Some of your children will love the camera, others, well…

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Last weekend, my nephew, Jacob, married his lovely fiancé, Melissa, which meant the Zielske clan got to scrub up and make themselves look presentable.


I appreciate many of my 15-year-old's qualities: she is thoughtful, empathic, kind, creative, whip smart and independent. She also likes having her picture taken.


She also has really good hair.


One thing is for certain: this young woman will never lack for a proper collection of photos from her life.

Another thing? She never really hit that awkward teen phase like I did.

Cathy @ 14 maybe

But I really did feel pretty in that purple angora sweater. Sigh.

Now speaking of people getting all cleaned up, this leaves us with Cole. At nearly 12, he is less thrilled with the idea of a nice photograph for posterity's sake.


Let's try again, buddy. Just hold still… there! Got it!


Note to self: next time, if you want results, bust out the cold hard cash.


Cathy ZielskeSome of your children will love the camera, others, well…

35 Comments on “Some of your children will love the camera, others, well…”

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    Cathy, these are beautiful of Aidan. I’m loving her hair too. My 14 yr.old just let me do a fun photo shoot of her too, she was done up pretty nice also. It’s so much fun when they let us do this. I still love your purple sweater and your hair is almost like mine too.
    Cole is so funny in these, what a ham. Do you have one of you and Dan dressed up or was it all about the kids?
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Kendra B

    Aidan really does have good hair! And I think you look very pretty in your purple sweater 🙂 Cole cracks. me. up!

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    Cathy, the first thing I noticed in the first photo of Aidan was her beautiful hair. Her highlights are absolutely lovely. All the colors just compliment each other so well, her hair, her outfit, the green grass, everything. She is beautiful…just like her mom. Cole is “beautiful” in his own special way…that fun, awkward time of junior high! I just love your blog. It’s one I check on every day. Keep up the good work with the Eat Less, Move More. You are an inspiration!!

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    you are too funny for words, cathy! aindan hair is amazing, as always. even though he’s not smiling for the camera, i love the pictures of cole. i think you and your husband should write a parenting book – you guys have the most cool kids i’ve ever seen!

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    Christine Villacarlos

    Ah Cole! You are so adorable! Aidan is very pretty. She is your spitting image, Cathy!

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    YOu make me smile. Aidan is beautiful. And yes, I have resorting to bribes for my two boys. Packs of baseball cards work well…

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    Too funny! Your kids are amazing – Aidan is growing up gorgeous and, well, Cole is a character and that’s pretty cool! I think it’s amazing how you simply had mini me’s of you and your husband! 2 kids – 2 clones – done!

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    I just cracked up at the shots of Cole – nearly woke my sleeping baby. Totally Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes!

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    Ahahahah!! Boys!

    I agree, that lil lady has awesome hair. With so many fantastic pics of herself, she should start scrapbooking!

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    I have resorted to the zoom lens – sneak up on them so they don’t know what hit them. And I agree, Aiden is beautiful. And Cole is just about as goofy as my 13-yo.

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    emily pitts

    i could have written this exact post and had the exact same pictures. with my kids, natch.

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    Love how your daughter looks just like you and your son looks like your husband! They are both adorable! Great pics of both of them!

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    Aidan is so photogenic, has great hair and looks just like her mom. Love the subtle highlights, too!

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    I have 2 boys. Need I say more?

    I have a bunch of those types of pics. I did a LO filled with grimaces & goofy expressions and my final line of journaling was: Oh, and Steven, if you’re gonna make that face when I take your picture, then that’s the face that’s gonna get scrapped!

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    Cash… that should work. I offered my sweet 8 year old $2 to do a photo shoot w/ me. She said “Oh no… it has to be at least $4…” Wha?!? I replied “I said $2.” Her response? “How about $3?”
    Little negotiator!

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    Pilbara Pink

    I love Cole’s photos and love that he will have a collection of just who he is at this age – not some formal, posed shots that don’t reflect his personality. As for that gorgeous girl – I’m guessing her Dad is perfecting his super-scary face for the gentlemen callers that will be lining up on your fancy new porch any time now???

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    Nicole S

    Man it has been so cool to watch Aidan grow up through your photos, scrapping and this blog. From when she was a cute little 8yr old (or so) to this gorgeous confident teen – wow. It’s funny watching kids grow up on screen now that we’ve all been at this online scrapping thing for so many years. People I’ve never met say they same thing to me about my kids. Someone recognised my kids once in a store from scrap pages they’d seen. That must happen to you quite a bit – so weird.
    And you know, today’s teens seem to not go through the awkward stage that we did – they are way too cool! My almost 12 yr old has hair I would kill for. What’s IS that!?? Maybe it was the late 70’s and 80’s that were the problem….

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    It’s a boy thing…I’m convinced of that. My boys make the same faces all the time. Lately, it’s been the 12 year old imitating a vampire biting his brother’s throat. Ah…to be a boy mom!

    BTW…those are gorgeous photos of Aiden. She is a lovely young lady!

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    Cathy, Such great shots wait til they are grown, whole different story there! Anyway I was wondering if you print your own pics and layouts or do you send them out?
    If you print your own what printer do you use? and if not what are your recommendations?

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    Cathy – loved that picture of you in the sweater – reminds me of one that I have stashed in a dark shoe box in a closet! Only mine was pink!! BTW Aiden and Cole look fabulous – today’s teens don’t have awkward moments do they? Or maybe they just have really cool mom’s who know how to take the best photos! LOL

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    I do a little of both, but lately, I just print at home. I have an HP Photosmart 8750, about 3 or maybe 4 years old. It has been a fantastic photo printer. I really love it. I print on Ilford Gallerie Smooth Pearl photo paper as well.

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    Heather H.

    I have one beautiful son. He is 5. Prior to about 4 he was quite photogenic and would show his lovely little grin for me whenever I asked. Now, he is like Cole. I get an open mouth or a scowl. OR the superhero pose, which he will gladly strike for me anytime.
    I think teenagerhood has been toned down some since us 30 and 40 somethings were teens. I think this is due to a decrease in the use of hairspray and brightly colored eyeshadow. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to blue eyeshadow.

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    Susan Davis

    Your daughter is so beautiful and I think she looks like her Mom. I love the photos of your son because almost every photo of my now grown sons looks like the two of your son. You are so down to earth and awesome. I love your blog!

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