Goth tweendom, we hardly knew ye

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For a laugh, shortly after turning 12, Cole informed us he would now be moody, sullen and angry. Also, he would only wear black. It lasted about 12 minutes.

Not that I don't love a goth kid. Lord knows I do.


Okay, maybe I'm confusing goth with silly.


Coleman, it's good to have you back, buddy. That was a moody dang 12 minutes.



Cathy ZielskeGoth tweendom, we hardly knew ye

10 Comments on “Goth tweendom, we hardly knew ye”

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    LOL! Been there – though ours isn’t necessarily so short lived!

    Gotta say it’s too bad your teens don’t look anything like you or Dan… It’s a real shame. 😀

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    Dorothy F

    Your kids are incredible to pose the way they do and put up with your camera! Be happy you have such great teenagers. And I have to say terribly cute too.

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    Heidi Wandel

    Never a dull moment with that kid. So funny, though the socks really do suggest that was not going to last.

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    Missus Wookie

    Hmm Cole… have you seen this video? It’s thirteen ya gotta worry about dude…

    Glad you changed your mind tho’ – the goths that hang around here in London never look that happy.

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