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1. I have re-discovered my bike again. Took me long enough. The snow will be falling here before I know it. Still, biking is good.


2. I am halfway through the final book. I'm sorry, but I'm still in shock after how Book 6 ended. I can't wait to finish this, watch the Part 1 movie, then go to the theater hopefully next week to see the final film. I've never seen a Potter film on the big screen. Could be rather special.


3. I saw Jesus yesterday at Axman on University Avenue. He was taller than I expected.


4. I would love blog readers to check out the "Dishing Up Nutrition" podcast. It is available for free on iTunes. I have mentioned it a few times here, but it has turned my diet and healthy eating notions upside down, in a good way. I'm also learning so much about nutrition. Browse through their shows and pick one that sounds like something you're interested in. Plug in your iPod and go for a walk. Trust me. It's good stuff. Their website is here, and their newly launched Facebook page is here.

Cathy ZielskeFour things

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    First, thanks for all the healthy inspiration I’ve received here.

    I actually started subscribing to the “Dishin’ Up” podcast after seeing it in a post here. But I have to admit, it has just added to my confusion/frustration.

    I just read/hear different info EVERY day it seems. “Don’t eat red meat” from one source and then “red meat is healthy” from this source. “Soy is great” and then “Soy is dangerous.” How have you sorted out the mixed messages in books/sites and what helped you decide this one was “the way”?

    For example, I’d like to find a protein powder to add to our smoothies—but they all seem to have something in them that I’ve heard is unhealhty (soy or whey or ?). Maybe I should just stick to yogurt!

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    Debbie S.

    Total thumbs up! I’ve said it before, but thank you for the Dishing up Nutrition recommendation…I have never felt better!

    Enjoy that last movie! It’s a must-see on the big screen. So well done and so fulfilling (?) after all. Loved it!

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    I know exactly what you are talking about! It is something that right now, Im trying to sort through myself! I would say you have to try out some different things and see how you feel and how your body responds. I dont know if this is the way or not. However, I do think whey protein powder seems to be a good choice! Good luck!
    : )

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    Sorry – Cathy, do you not know how Harry Potter ends? Are you re-reading or have you never read the books before/seen the final films? I am so jealous if this is your first time, it is so special! I still love it and I’ve read them at least fifty times, but the first time was the best *cue angels singing*

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    I saw Jesus recently and he commented on how fit you’re looking. Really. (ok, it was all in my head but if he decided to talk to me he might have said this.)

    I’ve enjoyed the Dishing podcasts too. I rarely have a long drive, but they’re going south to Florida with me later this month.

    Here’s my take on the red meat. Supermarket red meat from sick stressed animals is bad for you. Meat from happy farm healthily raised animals who die humanely is fine for you. Stress produces cortisol, cortisol –>cholesterol, and god help those poor animals who are living in stress, illness and drugs their entire life. They can’t help the type of meat they become. Ditto the chickens, eggs and milk. Plus if you eat with guilt and stress yourself, food will be good for you and that’s a crappy way to live. Putting the soapbox back in the closet.

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    Good point–I should pay attention to how my body responds. I think I “should” be a vegetarian but I feel better (and less carb-obsessed) if I make sure I get protein in every meal.
    Thanks for responding!

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    Caroll B

    Thanks for the tip, I’m checking it out as we speak. PS: Love how you’ve taken ownership if Instagram!!!

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    I do not. Not really. I have turned a deaf ear over the years. I mean, I have an inkling, but I need to read it to know for sure!

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    First, you made me giggle, and secondly, yes! This is what Im learning about as well. Im not a vegetarian, however, I do want to make better choices in the meat Im eating. Local, preferably organic. Trying to do this more and more, but it aint cheap.

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    Splurge on 3D for DH2, it is worth it and I’m not a fan of 3D. DH1 and DH2 are two of the best HP movies. It is kind of like your first love when you read the HP books for the first time.

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    I so enjoy your blog! I started reading for scrapping purposes, but now come for other inspiration.

    I just wanted to share with you that on Sunday, I did my first triathlon. Iron girl. Cathy, it was so awesome. If they have one near you, you would love it. It is so inspiring and empowering to know that I was able to do this…all on my own.

    I will have to look for these podcasts and listen to what they are all about.

    Thank you for suggesting them.


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    Pilbara Pink

    I listened to a Dishing up Nutrition podcast yesterday for the first time. It was really informative and entertaining. Thanks for the recommendation – I will be subscribing to them. I was listening at work while doing a task that did not require my entire brain and the time just flew by ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I have a great boss whose attitude is as long as the work is done I don’t care how you do it/what you do while doing it – I am very fortunate. I have been reading a lot about the same line of thought on nutrition and was interested to have these theories expanded. It is hard to describe these ideas to those with long-term low carb, low fat mindsets. I figure that as I continue to eat this way, don’t binge (aka out of control carb-fest feasting) and keep my weight down I don’t have to explain what I am doing, it is obvious this way of eating works.

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    Becky H

    Cathy I now listen to dishing up nutrition on a regular basis. I have a question though, have you started with any supplements, and are you trying to get your organic meats local? As always you have great info and inspiration here.

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    wedding catering los angeles

    I like read every day it seems.I get point don’t eat d meat from one source. Another source say to red meat is healthy from this source. You sorted out the mixed messages in books you decide this one was the way is better.

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    Not yet. That is the next step. Im thinking of starting with magnesium glycinate and HTP-5 (?) but those supplements are pretty pricey. I am buying local organic meat as much as possible!

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    Design Editor

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of HP when you see it in the theater after your book binge. They are a lot of fun on the big screen. I got a little misty when those final credits rolled!

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    Margaret C

    Ahh – that’s kinda what I did, except I didn’t read the books first ( I get a bit anal about what they miss out and the bits they make up… ) You must see the final film on the big screen – it’s amazing.

    Oh, and check out the Harry Potter boards on Pinterest – there is some SERIOUSLY funny stuff, especially the comparisons with Twilight !!!

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    Liz, Melb, Australia

    Bike, book, bloke, berries – got your priorities in order I see!!! I think the berries are in the wrong place! I’m so in trouble for saying that!
    As the mother of a 15YO who has recently ‘become’ a vegan, any nutritional assistance is more than welcome. Thanks for the tip; I’ll be checking out this site.

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    so. i know that i’m way behind on reading your post- but seriously. i was pretty distraught about book 6 as well. i thought that we would find out he didn’t die. ugh. so so tough to learn.

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    Thanks for the link to the podcast, Cathy. Although you may have mentioned it before, this was the first time I was ready to hear it. I found it in iTunes and immediately found 5-6 titles that spoke to me and my current situation. Looking forward to listening!

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