independence today, quite possibly with various fried potato chip food substances, it's the perfect time to talk about the last month in my own battle with the fried potato chip food substances.

Rather than pass an all-encompassing judgement of, "Oh, it's been a good month," or "Oh, it's been a bad month," I'll suffice to say simply it's been a month.

I haven't lost or gained significant poundage. I haven't made significant changes to my workout regime. I haven't found the elusive magic bullet to effective and sustainable weight loss and instant body image confidence.


What I have been doing this past month, however, is seeking.

When I want to know more about a subject, I immerse myself in everything I can find on it to make sure I have the latest and greatest information in my little noggin, in the hopes that I can a) achieve my goals and b) achieve my goals.

I've been focusing on learning about nutrition, and specifically, why the concept of diet deprivation isn't sustainable.

At least it doesn't appear to be for me personally.

When I started Weight Watchers in January 2010, I was a very good little diet soldier. On the old plan, I was given 22 points a day to start out, and you better believe I hit that mark nearly without fail every single bloody day.

I did what I always do when I'm on a serious diet: I passed on nearly every social situation involving food; I made low-fat dinners of a very repetitive nature much to the chagrin of my family; I chewed gum like a banshee to push through the cravings; I squeezed in 2 or 3 point snacks without ever considering they had 35 ingredients in them that most people can't even pronounce; I measured, counted and weighed every morsel that passed over my lips. In short: I pledged allegiance to the Points.

Then after hitting a 140 low mark in mid-October of last year, I started making muffins. A few here, a few there. I was, afterall, running four days a week. How could a few muffins hurt my progress?

Well, they did.

They invited in more sugar and removed a block or two from my solid foundation. They invited a little bit of culinary pleasure back into my world and they said to the vigilant dieter: my God, what are YOU still doing here?


So after a solid 10 months of dieting and seeing exactly the weight loss I'd hoped for, my body started to rebel. I don't want 22 points of food a day. Are you kidding me?

Apparently, my human evolutionary DNA didn't do well with constant deprivation.

Of course, the next several months saw some seriously out of control junk binges, and some moping around on the part of yours truly. The only thing that didn't slide was the exercise. I just kept on running.

Now, there are a few things different this month. I started taking a BodyPump class to get into the weight lifting side of things. I changed my breakfast foods completely (from bran cereal to eggs and sprouted grain toast with real butter) and the difference in how my hunger cravings are up until lunch? Night and day.

So here I am, at the same weight more or less that I was one year ago. And one year ago? Being in the lower 150s was a HUGE victory.

Here's my page for the month:


JOURNALING READS: I feel like I’m in a transition mode again. Sometimes I think that translates into saying “I’m not losing weight and I’m struggling again,” or “I think I’ll try this approach now.” In the past month, I’ve let my militant Weight Watchers approach slide a little, and not just to each crap here and there, but to try and eat more to promote a healthier metabolism. I’ve been soaking up Dishing Up Nutrition podcasts, and I have to say these women make an awful lot of sense about dieting not really working. I have my own experience in losing 40 pounds with absolute diet vigilance, only to gain 15 back once I stopped living in that diet-minded deprivation mode. Food and what I do with food is kind of ruling my life right now. I need to be mindful because this is when I usually say, “I can’t live like this,” and throw in the towel. This is exactly why I am looking at different approaches to nutrition and health. I am finding that constant dieting and calorie counting lead to big binges and backfires. I’m tired of that pattern.

I’m also trying to wrap my head around the idea that maybe this is as good as it gets, that I’m not going to be thin like my sister-in-laws, or people who seem to not struggle with food and the like. I’m struggling with why that’s not okay for me. There is absolutely a psychological component to this process that occasionally throws me for a loop. I’m 45 years old and I have to wonder how much more precious time I’m going to lose obsessing over something that in the larger scheme of life, just shouldn’t matter this much. Again, a work in progress.

Suffice to say it's been a month. In July, I'm going to focus completely on balanced eating, and I'm going to keep on moving more. I'll check back with you in August to let you know how this particular approach goes.

How goes it with all of you who are striving for better fitness and health? By all means, share away!


RECOMMENDED LISTENING: I've been listening to an extremely information podcast for the past few weeks called "Dishing Up Nutrition." The show is produced here in Minnesota by the founders of Nutritional Weight and Wellness, Inc. You can subscribe to it through iTunes for free. It's definitely shaken up my notion of diets and deprivation as a means to successful weight loss. Thanks to my friend Angela for pointing me to the show!



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Cathy ZielskeMove More Eat Less July 2011

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    katie squires

    I think you have found success! Your fit and healthy. Your not fighting craving like you were before. Lastly, and by far the least important…YOU LOOK GREAT AND DARE I SAY THIN (sometimes I feel like that is a 4 letter word….but lets be honest its what we want and you are thin 🙂 🙂 That get’s a triple arm pump in my book 🙂

    Now I need to go check out these pod casts 🙂

    PS. I switched my cereal breaky to a homemade smoothie (greek yogurt, berries, banana and almond milk) and my workouts have been better and I am not ravenous afterward, I even find I am snacking less during the afternoon. I like the sound of your new breaky too…will have to try that 🙂

  2. #3
    Paulette Sarsfield

    Great post Cathy! I have to believe transitions are GOOD. It opens us up to increased knowledge about our food & our selves. What I know for sure (which isn’t a lot!) is that moving actively for the rest our our days is the very BEST thing we can do for our bodies & our souls… thin, fat or any combination in between, it clears our heads & our arteries! It’s probably the single most important thing we do for ourselves! Thanks always for sharing,now my itunes is full of more healthy podcasts to listen to.

  3. #6
    Lynn Shaffer

    I think you look awesome! You go girl! I really enjoyed reading this! I think when you can identify what your problem is you are on a good road. So when I figure out how to add a few extra hours in the day I’m set! My problem… I eat/snack late… Once my three babies are in bed… that is when I want to eat!!! You are an inspiration!!!!

  4. #7
    Tracy L

    Honestly, you look amazing! Take a good look at yourself in these two pics and then don’t worry so much about the scale! Way to go! And I have to agree with the breakfast choice of more protein in the morning. It always seems to hold me longer! Keep up the good work!

  5. #8
    Kendra B

    You know, you really do look great!! And I hope you know how truly inspiring you are! For June I’ve maintained my 10 lb. loss, so alternate between being bummed that I didn’t lose anything and being glad I didn’t gain. July is another month so we’ll see. I long for a time when I don’t have to think about food ALL THE TIME! 🙂 I’m good on the move more front however and feel better than I have in a long time, so thank YOU for that!! I keep seeing the Tracy Anderson infomercial and am tempted to try it . . . have you seen it? What do you think???

  6. #12


    You may want to look into an exercise program that is really great – called T-Tapp. Started by an exercise physiologist named Teresa Tapp – and it has you lose inches as well as do lots of amazing things for your body!

    check it out at!! There are some “try before you buy” video clips you can see, and also check out the Forum pages there – lots of inspiration!

    Happy 4th of July!


  7. #13

    As a long time yo-yo dieter I appreciate this post. I am a lifetime ww member also. I have a lot of weight to lose to get back to goal. I have also reconsidered a lot of the methods that I used to originally become lifetime. I no longer snack on the “food” with mega-lists of ingredients. I am trying to snack on real, whole foods. But it is still a struggle. For personal reasons, I have really fallen of the wagon this past month. Again. I haven’t been exercising or anything. I am ready to start again in July with you. Back to the gym. Back to eating good food. I just want you to know that you are providing real inspiration t many of us. Including me! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    Lynne Gillis

    Cathy – you look amazing, and I am so proud of you for all you’ve accomplished and all you continue to learn about yourself and nutrition and share with us.

    It was your inspiration that finally got me to get off my chubby butt and get myself to an actual physician who specializes in nutrition and weight loss, and I am dramatically changing the way I am eating.

    For me, it’s all about evening out my body’s production of insulin, which of course creates the cravings and stores the fat.

    But it’s not about deprivation. It’s about rebalancing what I put into my body (way more protein, low glycemic index carbs, and whole grains and the right kinds of fat) so that I am not craving that donut at 10 a.m., or that hunk of sourdough bread at 2 in the afternoon. I’m eating as low on the food chain as I can – so if I have a chance to choose raw, I do.

    I look at this way of eating (essentially it’s a modified Zone Diet), and I see the results so far (-12 lbs in 4 weeks), and I think to myself, “I can do this.” This doesn’t feel like I’m depriving myself. I truly do not want the ice cream or the chips. I’m stunned at what the balancing the highs and lows of my insulin production (I am not diabetic) has done for my cravings – and more importantly, for my mood.

    I have struggled with the ups and downs of mild depression my entire life – and now… a completely unexpected side benefit… SO even keel emotionally. It’s been an amazing bonus.

    I wanted to share that with you to A) say thank you for being the inspiration that got me to do this in the first place, and B) to share with you something that’s working for me, is nutritionally sound, easy to stick to, let’s you be creative with your cooking, and doesn’t feel like deprivation.

    I think you’re amazing, and I hope you know how much your stories mean to people like me.

  9. #15
    Karen Lee

    You look fantastic!

    I know exactly how you feel. How is it some people don’t even THINK about food and are skinny little rails and I think about it all the time? Why is it that we think we have to be so thin? I am trying to enjoy LIFE and that means margaritas on my back deck and ice cream out with my kiddo. I still exercise and try to eat sensibly (plus chocolate) a lot of the time. If my backside is a bit wide, so be it. I’m not starving on those 22 points!!!!! I’m having fun. Thank God.

    P.S. You said something about enjoying life from inside whatever body you’re in. I loved that.

  10. #16

    Hi Cathy!

    I’ve been on my own personal “move more, eat less” journey for almost a month now. I have a total of 142 pounds to lose. But right now, my goal is to reduce my portions (as you can guess, I was eating a lot more than I should’ve been) and to start moving. I have a goal of 14 pounds to lose before August 31st. So far I lost 3 pounds. That may seem like an unrealistic goal, but that’s my surgery date (getting a gastric band!) and my doctor told me if I hadn’t lost weight, he wouldn’t operate me. Major incentive there, right?

    He recommended the following book to me, and I thought I’d pass on the information.
    I finished it a week ago, it’s very interesting.

    Keep on moving, you’re inspiring me!

  11. #18

    Good insights Cathy – it sucks not to be perfect, doesn’t it? We high achievers all battle that and feel that we have failed when really we are just human. Remember that this journey is about WELLNESS and functional strength, not about what we look like. Weight training is a great addition to your program, it will help with metabolism as well as promote more upper body strength that most women lack. I don’t love that part of my workouts, but I really love going to the gym to take classes with my friends. I am working really hard now on my posture – trying to stand up straight with shoulders back, so when I get older I won’t be all hunched over. Hard to break 40 years of bad habits. Keep up the posts, I read your blog every day and really care to know how its going.

  12. #19

    Great post Cathy – I just downloaded a bunch of their podcasts…. thanks for the tip. I have a car trip this weekend and I was looking for something to listen to. I am struggling to maintain…. and sort of mad that all the working out I do it not enough. You make me feel like I am not alone in my struggle. This just all seems to come easier for most people I know…. reading your blog always makes me feel like I am not all by myself. Thank you.

  13. #21
    Heather B

    I agree with you on the hard-core 22 pt diet being hard! I grew up thin, but I’ll be honest.. I am a carb lover & I have a sitting addiction (I’m not your basic over eater… so I stayed in my WW points without trying too hard when I joined a few years ago… needless to say I didn’t lose anything).

    I have been struggling for the last 2 years to eat real…. eat clean…. be like Michael Pollan… whatever you want to call it, eat like my Grandma did and also sit less (aka move more).

    I may have suggested to you already – but I found my food answer in Tosca Reno…. same diet as Dr. Oz, Jillian Michaels, Michael Pollan etc… basically. But her recipes were easier for me to implement into my life being a mid-westerner than some of the others… I can find most things at Target or the healthy section of my grocery store (aka – I don’t have to drive the 30 min to Whole Foods every week) & it’s things my toddler likes too.

    I’ve totally changed up my breakfast… from cereal (whole grain) with whole wheat toast & coffee…. to oatmeal or smoothie or cream of wheat (all 3 get loaded with flax, wheat germ, protein powder) & egg & coffee….. what a difference!

    I’ve finally started shedding some lbs…. it’s taken since Oct but I’m almost 20 lbs down…. but I haven’t been too good about moving more.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your monthly posts – motivate me to keep going, start moving again & make my page (I have June pis and need to take July & make a new page… Oct & Nov… then nothing).

    Keep it up!!!!!!

  14. #22

    Wow, this post really “spoke” to me. I am in the same place after not counting points most of June when I was away. I’m having trouble getting back on track while at the same time making excuses for why “dieting” doesn’t work for me. I’m going to subscribe to that podcast. As always, thanks Cathy. Love you.

  15. #25

    On your recommendation last month, I started listening to the podcasts and they are GREAT! We eat pretty good already, as I’m gluten intolerant and that right there cuts out most junk food. But, I am learning so much and am in the process of cutting out soy from our diets, too. Thanks for the tip!

  16. #27

    Wow, Lynne, this is great to read. And yes, the whole insulin effect on fat and how its storing it… very good stuff to learn about. And yes, when you get those good fats and eat balanced, you dont feel deprived in the same way. I just had my mid morning snack of an avocado and a few nuts. An avocado is 10 flippin points on WW, but Im telling you, it keeps me feeling full and content until lunch rolls around. : ) Good luck and keep up the good hard work!

  17. #29

    thanks Shelley. Im hoping that BodyPump twice weekly (ive only been going once) will be a nice addition to what im doing. But i dont love it. Not yet.

  18. #31

    Heather, I have one of Toscas books and i need to bring it out and make some things from it. : ) Keep it up! Sounds like you are on the right track.

  19. #34

    Barbara, good deal! I recently changed out my mayo after listening to their show. I didnt realize how soy is one of the key ingredients, and those ladies are not a fan of soy, at least the Americanized versions of it. Im using the Hain Safflower Mayo. Totally yummy for chicken salad. Not sure why Im posting this, but… glad you like the podcast! There are SO many to listen to.

  20. #35
    sheilah stewart

    What I love about Dishing Up Nutrtion is that it gives you permission to eat and just ask you to fuel your body with high quality, real food. It is science and research based. Perhaps the best book I have ever listened to that convinced me that diets don’t work is the first few chapters of the Art of Intuitive Eating, where the two writers discuss some research that demonstrates why, fundamentally, diets don’t work on a biological, physiological level. It’s not our lack of discipline, willpower, and all that other cr*p that we’ve been sold for so many years. Cathy, you may single-handedly double the number of people subscribing to the podcasts. Way to go!!!

  21. #36

    I’m finally back on the running plan after missing the entire month of May and most of June for one thing after another… reading that Word of Wisdom food blog religiously (ha) and getting lots of inspiration for eating better. I also just read a book called Heirloom (not necessarily going to recommend it though I enjoyed it) about tomato farming/farmers’ markets in NYC and I’m all fired up about not accepting the crap they’re selling and working harder to eat better. I definitely can do better on the eating less part but I’m really focused on the better part.

  22. #37

    Hey Cathy! Great job and hard work on the weight loss/healthy lifestyle nonstop train to forever. lol Anywho I see that you are like me and want to devour information when something is new. If you are really looking to learn about nutrition, why not take an online distant education class in nutrition (not general, that stuff you already know….but one of the core nutrition classes) from Kansas State University? I got my BA degree in dietetics from there all online, except lab courses (you would not believe the chemistry that is freakin’ required!) all from there. You will actually understand instead of just know why things work and are good/bad for your body.
    There are a ton of people out there with great advice, but if you truly want to know why and how this nutrition stuff works, try a class. The teachers are fabulous and it is worth its cost.

  23. #42

    Hi Cathy, I think your picture looks amazing for this month. You have come so far in this journey, please be happy where you are and remember all the success and new things you have done this year. Think about all the people you have inspired (ME INCLUDED) and keep inspiring. Every time I go to the track before I even start, I have a little reminder chat with thanks for YOU CATHY and thanks to me for getting up and moving OUTDOORS! All those years of trying to do it at the gym, when really it was the outdoors that spoke to me.
    You are on a good track right now Cathy and doing fine, keep up the good work. Words can’t express my gratitude for all you’ve done for me, seriously if you hadn’t walked outside I wouldn’t have tried it. For that I’m a CATHY Z ROCKS fan for life. Sending hugs and smiles.

  24. #43
    Pamela Ross

    Hi Cathy, Since you are currently immersing yourself in fitness and nutritional information can I please recommend the Tosca Reno books. She is a big inspiration to me. Her books are about eating clean. She only started started her fitness journey at age 40 so I really relate to her and you might too. I promise I have no financial incentive to recommend her books. She has a website and blog.

    Good Luck on your journey!!

  25. #45

    Hi Cathy! Great job hanging in there and learning what will work for you. I have to also recommend Tosca Reno books – The Eat-Clean Diet. She has many books and they are all FAB. I also get the Eat Clean magazine and they have so many great recipes. I’m actually making a chocolate freeze pie that is part of the Eat Clean Diet. Yum!

    Keep on keeping on…you will find the right combination for you!

  26. #46

    dont have time to make a lengthly reply, but love reading about your journy.

    Just want to say that you look absolutely amazing and you shou,d be so proud of yourself for what youVe achieved already 🙂

  27. #47

    Hey Cathy,

    I have reached a plateau and started the 17 day diet. I know it sounds like a crazy diet but it has really changed my physique and pushed me past my plateau. I think just eating more protein while having all the veggies and fruits just make sense. I am not hungry between meals. Before after one meal I was just waiting for my next one. With eating more protein I just feel fuller longer. I also think 40-30-30 is a great book and ratio for eating very healthy. If you get a chance look this information up. It may help you get closer to where you would like to be.
    Thanks for sharing this journey…..

  28. #48
    Ellie A.

    To me you look amazing & you have been such an inspiration you are my Oprah 😉 Because of you I said why not I can lace up and actually do it to move & eat less. I’ve learned to love to run to miss it if I go more then 2 day w/out it. This quest isn’t about losing weight anymore its about finding a healthy me. That is what I have done. I love to visit and hear what you are up to and know hey its ok I can have me a smores this isn’t about punishing me and not enjoying myself. I can do it just adjust and keep it moving.W/that I have lost 40 pds reaching my “Goal” weight since Jan. BUT now comes the toughest part to me keeping it as such, this time its different I can feel it. I’m about to post my before/after page GULP lol…

  29. #49
    Courtney Walsh

    I am trying to figure out how to keep from being a slave to my scale and to be honest, I was doing really, really great…until we started preparing to move again. Fast food became my best friend and worst enemy and I felt terrible. I don’t eat that kind of food and I paid for it. Now, I’m struggling to get back to where I need to be. I really do agree that WHAT you eat is just as important (maybe more so) as how much–not just in terms of our weight, but the way we feel.

    I’m just trying to be kind to myself in spite of the fact that I’m thinking “I’m 35! Why don’t I get this yet!?”

    As for you, though, you look amazing. What would happen if you put the scale away for a month and followed your body’s cues??

  30. #50

    I find it strangely liberating to hear that others struggle with food in the exact same way I do. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

    You really struck a chord with me here: “I’m 45 years old and I have to wonder how much more precious time I’m going to lose obsessing over something that in the larger scheme of life, just shouldn’t matter this much.” I’m 42 and wondering the same thing. In the last year and a half or so, I have completed several 10k races, 2 half marathons, 6 sprint triathlons and am training for an olympic triathlon right now. I find it so much easier to beat myself up about food than to be proud of the things I have accomplished. Sounds so stupid when I think it out loud here! Work in progress…

  31. #51
    Victoria Hassink

    I think you are on the right track when you say your are going to focus on healthy foods with ingredients you can pronounce! I have lost 35 lbs with Clean Eating and followed the Tosca Reno guidelines, that are like many others, Clean Eating magazine has great recipes and meal plans. Basically whole foods, no processed stuff, white flour or sugar…just good old food you find at the Farmers Market.
    I do move more now as well, but not hard core…this is my new lifestyle and I love it!
    Good luck with your journey, we are all on one!

  32. #52
    Donna Z

    OH Cathy… your post talked to me so much today. I came to read your blog because I’m a scrapbooker too and loved the SS mag. But I look forward to your posts because of your journey with MMEL. I have been trying to lose weight with lifestyle (no fad depriving diets for 2½ years now) and have lost 10 pounds each full year.. in that half year and not quite at the 5lb mark for this year yet.. struggling hard. How can I keep motivated sometimes when I lose less than 1lb/month? grrr. it’s so hard. I watch others around me do the fad diets and lose lots quickly, but then they gain it back and I haven’t and then I have to feel proud. I love food and I don’t like to exercise… But I started walking about 3 years ago and now run… not fast, but it’s running and my heart rate is up and I feel after.. I ran my first race ever this year – a 10K… not a great time, but I have the medal to prove I finished. I really need to learn to love myself as is. I wonder too how much more precious time I will waste obsessing about something that in the larger scheme shouldn’t be so important… that is the part of the puzzle that I hope you find, and share because I need it too.. Anyways, thanks so much for sharing the real story! CHEERS from Canada.. (and I rarely reply to blogs and replied to both you and Stacy Julien today: weird)

  33. #53
    Donna Z

    needed to proof read … in this half year I am not quite at the 5lb mark… and I feel great after I run.. 🙂

  34. #54
    Pilbara Pink

    There was an interesting posting on Zen Habits in the past week about letting go of expectations. I am thinking this is what I need to do with my weight and food issues. Let’s face it we get fed-up with watching what we eat when we don’t see the results we expect on the scale/in our clothes don’t we? We know what we should eat for our health so what if we just ate that and exercised without expectations – just did it for the sake of doing it and then see what happens? I think this might work for me and let me let go of the never-ending cycle of diet-lose weight-get fed up-gain weight-diet and so on … Eating well for the sake of it rather than for hitting a specific number on the scale/jeans size seems to be a better life goal. I am with you on trying to find a way to stop squandering my life on thinking about what I eat/weigh. We were recently planning a holiday and the first thing that sprang to my mind was I can’t go on holiday until I have lost 10lbs – what sort of a way is that to live your life??? Ironically I have lost a load of weight (around half my body weight)and kept it off but I still spend way way too much time obsessing about food/weight. This is not what I had in mind when I started on this journey – it was supposed to bring me freedom not swap one anxiety for another.

  35. #57

    Courtney, thats what I am wondering. I mean, right now, as of the past few weeks, Im not logging points. Instead, Im trying to eat sensibly, balanced, etc. Of course on the 4th yesterday it was kind of a free for all, but that is to be expected, right? I still like the weekly weigh in because it does give me a sense of, Okay, this is working, or not. My old body cues would tell me to eat more Goldfish. I have to be very careful of that!

  36. #59

    It surprises me what a common thread this is too. I mean, Im relieved to know Im not alone in this whole thing. I think being human is very complicated in and of itself, and then there are all sorts of things that go into the mix. I believe some people honestly grow up with alevel of confidence and self worth that makes this issue a non issue for them. I know that Im not one of those people, but I am working damned hard to learn how to be one. Its not just about the weight and how you look, you know? But this definitely strikes a nerve in many women.

  37. #61

    Hey Donna Z, thanks for the comment. And it sounds like you are doing really amazing things for yourself. Speed is not the goal for me in running either. I am not likely to run much faster than my comfortable 11-minute miles (unless Im racing, which has only happened two times!) Im humbled by how many women struggle with this whole idea of time wasted on body image. I know there are those for whom this is not an issue, and I do envy those women. I really do. I want to be one of those women and Im working towards that, sooner, hopefully than later. Thanks for the comment. : )

  38. #63

    Thank you Cathy for the inspiration you provide on an ongoing basis. I didn’t use to have weight issues, but getting older and more sedentary have brought them on. I started running again and so totally relate to the things you post. I started with 12+ minute miles and am down to 11. I kept telling myself that you did it so I can too! My neighbor runs in marathons and she’s encouraged me to push myself and train for one. For whatever reason, that’s just not me. I want to run as stress relief and to build a healthy heart and body. I think sometimes that we as women spend so much time striving for what someone else has or looks like that we forget to care for ourselves *just because*. I am older than you and have a younger child than you. I want to be alive to see her reach so many milestones. A healthy body is the only way to help. I just keep that as my focus.

    BTW, I like the toilet seat down in your photos much better! 🙂

  39. #64

    Gland someone else takes photos of half eaten food. I can never remember to take the photo before the food is half gone. LOL!

  40. #66

    LOL! I always wish I could go back in time and put that dang seat down!

    You know, I felt the pressure to train for longer races, but then I thought: Im running for health and how it makes me a calmer person. Im perfectly happy with my 11 minute miles too. Im still getting the benefit that exercise brings to my overall psyche, you know? : ) Keep up the good work!

  41. #68
    Sherri Stone

    Sadly since I last commented on your blog I’ve gained a few pounds. At 46 my hormones are an even bigger trigger during the dreaded PMS and TOM plus there was a huge stress trigger thrown in for fun. So I binged on junk for about a week. Today I’m back on track food wise now I just have to get back on the treadmill to feel like I’m totally back on plan.

    Glad to share in this journey with you and your other readers. One thing is for sure – it ain’t easy!

  42. #69

    Thanks so much for these posts. Came back to them today looking for the name of the metabolism book you had mentioned and found the link to the podcast. I’ve listened to two episodes now and I LOVE it! And just the comments on this post are full of good cookbooks, etc. Thanks Cathy and ladies!!

  43. #70

    I honestly could have written your blog today. I began my wellness journey through Big Picture Classes in January. My goals were really overall wellness and a weight loss of about 30 pounds by the end of the year. So far, I have lost about 25 pounds, found great joy in exercise and just generally feel better about myself and life. I hit a bump in the road in March and another at the end of June. Why? All of the reasons you state…simply, I just got tired of paying so much attention to what I ate and what I did not eat. So, knowing that I have an all or nothing type of personality, I took what I call a “stay-cation” from all of it. Not long…in both instances just a little over a week. I did not track, formally work out or do anything else related to my “plan”. What I did do however was make a plan for my staycation. I planned to be outside more, to breathe more deeply, to do things in which I take pleasure. I planned to start/complete a few projects. I figured that if I am not devoting the time to exercise and thinking about food i.e. meal planning, serious cooking, looking up Points, etc.(which personally, I HAVE to do when I am on track) I should set a few small goals in other areas. Following both breaks, I felt more energized and committed to returning to my journey full blast. I actually missed the regularity of it and taking care of myself. I wasn’t down on myself because I had accomplished things in other area of my life during that week or ten days. All I can say is that it worked for me. Setting a time limit on the break is critical otherwise days turn into weeks. Giving myself the freedom to walk away for a given period has proven itself to be very helpful. I only weigh myself once a month and my only goal weight-wise is to weigh less on the first of the next month that I did the previous. This helps me to focus on how I feel, how eight hours of sleep energizes me, how much love I have in my life and all of the other positives of taking care of yourself…so much more than a number on the scale.

    Your blog is insightful, helpful and very inspiring to me. Please keep telling your story.

  44. #71

    Hey Cathy,

    I need to lost a LOT of weight to be even considered healthy! I also know that my overeating has nothing to do with food, but has everything to do with my relationship with food. Most of my overeating comes when I’m not even hungry, just stressed, bored or feeling horrible about myself. It’s become a deeply embedded habit to use food as a way of both punishing myself and celebrating.

    I’ve found some help with ‘A course in weight loss – 21 spiritual lessons for surrendering your weight forever’ by Marianne Williamson. The exercises are confronting!

    Another book that caused a light bulb moment is ‘The brain that changes itself’ by M. Doidge. I’ve been reading about neurons and synapses to try and understand my son’s language disorder and what I learned is that the reason bad habits are so hard to breakis because the neuron pathway is so strong from lots of practice. So I’m thinking it stands to reason that breaking and changing a bad habit, such as using food as a weapon, will take lots and lots and lots of practice. Worth remembering when we are beating ourselves up because we can’t kick a habit!

    Cathy, personally I think you look GREAT! I also think that the person you are on the inside is much more important that the person you are on the outside. And from reading this blog I get the sense that you are a GREAT person on the inside!

    Keep blogging, KazT

  45. #74

    Thanks for the comment, Tiffany. It sounds like your breaks were a smart thing to do. Im definitely trying to focus more on how I feel and how I sleep and how I move. Hoping to get to a place of peace with all of it eventually, you know?

  46. #76

    Thank you for this recent post. I checked out Gary Taubes’ book “Why we get fat & what to do about it ” and it made such a difference! His lecture is here: author@goocle:garytaubes I watched this and started right away. I have lost 14 pounds in the last 6 weeks and I am satisfied with what I am eating.

    I was trying to figure what had worked for me in the past and remembered the Atkins Diet that worked in the 70’s. I never did WW but was really trying to work on a vegan diet. I always felt good but lost no weight (my husband lost weight though). The weight loss has given me more energy although I haven’t started an exercise program. I am moving more anyway.

    Thank you for the info you post on your blog.

  47. #78

    Hi Cathy,

    You should check out my friend Tami’s “Finally Fit at 40” blog and Facebook page. She has lost 180+ pounds in the last three years with exercise and by making good food choices. Your post today reminds me very much of Tami. I’ve known her for almost eight years now (we met on the CKMB – LOL!). She started out on Weight Watchers eating low points, etc. That helped a bit, but like you said, didn’t work for her in the long run. She now eats only natural foods that she prepares fresh herself. Oh, and she was on the Joy Fit Club on The Today Show in November. Amazing!

    Here are the links:
    Finally Fit at 40 Blog –
    Finally Fit at 40 Facebook Page –

  48. #80

    I am surely inspired! Thank you! LOVE the way you write about your process. Yaya! You are doing it!

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