The apple doesn’t fall too far where vampires and documentation are concerned.

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Last night, Aidan and I were discussing the merits of Alexander Skarsgaard who plays Eric Northman on the HBO True Blood series. We were debating the appeal of tall, blonde Swedish types versus what we are normally drawn to, which is generally the complete opposite. The following exchange compelled her to say, "I gotta write that down, Mom."

Aidan: "I guess I wouldn't mind an Eric Northman in my life."

Me: "I don't know. I've never dated anyone like that, the 6'4, take charge, vampire kind of dude."

I'm not saying I would ever approve of my 15-year-old daughter dating a 1,000 year old Viking vampire, but I do appreciate her stop, drop and write instincts.

(For the record: we're Team Eric. All the way.)


Cathy ZielskeThe apple doesn’t fall too far where vampires and documentation are concerned.

46 Comments on “The apple doesn’t fall too far where vampires and documentation are concerned.”

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    Jeannie Damon

    I’m more drawn to tall big dark guys . . . like Samoans. Maybe this Eric person would help me change my mind? I’ve yet to watch this series so I have no idea who you’re talking about.

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    Oh yeah! Team Eric all the way! But we got rid of HBO last year, so I’m not up to date on the current season. I’ve read all the books, but I know that they diverge. Bill??… meh.

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    Oh yes, please…Eric for me too. However, I am eager to see the ‘old’ Eric return. This new, mousy, lost Eric is getting on my nerves!

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    Okay, I just read the other comments. Badass Eric! I love it. And for the record, I wouldn’t kick Amnesia Eric out of my bed…just prefer it when he stands taller and doesn’t have that lost look in his eyes. Sensitive, schmensitive.

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    Amnesia Eric from the books was great! The amnesia Eric on the show is just okay for me. I am totally on team Eric all the way too! Again, not my type in RL but he totally does it for me in a Trueblood sort of way. Love that you guys watch this! I am always a bit embarrased to say how much we enjoy it~

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    Well, Im a bit embarrassed to admit I let my daughter watch it, but… its opened up some really good discussions about how sex is portrayed on television, what it is, what its not etc. Although we dont watch it together. She usually watches on HBO Go after its aired. I try not to be a squeamish mom about sex. Thats how I was raised, and honestly, it didnt necessarily benefit me in any notable ways. : )

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    Karen M.

    Eric either way frankly kinda tips my boat!
    My blonde hunk of a husband of 38 years has enjoyed the benefits and doesn’t even know why – probably doesn’t care! LOL!

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    πŸ˜† being a Swede the tall blond blue eyed guys have been passing a lot in my life.. And Alexander is a handsome dude πŸ˜‰ looks like your daughter has great taste πŸ™‚ /Katarina

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    Team Eric anyway I can get him, amnesia, drugged, trussed like a Xmas ham….

    Anyhoo, i love the fact you and your daughter talk about this, reminded me of my mother and I when I was younger and made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

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    Eric is amazing! I love him so much! Alex also plays a dumb model in Zoolander in the opening scenes before the tragic accident at the petrol station – he is so not attractive in that movie!

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    Have you read the books? You will be even more in lust. I liked him better with longer hair, but the short hair is good too. I would not kick him out of bed on a cold night.

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    Jamie Danford

    I’ve gotta admit that I got a little giddy when my kiddo asked to pick out a journal that was more ‘inspiring’ than the normal school black/white marble comp book. Totally know how you feel. πŸ˜‰

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    If you like True Blood you need to watch the Vampire Diaries on CW. The Salvatore brothers are HOT!!!! Team Damon!!! My daughters and I wait for Thursdays. We are so hooked! I love the true blood books but not so much the people in the cast. I am team Eric on true blood but Damon beats all the others hands down!!!

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    I thought (and even now I grow faint as I type) that the scene where Sookie is standing between (naked) Alcide and (naked) Eric in the pond was a moment burned into my retinas for all time. How did she control herself? Seriously. I just want Debbie Pelt dead in a shallow grave and then I will be even happier. Why are we not hearing what she’s thinking when Sookie is around?

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    Scrappy Angel

    Between Bill and Eric, there’s no contest. Team Eric all the way. But if you bring Alcide into the equation, sorry girls, I’ve got to go with Team Alcide. I just love that tall, dark and rugged type! Sigh…

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    I see the draw to Eric, but really, are Bill, Eric, or Alcide Sookie’s only choices? I keep hoping there is some cool, hot, kick-*%& other creature of the night we haven’t been introduced to yet. In the meantime, I am happy to be “glamored” by Eric anytime.

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    Team Eric here – and Team Alcide…feeling a little like Bella who can’t decide between a vampire and a werewolf.

    Alcide definately has feelings for Sookie and Eric’s always been attracted to her even during his amnesia state.

    Thanks for sharing my passion for True Blood πŸ™‚

    PS eww he was with his great great great granddaughter? awkward

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    That actor is so not how I pictured Eric when I read the books. He’s handsome enough, I suppose, but a Viking should have some beef under his shirt!

    I am definitely Team Eric here. Bill is a self-entitled manipulator, and Alcide is desperately in need of therapy. Quinn was looking pretty promising for a while in the book series, but there is just something about Eric! *sigh*

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